Doordash vs. UberEats | Which one is the Best Food Delivery Service?

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Should you work for DoorDash or UberEats?

doordash vs uber eats

Ever since apps like Uber Eats or Doordash have established their presence, people have started ordering more and more take out. Over 60% of Americans have admitted ordering food through food apps at least once a week. A whopping 80% of people who order food online have admitted that online orders have made their lives easier.

Uber, Doordash are now public companies. In the coming years, the share of online food delivery is set to increase more than ever. According to statistics, the revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is projected to reach US$151,526 m in 2021.

There is no doubt that direct to home delivery of food and snacks has heavily influenced the eating habits of people around the world. In just a few simple swipes, you can get your favorite pizza at your doorstep. What makes app-based orders even better is how the users can order the food sitting at the comfort of their home and avail excellent offers via online food delivery channels.

At its initial stage, ordering take-outs meant calling your local food joint and selecting from their limited menu. But today, we have excellently designed apps that put hundreds of restaurants and food chains on your fingertips. Today, take out is not just about street-side noodles but even gourmet dishes. Five star and luxury restaurants are creating partnership opportunities with online delivery portals.

These apps are extremely user-friendly and have a well-made design interface. You don't have to be tech-savvy to know how to use these apps, and this is one of the reasons why people are so comfortable with ordering online. Everyone from teenagers to senior citizens is using these apps to get their favorite snack within a few minutes.

Food delivery apps have not just made the life of urban office workers convenient, but it has also made life easier for people with disabilities as now they don’t need to make unnecessary trips to the market for getting their meals.

As online food delivery became a lucrative business, more and more competitors entered the market. It can be confusing to select one option over the other. Almost all apps have the same procedure for selecting food, marking addresses, and tracking their order. At the onset, these apps appear very similar to each other. However, if we look closely, then each portal has its own working mechanism in play.

There are many factors that make one food delivery app better over the other one. Some of these factors are delivery time, quality of food packing, options available, the ease of using an app, and discounts or deals. Another significant factor that makes a food delivery app great is the GPS accuracy of its delivery agents. DoorDash is known for its accurate and timely delivery. Their executives never call you multiple times to ask for directions, they always reach on time.

Today, we are going to compare uber eats and doordash. We are going to figure out which app is the best, especially for drivers.


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The Basics

Before starting our analysis of doordash vs. uber eats, let us get an idea about the broad features of these two apps.

DoorDash is a 24 7 delivery app based out of San Francisco, in the United States of America. This company began functioning in 2013, and since then, it has expanded its reach and influence by multiple folds. It was founded by Stanley Tang, Ady Fang, Evan Moore, and Tony Xu. All of them were students at Stanford University when they came up with this idea. The crux of this food delivery brand lies in logistics. The brand uses real-time logistical technology to match food outlets with customers.

UberEats is also based out of San Francisco. It was founded a year later than DoorDash in 2014. Initially, UberEats was released as UberFresh in California by its parent company Uber. Later, it was renamed as UberEats and relaunched in 2015.

Ubereats and Doordash both make use of various means of transporting food. They use bikes, on foot delivery, cars, and bikes to reach their customers. Their apps have food trackers that show estimated delivery time. Both UberEats and Doordash also offer exclusive sign up bonuses to their drivers. You can read more about in our guide to Doordash sign up bonus and UberEats sign up bonus.

Both uber eats and doordash apps are available on iOs as well as Android. They have both expanded their market outside the United States. As of now, UberEats has their operations active in Europe, India, and are quickly establishing their presence in South America and metropolitan Africa.

DoorDash is currently available in the United States, Canada and Australia. If you are new to DoorDash, you can download the app with our promo code to receive a discount on your delivery orders.

The valuation of Uber eats and doordash runs in millions of dollars, and every year, this amount is growing.

Pay And Treatment Of Drivers

ubereats vs doordash driver pay

Getting paid to drive with door dash or uber eats is not that complicated. You must have a clean driving record, driving your car a valid auto insurance is required in addition to few other requirements. We suggest you take a look at our complete guide to Doordash driver requirements and UberEats car requirements.

Similar to Uber Eats with Doordash you set your own schedule and get paid the same day.

A clear sign of what makes a company or brand sincere or valuable is how they treat their employees and the delivery persons. This is why we compared Doordash vs UberEats for drivers.

In recent years we have seen how food delivery brands have raked up profits worth millions of dollars. But while these brands have grown their fortune, their employees didn’t experience the same prosperity. As responsible consumers, we should support brands that not only provide lucrative deals but also pay their employees fair wages.

Delivering is one of our favorite side hustle. Both are apps that pay you to drive, while Doordash or Uber Eats are similar in many ways, one thing that differentiates them is the pay they give to their employees.

Uber Eats Vs Doordash Pay

So, what pays more Uber eats or Doordash? You drive for money! According to many estimates, the average hourly pay of an Uber Eats driver in the US is $12.25, while the average hourly pay of a Doordash delivery driver in the US is $14.07. You can clearly see that there is a difference of around $2 that does add up to quite a good amount over a period of a month, if you compare between Uber eats and Doordash.

To incentivize good performance, DoorDash has a reward point policy for its drivers and delivery agents. This reward point policy has led to increased productivity. Besides, initiatives like this give hardworking workers a chance to earn extra money through doordash delivery fees that they would not have received under normal working conditions. We suggest you consult our guide on how to make more with DoorDash.

