5 Things to Know About Uber Eats Bike Delivery + Best Tips

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The Full Guide to Delivering Uber Eats on Bike


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As a San Francisco-based bike courier for Uber Eats, I've been able to explore the city on two wheels and make some easy money. My favorite part of this job is delivering food from one destination in my neighborhood all over town--the possibilities are endless! If you're interested in making money with your bike, keep reading to learn how Uber Eats bike delivery works, what the Uber Eats bicycle requirements are, and more.

1. Can I Do Uber Eats On A Bike?

If you're looking for a way to make money on the side, or even become your own boss, then you might be considering becoming an Uber Eats driver. And if you're environmentally conscious, or just want to get a little bit of exercise, you might be wondering if you can do Uber Eats on a bike.

The answer is yes! In many markets, Uber Eats offers the option to deliver by bike. Just be sure to check the requirements in your market before you start delivering.

2. What Are The Uber Eats Bicycle Requirements?

You can sign up and deliver with Uber Eats on a car, bike, scooter, motorcycle or moped.

There is no doubt that the popularity of electric bikes, electric courier bikes, and electric cargo bikes is on the rise.

While you need a car that is 20 years old or newer, you can use any type of bike that you are comfortable with – road, hybrid, mountain, electric bicycle or BMX, you can even rent a bike for UberEats or use a Limebike. Bicycle delivery experience is useful but not required.

So, what are the requirements for becoming a bike courier?

Generally speaking, you'll need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license. You'll also need to have a clean driving record and pass a background check. And of course, you'll need a bike that's in good condition.

Once you have verified that you are eligible for a food bike delivery job, the second and important step is to check if a bike delivery position is available in your market. Uber Eats bike couriers work all over the world – London, Milan, Minneapolis, New York City, Paris, Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, or Denver.

Uber eats bike delivery in NYC is very popular, however the bike delivery or e bike delivery option is not available in all the cities where Uber Eats operates. Take a look at our vehicle options guide.

Delivering Uber Eats on a bike in Australia is allowed in many cities. However, to ensure you feel safe on the road, you are required to complete a short test on bicycle safety before you can go online and must answer all questions correctly.

The bicycle safety test is available in the following cities:

If you meet all of these requirements, and the delivery by bicycle is allowed in your market, then you can apply to become an Uber Eats bike messenger in your market. Once you're approved, you'll be able to start your food delivery gig with a bike!

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3. Delivering Uber Eats on Bike

Delivering Uber Eats by bike is a great way to get some exercise while earning extra money. Plus, it's a green way to deliver food since you're not using any gas. Of course, you'll need to be in good shape to pedal around town with a heavy bag of food on your back. But if you're up for the challenge, delivering Uber Eats by bike can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Very similar to Postmates couriers, bike couriers for Uber Eats deliver food by bike. Your main goal is to get the food from the restaurant to the customer as fast as possible.

Just be sure to follow all the delivery instructions carefully so that your customers get their food hot and fresh.

uber eats bike delivery

4. Pros and Cons of Becoming an Uber Eats Bike Courier

You Get Paid for Your Cardio Work

Being an Uber Eats delivery partner on a bike is a great opportunity to do your work out and get paid to ride.

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases and can even help you be a happier person.

You do not have to deal with parking and tickets

Riding a bike, you can go whenever you want and you do not have to be worried about parking fees. The best areas for bike delivery are the downtown areas where you are mostly getting delivery requests also because car drivers avoid them.

Make Extra Money on Bike

Pitting Uber eats car vs bike we take a look at the respective strengths of the means of transportation. Let's face it, no one loves paying for gas, especially with the current economic hard times due to the COVID pandemic and when you do not get reimbursed.

Car delivery drivers must always know how to save money on insurance and gas by using gas cash back apps or finding cheap gas.

Riding a bike allows you to save in many different areas including car insurance, car wash, replacement, oil changes , and a lot of other fees.

The best way to make money delivering is for me when I get on my bike. Indeed, doing Uber eats on a bike will help you make the highest average hourly rate. Uber Eats bike delivery pay can be between $15-20 when you are online as a bike courier during peak hours.

Bikers can even earn money delivering packages with Uber Connect .

You Must Handle Consequences If You Fall Off Your Bike

What happens if you have a bicycle accident? During a logistical concern, the "biker support"can be reached directly from the app. Not always there in the event of an accident. "If you fall on a bicycle, you manage on your own.

This is one of the reasons why if you are a bike courier you must follow some basic safety tips when you ride.

I went to the emergency room twice. And I had to repair my broken bicycle. As self-entrepreneurs, you accept all risks.

It Might Seem Easy, But It's Hard Work

Electric delivery bikes are purpose built to handle the busy schedule for any food delivery. However, this is a risky work. Traffic is dangerous.

In addition you must be in the best shape you can imagine and be able to bike in all types of weather over all types of terrain – uphill, downhill, pedestrian filled sidewalks, car packed highways.

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Uber Eats is looking for drivers and offering incentives to new drivers. Do not miss the opportunity to be referred by BestReferralDriver. Sign up for Uber Eats using our referral link available in this page.

5. What do I Need to Deliver Uber Eats by Bicycle?

A courier on a bike must have the right equipment, above all to ensure his safety, but also to maximize his profitability. The stakes are the same, whether you work with Uber Eats, Postmates , DoorDash or Caviar.

In other words, becoming a bicycle courier is not just being an independent contractor and setting off on the road. It also means equipping yourself seriously and choosing the right bike equipment, in addition to what the partner companies will give you when you board (bag...).

