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Food delivery and ride-hailing services have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the most well-known companies in this space is DoorDash.

DoorDash is a food delivery service that partners with restaurants to deliver meals to customers' homes or workplaces. The company is available in over 600 cities across the United States and Canada.

Over the years, DoorDash has faced its fair share of criticism. One of the main issues that people have with the company is its tipping policy.

DoorDash has been accused of changing its tipping policy in a way that benefits the company and hurts workers. In 2019, DoorDash changed its policy after an outcry from the Dashers (DoorDash drivers) and customers.

Therefore, it's essential for customers to know how much to tip their DoorDash delivery driver. Plus, you should know how to tip the delivery drivers. In this article, you'll learn all about DoorDash tips and why customer tips matter for a DoorDash driver.

Do You Tip DoorDash?

DoorDash's previous tipping policy garnered criticism from both customers and drivers. The old policy allowed customers to tip after they received their order, and the food delivery platform kept 100% of tips if the order was less than $10.

The policy led to many people not tipping or only giving a small amount since they knew that the company would keep most of it anyway.

DoorDash's new policy, which was implemented in 2019, is much different. Now, customers are able to add a tip when they place their order.

The company also no longer keeps any of the tips for orders. This change has led to many people tipping their DoorDash driver more often.

So, ​​ do you have to tip Doordash? Considering this, it's best if you tip DoorDash delivery drivers since the importance of gratuity in the gig economy has been the talk of the town lately. More importantly, tips are a way of showing delivery workers that you're grateful for their service.

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Why Should You Tip Your DoorDash Delivery Drivers?

The DoorDash driver only makes a few dollars per hour before tips since the hourly rate is relatively low. This low hourly wage is one of the reasons why you should tip your DoorDash delivery driver. The extra money can make a big difference for them.

Plus, keep in mind that DoorDash drivers have to pay for their own gas and vehicle maintenance. In some cases, they may even have to pay for parking. All of these costs can add up quickly, so it's essential to leave a tip.

Another reason to tip your DoorDash driver is that the job is not always easy. They have to deal with traffic, bad weather, and sometimes uncooperative customers.

Moreover, the cost of living is quite high in some cities, such as San Francisco and New York. It means that DoorDash drivers in these areas have to work even harder to make ends meet.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's clear that tipping your DoorDash delivery driver is the right thing to do.

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how much to tip doordash

How Much to Tip DoorDash Drivers

While everyone knows how much to tip at restaurants, the situation becomes more complicated with independent contractors. So, how much to tip Doordash? Here are some important things you should know.

The amount you tip your DoorDash driver should be based on the quality of service you received. If the driver went above and beyond, such as delivering your food in a timely manner or keeping your food hot with the insulated bag , then you should leave a 20% tip.

However, if the driver simply delivered your food without any issues, then a 10-15% tip is appropriate.

It's important to note that you're not required to tip 20%. You can leave a smaller tip if you'd like. $3 is a good tip for Doordash but keep in mind that DoorDash drivers make very little money per hour.

Suppose the total cost of your food order was $30. In that case, a 20% tip would be $6, while a 15% tip would be $4.50. As you can see, the difference is only a few dollars, so it's best to err on the side of caution and leave a larger tip.

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How Much to Tip Doordash Drivers?

Do you know how much to tip your Doordash driver? Tipping your Doordash driver is a great way to say thank you for a job well done. But how much should you tip? In this video, we'll break it down for...

How to Tip on DoorDash?

It's quite easy to tip delivery drivers on DoorDash. You can add tips on the Checkout page of the app. For example, when you're on the DoorDash app and you enter the details of your order, you will see a section for ''Dasher Tip''.

In this section, you can choose to tip $0, $1, $2, or a custom amount. You can also add a tip after the delivery is made by selecting ''Add Tip Later''. You will add this tip when the app tells you to rate the driver after they have delivered your order.

However, it's always best to add a tip when you place your order since this is the most convenient method for customers and drivers.

How To Change Tip on DoorDash App?

You can opt for a 15% tip in most cases since it's the standard. However, the Dasher may have provided exceptional service, due to which you want to tip them higher.

Keep in mind that you cannot adjust the driver's tip after the order has been delivered. But you can get in touch with the support team and ask them to do it for you. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to the DoorDash app and select Post Delivery Support.
  • Select the section for ''Adjust Dasher Tip''.
  • Choose the tip amount. For instance, if you want to increase your tip from $5 to $10, you can enter it here.

DoorDash does not have a specific time frame for when you can adjust your tips. However, it's best to do it as soon as possible after the order has been delivered.

This is because the support team will have all the relevant information about your order, and they can make the necessary changes quickly.

Should I Tip My Dasher in Cash?

