Amazon Flex Deactivated Account - Why And How To Reactivate

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amazon flex deactivated account

Amazon is one of the most popular delivery jobs in the world. After all the work of putting together all the required documents to fill out the application and waiting to get out from the waiting list, your Amazon account was deactivated.

Losing access to your account can be a nightmare scenario for many gig workers. Being cut off from your job, losing the opportunity to make money driving and delivering with a flexible schedule can be devastating.

How to get rehired at Amazon Flex? To help you through the process, we’ve created this handy how-to guide for getting back your disabled temporarily or permanently account. Depending on your situation, you will probably be able to fix it.

How Will I Know That My Account Has Been Disabled?

The first important step is to understand if you were fired or you just have internet connection problems.

Keep in mind that in case of account suspension, often you will get an email. However, the Amazon account deactivation email will not provide the precise guidance for why accounts are disabled.

Sometimes, you will not be able to login to your Flex account without any kind of warning.

In case of Amazon Flex app troubleshooting we suggest you consult our guide to downdetector. You will find in our guide tips to fix the problem.

Why Was My Amazon Flex Account Disabled?

There are a number of reasons why an Amazon Flex account gets disabled.

Amazon, very similar to other rideshare companies and on-demand delivery apps, has strict rules.

When you start delivering you adhere to Amazon's policies, which the Seattle based company can unilaterally change whenever it wants.

We suggest you read the terms and conditions and each of their update very carefully.

Here are the most common Amazon flex termination reasons:

You Use Amazon Flex Bots

The most common reason for account closure is the use of Amazon Flex bots. These bots are computer programs designed to automate tasks and complete deliveries on the Amazon Flex platform, which is meant for human drivers. Amazon prohibits the use of bots or any other automating tools on their platform, as they violate the company's terms of service and create an unfair advantage for the users employing them. Furthermore, Amazon's sophisticated algorithms can quickly detect bot-enabled activities, leading to an account suspension for the user. Thus, it is advisable for Amazon users to refrain from using such bots and adhere to the company's guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.

Your Selfie Is Under Review

Amazon has the right to close your account if they are unable to verify your identity. This is a necessary measure taken by the company to ensure the safety and security of their customers, as well as the delivery drivers who deliver the packages to their doorsteps. When drivers sign into their delivery block, there are instances where they will be asked to take a photo to validate their identity, which is stored for review.

This verification process helps to prevent the misuse of the Amazon platform and ensures that only authorized personnel can carry out deliveries. Therefore, it is important for customers and drivers to comply with Amazon's identity verification process for a seamless and secure experience. If Amazon is unable to verify your identity, your account may be suspended, resulting in a disruption of your services on the platform. To avoid this inconvenience, it is recommended to provide accurate and valid information when signing up and to comply with Amazon's verification process when prompted.

You Violated Amazon’s Harassment Policy

Amazon prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. Unwelcome actions such as the following are inappropriate and will lead to a immediate termination of the agreement:

  • Physical touching or assault, or impeding or blocking movements;
  • Unwelcome or unwanted physical contact or sexual advances;
  • Requests or demands for sexual favors in exchange for favorable or preferential treatment;
  • Sexual jokes or use of sexually explicit language;
  • Leering, gestures, or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, or posters;
  • Derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, or jokes;
  • Graphic comments or sexually degrading words;
  • Suggestive or obscene messages or invitations.

Violating the harassment policy will get you deactivated with little chance of reactivation.

You Drove Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to delivery partners being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.

If a customer, an Amazon employee or even another delivery partner reports you as being under the influence, then they will deactivate you permanently.

Missing Work

Very similar to employee Amazon Flex delivery drivers can get suspended if they miss delivery blocks. We suggest you consult our complete guide on Amazon Flex blocks .

Missing your shift is what we usually call the no show policy. Forfeit a block seriously affects the business as a whole.

If one day you are sick and you have a migraine it is better you stay at home. But if you cumulate missed blocks, Amazon teams can take this seriously and deactivate you.

Similarly to Doordash drivers, your ability to schedule shifts will be suspended after multiple missed shifts.

Additionnally, not picking up orders after accepting them for a delivery block is a violation of the Terms of Service.

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Do Not Doing Your Job

Amazon Flex drivers deliver packages but also groceries from PrimeNow, Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods. Your main duties include:

  • Load goods
  • Use navigation tools to arrive at the right address
  • Deliver parcels and packages to the correct address

You should always provide excellent customer service, especially when delivering groceries with Amazon Fresh. One of Amazon's main goals is to make customers happy.

Of course the company takes into consideration customers' complaints.

If a customer reports an undelivered package in Amazon, your account can be deactivated.

If you have problems during a delivery the wise thing to do is to contact the Flex support.

Keep in mind that via the app authorizations, Amazon has and collects a lot of information on you including your geo localization and even your speed!

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Your Documents on File Are Outdated

This is one of the common reasons for Amazon Flex temporarily disabled accounts. You are required to maintain current vehicle registration, insurance, and a valid driver’s license. Insurance is necessary to cover any claims or losses for which the contractor/vendor may be responsible for.

So, make sure that Amazon has your updated information on file.

Luckily, this is an easy issue to fix. Just update the documents and you should get reactivated soon.

If you have problems, you can contact the Amazon Flex support for help.

Non-Compliance With Passenger Policy

Driving alone can be exciting, but depending on your mood you can feel lonely, especially on longer car rides and long working days.

The Seattle headquartered company discourages Amazon Flex drivers from bringing passengers or pets in their vehicle while delivering, except for service animals.

