Is Amazon Flex Worth It? (2024) – What To Expect & Pay

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is amazon flex worth it

If you are looking for ways to make extra cash, you probably may have heard of Amazon Flex and wondered what it is, and whether you should work with them.

Perhaps the best thing is that the application process is free.

However …

As awesome as it is a flexible gig job, Amazon Flex works in such a way that most independent contractors soon start to wonder whether or not they should start their application.

When deciding if a side hustle is worth it you have to attentively evaluate costs and benefits.

If you’re currently facing this same dilemma, join me as I take a look at Amazon Flex job to see whether or not it is worth it.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is an initiative created by Amazon which wants to help independent workers to generate new income by delivering their parcels.

Today it is one of the most popular side hustle. Millions of people make money with their own vehicle delivering packages every single day.

Working for Amazon Flex is a great opportunity if you want to make extra money. Some people or even choose to become a full time side hustler working full time as a delivery person on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Delivery Driver Job Description

Today, more consumers than ever before are using online ordering across all industries. The increase of e-commerce comes with the raise in the demand for safe and reliable delivery drivers.

But what is a delivery driver and what exactly are the Amazon delivery drivers’ responsibilities?

Amazon Flex workers are package delivery drivers. The company welcomes interested individuals from an array of industries and backgrounds, such as a courier, driver, truck driver, professional driver, food delivery driver.

While working for Amazon Flex, your main task will be to make sure packages arrive at the right address, and reach clients safely and on time.

To meet delivery deadlines you can use the Flex app or other navigation tools.

In any case you should always ensure customers are satisfied.

To avoid complaints, we suggest you report any delay in deliveries to the distribution center as soon as possible.

How Amazon Flex Works – What To Expect When Working For Amazon

When you are looking for a job, the first step is to understand whether the job is a good enough match to apply.

There are different factors you should consider in addition to the paycheck and job responsibilities.

To understand how Amazon Flex delivery works, it’s important to break down the steps from the scheduling practice to the drop off of orders.

1. Scheduling Yourself in Blocks

You can easily set your availability preferences in the Amazon Flex app to let them know when you prefer to work and when you prefer not to work.

However, shifts are not automatically assigned to delivery drivers. This is also one of the negative aspects of working with the giant of e-commerce. Indeed, delivery blocks are not always available.

We suggest you consult our complete guide to Amazon Blocks .

2. Pickup Orders

While the protocol of a delivery is always the same, the pick up location varies depending on the type of Amazon order.

All the information including the pick up location are available when you check the offers on the Flex app.

Generally, you pick up packages at your closest Amazon delivery station

3. Deliver Amazon Orders

As an Amazon Flex driver, depending on your vehicle, you can deliver different types of packages including goods and groceries.

Keep in mind that you can make more money delivering with an SUV or a larger vehicle, such as a van. Indeed, you will be able to fit more packages and you will get offers for longer delivery routes.

Summarizing, here are the different types of deliveries you can make:

  • Amazon Prime Now: Amazon Prime Now packages display on your app just an hour before they start. This is because Amazon Prime Now offers faster delivery. Customers can tip their order.
  • Amazon Fresh: Amazon Fresh is the grocery delivery option. Customers can tip their order as well. Take a look at our complete guide to Amazon Fresh driver
  • When it comes to orders, you need to collect the packages from Amazon Delivery Station. The packages are sourced from Amazon Fulfillment Centers across the United States and some of their member retailers. Therefore, you can expect most block delivery for orders.

Making money delivering Amazon Flex is a convenient way for side hustlers looking for jobs you can attain without degrees. You only need a driver’s licence!

As for the vehicle, you do not need to own one in order to start making money delivering with Amazon Flex, you can even rent one via a gig rental platform.

Finally, we suggest you read carefully all of the terms and conditions in your agreement. Amazon Flex changes the guidelines frequently, so you must be up to date to avoid a violation of the terms of service and losing your ability to operate as a driver through the app.

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Amazon Flex Driver Jobs Pros & Cons

Now we’ll discuss Amazon Flex benefits and disadvantages, and answer the most pressing question: is Amazon Flex worth it?

Amazon Flex Pros

Let’s dig into some of the benefits of being an Amazon Flex delivery driver:

  • Minimum Requirements: Amazon Flex has simple requirements, you only have to be 21 years old and pass a background check .
  • No Special Vehicle Requirements: Unlike Uber vehicle requirements, there are no age requirements for your vehicle and you do not have to schedule an yearly vehicle inspection .
  • Hourly Pay: On average, you will make more than a minimum wage job.
  • Bi-Weekly Pay: Amazon pays contractors twice a week on Tuesday and Friday via direct deposit. Other apps have a useful feature that allows contractors to cash out their earnings daily.
  • Flexibility: You can consider Amazon Flex a flexible gig. However, while it is up to you to determine where you want to drive and when you want to get behind the wheel, unlike rideshare companies and other delivery jobs, Amazon Flex has a really complex scheduling system and delivery drivers do not have control over them. So, if you are looking for a more flexible job, we suggest you check Roadie, Dispatchit, Goshare or other Uber for moving apps.

