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Uber is an innovative company. Its services include ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation. Using Uber instead of taxi cabs is an easy way to get around, especially if you are travelling with luggage. Uber free first time promotion offers in select cities to Uber new user free credit up to $15 if they use an Uber invite code to sign up. Keep reading and learn how to activate the Uber promotion, request an Uber ride and get a free Uber credit.

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Uber Promo Codes List

Here is our list of uber first ride coupons that work! You can use our codes for free in all the +700 cities around the world where Uber is available including Seattle, Dubai, Tokyo, London, Paris, Montreal, Italy,Chicago… Our promo code is valid for every kind of Uber ride including jump scooters and jump bikes. You will always get the best deals for first time users available at any given time.

BEST Uber Promo Codes
Checklist 2021
Uber Promo Codes Promo Code Amount Expiration
mm3pjujrue up to $15 Free Credit NO
julienn156ue up to $15 Free Credit NO

How To Redeem Uber Coupon Codes

Uber free ride promo will not last forever. So, once you locate a code to use, there are two ways to redeem an Uber coupon code and save money. Both are not complicated.

  1. Manually
  2. Automatically with a referral link

Using an Uber Promo Code

Getting a free Uber ride using an Uber code is easy. The first step is to download the app, create an Uber account and validate your phone with an Uber code. The Uber app is available on iOS or Android. You can usually type it or copy and paste it into the coupon code box. Use the following steps to redeem your promo code on the Uber app:

  1. Open the Uber app.
  2. Tap Menu on the left-hand corner.
  3. Select Payment.
  4. Tap 'Add Promo'.
  5. Enter your promo code and tap 'Apply'.

Using an Uber Referral Link

Using online coupon codes or promo links is very similar to utilizing paper coupons. To activate the promotion, you have to click the link. It will take you to the uber sign up page. You will get the discount automatically once you create your Uber rider account. So, to use it you just have to click on it!

Get Uber Promo Code

💡 PRO TIPS: To improve your security change your password every 3 months.

Why isn’t my promo code working?

If your promo code won't apply or you get an error message, check whether the following applies to you:

  • The code has been entered incorrectly. The codes are case sensitive so enter it exactly as it is written and try again.
  • It’s expired. Most codes expire on a certain date. The expiration date and time are specified in the ‘Promos’ tab.
  • It’s limited to a certain location. Some codes are only valid in specific cities or for rides going to or from an exact location. You won’t be able to apply a credit to unqualified rides.
  • It's in a different currency. Promos for ride credit can only be used if the promo currency matches the currency where a ride taken. For example, ride credit in US dollars can't be used where rides are charged in Canadian dollars.
  • You’ve already used the code. Our promo codes can only be used once, so if you’ve ever used the code in the past then it won’t work again.

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Uber Promo Code for Existing Users

You cannot find promotion codes or uber coupons for existing customers online.

The only valid promotional discount codes for existing users are offered directly by the brand.

Uber sends every day coupon discounts or a code reduction to all the users including holidays, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day….

4. Tips and Tricks to Get Discounted Rides

tips and tricks to get Uber discounted rides

Do you need a free Uber ride but you already used the Uber new rider code? Existing Uber users can still save money following our tips and tricks.

1. Uber Reward

Uber Reward is a new loyalty program that offers rewards, discounts or other special incentives. It is designed as a reward for brand loyalty. You can get cash rewards.

Basically, you earn a point for every eligible dollar you spend on rides and Uber Eats, and earn rewards every 500 points. Plus, get 2x points on UberX, and 3x points for Uber Black trips. If you are new to Uber food delivery, do not forget to use our Uber Eats promo code.

2. Download Other Rideshare Apps

The ruthless competition between ridesharing companies offers riders a real opportunity to choose the cheaper rides and to take advantage of all the promotions.

Are Uber or Lyft rides cheaper? The way the ride sharing apps work is very similar:

  • You open the app
  • You set up the pick up and drop off location
  • You choose from a variety of ride-type options

Uber app takes care of the entire ride-hailing and payment process. It is a cashless app that means that you do not need cash to pay your ride. You can use your credit card .

Similar services such as Lyft, Via, and Ziro, Wingz are the most popular in the United States.

Our advice is to calculate in advance your ride cost and compare it before confirming the ride by using the app or the Uber Fare Estimator.

If you were looking for a jump scooter promo code, do not forget to use our lime bike promo code to continue to ride for Free.

3.Spread Your Referral Code

If you want to earn other free rideshare rides, the best thing to do is to spread your referral code. The Uber customer referral program will reward happy riders for successfully referring their friends.

Uber users are really motivated because they will also receive a cash bonus to get a free ride on the platform.

The Uber invite promotion or referral offer is the incentive you give to referred friends and new users to make their first Uber ride.

