Can You Drive For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time (Yes, Here is How)

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Lyft and Uber are two easy second jobs, a lifesaver for lots of people, especially young gig workers who can’t find full time employment.

The extra income from driving for rideshare companies can help you pay off your student loans, save money for retirement, make your ends meet and boost your savings account.

But, who makes more Uber or Lyft drivers?

You’ve probably heard of people driving for Uber and Lyft at the same time and you do not know how to do it.

In this guide we look at the benefits and risks of working for Uber and Lyft at once. You'll learn strategies for staying productive when working for multiple driving apps.

Can You Work For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

This is one of the great benefits of working on Gig Economy platforms: you can decide the jobs you’re taking, which platforms you’re joining, where you’re working from and under what schedule.

Recently we saw gig workers working for food delivery apps accepting multiple orders from different delivery apps.

While this is pretty easy when you have to deliver food or packages, it is logistically not possible when you drive for ride hailing apps. You cannot pick up at the same time an Uber passenger and a Lyft passenger. So technically you cannot work for Uber and Lyft at the same time.

However, app-based workers run their own business. As a business owner you have to make the right decisions. Would you ever accept a job that wasn’t profitable? You need to think the same way with every ride request that comes your way.

You do not have to forget that you have to pay your self-employment taxes and you have to pay for other car expenses including: gas, repairs, insurance, etc.

Here are some tips to make your rideshare business profitable:

So, low hourly wages are the main motivators that pushed drivers using the Uber and Lyft app at the same time to compare bonuses and accept the best ride.

Smart Uber, Lyft drivers chase the surge pricing and work during the best times.

Please note that with the Uber driver app and the Lyft driver app it’s easy to quickly ascertain the rides that are worth your time, and those that will waste it.

Are There Business Or Legal Implication Using The Uber And Lyft App Same Time

When you started driving for Lyft and Uber you had to sign up for an agreement. This agreement outlines the relationship between the contractors and the company.

Lyft and Uber are digital marketplace platforms that connect users, drivers and third party companies in the case of groceries deliveries or food deliveries with UberEats.

So you are not an Uber employee. Getting paid to work independently is easier than ever. Furthermore, the requirements to become a rideshare driver are not that complicated.

The application process is online and you do not even need a vehicle! You can rent a car through rideshare rental platforms and earn money driving.

However, deactivation is something every driver dreads, and we suggest you consult our guides to Uber deactivation to prevent it.

Basically, you won’t encounter legal problems working for both companies if you follow their agreement.

Benefits Of Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

Using Lyft and Uber at the same time gives you a lot of opportunities. Here is our review of the main advantages.

Balancing Competition

Today there’s a genuine need for drivers in the respective platforms. While ridesharing apps are working despite the pandemic, it can also be difficult for gig workers in some markets to join the Uber team.

Uber, like other gig economy apps, started a waitlist. So if you have difficulty with Uber, Lyft may be a better fit, at least initially.

Be Able To Choose What's Better Uber Or Lyft

You can check bonuses on both driver apps, you will be able to see who is paying more. Very similar to freelance jobs, you have the unique ability to choose the app you want to work with.

Improve Your Skills

We will never get tired. As everything in our life the more you practice the better you get. You will be able to understand your market and you will also improve your driving skills.

Dangers Of Working 2 Jobs And Doing Lyft And Uber At Once

The multi-apping is not for everyone. Juggling with two apps can be very stressful. In the short term, stress makes you feel lousy.

Some people in their senior years are switching from traditional jobs to gig jobs because they are looking for autonomy and flexibility in the workplace.

Other people are just looking for something to do, so they sign up for a delivery app or they simply like talking to people so they end up driving for rideshare apps.

If you are one of these side hustlers probably you will not appreciate the stressful nature of working 2 jobs at once.

The Consequences Of A Low Lyft Acceptance Rate

You are not trying to earn more driving with Lyft and find yourself losing all the opportunity to earn more.

Of course you have the right to accept or decline a ride request at any time. The Acceptance Rate is the percentage of rides you accepted out of the 100 most recent rides opportunities you receive.

Your acceptance rate is tracked by Lyft and used to determine your eligibility for incentives.

