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does dunkin deliver

Dunkin Donuts is an American restaurant chain founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts by William Rosenberg.

It specializes in the sale of coffee and donuts. Dunkin' Donuts can be considered one of the largest coffee and baked goods chains in the world.

The coffee chain is available in more than 12,000 locations and 42 countries around the world, with more than 13,137 points of sale.

Dunkin’ Donuts earned a place in the top ranking QSR chains in the United States in terms of number of units.

If you're looking to place a Dunkin order online and get your coffee or all your breakfast delivered to you without having to physically go to the store, good news: there is a way to order Dunkin Donuts online and get it right to your doorstep, wherever you are.

So, does Dunkin deliver?

While each store looks and smells the same, they're all independently owned franchises. They do not have their fleet of delivery drives.

However, they partner with third party food delivery apps.

With this guide you will learn how Dunkin Donuts delivery works.

What are the apps that deliver Dunkin Donuts, their menu and the delivery fees.

There are different options to get your order delivered, leaving you more freedom in choosing what delivery service you opt for next time you order from Dunkin.

Dunkin Donuts App

The company had rolled out a Dunkin app. The app is free to use and available to download on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The app has a lot of features but does not allow you to order for delivery.

Find below the main perks of the Dunkin app:

Mobile Order Ahead

It is mainly used for mobile pre-order. Customers using the app can skip the line (most of the time) in store by placing their favorite order from the most convenient location whether that is at home or on the way to work.

Using the dunkin donuts application is an easy way to order in advance and pickup in store without any face-to-face interaction.

Customize Your Order

If you are used to ordering your own customized drink from the menu, the mobile app allows you to do so as well, with a feature that lets you modify the size, flavor and sweetener, dairy or non-dairy alternative, etc.

There are different flavor options between flavor shots and flavor swirls. Using the app you can choose between hazelnut flavor shot, blueberry flavor shot. Other classic flavor shot options include vanilla, toasted almond, raspberry and coconut, while the classic flavor swirl varieties include caramel, French vanilla, hazelnut and Mocha.

The customization is not limited to drinks. You can also customize your breakfast sandwiches according to your preference by choosing the type of cheese, bread, and egg used.

Pay and Get Rewarded

Paying for your online order is simple. You can pay through the app using a debit or credit card or redeem a Dunkin’ gift card.

If you’d rather not use your card, you can also use a number of online payment services to pay for your Dunkin mobile order, such as Google Pay or PayPal.

Once you download the Dunkin’ App, do not forget to sign up and join the DD Perks. With the loyalty program members can earn five points per dollar toward a free beverage no matter how you pay. Points are also earned when you pay cash (in-store).

When you pay in-person do not forget to scan your DD Perks loyalty barcode located in the app, and then complete the purchase.

But how to get Dunkin delivered?

Digital delivery services are pivoting their offerings available to shoppers to meet surging demand.

Today you can get anything delivered. Dunkin has partnered with four of the third-party delivery service providers: Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats -- and now offers delivery from almost 9,000 U.S. locations.


DoorDash is a delivery service where DoorDash drivers , also called Dashers, pick up the order for you and then deliver them to your door.

DoorDash offers contactless delivery. Depending on your location, you can get delivery in as little as one hour from a variety of restaurants in your area like Chick-Fil-A, Panera, Little Caesars , Wingstop, McDonalds and more.

Using the DoorDash platform you can place an order whenever the store is open. Some restaurants are even open 24/7.

DoorDash also delivers groceries and household items from major retailers and from DashMart stores. Doordash and Dunkin have partnered together.

If you are new to Doordash, create your DoorDash account. You can take advantage of the new user promo (terms apply) and get free delivery.

You can order your favorite cold brew coffee straight from the app (available on iOS and Android) or directly from the website.

Whether you are in New York City or in Las Vegas, your order hot or cold will stay at the right temperature. Indeed all the Dunkin restaurants package items to maintain temperature and freshness.

Additionally, Dashers are required to use an insulated bag and take care that every order arrives at the correct temperature to the customer.

DoorDash is a cashless app. You have to enter a valid payment method to be able to pass your order.


The Dunkin Donuts Doordash Menu include the following items:

  • Freshly Made Sandwiches Menu
  • Donuts & Bakery Menu
  • Hot Beverages Menu
  • Cold Beverages Menu
  • Frozen Beverages Menu

Delivery Fee

Doordash applies fees to every delivery order.

If you are looking for ways to save delivery costs, you can subscribe to the Doordash membership. The subscription is optional but you will get unlimited free delivery for $9.99 a month.

You can also use the take out option that will allow you to pay the order online and pick it up in store.


Available in over 4,000 cities of the United States. Grubhub is a food only delivery service that lets you order from local restaurants. Depending on where you live you can get delivery from more than 300,000 local restaurants.

You'll also find options like Olive Garden and Popeyes.

So, does Dunkin Donuts do Grunhub delivery?

You can get Dunkin Donuts delivery on Grubhub. Your order will be delivered by a Grubhub driver as quickly as one hour.

