4 Best Ways To Contact HopSkipDrive Customer Service and Get Help

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4 Ways to Get in Touch With HopSkipDrive When You Need Help.

how to contact HopSkipDrive

In a a highly competitive environment, customer service is crucially important. All the ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft or kids ride-haling companies like Zūm and HopSkipDrive, understood that customer service team is the direct connection between the customers and the business. They try to improve the system providing an excellent customer servivce. It is to be considered as the best way to increase the customer retention.

If you had a bad time trying to get in touch or contact HopSkipDrive in a moment of need, we’ve got some tips for you to help you find the best way to contact HopSkipDrive and get help. Here is a complete list of what to do when you are in need of help from HopSkipDrive.


hopskipdrive phone support

Phone Support

hopskipdrive in app support

In-App Support

hopskipdrive email support

Email Support

hopskipdrive vs zum prices and cost

Social Media

1. HopSkipDrive Phone Support

To use the HopSkipDrive App, you will need a smartphone. You can schedule rides through the website, but you can only track your ride’s progress through the mobile app. We truly believe, phone is a tool for facilitating business and conversation. HopSkipDrive has two kind of phone support:

  1. Safe Ride Support Team
  2. Phone Community Support Team

Safe Ride Support Team

Priority to the safety! HopSkipDrive has a Safe Ride Specialist team available at all times that a ride is taking place. If a parent has any concerns or questions during the ride, they can call 844-467-7547 to speak with the Safe Ride Support Team. This is by far the fastest way to contact HopSkipDrive. If you are an HopSkipDrive CareDriver, you can also call the Safe Rides Phone Support. For eample you can call the Phone support if you need help or if you have a minor emergency including:

Be sure to call 911 for all major accidents or in cas of emergency. After that, however, you can contact the Uber support phone number (assuming that doing so doesn’t jeopardize the safety of you, another passenger, or the driver).

Phone Community Support Team

If you do not have any urgent issue you can start by searching answer in our website or in the HopSkipDrive FAQ. If you call the HopSkipDrive Phone support for not serious problems, you could delay help for someone with a real emergency. get help by phone. In any case, you'll be able to reach the support team by phone on weekdays from 5am to 7pm PST.

2. HopSkipDrive In-App Support

HopSkipDrive is invested in helping users find solutions. The quickest way to get help is to use the HopSkipDrive Help Center. HopSkipDrive has a collection of disparate questions-and-answers available to current and prospective HopSkipDrive users and drivers on the help center at help.hopskipdrive.com and within the HopskipDrive app by using the main menu. HopSkipDrive update regularly the FAQ page, as new questions come in, others aren’t asked so often anymore. Feel free to leave feedback on current answers. To access HopSkipDrive’s in-app support, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the HopSkipDrive App
  2. Tap on the menu bar in the top left corner
  3. Tap the menu "Support"
hopskipdrive in app support

How to Use the HopSkipDrive Help Center

The HopSkipDrive Help Center is divided into two parts, one dedicated to families and the other for CareDrivers. Here there is a list of frequently asked questions, followed by categories of information including:

hopskipdrive email contact

3. HopSkipDrive Email Support

While Phone support is often perceived as faster than email-based support, if you didn't find the answers you need in the Help Center, HopSkipDrive has a dedicated email address : [email protected] for all your queries. When contacting HopSkipDrive by email, try to be as precise as possible, and include any related and useful information. The response time is quick. With the email support HopskipDrive deliver high-quality support to customers who needs help.

4. HopSkipDrive Social Media Support: Getting Help on Social Media

hopskipdrive social media support

Every business has a social media presence. Social media platforms are primarly used to grow business. In the meantime, social medias facilitate the sharing of ideas, information, and thoughts.

Contacting HopskipDrive on Social Media

If you’re on a social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can contact HopSkipDrive customer support there. HopSkipDrive’s Facebook page is actually a very helpful tool. “How can I contact HopSkipDrive customer service?” you may be wondering. It’s easy! Send a private message via Facebook Messenger. If you have a Twitter Account, using Twitter you get complaints resolved fast. Twitter is the best tool in the master complainers toolkit. Twitter authorizes only 280 characters, thanks to that your question will be succinct. You will only say exactly what the problem is and why you’re upset about it and you will get answers. Someone monitors the HopSkipDrive's Twitter account from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.


Whether you are a HopSkipDrive users or CareDriver, we hope this article helped you to understand all the ways to contact HopSkipDrive if you need assistance. No mater which option you will choose HopSkipDrive Support will be ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

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