Here are some basics:

  • A referral code is a unique combination of numbers, letters assigned to your account
  • You cannot customize your Uber referral code
  • You can recommend a friend or a member of your family but you cannot promote your referral code via Search Engine Marketing (e.g., AdWords/Yahoo/Bing)

4. Uber Ride Pass

Uber pass is a monthly subscription available in some major markets including Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC. It combines all the Uber platforms, rides, Eats, bikes and scooters. Is an Uber ride pass worth it? The ride pass costs $24.99 per month and offers discounts and major advantages including:

  • Flat-rate pricing without surge pricing
  • Discounted rides
  • Free delivery on Eats orders above a certain amount
  • Flexible cancellations and priority airport pickups
  • JUMP benefits such as free JUMP bikes and scooter rides for up to 30 minutes a day ( available in select cities)

Uber Cash

In our rideshare blog one of the most common questions is: What is Uber cash?

Think of the Uber app like a wallet, with Uber cash you can purchase funds that never expire to preload in your Uber wallet. Use them for transactions including food delivery , airport rides, bikes sharing, and more. You can add Uber Cash funds to your account via debit card, credit card, PayPal and Venmo.

Customers using Cash receive the following promotional discounts:

  • $25 Uber Cash: Pay $24.50 (2% discount)
  • $50 Uber Cash: Pay $48.50 (3% discount)
  • $100 Uber Cash: Pay $95.00 (5% discount)

American Express

With the Platinum Card from American Express you can receive $15 in Uber Cash for Uber rides in the US every month. The credits will appear in your Uber app on the first of every month. In addition you will get a bonus of $20 in December. That’s up to $200 in Uber Cash annually. To get enrolled and receive the benefits, you need to link your Platinum Card to your Uber rider account.

Uber Visa Card

Saving money with a cash-back credit card is another way to get rewarded with Uber. It is important to find the right rewards credit card for the way you spend and the type of rewards you're looking for. With Uber Visa Card you earn Uber Cash every time you use your card and become eligible to the following benefits:

  • Earn $100 Uber Cash: after spending $500 on purchases in the first 90 days
  • Earn 5% back in Uber Cash: on Uber rides, Uber Eats, and JUMP
  • Earn 3% back in Uber Cash: on restaurants, bars, hotels, and airfare

Uber Free Ride Hack | How to Get Free Uber Rides

Learn how you can earn FREE Uber Rides with this simple Uber hack. Whether you are a new or existing user, take a look at our tips and tricks to save money on your next Uber ride.

You will probably ask yourself, are there some techniques to hack and get a promo code after the first ride?

First of all it is important to know that Uber hacks go against the company’s guidelines.

Uber reserves the right to disable your referral promotion, suspend your account and revoke any referral credits if they were earned against their terms of service.

In addition Uber is not a small retailers company, it is secure and keeps track of existing vulnerabilities. They have good input validation and strong anti-Brute Force protection.

At Bestreferraldriver we are not hackers, the best way to get credit is to share your personal referral code with family and friends. However if you understand how an Uber account works, you can easily get one or two free ride hacks.

Uber accounts are associated with phone numbers, while it is easy to create multiple email addresses, it is not easy to create multiple phone numbers.

Uber works with all major cell carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon….) and most minor carriers.

The app doesn’t accept select VoIP carriers, such as Google Voice. Other services may not be supported.

Here is a tip to get a free ride and save money when traveling internationally. Buy a local SIM card and use the new phone number and our promo code to unlock free credit. Indeed, if you get a new SIM card you will get a different phone number and you can repeat the process.

Uber promo codes vary, here is an example of bonus sign-up bonuses across the world:

  • Australia: $15 off
  • Brazil: up to $50
  • Ireland: €10 off
  • Thailand: $200 THB off
  • India: 150 Rupee off
  • Italy: up to €20 off

Uber Promo Code Faq

+ How Do I get Free ride on Uber

Do you need a free ride home but you do not have money? Many times new users to the Uber App can earn a free ride or credits towards their next multiple rides. Try mm3pjujrue or other popular Uber promo codes that you can find in Bestreferraldriver to earn up to $15 in credit.

+ How Do I Use Uber Coupons

To use an Uber coupon, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it while downloading the Uber rider app or use our referral link. The coupon will be applied automatically to your new rider account. Get Uber coupons.

+Are there any Uber codes for existing users?

No, Uber is not releasing any coupon code for existing riders. You cannot find Uber promo codes working for existing users. All the Uber rider promotions are for first time users.

+How to Save Money at Uber

You can save money at Uber by using one of the current Uber coupons from Bestreferraldriver. Right now, the most you can save is $15 off your rides. Get Uber coupons.

+Why is an Uber Code not working?

A common reason why an Uber discount code is not working is because it is expired. Many promo codes have an expiration date and they are used for promotional purposes. Some might be location dependent and may only work if you are in a specific city. In addition, remember that you can use only one free Uber code at a time.

+Can I use my code to tip the driver?

No, discounts do not apply towards giving tips to your driver.

Ride with Uber Today and Save Money Getting a Free Uber Ride!

I hope you found this post useful and discovered a few new things about Uber promo code and useful tips using our coupon codes. Uber new customer promotion is the best way to try the Uber app saving money.

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