Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive - The Rideshare App for Children

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with logistics when it comes to getting your kids from A to B? Are the seemingly endless carpool lines, after-school competitive clubs and daily battle of traffic wearing on your sanity? If so, then take a deep breath – there is hope! HopSkipDrive is here to help get you and your kids out of stressful rush-hour gridlock. In this definitive guide, we explore why HopSkipDrive has become one of the premier rideshare services for kids, and explain how their cutting edge technology can make life easier for parents who need help with transportation solutions. Plus learn about price estimations and real time tracking that makes doing so worry free!

What is HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive is a driving service for kids that provides safe and reliable transportation for children from 6-17 years old. Founded in 2014 BY Joanna McFarland and Janelle McGlothlin, the company has become one of the leading providers of carpool rides for kids in the United States. HopSkipDrive provides transportation solutions to families and educational institutions who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their children.

The company’s mission is to help parents “make sure their kids get where they need to go safely, so parents can relax.” These caregivers are carefully vetted and trained professionals who undergo background checks, drug testing, and training sessions before being approved by HopSkipDrive to provide rides for children.

The kids transportation service also provides additional services such as “Ride Check-Ins,” wherein parents receive a text message when their child is picked up from school or another location; Tracking Alerts; Escalation Protocols; Professional Drivers; Customer Support 24/7; and an Online Dashboard where you can monitor your child’s rides in real time. Along with all of these features, HopSkipDrive offers an app which helps streamline all aspects of the ride-sharing service.

The app allows customers to schedule pickups, view driver profiles (including photos), track drivers in real time via GPS tracking, pay securely using credit cards or PayPal accounts, set up auto payments for recurring trips, see past trips and review drivers afterwards, access discounts at participating restaurants and other businesses throughout the US, access customer support 24/7 through both email and phone support lines as well as use their messaging feature to communicate with drivers directly about any questions or concerns related to rides.

Overall, HopSkipDrive provides an innovative solution for parents looking for trustworthy transportation options for their children. By offering a secure platform with professional drivers who are verified by the company itself as well as numerous features designed specifically with rider safety in mind like Ride Check-Ins and Tracking Alerts – it's no wonder why this company has become one of America's most popular ride-sharing services for kids over the last few years!

What makes this service even more impressive is its commitment to making sure not only that riders get where they need to go safely but also providing them with an enjoyable experience while doing so - whether it be through providing discounts at participating businesses or allowing riders access to customer support twenty four hours a day seven days a week - HopSkipDrive seeks out ways to make sure that every single ride is safe yet fun!

How Does Hopskpidrive Work?

Download the App To use Hopskipdrive, first download the app from theApple Store , the Google Play Store or the HopSkipDrive Website and register your account. Then, you need to add a valid payment method for payment of services.

Schedule a Ride

Once you have registered your account, you can schedule rides up to 8 hours in advance for your children.

When scheduling a ride, parents choose the date and time of the ride, pick-up and drop-off locations, and other preferences such as car seat requirements or driver gender preference (if desired).

Get Your Ride Confirmation

On the day of the ride, both parents and riders receive text messages confirming the scheduled pickup time and driver information. Parents also receive an email containing all of this information as well as a photo of their child’s driver.

Track Your Child Ride

Prior to the ride starting, parents can track the progress of their driver via GPS tracking in real-time using Hopskipdrive's mobile app or website. When the driver arrives at the pickup location they will call out their name to identify themselves to ensure it is safe for your child to get into their car. During rides parents can view real-time updates on their child's location through GPS tracking until they arrive at their destination safely.

After each ride is completed, customers will be sent an email with trip details including duration of travel time, distance traveled and total cost incurred. All payments are processed securely via credit card or PayPal for added convenience and security so you never have to worry about bringing cash when picking up or dropping off your child from school or activities again!

Where is HopSkipDrive Available?

HopskipDrive headquarters is in Los Angeles. Actual coverage area where you can use all the services include:

  • Arlington -VA
  • Bay Area -CA
  • Boulder -CO
  • Colorado Spring -CO
  • Denver -CO
  • Houston -TX
  • Los Angeles -CA
  • Peninsula -CA
  • Phoenix -AZ
  • Riverside -CA
  • San Jose -CA
  • San Francisco -CA
  • Santa Clarita -CA
  • San Diego -CA
  • San Bernardino-CA
  • Sonoma
  • Washington DC

Hopskipdrive, like all ridesharing companies, is rapidly expanding. You can check their website to see if new coverage areas have been added.

