Uber Pool is Back: What is it and How to Use it in 2024.

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Uber is an innovative alternative to taxis and one of the most popular ride-hailing apps providing ride service, long distance rides, green rides and non-emergency medical transportation in many cities worldwide. It is also a carpool app that offers several classes of service, which vary by cost, car type, comfort level and types of quality.

Uber is committed to providing a cashless experience with different types of rides that fit customers' needs and fulfill customers expectations. However with the surge pricing and the driver shortage, Uber prices can be really high. So, how to make Uber cheaper?

UberPool is one of the cheapest ride options offered by Uber. If you do not know how to share an Uber ride you are at the right place.

In this complete guide I will show you how the Uber Pool ride option works and how to save money with the shared mobility service.

What is Uber Pool

Uber Pool is an affordable and efficient ride-sharing service offered by the popular ride-hailing company, Uber. It allows riders to reach your destination by sharing rides with other passengers who are going in the same direction, providing a convenient and cost-effective way for commuters to get around town. With Uber Pool, passengers can save up to 50% off the price of their normal Uber fare and split the cost of their rides with fellow commuters.

The idea behind this ride option is simple – instead of taking a single person from point A to point B, multiple people with similar destinations can be picked up along the way. This reduces travel costs while also helping reduce congestion on roads. By utilizing Uber's technology, these trips can be matched quickly and efficiently so that riders can move through traffic more quickly, reducing wait times as well as travel times.

When using Uber Pool, riders will input their destination into the app and request a ride like normal. However, once they have requested a ride, they may be paired with other travelers who are heading in the same direction - this process is completely automated and happens within seconds of requesting a ride. Once riders have been paired together, they will receive confirmation that their trip is underway and will see an estimated arrival time.

Riders should bear in mind that when using the uber shared option, pickups may take longer than usual due to other passengers being collected along the way; similarly drop-offs could also take longer if additional stops are required. Passengers are not allowed to select which route they take or change their destination after requesting a pool ride; however they can cancel it if necessary and request another type of service such as an Uber Comfort or Luxury Ride option instead.

Safety is always paramount at Uber; therefore all drivers go through rigorous background checks before being approved for driving services - this includes checking DMV records for any serious violations or negative reports about their past performance as drivers. Riders should feel safe knowing that all drivers must adhere to strict standards set by both local governments and Uber itself in order to ensure everyone’s safety during each trip.

The Uber car pool option has become increasingly popular over recent years; not only does it offer great savings for passengers but it also helps reduce congestion on city roads by providing an efficient way for commuters to get around town without having to rely solely on public transportation or taxis/cars with single occupancy drivers which can contribute heavily towards traffic jams during rush hour periods. The convenience of being able to choose your own pickup location combined with potentially significant savings compared to regular fares makes it an attractive option for many people looking for reliable transport options at lower prices than usual - particularly those travelling short distances or within cities where public transport isn't always available or convenient enough.

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How Does the Carpool Work With Uber?

If you already know how rideshare works with Uber and you’re familiar with the on-demand ride application, this should be quite similar. Basically, you share the trip with a stranger. Riders can be picked up and dropped off at any moment throughout your journey, however additional riders will only be added if their arrival time does not significantly effect your anticipated arrival time. Of course one of the biggest advantages is that you will also share the costs.

  • Start by requesting a ride
  • Select the UberPool option and enter your destination in the app
  • Specify if you are alone or if you bring a second passenger with you, so the car will not be overbooked
  • The app will automatically match you with a rideshare driver nearby and other riders heading in the same direction
  • Once you have been matched with a driver, you will get an in app notification with the license plate, car make and model, and the photo and name of the driver.
  • If you enjoyed the experience, you can tip your driver.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to change the pickup location, the destination or add a stop after submitting the request.

You can't decide if you are the first passenger dropped off. The itinerary has been already calculated and optimized by the algorithm. So, does uberpool take longer? Since you share your ride with others, it may take longer.

