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Lime is a global leader in the realm of sustainable and smart mobility. With a presence in 100 cities throughout the world. Companies like Bird and Lime make transportation easy, accessible, and affordable for one and all. It delivers electric bikes, scooters, normal pedal bikes, and even cars on a rental basis.

Lime supports the idea of freedom to roam and travel the city in a sustainable manner. The gig economy app has also generated employment options for people wanting to go for a side hustle. The job of being a lime charger or juicer has helped many individuals to earn handsomely.

Keep reading to learn more about the role of a Lime Juicer and how you can pick up limes and make money.

About Lime Scooters

The company was started by Brad Bao and Toby Sun in January 2017. The first place where Lime operated was the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It began with merely 125 bicycles.

By July 2017, Lime became Seattle’s second bike-share operator. It managed to attract more than 150,000 customers by October 2017. The popularity of the company’s concept and service kept on increasing.

“LinkedIn recognized Lime as one of the top start-ups for 2019”

This leading transportation brand operates various types of electric bikes, electric scooters, pedal bikes, and even car-sharing networks. It has now made its presence in a number of cities throughout the world.

How does the app work?

Customers need to download the Lime mobile application on their smartphones to access their services. The available vehicles within a certain radius are detected by the app through the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The details regarding the payment get displayed to the user before starting any trip. After that, the user can simply scan the QR code present on the bike to start off with the journey. Linking of the credit card to the mobile application helps in paying for the services hassle-free.

After using the vehicle, the user parks it at an appropriate location. The trip can be ended through the app immediately. For review, the app also asks the user to click a picture of the parked bike, scooter, or car. It helps the company to ensure whether the vehicle has been parked correctly.

The best feature of the app is that customers can get help anytime they face any issue with the services. For example, getting a malfunctioned vehicle can be reported and sorted through the Lime app. Lime utilizes vehicles of various types.

Lime-S includes all sorts of electric scooters. There are nearly 120,000 scooters with the company, which can be run at a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. They have a range for distances from 20km to 40km. We suggest you consult our complete guide to Lime Scooters.

All of these vehicles possess GPS features and have 3G connectivity. The Lime-E collection consists of electric bikes. It is a bike assisted through pedals. So, it is for people who love to travel and exercise simultaneously. The range of these e-bikes is from 80km to 100km. They too have a network of GPS and 3G connectivity. Installed with a solar panel, a smart lock, and a front basket, these bikes reflect smart mobility. It supports the idea of sustainable earth fantastically.

Lime has also introduced the Lime-B class of vehicles. These are normal pedal bikes that do not use electricity. It contains 8 gears along with a GPS system and 3G connectivity. The LimePod initiative of the brand brought cars into their vehicle sharing business. Fiat 500 cars are used for this service.

What is a Lime Juicer?

A 1099 independent contractor who takes the job of charging Lime scooters is referred to as a Lime Juicer. A scooter charging job consist on:

  • Find scooters
  • Pick up scooters
  • Charge them.

A customer pays $1 to unlock a scooter and gets charged in some cents per mile subsequently. Hence, some amount of this goes to the company, and the remaining is earned by Lime Juicers to pick up and cherge scooters.

Juicing is an amazing side-business for people looking for extra cash. Juicers earn according to the number of scooters they are able to charge in a single day. Lime juicers just have to log in from the app and reach out to uncharged scooters. They are required to collect the scooters and charge them at their homes.

Lime compensates juicers for using electricity at their homes. After fully charging the batteries of the scooters, juicers are supposed to release them at suitable locations.

During the covid-19 pandemic Lime and Bird scooters chargers have to do a deep clean every time they are collected for charging.

Finally, if you are looking for other Lime jobs opportunities take a look at the Lime website.

Work of Lime Juicers

Very similar to bird chargers, Lime Juicers are simply contractors who work independently. They must have a vehicle that is enough to carry lime scooters in them. Obviously, they also need to have enough charging outlets to carry out the operation. Yes, it is that easy to become a Lime Juicer.

Lime scooters have a display installed on them that indicates the amount of battery life and conveys it through the Lime app. This way, juicers can easily locate scooters that need to get charged. They reach out to the desired vehicles and carry them home in their trucks, SUVs, vans, etc.

Now, the time of getting fully charged depends on the battery life prior to charging. It takes around 5 to 7 hours for a low battery scooter to get charged enough for usage. Ideally, juicers wake up early in the morning, before traffic, to drop the scooters at appropriate places. It’s an easy business for people who do not mind waking up early.

Requirements to be a Lime Juicer

The job of a lime juicer is extremely simple. Hence, there are only a few basic requirement checks that require to be fulfilled.

Read the following points to get an idea of the checklist.

  • Must be 18 years or above in age.
  • Must own or rent a big vehicle such as an SUV, a truck, a van, or even a large sedan to transport lime scooters.
  • Have a valid driving license is crucial for being qualified as a lime juicer.
  • Have a smartphone for the Lime juicer app
  • Data plan is required

A lot of people sign up for the role of a lime juicer each day. It is an extremely lucrative side gig for people trying to save more. Many students save up for their education through juicing since it does not require specialized skills.

The best part about being a lime juicer is that there is no interaction with employees or customers. It does not even require communication skills to deal with people. It is just like getting paid for doing a mundane task like charging a device’s battery.

