Doordash Insurance Explained: What You Need to Know

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doordash insurance

Are you considering becoming a Doordash driver ? It's an exciting way to earn extra money - but there are also certain risks associated with it. One of those is insurance; if you're going to be driving for Doordash, you need to know what your protection is in case of any at-fault accidents or other potentially costly incidents. In this blog post, we'll take an in-depth look at the various types of insurance available for Doordash drivers, explaining how each one works and why it's important. So if you're ready to get started on your journey as a DoorDasher with peace of mind, keep reading!

Does Doordash Have Insurance?

Yes, DoorDash does have insurance. As a DoorDash delivery driver, you are provided with liability coverage under DoorDash's commercial auto insurance policy as well as contingent comprehensive and collision coverage. This insurance coverage is provided at no additional cost to you and is automatically activated when you are in the process of delivering an order for DoorDash. The limit of liability for bodily injury or property damage while delivering an order is $1 million per occurrence.

Doordash does not have a passenger policy, meaning you are allowed to bring someone with you while dashing, but they will not be covered by Doordash.

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What Exactly Is Doordash Insurance And What Does It Cover?

Doordash Insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed for Doordash drivers and couriers. The policy protects the driver or courier in case of any accident while on active delivery. This insurance gives you peace of mind when it comes to any potential accidents that may occur while using the Doordash app.

Doordash’s insurance policy covers both physical damage to your vehicle as well as medical expenses if you were to get injured while on the job.

Doordash Car Insurance

DoorDash supplemental auto Insurance is an important coverage for couriers to consider when engaging in any task or job through the DoorDash program. This policy offers protection couriers using their personal vehicle to deliver goods.

If you are involved in an accident while on a delivery, Doordash’s insurance will cover damages up to $1 million dollars per incident, with a $2,500 deductible — meaning you will be responsible for paying that amount up front before the insurer pays out its claims.

What this means is that any claims up to one million dollars made by a third-party as a result of an accident will be covered by DoorDash's supplemental auto insurance. However, it is important to note that DoorDash's supplemental coverage does not replace your personal vehicle insurance. In order to deliver with Doordash, you still need your own policy with business use coverage and it must meet the legal state minimum requirements for the state you are driving in.

Here is a quick look at what dasher insurance covers in the event of a crash:

  • Excess Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 per accident limit for bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties. Coverage is in excess of your personal automobile liability insurance policy.
  • General Liability: $1,000,000 limit, covering cyclist and pedestrian couriers for third party bodily injuries and/or property damage to third parties.

Doordash Occupational Insurance

Doordash also offers an additional Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for Drivers and Couriers which provides an extra layer of protection in case of any unforeseen events such as injury suffered during a delivery, death from a vehicular accident and legal costs resulting from either event.

The policy is designed to provide financial protection to self-employed individuals and small business owners who work as Dashers (independent contractors ) for the company. The coverage includes medical expenses and liability coverage related to injuries that may be sustained while performing their duties as dashers.

Most specifically, this policy provides coverage for medical expenses such as doctor visit fees, hospitalization costs, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, and ambulance fees. It also covers certain liabilities that can arise from accidents or occurrences that take place while working for Doordash. For example, this type of courier delivery insurance might cover expenses related to bodily injury or property damage caused by a dasher in the course of their work.

In addition to providing medical and liability coverage for dashers, Doordash occupational insurance offers additional benefits such as disability income protection and death benefit coverage should a dasher pass away while employed by the company.

Disability income protection helps replace lost wages if a dasher becomes disabled due to an illness or injury acquired during the course of their work with Doordash. The death benefit coverage pays out a lump sum payment in case of accidental death to help family members with funeral expenses or unforeseen debts left behind by the deceased dasher.

Doordash Delivery Driver Insurance Coverage And Deductible

The coverage offers the following important benefits and protections:

  • Accident medical expense: to a maximum of $1,000,000* (with no deductible or copay)
  • Survivors benefit: to a maximum of $150,000*
  • Temporary total disability: to a maximum of $500 a week in on-demand services replacement earnings*
  • Permanent total disability: to a maximum of $500 a week in on-demand services replacement earnings*

*If there is a conflict between the information shown here and the actual insurance policy, the policy will govern. The policy is underwritten by Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company and placed by Aon (Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc – CA License # 036334).

All in all, Doordash offers comprehensive insurance plans for its drivers and couriers that can provide financial assistance if something unfortunate were to happen while using the app — giving both peace of mind and greater security when delivering goods through the platform. Doordash Dashers can rest assured knowing they have adequate coverage should anything go wrong while on the job making it easier to focus solely on successfully completing each delivery without worrying about potential risks involved in delivering with Doordash.

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When Are You Covered By Doordash Auto Insurance?

Doordash insurance only applies when you are in active delivery mode. This coverage begins from the time you accept a delivery request and ends when your customer receives the order. This insurance provides coverage for any injuries or accidents that may occur while you are on an active delivery.

This coverage is provided regardless of your vehicle type, whether it be a car, bike, scooter or another type of vehicle. Additionally, all drivers who are accepted into the DoorDash platform are provided with this coverage without having to purchase additional insurance themselves.