If you still decide to bring passengers, you must comply with the following rules :

  • When picking up from stations, your passengers will have to remain in the vehicle at all times.
  • When picking up from Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, or other Store locations, your passengers will not be allowed to enter the delivery station or restricted pick-up areas in the stores.
  • Your vehicle must have enough space to safely accommodate any passenger or pet and all packages assigned to your route.
  • Passengers and pets, except for service animals, must not have any interaction with customers.
  • Passengers must not drive the vehicle while you’re delivering for Amazon Flex.

In addition to the risk of an Amazon Flex permanent deactivation, Amazon's commercial insurance will not cover any passengers in your vehicle in case of an accident.

As you can see, the Amazon flex account temporarily disabled (or even permanently) is only one of the problems engendered by the failure to respect these rules.

If you really want to make deliveries with your wife in the car you should sign up for DoorDash or become an Uber Etas driver.

Having a Weapon in Your Vehicle

The Amazon Flex agreement expressly prohibits you to carry a weapon in your vehicle while you are delivering packages with Amazon.

Unfortunately, today many carriers and delivery drivers feel unsafe while working especially in isolated locations or at night. However, even if under your state law it is legal to carry weapons in your car, you should never bring a weapon with you while working with Amazon.

If you are worried about your safety, you can take some steps to protect yourself.

First of all, you can install a dash cam in your vehicle. Take a look at our guide with the best dash cams.

Finally, because the most hazardous conditions are often in dark places, you should always carry with you a flashlight.

Performing Other Jobs During Amazon Flex

Multi apping is a trend! Rideshare drivers drive for Uber and Lyft at the same time. Delivery drivers deliver for more than one company or app at a time. It seems easy, you are an independent contractor and nobody can control the way your job is done, right?

At Bestreferraldriver we like to share with you tips to earn more money. However, some of the tricks you find out there, will cost you the job. You should not try to multi-apping when you are delivering with Amazon.


If you have been inactive for more than 180 days, Amazon may deactivate your account. If your account is deactivated for inactivity, you may apply to re-enroll in the Program.


In some rare cases, Amazon Flex drivers can be deactivated by mistake.

How to get back your Amazon Flex account when it's disabled?

How to Fix an Amazon Flex deactivated account? Will Amazon reactivate my account? The first step to take is to make appeal and contact the Amazon Flex support.

How To Reactivate Amazon Flex Account

Whether you get or not the message on the app, if Amazon disabled your account, now we will guide you through the process to get back your disabled Amazon account.

First of all to recover your Amazon Flex account you have to pass the appeal process.

You can submit appeals by contacting the support at They will provide details about the deactivation reason and next steps for you.

Be persistent and never give up. These are the best tips we can share with you. There are numerous alternatives to Amazon Flex:

If you need money fast, take a look at our guide with all the jobs that let you get paid daily

💡 PRO TIP: Avoid apologizing as this implies you were at fault.

At Bestreferraldriver we like to protect our readers from scams. We noticed fraudulent activities in social media including Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. This scam involves fraudsters pretending to be able to reactivate your account and of course asking you to pay for it.

You should always be aware of and alert to these common digital scams. You will never get your money and your Amazon account back.

How To Write An Amazon Flex Appeal Email?

If you have been deactivated from Amazon Flex, or have received a warning, you may want to know how to write an Amazon Flex appeal email. It is crucial to follow the correct process, which includes writing an Amazon Flex deactivation appeal letter to Amazon Flex support team.

To start, you will need to provide a detailed explanation of why you believe that the outcome was unfair. It is important to provide specific details, such as the date, time, and location of the delivery, as well as any relevant screenshots or photos. Additionally, you should explain how the warning or deactivation has affected your ability to work and earn a living.

To enhance the effectiveness of your appeal, you should include any relevant facts that support your case. For example, you could highlight your ratings and feedback from customers, as well as any positive reviews you may have received.

When writing your Amazon Flex appeal letter sample, it is important to be respectful and professional. Avoid blaming others and instead focus on providing evidence to support your appeal. Additionally, do not undermine the decision of the support team, but rather present your case in a way that encourages them to give you a fair consideration.

In summary, to write a successful Amazon Flex appeal email, you must provide a detailed explanation of the situation, along with any relevant facts, and a clear reason why you believe the outcome was unfair. Keep in mind that support teams deal with multiple cases, so make sure your letter is concise, informative, and well-structured.

Amazon Deactivation FAQ

How Long Will It Take Amazon To Reactivate My Account?

Now that you know how to get your Amazon Flex account reactivated, I guess you want to know how long the process will take.

Depending on the reason for your deactivation the reactivation process takes one to ten days.

For minor problems such as not-up to date documents, your account should be reactivated quickly.

On the other hand, for serious issues, Amazon will perform investigations.

Can You Apply For Amazon Flex After Termination?

No, if your Amazon account was terminated due to a negative appeal, you will not be able to apply for Amazon Flex. This rule applies across all Amazon services and subsidiaries, including Flex. If your account was deactivated for whatever reason, it is unlikely that you would be considered for any Amazon-related opportunities.

Avoid Account Suspension

Better safe than sorry, try to avoid an Amazon Flex account deactivation, sometimes saying you’re sorry for breaking the rules and promising not to do it is not enough and will not bring you back to work. Follow our guide and try to get your account reactivated.

You can submit Amazon Flex appeals several times, maybe you will be able to recover your account and get back to work. Good Luck!

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