GetUpside Review: My Experience Using the Upside App

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GetUpside: The Gas Saving App

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getupside review

GetUpside is a smartphone application designed to help consumers save money and businesses increase their profits. With the gas rebate app, you do not have to lose your time looking for gas stations that do cash back. The idea is that the deals GetUpside offers to individual users will bring them to local businesses who use the app, and the businesses will still make greater profits than they would have without those customers.

The goal of GetUpside is to help communities by personalizing brick-and-mortar commerce. Businesses make a profit, people increase their purchasing power, and that value is all driven back into the communities.

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How Does GetUpside Work?

As mentioned, the idea of and the application is to benefit both shoppers and business owners, with a focus on daily transactions, such as at gas stations and grocery stores.

For Individuals

As a shopper or a person going about your daily business, the gas saving app provides great deals. The app offers cash back on gas and convenience stores. The money is deposited directly into your bank account.

There are thousands of gas stations on the gas rewards app, and you can save as much as 25 cents per gallon when you use the app. This comes in the form of earning cash back, which you get right in the application. You get points on gas stations including big brands such BP, Shell, Valero, Sunoco, RaceTrac, Phillips 66, Mobil, Marathon, Chevron, Circle K, and Exxon.

Our team also appreciates that very similar to Fetch Rewards, this app offers savings, real cash back or points on other purchases including grocery stores and restaurants. At grocery stores, you can save as much as 10 percent on every single shopping trip, without the need to clip coupons. Just upload your grocery receipt. Some of the grocery stores on the app include Carlie C’s, Weis, GW, and Streets Market. You can even stack coupons and points with Getupside gas app.

When it comes to dining with the Upside gas app, you can earn as much as 35% cash back. Just some of the participating restaurants include Dunkin Donuts, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Popeye’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Wendy’s, and Burger King. As with the grocery stores, you do not have to do anything special during your meal. Afterward, just take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the application.

For Businesses

As a business owner , you can take advantage of GetUpside’s algorithms to bring in more customers. The Get Upside app is better than loyalty programs. It analyzes historical customer data and uses that information to create personalized offers that will appeal to individuals in your area, with a focus on people who are not currently shopping at your store. These personalized offers directly lead to an increase in your incremental transactions in real-time. This way, every transaction leads to a profit.

You will not have to change anything about your business activities when you start using GetUpside, as the application takes care of everything. There are also no setup fees or fixed costs. GetUpside will only profit if you do. This way, you can use the app to boost revenue and traffic while improving margins. You will only pay if you get profitable new customers or if your existing customers end up spending more.

So, how does the GetUpside app work for your business? And how does it know what deals to offer and to whom? The app starts with your anonymized transaction records. From there, the app’s algorithms determine which application users have visited your store and which have not. They also use your anonymized data to determine the frequency of visits, the average amount spent, and how profitable your current customers are.

Then, GetUpside customizes its offers based on purchase histories and other factors. The app primarily focuses on bringing you new clients, but it also ensures that your past clients return. In the case of existing clients, the goal is to increase their average spend and average visits. You will just pay for the incremental profit, so you will still increase your profits.

As an example, GetUpside may offer a new client for a gas station 8 cents cash back per gallon and an existing one 4 cents cash back. Both types of clients will be encouraged to visit your gas station, but the existing client requires less of a push, so you can maintain your higher margins.

This is great news for your business, as Get Up Side does not cannibalize your existing customers, does not require upfront payments or POS integration, and increases profits per transaction and new customer interactions.

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Guide To Nearside

How to Use GetUpside as a Shopper

Everybody knows that gas and insurance are one of the higher costs if you drive for a rideshare company or you are a delivery driver . At BestReferralDriver we like to share with you all the tips to save money. You can also read our guide on how to get free gas and take a look at our guide with fuel-efficient driving techniques, and Safeway Gas Rewards .

If you are using the gas discount app as a shopper, then you can start by looking for deals and gas prices in your area. For example, if you want to fill up your gas tank, you use the app to find personalized offers that are close to you. You go to the gas station (or grocery store or restaurant) and fill up your tank.

Then, you just follow the basic instructions that are conveniently in the app. Sometimes, you may just need to check in. Other times, you may need to scan your receipt and upload it. This process is as simple as learning how to add a receipt to the GetUpside app or any other application. If you get lost along the way, you can always contact the GetUpside customer service team, who is happy to help.

how does getupside work infographic

How Does Get Upside Work? Step-by-Step Instructions

Just because you are tech-savvy and the app is intuitive does not mean that you don’t want step-by-step details on how the gas rewards app does work. Follow these simple steps to use this app to get money for gas, groceries, and eating out.