Lime Scooter Juicer | The Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know about Lime Scooter Juicer, including: what is a lime juicer, become a lime juicer, lime juicer application process (step by step tutorial), lime juicer referral code

Become a Lime Juicer | Step by Step Tutorial

There are two ways to become a Lime Juicer. You can sign up to be a lime charger and use a Lime promo code to get added benefits. Using a Lime scooter promo code will get you free ride credit.

Secondly, you can sign up to be a lime charger via the Lime website.

After reading the simple instructions below, sign up for Lime Juicer and create your Juicer account. Fill up the form with some information including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Country

You should note that in case if there is no immediate requirement of Juicers in your area, you will see the below screen and you will be on a waiting list based on the number of people signing up to be a lime juicer. The company will get in touch with you if a spot opens and you're next in waiting list.

become a lime juicer

Complete the Basic Requirements Form

At this point you need to provide some basic information including:

  • If you have or no a bank account
  • What type of phone do you have
  • Your ZIP Code
  • Your date of birth
juicer requirements form

Complete and upload some required documents

juicer upload documents form

The last two steps of becoming a Juicer are:

  1. Complete a online course where you will receive information about the Lime Juicer Job
  2. Sign the Juicer Agreement

Summarizing: The ‘Become a Juicer’ icon guides the person to add the required details. One needs to provide information about his or her age, a vehicle owned, bank account details (for payments). The company then carries forward the process by contacting the person on their mobile phone. It takes a few days to get approved as a Lime Juicer.

How does a Lime Juicer get paid?

Lime pays to juicers on a weekly basis. However, the transfer of payments may vary on the basis of the country, bank processing time, presence of intermediate financial institutions, etc. All money transfers operate on the Lime Juicer Pay Portal offered by the company.

The juicer gets to see all the earnings and pending transactions. Lime sends an email when you receive payment. A link is provided in the email for account activation. The process of transferring the funds begins after this. The juicer is required to fill the bank account details correctly. A password must be set to secure all the payments.

Issues with lime referral code

If you're having issues with finding valid referral codes for chargers, you are not alone. After lime suspended the referral program for juicers, many people are having issues finding valid referral code. Even if you find a working code, lime doesn't support redeeming of referral codes anymore.

How to make money as Lime Juicer?

On average, you can expect getting paid $5 for charging a single scooter. However, this value can change according to location, availability, and demand. The highest you can expect is $20 per charge. So, if you carry 10 scooters to your home for charging, you can earn anywhere between $50 to $200 in a single day. The pay per charging gets hiked during the weekend.

Your income as a Limebike juicer depends on the pickup plan. Picking up three charges of $20 is riskier as compared to ten charges of $10. Hence, payment through juicing is highly dependable on your pickup plan.

Bonus and incentives for a Lime Juicer

Using a Lime invite code and signing up for a bonus helps a Lime juicer to earn more money. It is Lime’s way of encouraging the Juicers to work harder. One can expect a bonus of $150 on completing charge of 30 scooters in two weeks. This bonus helps in buying more chargers and earning profits in the business.

One Lime charger has the capacity to charge three scooters in a go. Typically, on freshly signing up, Lime provides a single charger to the juicer. On having a good experience, a juicer is provided with ten chargers. Through them, a juicer is able to triple the amount of his or her earnings. The more the chargers, the more is the payment. Hence, one must try getting as many Lime chargers as possible.

How to make money with lime scooter

Lime also provides more money for collecting scooters that are otherwise hard to locate. Some scooters are marked with gold and more dollars in the mobile application. Aiming for those can easily double the number of your earnings. Apart from charging scooters and collecting them, you can also earn money by becoming a scooter mechanic or you can go for a full-time job as an operations specialist with lime.

Tips & Strategies to earn as a Lime Juicer

Many techniques can increase your bank balance through juicing smartly. A Lime Juicer needs to be aware of such tips and strategies.

To begin, maintenance brings profits to Lime Juicers. Many scooters are in need of fixing an issue. While the juicer can always report such problems, collecting a damaged scooter, fixing it, and charging it can bring a few bucks extra. Fixing even a single scooter per day can double the amount of payment in no time.

Another great strategy for making more profits is to change the order of charging the scooters. It is advisable to charge the scooters, which require less charging first. This way they get charged faster. The scooters which would take 5 to 7 hours, can be left charging while sleeping. In the morning, all scooters would be charged fully hassle-free.

It is crucial to realize that a lime juicer would be utilizing his or her own gas to collect scooters. So it would be highly unprofitable if the juicer travels large distances to pick up only a few scooters.

On the other hand, aiming for collecting the maximum number of scooters within a decent range would engender the highest profits. Moreover, it is better to focus on areas that get the maximum number of users. These locations would have the maximum scooters and the demand would also be more.

The profits via juicing also depend on the way the juicer invests money. If one uses promotional codes to buy free chargers and invests the earned money into new chargers, he or she is bound to earn more.

Lime Careers

Charging scooters for Lime is not the only job opportunity. The company has job openings in the following departments:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Logistics

You can check out the Lime Career page to get job information for all the current openings.

Get paid to pick up and return scooters

Lime, has made its impact on many towns and cities throughout the United States. A tech-savvy person gets an amazing opportunity to start a side business. It makes you your own boss. Juicing does not require any dealing with customers or employees of the company. It is only through the Lime app, a juicer connects to the company and earns money. A Lime juicer can decide the number of scooters that will be charged by him or her each day. Nobody can question the number of leaves taken, or the number of scooters charged. What you work gets smoothly transferred into cash. With no specialized knowledge required, Lime Juicing is a great source of income for anyone and everyone.

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