Wonolo Review: Is The On Demand Staffing App Legit and Worthwhile?

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In this digital era everything is handy. Want to go somewhere, but the city is new to you? Book a cab from a rideshare app on your smartphone.

Hungry? But no time to cook?

Order your favorite dish from the nearby restaurant using that food delivery app on your mobile.

Need a job or a temporary job? Or looking for qualified and eligible candidates for your business?

You have an app for that also. All you need is a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet with a good internet connection.

According to the US Staffing Industry forecast, the US staffing revenue will grow by 16% this year to a record total of $157.4 billion.

Apps like Wonolo have simple features and tools that make the searching process easy for workers and business.

In this guide you will learn everything about Wonolo and how the company is different from temporary staffing agencies.

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What Is Wonolo And How Does it Work?

For workers and job providers who wish for a faster and affordable way for their staffing needs, odd job apps like Taskrabbit are a blessing. This amazing worker pool is growing at a lightning-fast speed. Their staffing model is simple and transparent due to which the customers consistently give high ratings to this app. When you face any difficulty, the friendly Wonolo customer service is always there to support you.

The team of the staffing app understands the barriers in the market that prevent job seekers and recruiters from getting a good opportunity. Companies want quality workers, and workers want reliable companies. Wonolo, which stands for “Work Now Locally,” provides a platform for both parties and helps the talent reach its goal.

When you get access to the Wonolo app iOS, android or wonolo.com, it means you have found a strong bridge between your ability and growth. People from diverse backgrounds can reach them and choose works and workers for their respective domains.

Open the app, pick the jobs and if you want to try new things or switch to another work, then the app has a variety of jobs for you. The applicant can find steady flexible work and choose part time daily or hourly jobs.

wonolo app

Is Wonolo Legit?

I can tell you right off the bat that Wonolo is a legitimate and reliable on-demand staffing platform.

The company is a U.S. based entity with office locations in San Francisco. There is no Wonolo scam. When you provide services with this platform, you can count on receiving the pay you're promised.

What Is The Payment Module At Wonolo?

An obvious question: how do you get paid for jobs worked on Wonolo? Or Does Wonolo pay daily? Or how does Wonolo pay? You will get what you deserve. There is transparency in transactions. They value your hard work and respect your expectations. Therefore you will not be disappointed with the amount of money and quality of work. Now it may be clear to you, how often does wonolo pay?

The payments or your Wonolo salary is paid via the app. You have a choice to get paid directly into the bank account. Very similar to Uber instant pay, workers can also receive their earnings in their bank account via their Visa or Mastercard debit card thanks to the Stripe payment gateway.

Usually, the Wonolo workers get the payment according to shifts. They receive the payment within 1-5 business days after completing the job. In exceptional cases, it can take longer.

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Is There Any Commission And Fees?

Unlike Uber that charges partners 25% fee on all fares. The service fee on the platform is paid by the client.

A business or individual (called Requestor) has to pay a 45% service fee for engaging a Wonoloer as an independent contractor. The fee is applicable after you approve of the job. They will charge fees and collect payments for every service engagement. You need to provide accurate billing and contact information.

Here is an example of how direct hiring fee works:

  1. You post a job a $100
  2. $100 will go to the gig worker at the end of the job
  3. The total amount of your invoice will be $145 ($100 pay to the contractor plus $45 Wonolo service fee)

This fee has to be paid on the same schedule as the payment of other invoices to Wonolo.

If you face any difficulty regarding it, you can check the Wonolo help center.

Requirements To Join the On-Demand Staffing App

The Wonolo onboarding process includes a background check. The drug test is not required. However, if you operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs your account may be deactivated.

Basically, the online staffing platform performs screenings of all the applicants. Here is a complete list of the requirements you need to work on the Wonolo platform:

  1. Be 18 years old or older
  2. Have a Social Security Number
  3. Pass a background check
    • No felony in the past 7 years
    • You are not in a US watch list
  4. You are authorized to work in the U.S

Once you are approved, you may join and accept a temp staffing job. If you use your car do not forget to track your miles.

To save gas money, we suggest you consult our guide to GetUpside and learn how to find cheap gas.

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Any Terms & Conditions Of the Wonolo App That Stand Out?

When you sign up to become a staff member, you agree to put your best efforts and follow all their terms and conditions. They include meeting the requirements of service.

They expect you to understand what you have to deliver within the requested time. You should be able to reach the customer location if required. In case you fail to deliver the service as per the customer requirement and specifications, it will result in non-Payment. In such breaches, payment of any additional fee will be your sole responsibility.