The great advantage of using Grubhub is that for any kind of delivery issue you will be able to reach the customer support and get help.


The menu items vary from store to store. Use the store locator to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts that offer Grubhub delivery and browse the menu.

Delivery Fee

In order to take advantage and get free delivery, you need to be a GH+ member. You'll get access to tons of perks and discounts using the digital platform.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the fastest growing on demand delivery businesses. The delivery division is now bigger than its original and core ride-hailing division.

Delivery is now a part of our life. During the past two years Uber Eats helped merchants boost their sales.

Restaurants on the Uber Eats platform include: Canes, Subway and other local restaurants.

You can get a Dunkin delivery through Uber Eats.

Using the Uber platform is really easy. It is like buying the best donuts at Dunkin but online.

The app works very similar to DoorDash and does not require you to sign up for a membership. Uber has a somewhat wide coverage area versus the other food delivery services.

Like Doordash, you get an Uber Eats driver who will pick up the order from the Dunkin stores.

With so much demand for food delivery services right now and a driver shortage, Uber is experiencing delays in deliveries.


Menus offer vary depending on your location. Menu items available for deliveries include:

  • Espresso: Latte, Iced Latte, Cappuccino
  • Iced Drinks: Iced Coffee, Iced Chai Latte
  • Dunkin' Refreshers
  • Hot Drinks
  • Frozen Drinks
  • Sandwiches & Wraps
  • Donuts & Bakery: Donuts, Assorted 6 Donuts, Assorted 12 Donuts
  • Bottled Drinks
  • Brew at Home

Delivery Fee

You may have heard of Uber food delivery before, but the company recently launched a new membership option called Uber One . When you sign up for the membership, you'll avoid the delivery fee on all of your orders from eligible restaurants including Dunkin Donuts.

You can get glazed donuts through Uber delivery service, from frozen coffee to caramel swirl. If you live near one of the participating Dunkin stores, there's also the option to use the pickup option (which is free of charge).

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Through the Postmates platform you can order food, groceries and even alcohol.

Uber bought Postmates in 2020 and dismantled the Fleet delivery platform. If you place an order using the Postmates app an Uber driver will deliver it to you.

So, does Postmates deliver Dunkin Donuts? Yes. You can get a Dunkin delivery using the Postmates platform.


On the Postmates app you will find a wide choice of baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and coffee drinks to your order. Since Postmates is one of the Uber'subsidiaires, the Postmates Dunkin's menu is the same you will find on the Uber Eats app


The Postmates delivery fee ranges between $0.99 and $9.99. Take a look at our guide to Postmates to learn more.

Alternative to Dunkin Delivery

As you may know, not everything always goes our way or the way we want it to go. You may encounter a challenge or a disruption that limits you from getting Dunkin delivery. However, do not be discouraged, there are many other options that will allow you to get your desired order. You may embark on your car and go through the Dunkin Drive Thru or you may just stay home and try your own Dunkin recipe yourself. Any of these options will still leave you the possibility of getting a real Dunkin experience and savor the good food they offer.

Dunkin Drive Thru

You can order Dunkin Donuts for pickup using third party delivery apps like Doordash or Uber Eats. You can also use the Dunkin Donuts order ahead option available from the Dunkin app.

The app uses location services and will automatically show the closest Dunkin Donuts to you.

However, if you want to pick up your iced coffee on the way home, you can switch it to any location you’d like.

The curbside pickup service is currently available at more than 1,000 locations and counting.

Requesting Contactless Curbside is easy. Place an order through the Dunkin App or website.

Depending on the store the following option may be available:

  • Curbside: When you arrive, park in the designated Curbside parking spot and tap "I'm Here" in the App. Someone will bring the order directly to your car.
  • Drive Thru
  • Walk-in: You have to pick up your order inside

Dunkin Donuts Recipes

Going to a restaurant is much more than just experiencing the food, many memories arise from the moments where everyone is reunited around the table. Even more memories can now be recreated from home, thanks to the large variety of recipes that are exactly like the food you expect to eat in a restaurant that you can now find online, including those of Dunkin Donuts. These copycat recipes can be found anywhere on the internet and on many platforms, including Pinterest.

Commun Dunkin Donuts recipes you can find online include:

  • Iced coffee recipe
  • Hash browns recipe
  • Chocolate glazed donut recipe

Order Dunkin Donuts Delivery Is Easy!

Whether you cannot go to the store or you prefer to avoid the risk of exposure to coronavirus, there are plenty of delivery services that will help you get a Dunkin Donuts delivery. With so many apps, sometimes it is difficult to find the right delivery service for your needs.

At BestReferralDriver we like Doordash. They promote weekly sales and you can also get coupons and deals (including buy-one-get-one-free) if you’re looking to save on your next Dunkin Donuts order online.

If you are a savvy person, the Dunkin app will help you find a Dunkin drive thru near you and avoid lines. Using the app on a regular basis you will accumulate rewards and get free coffee.

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