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Overview of HopSkipDrive Services

Hop Skip Drive has a variety of ride modes to fit your family needs.

Rides for kids

While some parents continue to create Uber or Lyft accounts for their children's rides, the rules are pretty clear. A passenger must be 18 to sign up for a Lyft or Uber account. In their Lyft, Uber minor policy, the companies encourages drivers to call their critical response line to report underage riders. Uber and Lyft account holders who let riding unaccompanied minors risk losing their accounts.

Kids need to get around, even if their parents are at work or otherwise occupied. How to cope with the necessity to get around your kids even when you are working or you cannot do it? Fortunately there is an alternative: rideshare companies for Kids.

Today kids, even if they do not have the age to take Uber, can use ride services like HopSkipDrive. It provides kids rides, after school pick up services...and the minimum passenger age is six years old.

Rides for Senior

With the car ride service, you can organize rides in advance for older adults who do not own digital devices and need a transportation service. If your healthcare provider does not partner with Uber Health, you can book a ride on demand or for a future medical appointment. All the drivers provide excellent senior care.

You can take a look at our detailed guide on Lyft rides types. We made a case study and compared the different ride options for the principals rideshare company: Lyft and Uber. In certain big markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco....

Uber App has a similar ride option called ASSIST. With Uber Assist you can book a ride with special assistance from certified drivers. Lyft does not provide a similar ride option. In some markets Lyft passengers may request a vehicle that is specially outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs.

Finally if you are looking for a concierge service for senior, take a look a GoGoGrandParent

Carpool Rides

Are you already Lyft or Uber rider? If not you can make the best deal of your life with our Lyft promo code and Uber promo code. If you are a Lyft or Uber user, you already know what carpool rides are and how Lyft and Uber Apps match passengers going in the same direction.

When you share a ride, you save money and reduce traffic. HopskipDrive Carpool rides are the most affordable rides but they do not work in the same way of Uber Carpool or Lyft Shared. You need to know in advance the families you carpool with. With HopSkipDrive Carpool the cost of the ride will be split between families.

School Rides

HopSkipDrive works with school districts across America to ensure that students can easily get from point A to point B without having any worries about getting there safely or wondering how long it will take - thus creating an efficient system that makes transit much easier for everyone involved!

The following are the main services provided with schools:

  • Field trips assistance
  • Transportation for students
  • Personalized care for students
  • Child shuttle service

There are so many reasons why schools choose HopSkipDrive services. The main and non-negligible reasons are cost and security.

Everything You Need to Know about HopSkipDrive

What is HopSkipDrive? Is HopSkipDrive Safe? How Much Does HopSkipDrive Cost? All your questions answered in our detailed guide.

How HopSkipDrive Works to Keep Riders Safe?

Our children are our most precious treasures. Joanna McFarland and Janelle McGlothlin, HopskipDrive's co-founders, are moms. Safety is HopSkipDrive's top priority. HopSkipDrive seeks to ensure that every driver in their company provides safe journeys for the riders.

In their website HopSkipDrive describes the driver certification process. In order to qualify to drive for HopSkipDrive, every driver must have childcare experience and has to pass the 15-point certification process and an in-person interview. The safety points includes:

  1. Worked with children and has at least 5 years of caregiving experience
  2. No criminal record. Potential HopSkipDrive's drivers need to pass an FBI criminal background check
  3. HopSkipDrive drivers are fingerprinted
  4. No sex offender record
  5. Valid driver's license
  6. Pass DMV checks
  7. Age 23 or older
  8. Owns or leases a vehicle not more than 10 years old seating 4-7 passengers
  9. Passes a 19-point vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic
  10. In-person meeting
  11. In-person orientation
  12. Provide a personal auto insurance coverage
  13. Adopts the HopSkipRules
  14. Adopts our zero tolerance policy for smoking, drugs and alcohol while driving
  15. Adopts the zero tolerance policy for illegal mobile device usage while a rider is in the car

Other security precautions make the rides safe and parents can be reassured that the HopskipDrivers are reliable and trustworthy. These precautions include:

  • Multi-factor Rider Verification. HopSkipDrive little passengers often don’t have a smartphone. Hopskipdrive uses a system of secret code words. CareDrivers confirm your child’s code word and birth date at each pick-up.
  • Real-time tracking & notifications. You can follow the ride of your child with HopSkipDrive, in any case you will receive a text message when your child is picked up and dropped off at destination.
  • Driver ratings. The star rating is a scale from 1-3 stars that parents can give to rate the ride experience.