You can request UberPool for up to 2 people (in one pickup). So if you want to share your ride with three, four or more people, you should use other Uber options such as Uber XL

Keep in mind that the number of people allowed in the ​​ride sharing Uber option is 3.

One of the features of the app will allow you to split the fare. That is very useful especially if you ride with friends. However, you cannot split a fare using Uber Pool, if you want to share, you should choose the UberX option.

What Is Uber Express Pool?

The Uber express pool is cheaper than the Uber pool. The big difference between the cheap Uber rides is that with the express pool option, you will always share the rides but additionally you have to do a small walk to and from corner pickup spot and dropoff spots. The express pool option in Uber competes with the services of Via rideshare in the cities where the startup is available. The walking distance is nothing when one has a motive !

Completing an uberPOOL Trip | Uber

uberPOOL matches riders heading in a similar direction. When riders request using the uberPOOL option - they may be required to take a short walk at either end of their trip to help keep detours to a...

Where is UberPool Available?

The mobility transportation service is a San Francisco headquartered company available in 80 countries around the world.

Uber’s products include food delivery apps like Postmates and Uber Eats, Uber Freight, alcohol delivery and also grocery delivery.

The company also offers everyone with the requirements, the opportunity of getting paid to drive or earn money delivering.

While the UberPool is one of the cheapest car pooling options, the uber ride sharing option is available in select cities across the globe. In the United States, Pool rides are available in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego and San Francisco. UberPool is also available in cities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

To see if UberPool is available in your city, open the app or check the Uber city’s web page.

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How Is UberPool Pricing Calculated?

Carpool rates are calculated like other ride’s rates. Pricing is determined by various factors such as route distance, origin location, final destination, and any applicable promotions. You will see different pricing at different times. During surge pricing, the prices may increase. We suggest you use an accurate Uber Fare Estimator to get an estimate of the fare.

Fares are estimated and may change due to traffic, weather, or other factors. Additional fees may apply to your trip. However, the goal is to keep UberPool as consistent and affordable as possible.

So, is the Uber pool price per person? The prices are never calculated per person. With the pool service you are allowed to bring with you one additional passenger at no additional cost.

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Uber Pool Rules

You can share a car ride when you take a little trip or you can carpool to work, however, you should avoid car pooling when you have a lot of luggages or when you go to the airport.

Carpool passengers must follow the Uber's Community Guidelines . The company is committed to provide safety rides to all the users. If you do not follow these rules your account can be deactivated.

  • The driver will not wait more than 2 minutes at your pickup location. If you do not show up within 2 minutes, the driver can cancel the trip and select Rider no-show in the Uber app and you will be charged with a cancellation fee.
  • Do not eat during your ride. Remember that drivers use their own car and especially during the pandemic they make a lot of efforts to keep the car clean and sanitized.
  • Do not take too much space with your baggage.
  • Don’t leave things behind (water bottles, trash...). Keep in mind that as soon as you’re dropping off drivers are ready to pick up someone else.
  • Respect the Uber matching technology. The driver will follow the instructions on the app and cannot change his route. If you are in a hurry… do not choose the pool option.
  • Riders cannot rate each other, but if something went wrong, do not hesitate to contact the Uber customer service.

UberX vs Pool

Our UberX vs Pool face-off will help you figure out
which kind of ride is right for you.
Pool UberX
Prices It is the cheapest option in Uber as the cost is split between multiple passengers. UberX isn't as cheap as Pool, but it is cheaper than a regular taxi.
Sharing Passengers have to share the car with strangers, which can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. This is a solo ride.
Flexibility Once the pickup point and destination have been established, you cannot change it. You can change your destination or add a stop during the trip.
Maximum Number of Riders There are only a maximum of 2 riders per pickup. 4 people can travel on UberX.
Availability It is only available in a limited number of cities. It is available in many cities and countries.

