Grubhub Driver Requirements: What You Should Know

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Grubhub Requirements: The Full Guide for Grubhub Delivery Driver

grubhub driver requirements

Grubhub is a food delivery app that allows you to receive food from the best restaurants in the city directly to your home or business with just a click. In addition to being appreciated for its service as a user, Grubhub is the right solution for those who want to work as a delivery worker.

Let's go into the details and find out together how to become a driver for Grubhub, how to start your application, in which cities to work and see all the requirements.

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Working for Grubhub: Driver Review 2024

Understanding how driving for Grubhub works is the first step for all the applicants.

First of all Grubhub drivers are independent contractors and not Grubhub employees. But what does it take to succeed in this position? You do not need a high school diploma or previous work experience or delivery driver experience and special skill for this role. However, a positive attitude and excellent customer service can help you earn more.

The food delivery platform welcomes drivers and bikers from other gig economy apps such as UberEats, Postmates, Caviar, Favor, Lyft, Uber, Waitr, and GoPuff.

Since you are considered a self-employed person, you're typically required to pay self-employment tax and unlike an employee, you can't wait until April to pay all of your taxes due for the previous year. Instead, you have to pay estimated taxes four times a year. Fortunately, you can take advantage of some great tax deductions, in particular you can deduct your business mileage if you keep track of it.

As an independent contractor, you can work for more than one delivery company at a time, and choose whether to offer part time, full time or occasional collaboration.

We suggest you sign up for Postmates and DoorDash to be able to take advantage of all the drivers promotions and earn more.

Finally, the Grubhub Agreement outlines your relationship with Grubhub and the terms by which you are granted access to the delivery platform.

How Does Grubhub Work?

Take a look at this job description if you are interested in deliver food and learn how does GrubHub app work::

  • Customers pass orders via the food delivery app
  • You open the driver app and enable delivery requests
  • Requests are pinged to drivers who are closest to the restaurant. Scheduling blocks will give you access to priority pings
  • You have up to 30 seconds to decide if you want to accept orders (you can deliver individual orders or group orders)
  • You pick up the order at the restaurant
  • You dropoff the order at the customer’s location
  • The customer may request a no-contact delivery. In this case meals are left on doorsteps, rather than handed to the customer
  • You earn money for every completed job + 100% of your tips

If you are looking for an alternative and want a comparison with other apps like grubhub, take a look at our reviews Grubhub vs DoorDash and Grubhub vs Uber Eats

Grubhub Driver Requirements : How Does it Work for Drivers

To become a GrubHub driver, you must meet minimum age requirements, additional driver requirements, vehicle requirements, pass a background check. Learn how to become a delivery driver and how does Grubhub work for drivers.

Is Grubhub Worth it?

If you're looking at becoming a courier but are unsure whether it's the right job for you, there are pros and cons. The job is not for everyone. As with any profession, there are many pros and cons. It is important to carefully evaluate the positives and negatives to know what you are getting into.


  • Choose your own schedule and deliver when you want
  • All kinds of delivery vehicle are allowed in the platform and you do not have to schedule a vehicle inspection
  • Get paid daily with instant pay


  • You make money only if you work during the peak hours (lunch and dinner time)
  • You have to deal with parking and traffic
  • Depending on your own financial situation and career goals, there is no a career path ahead you.

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grubhub delivery job

Grubhub Driver Requirements

Among the many services that can be used online today, online food delivery services are a widespread phenomenon in the United States.

Surely you have already ordered a pizza and have it delivered home. Well, the same concept is the basis of Grubhub's activity, which has however extended the partnerships with Taco Bell, Popeyes, Burger King, Olive Garden and all kinds of restaurants.

Given the fast growth of this service, therefore, it is easy to guess that GrubHub is constantly looking for girls and boys who are ready to work as a driver. The latter are called Roo-Girls and Roo-Boys and their task is to deliver the order requested by the customer in the shortest possible time.

In order to work as a driver for Grubhub, therefore, you must have the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 19 years of age (Drivers must be 21 or older in Chicago and Las Vegas)
  • Have at least two years driving experience
  • Own an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher, or an Android with 4.0 or higher
  • You need a data plan to be able to use the Grubhub driver app
  • Have a Vehicle
  • Have a valid driver's license (for at least 2 years), registration
  • Have a valid auto insurance
  • Bikers can provide a government‑issued ID
  • Must authorize and pass a background check
  • Must have a bank account to set up the direct deposit to receive the weekly payments or a debit card to cash out the earnings

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GrubHub Vehicle Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a delivery driver, in addition to the requirements above, you need to check if your vehicle qualifies for Grubhub.

Earn money making deliveries with GrubHub, you don't even need a car. Like other on-demand food delivery apps, Grubhub let you choose to make deliveries with the following method of transportation:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Bike

Keep in mind that the vehicle requirements vary by city and that you can even rent a car for Grubhub.

Unlike Uber vehicle requirements or Lyft vehicle requirements, you are not required to schedule a vehicle inspection and there are no model or age requirements for your car.

To find out if bicycle delivery is available in your city, you have to start the online application process. You will see all the vehicle type options available in your city. You can also contact the Grubhub support.

The big advantage of bike delivery is that you can deliver faster, without getting stuck in traffic. However very similar to Uber Eats or DoorDash Insurance, you will not get accident insurance or coverage if you are a rider.

