The Best Mileage Tracker Apps: How to Choose and Our Picks

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Mileage tracker apps can be incredibly useful for anyone who wants or needs to track their mileage. But, with so many available, how do you find the best mileage tracker app for you?

If you are looking for a way to track your miles, then keep reading, as we’ll show you how to choose the apps as well as which ones are the top-rated.


Find below a complete checklist of the best mileage tracker apps for 2024 ranked and reviewed:


Who Should Use a Mileage Tracking App?

The biggest group of people who will use a free mileage tracker app are those who do rideshares or deliveries for third parties, such as Instacart, Uber, or Lyft. Remember that as an independent contractor, these jobs entitle you to the Standard Mileage Deduction on your taxes. However you have to provide a simple mileage log for taxes.

Anyone that drives as part of their job and is compensated for that driving should also consider using a mileage tracking app. This includes retail managers who travel between stores, business execs who travel to meetings, and everyone in between.

Essentially, if your job may entitle you to the Standard Mileage Deduction, then you should use an app to track your mileage. As a note, for 2022, the rates are 58.5 cents per mile for business use, 17 for moving or medical purposes, and 14 for charitable organizations.

Even if you don’t need to track your mileage for your job, these mileage trackers can provide some important insights for your everyday life. At the most basic level, they can help you confirm your car’s efficiency or help with your budget.

The Benefits of a Mileage Tracking App

Without a mileage tracker app, you could just pay attention to your odometer and take careful notes in your own mileage logbook. This could be a notebook or even a spreadsheet. However, using one of the best mileage apps will be a much better option.

Minimal Effort Required

If you were going to manually record your odometer readings before and after each trip, what are the chances that you will never forget to write it down? A single forgotten record could cost you a reimbursement. With an app, there is no risk of forgetting since it will automatically record the information for you.

No Lost Records

You also don’t have to worry about losing your carefully gathered records with a mileage tracker app. Many of them store the data in the cloud, so even if your phone is lost or damaged, you will have the information.

Proof of Mileage

Using a mileage tracker app may also make it easier to get reimbursed for your mileage by proving your logs. Anyone could just put random numbers in a spreadsheet or notebook, and there is no way to prove that they are accurate. Whether your mileage is compensated by your employer or you claim it as a deduction on your taxes, you want to have strong records to back up your claims. This way, you cannot be shorted.

Focus on Other Things and Boost Productivity

When you no longer have to worry about maintaining a mileage book, you will notice that your mind is free to think about other things. You may find driving people and things around more relaxing without worrying about tracking your miles, or you may just free up time to spend on other things. In the case of rideshare or delivery drivers, using a mileage log app may even give you enough extra time to pick up another few rides and boost your income.

how to choose a mileage tracking app

How to Choose a Mileage Tracking App

Once you have decided to get a mileage tracker app, how do you choose the best mileage tracker app in 2024? There are a few key factors to consider.

Free or Paid? What’s Your Budget?

You can find miles apps at a full range of price points, from free mileage trackers to those that come with high fees. For most people, one of the best free mileage tracker app options in 2024 will be good enough, but you may want to consider paying a bit if you want additional features.

From there, you have to decide if you want an app that uses a subscription model or has you pay a one-time fee. This is a matter of whether you want to budget for it each month or just once.

Detail of the Log

While all odometer apps offer a simple method of how to track mileage for taxes, they do not all do so with the same level of detail. Assuming you are tracking mileage to get deductions, you want the reports or logs to be as detailed as possible.

Trip Categorization

You should also ensure that your chosen mileage tracker app lets you categorize the trip, providing some details. At the least, ensure that it will record the dates and locations of your trips, with the ability for you to enter the purpose.

Receipt Tracking

Some of the most basic apps will just track your miles and nothing else. Others let you also track receipts for gas.


Think about how much effort you want to put in to view the information or to share it with the IRS or your company for reimbursement. Some apps let you easily export PDFs and spreadsheets with mileage and expenses, but this is not a universal feature.

Most importantly, make sure that these reports are compliant with the IRS requirements, as that will make tracking mileage for taxes a breeze.

Data Storage

Some of the free Uber app options may just store your data on your phone. In this case, you are out of luck if you upgrade your phone or lose it. Given that the IRS requires storing tax records for three years, this is not good enough for most people, unless you carefully save your data every year. You can get around this by choosing a mile counter app with cloud storage.

Accuracy and Reviews

Of course, the best mileage tracker app will also have a high level of accuracy, as this will ensure that you get every cent back you deserve via your deductions. The best way to get a feel for accuracy is to check out the reviews.

While you look at the reviews, you should also look at factors like usability and customer support.