If you were online and started to receive ride requests your acceptance rate will decrease in the following cases:

  • You decline the request
  • You force the app to quite
  • You put the phone on airplane mode

The Consequence Of High Cancellation Rate

After a few warnings your account can be deactivated for cancelling too many rides.

How To Do Lyft And Uber At Same Time: Strategies

As a driver you have to know how to manage multiple apps. So, if you do not know how to use Uber and Lyft at the same time, here is a tutorial with all the options.

Using One Phone With Both Apps

You can install both apps on your phone and you will be quickly able to switch from one app to another.

First of all, be sure to set your app's volume to loud so you will be sure to hear all the Uber driver ping. You cannot customize the Lyft ping sound, but the Uber driver app has a feature that will help you adjust the volume for trip alert sounds.

However, here is something you should know before using them simultaneously.

Phone Data Usage

Anyone making money with an app running in the smartphone should have a basic understanding of how apps chew through their data. Of course, you cannot Uber without data and internet connection.

Unlimited data plan is the best choices for people working with gig economy apps.

Indeed, these apps will use a lot of data on your mobile phone.

Safety Issues

Lyft and Uber are committed to provide safe rides to their users. Cell phone use while driving is dangerous. As a driver you should be focused on driving and always:

  • Use a car phone mount
  • Keep your hands on the wheels using the hands free technology

Using Two Different Phones

Some Uber drivers have two different phones. Having two phones is helpful if one of them runs out of battery.

As a reminder, the Lyft driver app can be downloaded on:

  • Android devices
  • iPhone (Requires iOS 11.0 or later)
  • iPod touch (Requires iOS 11.0 or later)
  • iPad

The Uber partner app can be downloaded on:

  • Android device that is 2013 or newer and runs version 5 or higher
  • iPhone (Requires iOS 12.4 or later)
  • iPad (Requires iPadOS 12.4 or later)
  • iPod touch (Requires iOS 12.4 or later)

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Using The Mystro App

At Bestreferraldriver we receive a wide number of emails daily from gig drivers with the same question: Is it better to drive for Uber or Lyft?

If you are looking for an app to run both Uber and Lyft we found the solution for you.

With the Mystro app available on iPhone and Android devices you can switch to Lyft from Uber and vice versa.

Using the rideshare switching app you will be able to auto switch Uber Lyft apps and enable auto accept for your desired services.

With Mystro you can manage three gig economy apps including Lyft, Uber and Doordash.

One of the great advantages of the app is that you can customize to accept only certain requests.

For example you can choose not to receive Lyft shared (Lyft line) or UberPool requests , requests from riders with lower ratings…

How much is the Mystro app? The cost of the Mystro app is disclosed at the time you sign up. If you were offered a 30 days free trial, you will need to contact Mystro if you want to cancel it.

Currently you have the choice between three different plans:
ANNUAL PLAN $99.95 per year
MONTHLY PLAN $11.95 per month
WEEKLY PLAN $4.95 per week

Is Mystro Worth It?

Now you found out the cost, so, is the Mystro app worth it for you? Very similar to other apps for Lyft and Uber drivers, it is not free.

Whether you should get the app or not, it depends on your driving habits. If you work as a full time driver, the app makes on-demand drivers up to 30% more money.

Additionally, Mystro will be your first safe driving toolkit and will help you earn more, accepting only the trips that are profitable.

What Is The Uber Trip Planner?

We won’t end our article before talking about the trip planner feature on the Uber driver app.

This feature will help you filter, update the requests.

Thanks to this feature you can set up your Uber driving preferences when you are offline. If you do not know how to set your Uber preferences follow our step by step tutorial:

  1. Open the Driver app and tap the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom right of the screen. This will open the "Trip Planner."
  2. Tap the Preferences icon in the bottom left corner of your 'Trip Planner' screen.
  3. Select the type of trip requests you'd like to receive while you're online.
  4. Tap the trip type to stop receiving this type of trip request.
  5. To reset your filters and receive all trip types, tap "Reset."

Working 2 Jobs At Once Is A Great Opportunity

Working for Lyft and Uber at the same time is one of the ways to boost your income and make your job profitable. No matter the strategy you choose, once you receive a ride request, you’ll accept it and do not forget to log out of the other app.

We suggest you check out our article with proven ways to make more money driving with Lyft. Finally, some apps like Doordash keeps you always busy.

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