Another important term is that you cannot receive, sell, or operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For more information, you can check the Wonolo customer support page.

If you fail to show up for a job or withdraw from it within the 12 hours notice, then Wolono may limit your chances for future work opportunities. So make sure you maintain a clean image and keep them updated about any changes.

They even have the provision to control the workplace. The frontline or the Payroll company cannot control the workplace where a Payroll employee is performing services for the customers.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available In Wonolo?

After you get access to accept jobs on the platform, you can work anywhere you want. You will get the jobs as long as you meet the requirements. From Warehouse operations to general labor, there is a wide range of jobs that the app offers.

If you are looking for a delivery driver service in alternative to DoorDash or UberEats, then the app is the right platform. For event staffing, washing & cleaning, administrative, and merchandising… There are a lot of employment opportunities.

Wonolo Careers

Working as a Wonoloer isn’t the only job opportunity available.

The company has job openings in the following departments:

  • Engineering and product
  • Market Strategy and Planning
  • Market Supply
  • Analytics

You can check out the Wonolo Career page to get job information for all the current openings.

Where is Wonolo Available

For now, the staff service is rapidly growing across the U.S. It is currently available in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburg
  • Raleigh / Durham
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • Tampa Bay

What Do The Users Think About Wonolo

There are lots of positive Wonolo Reviews. When you go through Wonolo glassdoor reviews, you will find most of them are satisfied with the services of the app. From Wonolo LinkedIn to Wonolo Indeed, you will find many opinions regarding their services and support.

The clients and employers are both satisfied with the quality of work and transparency. Since the workers usually get paid at the right time, there is no such conflicting complaint regarding that.

For any critical comment, the support team goes through their issues and tries to resolve it if the fault is from their side. They are understanding and quick to respond.

wonolo reviews

What Makes Wonolo Stand Out From Others?

Since the on-demand staffing app does not provide performance assessment for Wonoloers, it is becoming one the first choice of gig workers.

  1. They offer the facility to the requestor to set the rate.
  2. Nobody will be there to dictate you the time of performance.
  3. Wonolo Contact number is always there to support in any confusion.
  4. You have the choice to control your work schedule and get experience for different jobs and skills.
  5. You get income without delay and fraud.
  6. In case when you cannot take the job longer, you can immediately withdraw from the job in the app.

Wonolo Reviews: How to find jobs NOW!

How does Wonolo work? What to expect? The Wonolo app offers job opportunities in staffing, delivery and more... take a look at our complete review and learn how to find jobs NOW.

What Is The Wonolo Policy Regarding Taxes?

Very similar to Lyft and Uber taxes, filing all tax returns is your responsibility. You have to follow all the laws regarding the payment of taxes like income tax or social security and other contributions.

According to the guidelines, the Gigworkers get the 1099 and all the tax documents by the end of January following the year of their work.

What To Do If There Is Any Problem While Working With Wonolo?

This is the only disadvantage of the app which must be considered. It is impossible to find a Wonolo Contact number.Wonolo does not have a phone number, and the Wonolo customer support phone number doesn’t exist. If you are having a problem with Wonolo login or pay, you cannot call on the phone number for Wonolo or the app customer service number.

The only way to get in contact with the Wonolo support is to contact them through this support form .

Wonolo Referral Code

If you want to control when and where you have to work, then install the app and click on Wonolo signup. You can earn more with referral rewards. You can use this referral code: ELEONORA2 to sign up and get $25!

Start Working With Wonolo Today with Wonolo Referral Program and Attain Higher Success.

Now you know everything you have to know about the on-demand staffing marketplace. Once you start working with it, you will be able to count its benefits on your fingers when someone asks what's Wonolo?

Even if you don’t have an impressive resume, you can apply for a flexible and fulfilling job, and with each successful work, you will get a talent added to your CV.

App jobs like wonolo are a great time and money saver for the needy. When you search for Wonolo company or wonolo job reviews, you will get plenty of links and pages regarding information and feedback.

Getting a job is not tough, but getting the right employer and the right workers are challenging. It is a great loss for any business and contractor when the workers leave the job in mid or are involved in theft or fraud. Getting workers through a platform like the on-demand staffing app ensures that they will work with sincerity and commitment. The applicants have to pass through the background verification process.

You can keep yourself updated about the job opportunities through Wonolo news. These days you can find a lot of companies offering similar services. These Wonolo similar sites are working hard to reach their level, but the work opportunity with temporary jobs app for a variety of industries is making it successful with each payment to a hard-working individual.

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