It depends on the service and quality of the Dasher. In general, it is not necessary to tip your Dasher in cash, but if you feel that they went above and beyond or provided exceptional service, then a small cash tip is always appreciated.

You can also show your appreciation by giving them a positive rating when receiving your receipt at the end of the order. Previously, many people were skeptical about DoorDash tips since the company had a controversial tipping model.

That's why many people preferred giving cash DoorDash tips instead of giving them through the app. However, the company changed its policy in 2019.

Whether you tip through the app or in cash, the DoorDash driver will receive 100% of the customer tips. You can tip your DoorDash driver in cash if you have cash at hand. Otherwise, you can add tips through the app.

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Can You Add a Tip After Delivery on DoorDash?

Yes, you can add a tip for your DoorDash driver after delivery through the DoorDash app. For example, suppose a delivery person goes above and beyond to make your experience great. You can show your appreciation by adding a tip for them after delivery.

To add a tip:

  • Within the DoorDash app, navigate to the "Your Orders" tab
  • Select the order you would like to tip on
  • Tap "Add Tip" under the "I'd like to tip" section
  • Enter the amount you would like to tip and tap "Submit Tip."

If you have any issues or problems adding a tip, contact DoorDash support.

When to Tip Your Driver After Delivery?

In some instances, you may want to tip your driver right away. For example, if they helped you with your groceries or took an extra-long route to ensure your food stayed warm. In other cases, you may want to wait until after the delivery is complete.

For example, if the driver had to circle the block a few times to find your house or if they delivered your food in inclement weather, you might want to tip them a little extra later.

Ultimately, it's up to you when you want to tip and how much you want to give. A good rule of thumb is to base your tip on the quality of service you received.

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How Does DoorDash Tipping Etiquette Compare To Similar Services?

When you compare DoorDash tipping policy to similar services, you'll find that it's very similar. Like any other service, it's always appreciated when you leave a tip for good service. However, it's not expected or required.

If you're happy with the service you received, we recommend leaving a 15-20% tip. You can leave a lower tip if you're not satisfied, but no tip is required.

However, it's important to remember that DoorDash drivers don't have minimum wage. To earn extra cash they often have to work during peak pay. Your tips can help them immensely.

When it comes to tipping on DoorDash, there are a few different options. You can choose to tip in cash or add a tip to your total bill when you pay through the app. If you choose to tip in cash, hand the cash directly to your Dasher.

You can also tip your driver through the delivery app or the Doordash website after they have delivered your order. Simply go to the "Your Orders" tab, select the order you would like to tip on and choose "Rate & Tip Your Dasher."

From there, you can leave a star rating and write a comment about your experience. You will also have the option to add a tip.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about DoorDash tips.

Does DoorDash Take a Cut Of the Tips?

No, DoorDash does not take anything from the customer tips. Rather, the Dasher gets to keep 100% of the tips they earn.

What is the Minimum Tip?

The minimum tip is $2.00, but we recommend tipping your Dasher 20% of the order total.

Can I Tip in Cash?

Yes, you can leave a cash tip for your Dasher when they deliver your food. Just hand it to them when they hand you your food. DoorDash has changed its tipping policy that previously resulted in an uproar from users. However, if you're still skeptical, you can tip the rider in cash.

How Much Do You Tip a DoorDash Driver?

You can tip whatever you like, but we recommend tipping your Dasher 20% of the order total. There is no maximum tip amount, so feel free to give your Dasher a large tip if they did an exceptional job. For example, if your order was worth $20, a 20% tip on this order will be $4. You can choose to tip the driver $5 if they were very considerate and provided amazing service.

Does DoorDash Pay Drivers, or Do They Get Only the Tip?

DoorDash pays their Dashers a base pay rate for each delivery, plus 100% of the tips they earn. So if you don't tip, the Dasher only gets paid the base rate, which may not be very much.

Does the Delivery Fee Include the Tip?

The delivery fee reflects the cost of DoorDash's logistics and operational expenses and is separate from the tip. The tip goes entirely to the Dasher. For instance, if the delivery fee is $3, it will not go to the Dasher.

Is Pre Delivery Tip Better?

You can tip your DoorDash drivers before or after delivery, but many customers prefer to tip after the driver has completed the delivery. This way, you can ensure that your Dasher gets the full amount of the tip and that you've gauged their service.

Wrapping Up

In today's gig economy, tipping has become the norm for services like DoorDash. It's always appreciated, but it's not required. However, if you're happy with the service, we recommend tipping 15-20% of your total order. You can also leave a cash tip for your Dasher when they hand you your food.

Keep in mind that you can choose the tip amount based on your satisfaction with the service. If you're not satisfied, you don't have to leave a tip. However, it's good to do so if the service is satisfactory.

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