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Postmates delivery drivers are independent contractors and not just necessary food delivery drivers (as for UberEats and Doordash or Caviar). As an independent contractor, you are your own boss and you will work with a flexible schedule, you choose hours that work for you. Take time off, or work extra when it suits you. It's a full-time or part-time job. I wonder you want to know, before you start your application process to join Postmates Fleet, if there are some vehicle requirements or vehicle restrictions to become a Postmate. It's never been easier than that! Postmates driver job is really a great opportunity to become your own boss without complex requirements. Here is some useful information if you are about to start.

What does a Postmates driver do?

After being approved as Postmates driver, Postmates Fleet App is your firsdt working tool. Log in to the Postmates Drivers app and accept delivery requests. Pick up the goods from the store, drop off to the customer and earn money.

/!\ Postmates delivery drivers may work to deliver goods on Sundays and holidays. The orders may increase around holidays or other busy times of the day (lunh and dinner time).

Postmates Vehicle requirements: Ultimate Guide 2019

The minimum requierements to become a Postmates driver are:

  • you are !8+ years old

  • you have a smarthphone (iPhone or Anroid) to be able to receive order via Postmates Fleet App.

The only vehicle requierement is to have a mode of transportation. In fact Postmates let you the freedom to choose how to make the deliveries. When you are a rideshare driver, it's important for vehicles to meet specific requirements. Vehicles should be in good condition with no cosmetic damage. All vehicles are required to pass an annual vehicle inspection. Unlike Lyft or Uber there are no vehicle requirements to become a Postmates driver and you don't need to own one. Any working vehicle qualifies for work for Postmates, you can even deliver on:

  • a bicycle

  • a scooter

  • a car (Unlike Lyft or Uber, there is no vehicle inspection to drive for Postmates)

  • a truck

  • or have a good pair of snickers! (depending on the market).

    When you sign for postmates, you have to make the choice of a vehicle type. This choice is not definitive and you can change your vehicle type right from the app any time.

Postmates vehicle requirements Infographic

Postmates vehicle requirements are the same for all the States, you can drive or scoot in all the cities where Postmates is available. There are no restrictions in the type or model of the car and you do not have to pass a vehicle inspection, as far as the walkers are concerned they are allowed only in specific cities. Learn in which city bikes or walkers are authorized

postmates vehicle requirements infographic

Drivers, get paid to deliver for Postmates and rent a Bike

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How to Become a Postmates Driver?

You can follow these 5 steps to become a Postmates Driver

  • #1 Create your Postmates Driver account. Use our Postmates Referral Promo Code: FL-eleonorap to receive your sign up bonus. You can check our complete guide on Postmates driver sign up bonus and find a step by step Postmates application process.

  • #2 You just need to provide basic information like your name, email, phone number, address and city.

  • #3 You need to choose which delivery transportation type you plan to use.

  • #4 You need to provide your driver's license number. Postmates will use it to run a background check. Postmates background check covers: Violent crimes, Theft Sexual Offenses, Property damage and Felonies.

  • #5 You will be asked to agree to the Fleet Agreement on The purpose of this Postmates Fleet Agreement is to govern the entire relationship between Postmates and couriers/contractors.

Tips for Being a Successful Postmates Driver and Maximize your Earnings

If you decide to sign up for Postmates, follow this tips to get the most of your delivery driver job.

Take Advantage of Driver Incentives

You can earn more if you take advantage of all the incentives that Postmates offers to drivers through Postmates Fleet App. Postmates run promotions that allow drivers to earn extra cash. For example you can earn more making deliveries during the peak hours.

Incentives and promotions may vary by area. Make sure to check your Postrmates driver app and your email for promotional notifications.

Mainain a good Raiting on Postmates Platform

Customers tip Postmates drivers. Offer them a five stars experience:

  • Double check your order at pick up

  • Handle the orders carefully. All food should be store securely. You can also grab napckins and condiments for the customers.

  • Track your Mileage. As independent contartor you can claim mileage on your tax return if you kept diligent track of them.

Postmates Vehicle Requirements FAQ

Can I change my vehicle type?

Yes, you can change your vehicle type right from the app. Anytime you’re offline you will be able to change your vehicle in the app:

  1. Go to Account Settings

  2. Vehicles

  3. Choose between Bicycle, Car, Foot, Motorcycle, Scooter, Truck, or Van

  4. Confirm Vehicle to save

Like this...
It's easy

How to change vehicle type postmates APP How to change vehicle type postmates APP

What is Postmates?

Postmates is a technology company that provides a platform for on-demand delivery service. Customers pass an order from Postmates App, and 'Postmate' handpick the goods and deliver the order to the customers.

Should I Become a Postmates Delivery Driver?

Becoming a Postmates courier driver is a great option to consider if you need a side hustle job and your vehicle do not need to pass a vehicle inspection

Do I need a 4-door car to become Postmates Delivery Driver?

No. Any type of functioning car works.

Does my vehicle have to pass a car inspection?

No, and in any case to work for Postmates you are not even obliged to own one!

Are there any insurance requirements for working with Postmates?

After signing up for Postmates you will work as an independent contractor. Contractor shall maintain current insurance of the types and in the amounts required by law in the jurisdiction in which Contractor operates to perform Contractor's delivery services.

Can I bring someone with me while I deliver for Postmates?


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