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How Does HopSkipDrive Work?

You are probably already Lyft or Uber rider, I'm sure you will not be surprised.Booking a ride for your children with HopSkipDrive is extremely easy. The big difference between Lyft or Uber is that with HopSkipDrive, you cannot schedule a last-minute ride for your children. You need to book your ride at least 8 hours in advance.

Here for you a summary of all the steps of a HopskipDrive Ride:

  • You pre-scheduled a ride
  • A polite driver arrives on time and drops off your child to his destination
  • Thanks to GPS tracking on the mobile app you can follow the ride in real time
  • You do not have to pay with cash and tip because tipping isn't permitted on HopSkipDrive App. The payment is already taken through the App and you will receive a receipt by email.
  • The safe rides support team is always ready to help you.

If you prefer a handbook guide, you can download our guide to HopskipDrive in PDF format.

How Much Does HopskipDrive Cost?

When it comes to cost, HopSkipDrive fares are more expensive than those offered by Uber and Lyft. This is due in part to the extra layer of safety and security provided by the company. Each driver is background checked before being allowed to offer rides, and each vehicle goes through a rigorous inspection process. In addition, each ride includes two caregivers (one who drives and one who sits in back with the rider). All of these factors contribute to higher costs for HopSkipDrive rides.

The cost of a single family ride on HopSkipDrive depends on a variety of factors including route, time of day, types of rides (carpool or single family ride), etc. To give you an example, in the San Francisco Bay Area the average cost of a rideshare ride for a single family is $1.50/estimated mile + $0.50/actual min + $3.10 Booking Fee - $20 minimum fare. While this may seem like a lot compared to other options available out there, it's important to remember that this price includes two caregivers (one who drives and one who sits in back with the rider) and all the safety features mentioned earlier – making it worth every penny!

If you're looking for an exact fare estimate for your trip then you should use HopSkipDrive's Fare Estimator tool. This tool takes into account all the factors that go into calculating your final bill like distance between pick-up & drop-off points & estimated travel time as well as dynamic pricing based on peak hours & traffic conditions so that you get an accurate quote before requesting your ride!

HopSkipDrive also offers discounts for new users as well as monthly packages which can be used multiple times throughout the month at discounted rates – offering even more savings opportunities! Furthermore they offer transport solutions like round trips & subscriptions which make booking recurring pickups easy & stress-free without having to worry about paying separately each time you book a ride!

Finally, if budget is still an issue then why not consider sharing your rides with other families using carpools? Carpools allow groups of up to 6 people traveling together at once resulting in lower prices per person while also helping reduce traffic congestion – everybody wins!

Overall, when it comes to selecting kid-friendly transportation services like HopSkipDrive – cost should be taken into consideration but shouldn't be your only deciding factor since safety & convenience play huge roles too – especially when dealing with children’s wellbeing! That being said, if you do decide on opting for this convenient service then make sure you take advantage of all their discounts & special offers as well as their Fare Estimator tool so that you can get the best possible deal on every trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopskipdrive Legit?

Hopskipdrive is a legitimate service that strives to provide safe, convenient transportation for families. They are constantly evolving the platform to better meet the needs of customers while continuing to prioritize safety as their top priority. In addition to advanced security measures, they also offer flexible payment options and discounts for frequent riders. With all these advantages combined, it’s no surprise that Hopskipdrive has become such a popular choice among families looking for reliable transportation services.

What is The Hopskipdrive Cancellation Policy?

The HopSkipDrive cancellation policy is designed to be as flexible and customer-friendly as possible. If a customer needs to cancel a ride, they can do so up to 8 hours before the start of the trip with no penalty. If the cancellation is made within 8 hours of the trip’s start time, customers will be charged a 50% of the estimated rate.

Canceling after the driver has arrived will result in a full fare charge. Furthermore, if a customer must cancel within two hours of their scheduled pick-up time due to inclement weather, they may be eligible for a full refund when they contact HopSkipDrive’s Support Team via phone or email. The HopSkipDrive cancellation policy is one of many features that make their ride service stand out from competitors - by offering its customers flexibility and convenience with cancellations and refunds.

Download the HopskipDrive App Now

In conclusion, Hopskipdrive is a safe and reliable rideshare service for kids. They offer many features to keep both kids and parents happy, such as trained drivers, car seats, and flexible scheduling. If you're looking for an alternative to driving your kids around or sending them on the bus, Hopskipdrive is definitely worth considering. And now that you know all about it, don't forget to use our promo code when you sign up!

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