While there has been a tipping scandal in the news in recent years, doordash has changed its tipping policy to align with their brand’s image and for drivers’ benefits. Read more about the doordash tipping policy here!

Is ubereats worth it? Many delivery partners who work with UberEats claim that their payment is inconsistent. They also claim that changes in uber eats service fees are modified frequently without the consultation of delivery agents. Recently, drivers working for UberEats protested in London. They were claiming that there was a significant reduction in the delivery rates that impacted their earnings.

According to the protesting drivers, no agreement was discussed between the gig workers and the company about these changes. Unfortunately, this was not the only time employees of UberEats have made their grievances known. There have been consistent protests against this food delivery giant because their employees were not getting fair treatment. These protests have seriously harmed the reputation of UberEats.

In the bid to offer cheap and great offers, big companies cut the wages of their employees or refuse to give them deserving bonuses. This is not just unethical but also falls into the category of fraudulent trade practices. We should support ethical businesses and put our money in brands that treat their workers with the same respect that we aspire to receive.

Doordash vs UberEats | Which one you should drive for?

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Reach and Partnerships

One of the reasons why food delivery apps became so popular that their annual turnout touches millions of dollars is because of their reach. No matter in which part of a town you are situated, your food would reach you within the estimated time. People who lived in far off corners of the city could now get food delivered at their doorstep in one single click.

Another reason for the growth of UberEats or DoorDash is the fact that they had partnered with almost every major and minor food joint and fast food. Thanks to food delivery apps, people are able to order food from popular food joints as well as niche eateries.

For a food delivery company to be successful, the company had to have as many partners as possible. If a food delivery brand can't provide meals from famous joints, then people will not seek their service.

This simple reason is why the comparison of uber eats vs. doordash has also become a comparison of how many partners they have. These delivery services are trying to build not just delivery areas but are also forming exclusive partnerships restaurants.

Many people use Doordash. As of May 2021, DoorDash has spread its business across 4,000 cities. Their store selection is close to 340,000 stores in the USA and Canada. These successful business strides have led to reduced doordash fees.

In August last year, DoorDash revealed that they would be partnering with Mercato, which is an e-commerce portal. This partnership will help DoorDash reach 750 independent stores in close to 22 states of the US.

To make their marketing more attractive and technologically advanced, UberEats in 2019, revealed that they are set to make food deliveries via drones. They also offered a dine-in option in which people could order their meals in advance to save time.

But despite all their innovations, UberEats has faced setbacks. In September last year, they closed their services in Korea. The reason for this discontinuation was the continuous hegemony of Korean companies in the food delivery market. Industry experts see this decision as a failure of UberEats to stand up to the local competition and losing territory.

In January this year, they terminated their partnership with McDonald’s in the UK. And this setback came after UberEats failed to sustain its exclusive hold on McDonald’s delivery rights. McDonald’s is a very popular food chain in both the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Losing contract with McD, as McDonald’s is popularly called, caused major loss to UberEats.

Finances And Management

uber eats vs doordash driver

Both Uber eats and doordash are multi-million dollar companies. However, in recent times DoorDash has been making better business decisions. It appears that UberEats is sustaining losses while DoorDash is strengthening its ground. If you are wondering how much does doordash cost or how much does ubereats cost , then the answer to this question lies in its valuation. At present DoorDash is valued at $28 billion US dollars, while UberEats is valued at $350 Million US dollars.

By simple calculations, DoorDash is valued at a much higher price than UberEats. The success of the former brand is dedicated solely to the vision of its leadership. As of now, DoorDash is the third-largest food delivery service in the world. They have successfully secured close to 700 million US dollars in funds from a number of investors. DoorDash left UberEats behind when it came to food delivery sales in North America and has currently 45% of market share.

Uber, which is the parent company of UberEats, has reportedly suffered a loss of 8.9 billion US dollars last year. Additionally, it also fired 1,000 workers due to a lack of funds. If you are confused about whether you should work for uber eats or doordash, then you should definitely pick the latter option.

Laying off workers is a very serious step that organizations only take when they are knee-deep in financial troubles. Online food delivery is credited with providing employment opportunities to thousands of people around the world. But the financial adversity of big companies like UberEats has radically impacted the livelihood of thousands of people.

These financial troubles have clearly affected the way UberEats serves its customers and delivery drivers. Over the years, there have been complaints about misplaced deliveries or food taking too much time to reach the customers.

Due to their clumsy management, UberEats is being pressured by the regulators to change their employment terms and conditions. Several unconfirmed reports suggest that Uber is not able to work in accordance with new laws that regulate gigs. This law is now active in California, and it prevents UberEats and other subsidiaries of Uber from having drivers as autonomous individuals who control their own work time.

Cheapest food delivery between DoorDash and Uber Eats?

For users, If till now you have been paying additional charges for delivery of food online at your doorstep, then it's time to choose Doordash as your online food delivery partner. While Ubereats charges a booking fee of $4.99 on delivery. Doordash gives user discounts to every new customer on delivery, making delivery charges just 99 cents. So make sure that next time whenever you wish to order food online, rely on Doordash and avail great discounts and offers.

Which is Better: Doordash or UberEats?

To conclude, we can say that doordash, compared to ubereats, is a better option for both drivers looking to sign up for one of the best companies to drive for, as well as for users looking for cheapest food delivery options in the US. DoorDash is more reliable, ethical, and financially stable than UberEats.

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