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Amazon Flex Cons

There aren’t just positive Amazon Flex reviews out there and all that glitters is not gold. these are top concerns for gig workers working for Amazon Flex that you should consider:

  • Taxes: Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors. Because of that they are responsible for paying their own taxes. Fortunately you can take advantage of tax deductions of expenses associated with your business income. Therefore, you should always track your miles.
  • Wear and Tear: your smartphone and your vehicle are your main working tools. You should always ensure the delivery vehicle is in good working condition.
  • Your Safety: Being a delivery driver is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. First of all, delivery drivers are particularly at risk because they frequently encounter strange dogs during their deliveries. Additionally, spending many hours on the road raises the risk of accidents. You should always take care of your safety. Install a dash cam and bring with you a flashlight if you work during a night shift.
  • No Position Available: A lot of gig workers switched from driving jobs to delivery jobs. While there is a general driver shortage and companies like Lyft increased incentives for new applicants, the waiting list for Amazon are pretty long.
amazon flex pay rate

Is Amazon Really Worth To Work With? Amazon Flex Pay Rate

Amazon Flex drivers are classified as 1099 contractors.

Amazon pays per delivery block.

Amazon used to advertise on their website that when delivering with Amazon Flex you may earn up to $18 - $25 per hour.

At Bestreferraldriver we are a team of delivery drivers. While this is sometimes true, the average can also be lower.

If you are an Uber driver or a DoorDash driver, you probably know that one of the ways to be successful at your side job is to find the best time to drive and "go online" during the surge pricing.

In the same way, package delivery drivers for Amazon earn more while working during the peak delivery times.

Indeed, Amazon may offer delivery shifts with higher paying rates.

As we said, in addition to the base pay, delivery drivers for Amazon Fresh and Prime Now orders can increase their earnings thanks to customer tips.

According to the FTC’s administrative complaint against Amazon, during the past years, the company used customer tips to subsidize its payments to drivers. Under the terms of the settlement with the FTC, Amazon will be required to pay $61,710,583, which will be used by the FTC to compensate Flex drivers.

According to our experience, if you’re looking for tips, driving for companies like DoorDash or Uber Eats is a better option.

💡 PRO TIP: You should always take a look at your earnings breakdown so you can be sure you’re getting what they promised.

Does Amazon Flex Pay For Gas?

Amazon doesn't pay delivery drivers for gas or offer any kind of reimbursement for fuel expenses. This is due to the fact that when you work for Amazon Flex you are an independent contractor.

To make your side hustle profitable, you should constantly perform cost-benefit analysis. You should be able to identify how you can spend less.

The fuel cost is one of the most significant expenses for couriers.

To give you an example, I live in California which is the State with the highest average cost for regular grade gas.

The past week I had an 80 mile route for a 6-hour delivery block. I have a moderately fuel efficient car at 19 MPG. With the current price of gasoline at $4.630 per gallon, I paid about $19.49 in fuel costs during my 6 hour delivery block.

Since I cannot change the state where I live, during the past years I made a lot of efforts to find the lowest cost gas station along my delivery routes. Following my tips to identify cheap gas, you may be able to cut your fuel costs that can add up quickly over time.

You can also use gas cash back apps like Getupside. Take a look at our guide with fuel saving driving tips . Finally, do not forget to check your car’s tire pressure regularly.

How Do You Figure Out If Amazon Flex Is Right For You?

So, is Amazon delivery a good job? A good job is one that comes with a nice paycheck, reasonable hours, and a healthy and safe work environment.

If you want to figure out if Amazon Flex is the right gig for you, you should break down the job into specific components.

The following is a list of other things that can help you decide if Amazon Flex is it worth for you:

  • Compare costs and auto insurance coverage: Does your auto policy cover you while you’re driving for work? Learn how to find cheap insurance.
  • Keep an eye on your vehicle depreciation

Start Delivering With Amazon Flex

Deciding whether to sign up for Amazon Flex or not is not always an easy decision for everyone. However, I hope this Amazon Flex review helped you understand all the factors you need to keep in consideration when deciding if it is the right job for you. Finally, how much Amazon Flex is worth depends greatly on your ability to keep costs low. Your gig should always give back to you more than you give to it.

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