When you open the app, you will see a map with pins in various colors. You will also see an offer at the bottom of the screen, with the amount of cash back you will get on your purchase. Click on “More info” to see the fine print, such as the maximum number of gallons of gas you can buy with your deal. The most important step in this part of our GetUpside app review is to click the orange “Claim” button.

If you accidentally click the “Claim” button on the wrong gas station or store, you are not out of luck. You can select “Unclaim” to cancel it, then use the bonus again. Keep in mind that this is an app that pays you for gas receipts, you need to submit the receipt within four hours of claiming the deal.

Do you want more concise information on how GetUpside works? Simply follow these steps for using Get Up Side.

  1. Open the application to see deals near you. Read “more info” on the deal if necessary.
  2. Drive to the location and claim an offer by clicking “Claim.” (You can click “Claim” first, but then you only have four hours to submit a receipt. Going in this order prevents your need to rush.)
  3. Fill up your gas tank as normal (or buy your meal or groceries as normal), paying with your your credit or debit card ( EBT and food stamps are not eligible payment).
  4. Get a receipt.
  5. Upload your receipt to the GetUpside app. The app can automatically scan it, or you can manually take the photo.
  6. You will receive a “Completed” message, including your purchase total and your cash back earned.

Cashing Out with GetUpside

This is a popular gas app to earn rewards, as you can choose the method that you want to get paid in. When it comes time to enjoy your cash back, you can cash out funds at any time and choose from a check, PayPal, or a gift card. Just some of the gift card options include Nike, Starbucks,, AMC Theaters, Chili’s Bar & Grill, and Dunkin Donuts.

getupside scam

Is the GetUpside App Legit? Is GetUpside a Scam?

There is no GetUpside app scam. To start, it is a free application and there is 0 annual fee so you do not need to pay anything out of pocket to use it as a shopper. You just get to take advantage of amazing deals at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants in your area, including those that are personalized for you.

For further proof that it is far from a scam, consider that business owners who use GetUpside get to take advantage of a guarantee. GetUpside will only profit if the business involved does, so you will not lose money on any of your client transactions over the application.

To ensure that business owners agree that GetUpside is legit, you will only have to pay for the app in two situations. These are if existing customers increase their spending or you get profitable new customers. Otherwise, the app is completely free.

How Does GetUpside Make Money?

Given that reviews confirm that the application is legitimate, yet it is free and it is one of the apps that give u money. So, how does it make money? The profits for GetUpside come from the ways in which it helps businesses. Remember that businesses only pay a fee if they have an increase in spending from existing customers or new customers who are profitable. Even with so few situations in which the application charges businesses, they are still more than enough for it to be profitable.

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Where Can You Use GetUpside?

It is important to note that GetUpside is still growing and working on increasing the businesses that participate. As such, the grocery store integration is currently only operational in Washington, D.C., and the nearby area. Given the positive Get Upside app reviews, it is incredibly likely that the company will expand this offering very soon.

Additionally, the gas station participation is already nationwide. Given the price of gas and how much most people drive, that aspect alone can lead to huge savings. You may feel as if you are using a gift card gas station trick, but GetUpside is really just giving you a great deal.

At the moment, you can use the app for free gas in more than 10,000 locations around the country, with most states having hundreds of participating businesses. One of the great things is that you can view the locations right on the GetUpside website. This way, you do not have to hunt through reviews of the app to see how many participating businesses are in your area.

Getupside Review: A Fun Cash Back App with Rewards

This GetUpside review will cover how the app works — showing you how rewards work and exploring if using the app is worthwhile.

How to Download and Set Up GetUpside

Downloading GetUpside is as simple as downloading any other gas receipt app. Just head to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Or, visit the website then click on the links. Or use the links right here.

You will not have to pay anything to use this application. As a bonus, you can read more reviews right in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before you download. This one should be enough to convince you, but those can offer even more reassurance.

Once you download it, it is simple to learn how to use the GetUpside app. You can make an account using your email address, or you can register by connecting your Google or Facebook account. You will need to allow the application access to your location, but this is fine since there is no GetUpside scam, and your location is how it finds the deals in your area.

Can You Stack Rewards with GetUpside?

One of the great things about how GetUpside works is that you can stack rewards. For example, if you get gas, you can pay with a credit card that earns you points, and you will still get your full cash back. If you go to the grocery store, you can use coupons in your purchase or accumulate points on a supermarket loyalty card, then submit the receipt to GetUpside and get your cash back.

Redeem more rewards with online surveys or with other shopping apps.

Find Gas Stations That Do Cash Back Near You With GetUpside

In our experience, GetUpside is legit and the best gas app to earn money. It is easy to use and helps both shoppers and businesses. The only downside is that you definitely need to get a receipt for your transaction, which may be hard to remember if you are used to going paperless. Other than that, we join the other Get Upside reviews in suggesting this application as a simple way to earn money as you buy gas, eat out, or buy groceries.

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