Very similar to Postmates vehicle requirements or Uber Eats vehicle requirements, you can switch your preferred method of delivery.

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grubhub background check

Grubhub Background Check

If you are applying for Grubhub, before you can begin earning income as a delivery partner, you must go through a background check process. Grubhub wants to ensure safe deliveries for all the users in the platform through the screenings.

People often have a lot of questions and curiosities about these background checks when getting ready to apply to deliver with Grubhub. At Bestreferraldriver we are here to help you, and this post will prepare you for your delivery driver job including the background check.

The Grubhub background check is very similar to the DoorDash background check and Postmates background check. The food delivery app uses a third-party company to complete their screenings, called Checkr.

This company will use your social security number to verify your identity and perform an extensive check on your driving history and criminal records.

In particular, they will look at your driving record. They want to make sure that you are a safe driver with a clean driving record. You cannot become a Grubhub delivery driver if the following are found on your driving record:

  • More than 3 moving violations in the previous 3 years, such as:
    • Speeding tickets
    • Accidents
    • Driving without insurance
    • Stoplight violations
  • Any major violations in the previous 3 years, such as:
    • Driving with a suspended license
    • Reckless driving
  • A DUI or any drug related violation in the previous 7 years

You will not qualify for GrubHub if any of the following crimes is discovered through this search (in the previous seven year period):

  • Violent crimes
  • Felonies
  • Drug related crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • theft and property damage convictions

The background check typically takes around 3–10 days. However, if your background check is still pending and you do not know why, you can always contact checkr.

Where Can I Work as a Food Delivery Driver?

Grubhub currently operates in more than +2000 cities in the United States and London. The food delivery services offers delivery job in all the cities where they operates, including:

  • AZ – Phoenix
  • CA – Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, San Diego
  • CO – Denver/Boulder
  • DC – Washington, D.C.
  • FL – Miami
  • GA – Atlanta
  • IL – Bloomington, Champaign, Chicago, Rockford
  • IN – Indianapolis, South Bend
  • KS – Kansas City
  • KY – Lexington, Louisville
  • MD – Baltimore
  • MA – Boston
  • MI – Detroit
  • MN – Minneapolis
  • NM - Albuquerque
  • NE – Omaha
  • NC – Charlotte, Raleigh
  • NJ – New Jersey
  • NV – Las Vegas, Reno
  • NY – Long Island, New York City, Westchester
  • OH – Akron, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland
  • OK – Oklahoma City
  • OR – Portland
  • PA – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
  • TN – Nashville
  • TX – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
  • UT – Salt Lake City
  • VA – Richmond
  • WA – Seattle
  • WI – Milwaukee

💡 Pro Tips: With the Covid pandemic delivery jobs are becoming popular. However Grubhub chose a particular approach trying to limit the number of drivers. This means that occasionally they pause the hiring process in some markets to provide already existing delivery partners the best opportunity to earn. Take a look at our article with the best and highest paying delivery jobs.

GrubHub Driver Schedule Blocks and Levels

grubhub levels and blocks

While considering the Grubhub delivery driver pros and cons, it is important to understand how blocks and level work. Grubhub platform works with a strict system of levels, opportunity and recognition.

If you are looking for a way to simplify your life earning money, you should consider signing up for Postmates, the only company that officially ditched the 5 star rating system.

Indeed, very similar to the Doordash rating system, Grubhub analyzes the performance of their drivers and keeps track of some stats. Your program level is based on the following stats:

  • Attendance rate: The percent of blocks you schedule that you attend.
  • Acceptance rate: The percent of delivery jobs that you accept.
  • Block drop rate: The percent of blocks you schedule, but drop before or during the block.

In addition there are three levels with differents opportunities of earnings:

  1. Partner
  2. Pro
  3. Premium

Here what you should know:

  • You will receive your program level after 20 deliveries
  • Your program level is based on the deliveries of the past 30 days
  • Your program level is updated every monday

Very similar to the Dasher App, the Grubhub driver app has a system of early access scheduling. Drivers can sign up on scheduled blocks up to one week in advance.

Sign up on schedule blocks is not required, you can always open the driver app and start delivering at any time. However if you are looking for the best way to increase your delivery earnings, the first thing to do is to schedule shifts in the driver app. Scheduled drivers get priority.

Sign up to Drive for GrubHub

You do not need to waste your time looking for delivery driver resume samples. If you meet all these requirements and you are ready to start your new job, you can safely apply through the company's official website.

The process is online and does not require an in-person orientation. Follow the easy steps below.

  1. Visit the GrubHub Portal sign up page.
  2. Complete your application with your basic contact information.
  3. Authorize and pass a background check.
  4. Complete online the Delivery Partner Agreement and W-9.
  5. Attend an online onboarding session and learn how to schedule blocks and tips and tricks to earn more.
  6. Receive your welcoming kit with the delivery equipment (insulated bag and prepaid card).
  7. Start delivering!

Grubhub Driver Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Grubhub Jobs & Careers

Grubhub is hiring and they are growing their team with all kinds of job opportunities, from marketing to sales.... Check out Grubhb jobs available.

Start Your GrubHub Job Today

Now you know everything you need to know about the Grubhub driver, vehicle requirements and background check. You know the pros and the cons of the job and how to sign up for Grubhub.

Are you looking for the ways to make extra money? Check out our guides to delivering for DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Caviar.

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