Bestreferraldriver is a complete bike messenger blog. We have prepared a bicycle courier kit for you:

Bicycle equipment - The basic courier kit:

  • A good bicycle helmet: Indispensable for ensuring safety. If you have sufficient budget, you can also turn to a model with a visor to protect your eyes from projectiles and cold winter winds.
  • A smartphone: To receive the races, and to orient oneself thanks to the GPS. We advise you not to use an overly expensive model, while favoring criteria such as autonomy and robustness.
  • Safety first! When cycling it is extremely dangerous to keep the smartphone in your hand. Take a look at our helpful and informative bike phone mount buying guide .
  • A windbreaker type raincoat: To protect yourself from the weather and avoid catching cold.
  • A fixed rack: Much more comfortable than a removable rack, it will allow you to transport everything in 95% of cases, with better comfort at the back.
  • A 20L cooler bag: to put on the fixed rack, strapped. Fewer unpleasant surprises with food going down sidewalks and on paved roads.
  • A light backpack: To put all your tools, inner tubes, your rain gear and some of the large orders (rare). Much nicer than cubes or 80 liter bags.
  • An external battery: Reliable, light, compact, capable of quickly recharging 3 to 5 times any smartphone. A reference in the field.
  • A GPS holder for a frame: More suitable than GPS armbands. Also exists in waterproof versions.
  • Removable lighting: Including a front light and a rear light to be seen at night. Indispensable and compulsory.
  • A good U-lock: the benchmark on the market. The U-shaped system is the safest. Also available in a high-end version. Note: your bike or phone are not covered against possible damage or theft.
  • A cable to pass through the U-lock: Not compulsory, but useful if you also want to attach your wheels (recommended).
  • A repair kit: Including a 7-in-1 tool to screw everything in, a mini-pump, enough to change or even repair an inner tube, it will slip easily into your courier bag. There is also a 16 in 1 tool, if you want more flexibility.

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6. Where to Buy the Uber Eats Bag and Backpack

uber eats bag

Is there a best bag for UberEats? You can make delivering a little bit easier with Uber Eats backpack and bike delivery bags. With these, you can keep food nice, neat and fresh for customers. I drive for multiple delivery platforms and the only official insulated delivery bag I have is the Postmates bag because they mailed me when I signed up.

Other delivery partners use the bags that they got from the grocery store. A couple of people I know use those big $1-$2 bags from the freezer section of the grocery store. Here are some important thing to know:

  • Uber Eats do not provide the bag to delivery partners
  • You’re an independent contractor so they can’t officially make you buy one

Uber Eats bags and gears are provided by a third-party vendor. If you would like a new or a replacement bag, you can visit the delivery online store to place an order.

Food delivery drivers may have to buy insulated bags themselves and will want the most cost-effective options.

However, remember that Gig Workers do not get minimum wage. If you want to be the best bicycle courier delivery in the world and get rewarded by your customer, you should provide excellent customer service. This includes being a conscientious courier making sure everything you are delivering is appropriately stored.

When picking up food, you should store it immediately in your food delivery backpack. No customer wants their pizza to arrive premixed with their coke. Whether you are doing a car or a bike food delivery, you should always have a pizza bag with you.

So, ensure that nothing spills, leaks, breaks, or smooshes.

In some countries like France, Delivery platforms generally offer food delivery bags for bikes to new delivery people in exchange for a deposit (conditions vary depending on the platform) which can exceed $100. This material is of course marked with the sign which provides the bag. It is difficult to use a bag provided by one company to work with another. If you want to work with several platforms at the same time, acquiring an unmarked bag is therefore the best solution.

Finally, do not forget that you can find Uber Eats accessories in Amazon, etsy, ebay….

7. Tips for Uber Eats Bike Delivery Partners

  • Don't leave your bike unlocked even "just for a minute"
  • Delivery partners can find a better bike route and get safer navigation that helps avoid bridges, tunnels, and highways. Delivery partners on bike can now select a navigation option designed for 2 wheels.To update your settings:
    • Open the Uber Eats app for partners
    • Tap your photo in the top right of your map screen
    • Tap Account
    • App Settings
    • Navigation
  • You will probably deliver pizza, so make sure you have a pizza delivery backpack or a pizza bag for bike.
  • Remember customers can tip your excellent service. Do not miss this opportunity!

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Do You Really Need A Bike Mile Tracker For Claiming Your Expenses with Bike Delivery?

As a contractor you are entitled to deductions. If you use your car one of the biggest deductions is the mileage and for this reason, you should always keep a diligent track of your business miles.

What about bike tax deduction and bicycle business expenses? Can you claim a bicycle as a business expense?

A person who owns a business and uses their bicycle in the business can deduct the expenses on Schedule C. You don't treat the bike as a "vehicle." You just list it as a business asset *. So, you do not need a bike mileage tracker. However you have to calculate the depreciation of your bike or scooter.

For example, if the bicycle originally cost $1,000 and the life expectancy is five years, then the depreciation expense would equal $1,000 divided by five years. This would equal $200 of depreciation per year.

Take a look at our guide to food delivery driver taxes .

"We do not provide tax advice. You should consult your own tax advisor before engaging in any transaction."

Become an Uber Eats Bike Courier Today

Bike delivery jobs with UberEats are available worldwide! Becoming an Uber Eats messenger and getting paid for biking is not that complicated. It is a great way to avoid car delivery costs. Now you have all the information you need to become an Uber Eats bike courier and I hope you feel motivated. If the bike delivery option is not available in your city, do not worry! You can always sign up for a Postmates bike delivery job or take a Doordash bike delivery opportunity.

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