Our Picks for the Best Mileage Tracker Apps

If you don’t want to compare car mileage trackers to find your ideal driver tracking app, then consider one of the following. These are top picks due to the features, price point, usability, log detail, and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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1. Everlance


Everlance is a high-quality mileage tracker app, and it offers three price points. If you need to track three of fewer trips per month, then the free app will be enough. That free version lets you upload unlimited receipts and creates IRS compliant reports on your Everlance dashboard.

Upgrading to Everlance Premium gives you unlimited automatic detection of trips, advanced Excel and PDF reports, the ability to sync your bank and credit cards, and a deduction finder. Premium+ adds VIP support and customized one-on-one training with an account manager. At the time of writing, the Premium plan is $5 per month if you bill annually or $8 when billed monthly. Premium+ is $10 per month when billed annually or $12 when billed monthly.

The Everlance app consistently gets high ratings, and you can easily set it up within seven minutes. It can even integrate with other programs, serving as a QuickBooks mileage tracker.



If your preference is for a one-time payment, then GOFAR is a great app to track driving hours. This app has been in existence since 2016 and has already covered 95 million kilometers across six continents and 50 countries. One thing to keep in mind is that in addition to an app, GOFAR includes a device that you place in your car.

It features automated logging of your mileage, the ability to easily export spreadsheets to your email, and the ability to track fuel expenditures. Not only does the app automatically track your mileage, but it continues to do so if your battery dies. You can also tag trips and set up reminders for things like car service, registration, and insurance renewals. It works with your tax forms without a problem, including those from the IRS.

Although the prices for GOFAR are in Australian dollars, remember that it works around the world. At the time of writing, the cheapest plan is the Starter Kit for $99 (AUD). It comes with the car adapter you need to calculate business expenses, track mileage, and get engine alerts.

At the time of writing, the Standard Kit is $129 (normally $149) and adds the GOFAR Ray to help you avoid speeding fines and save on fuel. If you know other people who need a mileage app for iPhone or Android, there is also a three-pack that offers savings.

3. Hurdlr


Hurdlr is trusted by numerous drivers, as the tracker app claims to track more than a million miles daily and to have tracked more than a billion miles so far, saving drivers $300 million in taxes.

The application automatically tracks your mileage, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to start it. If your job has you frequently drive the same route, then you can auto-tag the route. The application goes beyond just offering business and personal categories for trips, as there are also categories like medical purposes, charity, and moving.

Hurdlr is one of the best business expense tracker apps, as well. It even includes comparisons between actual vehicle expenses and the standard mileage rate. This way, you can choose which deductions will be best for you.

Hurdlr also offers three levels of plans, making it among the best subscription tracker apps for 2019 and 2022. The free version includes unlimited mileage tracking, the ability to add expenses and income, a summary of tax calculations, and the ability to email or export reports.

Premium costs $5 per month if you pay annually or $8 per month if you pay monthly. It upgrades to auto-expense tracking, auto-income tracking, unlimited auto-mileage tracking, and real-time calculations for both your self-employment and state taxes. Finally, the Pro version costs $10 a month and is only billed annually. It adds invoicing, the ability to invite your accountant, full double-entry accounting, advanced reports, and an annual tax filing. There are also enterprise solutions with live training, direct integration, and single billing.

4. MileIQ


Another great mileage calculator app is MileIQ, associated with Microsoft. This app’s users have logged more than 20 billion miles so far. It features automatic tracking by running in the background. You can easily swipe to classify your drives as personal or business, then add any other details, such as drive purposes, tolls, and parking. The reports are also highly accurate.

One of the cool features is the ability to view the dashboard on your desktop or smartphone, including the ability to view multiple drives at once.

At the time of writing, MileIQ can cost nothing, even without a MileIQ promo code. The free version of the app offers 40 free drives each month. Unlimited offers limitless driving for $4.99 per month if you pay annually or $5.99 per month if you pay monthly.

5. SherpaShare


You may find that the Sherpa scooter app is the best mileage tracker for you. It includes money-saving via discounts, real-time data AI that could help you increase your hourly pay by more than 30 percent, and financial management to save as much as $6,000 on your taxes. These features include numerous smart driving tools, such as driver-to-driver chat, Heatmap to see where other drivers are, Travis for charting hourly revenue, Compass for recommending profitable routes, and Hotspot to find spots that maximize your revenue.

You can use SherpaShare as a free mileage calculator for two weeks or opt for a subscription plan. The monthly plan costs $5.99 per month and includes unlimited mileage tracking, member savings, 24/7 in-app support, access to shared driver office hours, driver-to-driver communications, revenue and profit charting, and ping-maximizing tools. The annual version is similar but costs $4.99 per month, billed annually. Super Premium is $10 per month, billed annually, and includes exclusive access to promotions, deals, #slack club, and priority support.

Download the Best Tracking App

You don’t have to rely on a free printable mileage log or look online for a mileage log template for self-employed. There are some amazing mileage tracker apps available to boost your productivity. Choose one of our favorites from above or research your own using our advice.

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