Summarizing: The main difference between UberPool and UberX is their cost and what you can expect. UberPool will pair multiple parties going in the same direction and it is the cheapest option in Uber. UberX is a little bit more expensive than UberPool. However, it allows you to drive alone in a comfort car.

Can I use My Commuter Benefits on UberPool?

Commuter benefits allow employers to support their employees when it comes to their daily commute. The benefits generally come in the form of a benefit card or a commuter check. The great advantage is that the transportation benefits are tax free up to a certain limit.

The transit benefits are really commun in New York City. Indeed, to complain to the NYC's Commuter Benefits Law, most private and nonprofit employers with 20 or more full-time non-union employees in NYC must offer a commuter benefits program.

If you have one of the following commuter benefits prepaid cards, it can be used to pay and ride in a pool car with Uber.

  • Beniversal Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Commuter Check Prepaid Mastercard®
  • eTRAC Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Flex Benefits Visa® Card
  • Flex Facts Commuter Benefits Card
  • GoNavia Transit Benefit Card
  • Gusto Benefits Debit Mastercard®
  • Igoe Administrative Services Benefits Card
  • MyAmeriflex Mastercard®
  • NBS Smart Card®
  • PayFlex Card® Debit MasterCard®
  • Pension Dynamics Company Benefits Card
  • The Alice Card
  • TransitChek QuickPay Prepaid Visa® Card
  • WageWorks Commuter Prepaid MasterCard®
  • WageWorks Visa® Prepaid Commuter Card
  • WEX Health Payment Card
  • Zenefits Debit MasterCard®

As you probably know, cash payments are not available with Uber.

Uber Suspended the Carpool Service

So, why is there no Uberpool option in the app? You are probably wondering what happened to Uber pool. During the pandemic, the rideshare app is still working, however to help in the fight against COVID-19, in March 2020 Uber suspended Uberpool rides in the United States, Canada, France… The coronavirus continues to spread in the cities and the goal is to help flatten the curve.

You can take a look at other carpool options including: Waze Carpool and Blablacar.

In the past one of the main reasons Uberpool was not showing in the app was because the service was not available in your city or country.

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When Will Uber Pool Return?

Uber has announced plans to bring back the Uber ride-sharing option as of November 2021, with a pilot program being launched in Miami first. In 2022, they brought back shared rides in multiple cities around the world including San Jose, Denver, Las Vegas and Atlanta. The rebranded new UberX Share option is intended to offer more convenience and cost savings than traditional rides, offering the same 5% upfront discount as before. Passengers who opt for the UberX Share will be matched with another rider traveling in their direction, cutting down on travel time and costs associated with individual trips.

📌 Curiosity

In the United States carpooling has become part of a very hilarious column of "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on CBS, aka Carpool Karaoke. The conductor James Corden drives a car and then picks up one or more famous people, often singers, and along the way they sing several songs.

The videos have collected millions and millions of views and are worth a look: it is not often, in fact, to be able to share the car and sing along with Michelle Obama, or George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Uber Pool With a Friend ?

Yes, you can Uber pool with a friend. However, Uber offers a better option which allows you to share the cost of transportation and split the total fare. This service allows riders to evenly split their fare among all those who accept their invitation for a shared ride, cutting down on costs significantly for all passengers involved. This service is not only more cost effective than taking separate rides, it also helps reduce traffic.

How to Avoid Uber Pool Requests?

If you're looking to avoid UberPool ride requests, one of the easiest ways is to toggle off this option in the settings menu within your Driver app. Doing this will help guarantee that no UberPool requests will be sent to you, allowing you to focus on other types of rides. It's important to note that disabling UberPool also disables UberX ride requests.

We Share, Use Uber Ride Share

Sharing is better for the planet and you will also save money. Now you know how to share an Uber ride. Do not forget to use our first ride promo code to get the free ride free. For more savings take a look at our guide to iBotta.

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