However, if you are not in active delivery mode - meaning you have not accepted a request - then your personal insurance is still in effect and applies instead of DoorDash's coverage. Similarly, if you are online but haven't yet accepted a request then your personal insurance will still be in effect and will apply to any potential claims.

It's important to note that DoorDash does not offer any type of liability or collision protection outside of its injury and accident coverage when in active delivery mode. This means that any damage caused to your vehicle as a result of an accident would not be covered by DoorDash's insurance policy and instead would need to be filed through your own personal auto insurance policy.

How Can You Get Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Doordash?

Getting Commercial Vehicle insurance for Doordash and other food delivery services is relatively easy. First, you should research and compare courier insurance quotes from a number of different car insurance companies to make sure you're getting the best deal possible. The following are reputable insurance companies that offer commercial vehicle insurance for Doordash drivers.

State Farm

If you are a delivery driver, State Farm is the best commercial auto insurance for your needs. With coverage that meets the requirements of all 50 states, you can have confidence knowing your business is protected no matter where you operate. Not only do they provide excellent quality coverage, but their customer service is also unparalleled; if you ever need assistance or have questions about your policy, you can feel confident in the help their team will provide. When it comes to choosing an insurance plan for your business’s vehicles, State Farm best commercial auto insurance should always be at the top of your list!


If you're looking for cheap commercial auto insurance, Geico is one of the best providers around. With competitive rates and a customer-first approach, they make it easy to find affordable coverage on all types of vehicles. By leveraging advanced technology and knowledgeable staff, the company works diligently to get customers better rates and more coverage benefits than other providers. Geico also provides personalized support to guide business owners through the process of finding cheap commercial auto insurance suited to their needs. With an uncompromising commitment to quality service, Geico stands as a great option when seeking out cheap delivery and rideshare insurance.


Esurance has earned its place as one of the premier commercial insurance companies in the business. They provide a range of products, including but not limited to business liability, commercial property, commercial auto, workers' compensation, and commercial umbrella policies.

With customer service rated highly by both industry pundits and customers alike, they offer policy holders the assurance they need in their commercial insurance options. Their innovative online self-service options expand customer convenience while also helping to keep costs down. Whether you're just starting out or running an established business, Esurance is a reliable choice for commercial insurance coverage.

When comparing quotes, make sure to look at the cost of each individual policy as well as any additional coverage it provides. It's important to consider both the price and the quality of coverage when deciding which policy fits your needs best. Some policies include features such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and accident forgiveness that can be particularly useful for food delivery drivers.

It's also important to take into account the types of vehicles you plan on driving with Doordash when selecting a policy. Depending on the type of delivery services you provide, you may need to purchase a general liability or specialized commercial vehicle policy in order to ensure full coverage for any potential accidents or damage you may cause while driving for work purposes.

Additionally, make sure to check what kind of discounts are available for Delivery Drivers with each company, as many providers have specialized rates available. While researching policies, take notes on what different companies offer so that you can review them more closely later and decide which one is right for your needs.

Finally, if at any point during your search you have questions or concerns about certain policies or coverage plans it’s always best to contact the provider directly in order to get answers right away rather than waiting until later and potentially risking having an incorrect understanding of your policy details or obligations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Write Off Car Insurance For Doordash?

In general, it is not possible to write off personal car insurance for Doordash. Depending on the specific tax laws in your area, there may be ways to deduct some of the expenses associated with using a vehicle for business purposes. For example, if you are using your car exclusively for Doordash and no other activities, then you may qualify for certain deductions. However, most of the time, these expenses will not include the full cost of car insurance premiums.

Car insurance is one of the many costs associated with owning and operating a vehicle that must be taken into account when considering how to manage expenses. In many cases, businesses use vehicles as part of their operations, and this means that they must insure their vehicles properly to protect against financial losses in case of an accident or other unexpected event. When it comes to Doordash specifically, however, there is no provision within the company's policies and procedures that allows drivers to write off their car insurance premiums as an expense or deduction.

That being said, some states do offer various deductions or credits that may reduce a driver's overall tax burden related to automobile ownership costs such as car insurance premiums. These types of deductions can help offset some of the expenses associated with using a vehicle for business purposes including delivery services like Doordash. It is important to note though that specific eligibility criteria varies by state so drivers should check with their local tax authority to determine which deductions and credits they may qualify for in order to maximize any potential savings from their vehicle-related expenses.

Does Doordash Check Insurance?

No, unlike Uber or Lyft, DoorDash does not check your courier vehicle insurance, but it is required that you maintain it as an independent contractor. The exact amount and type of insurance coverage depends on the laws of the state in which you are operating, but typically includes auto insurance. If you do not have insurance or fail to maintain the necessary coverage, DoorDash's policy may not apply, leaving you unprotected if an accident occurs while on a delivery. It is therefore important for any independent contractor working for DoorDash to understand their state's requirements for insurance coverage and ensure they have adequate protection.

Not only will having proper rideshare coverage protect you against potential losses, but it could also be beneficial should an accident occur and require legal action. Having a comprehensive policy in place will help protect your financial interests while delivering for DoorDash.

Get The Right Insurance Coverage!

DoorDash offers insurance for drivers, but it only covers certain types of accidents. If you're looking to be fully covered while driving for DoorDash, you'll need to purchase your own insurance policy. Now that you know everything about DoorDash insurance, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for you.

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