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amazon fresh vs whole foods

Looking at Amazon’s current influence, it’s hard to find an industry that the ecommerce giant has not yet tapped into. What started from books has now seeped into electronics, gadgets, beauty products, homeware, and even grocery.

Amazon food delivery services seem to be expanding by the year. Amazon Fresh and Amazon Whole Foods are some of the notable services. It’s understandable why you would rather be an Amazon shopper than buy elsewhere.

On the one hand, Amazon offers quick delivery. On the other hand, the perks enjoyed by Prime members only make the services more attractive to them. But something is changing about the Amazon Whole Foods delivery. You’ll be required to pay a fee now.

We’ll touch more on that along with other features of whole foods delivery Amazon. Pitting Amazon fresh vs Whole food delivery, we will go into detail about the difference between Amazon Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, so you can choose what is better for you next time you place grocery orders.

What Is the Difference Between Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh?

Amazon offers so many grocery and food delivery services that it is easy for customers to get confused.

Amazon Fresh has a comprehensive range of private labels, national brands, and store-made food items at economical prices. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has organic products, and they come at a higher price.

The price is the main difference between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Markets.

Target Customership

The target audience for Amazon Fresh are customers who want to buy everyday grocery items, preferably with a wider assortment of ingredients and foodstuffs.

Meanwhile, the consumer segment for Whole Foods is people who want to buy natural, clean, and organic food items. These customers are health-conscious and prefer buying organic alternatives to private labels.

Physical Storefront

Another difference between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods was the absence of a storefront for the former. Since Whole Foods was already a nationwide chain before Amazon acquired it, there are stores all across the country. In most Whole Foods Market stores WIC is an accepted payment method.

However, Amazon Fresh is a native Amazon brand and did not have any storefronts initially. But that changed in August 2020, when Amazon announced the opening of the first-ever Amazon Fresh storefront.

The store opened in Woodland Hills, California.

Amazon aspires for this store to be the ‘test store’ for its brand. In the future, the company will decide if it wants to expand the stores to other cities. Amazon Fresh’s store has high-tech equipment, making the grocery shopping experience a wonderful experience.

How Does Amazon Whole Foods Delivery Work? Is Amazon Fresh the Same?

One of the major reasons for Amazon becoming as huge as it is today is the company’s dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction. That’s why Amazon’s delivery services are unmatchable. From doorstep deliveries to pick-ups, the company offers everything.

Depending on your region, Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh offer doorstep and attended deliveries provided by Amazon Fresh drivers. You may also opt for pick-up in certain cities. In some regions, you can even add items to an ongoing Whole Foods Market order, provided it hasn’t been prepared already by a Whole Foods Shopper.

Here are some delivery options an Amazon whole foods driver can enjoy:

Attended Deliveries

These deliveries are available in all cities where you can shop from Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh. You just have to select a time slot for when you will be at home to receive your order. Then, simply place your order, and it will be at your doorstep in no time.

Amazon is also willing to leave your order at the security guard or the door attendant. If you are not home yourself and want the security guard to take the order, mention it in the instructions when you are placing your order.

In the Preview Order Page, you will find a section for Delivery Instructions. Write here that you want the delivery person to give the package to the security card. If you have ordered perishable items, make sure you have alerted the person receiving the item so that they can take due care of your food.

Doorstep Deliveries

Just like attended deliveries, doorstep wholefoods Amazon delivery is available in every city that has Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh. If your order does not have age-restricted items, you can choose a time slot that goes with your schedule, and Amazon will leave the order at your doorstep.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Amazon does not offer doorstep deliveries for buildings that have limited access or secure entries. If you live in a building like this, opt for attended deliveries.
  • If there is anything the delivery person should know about accessing your doorstep, such as taking the elevator on the left side of the building, you need to mention it in the Delivery Instructions section when you are placing an order.
  • Amazon’s packaging is designed to keep the right temperature for food items during transit. However, the company encourages you to get your order as soon as possible to prevent spoilage.


If you prefer picking up your food after placing an order, you can benefit from Amazon Whole Foods pick up in store. Very similar to Instacart pickup, pick-ups are free for Prime Members in select cities across the country. You may be required to shop for a minimum of a certain amount. The Amazon Whole Foods delivery minimum differs by the city.

If you opt for rush options, you may have to pay additional fees. Check all these things before confirming your order. You can choose a time slot to pick up your order from the pick-up locations. The slots can be as early as just 30 minutes.

How Much Is Amazon Whole Foods Delivery?

As an Amazon shopper, you can choose the delivery duration that fits you best. Typically, you would choose a time slot for pick-ups and deliveries, depending on when it’s comfortable for you to receive your order.

Here are the available Amazon Whole Foods delivery time options:

Whole Foods Two Hour Delivery Amazon

You can get your Amazon Whole Foods order delivered to your doorstep in just two hours. You are charged a $9.95 fee to cover the costs of the delivery, such as operating costs, technology, and equipment.

When you place your order, you will see the total fees displayed on the final page.

Whole Foods One Hour Delivery

For a one-hour delivery, Amazon charges a delivery fee based on the subtotal of your order. In select regions, the service fee of $9.95 will be added to all orders from Amazon Whole Foods Market to cover the operating and other costs associated with the delivery.

Bag Fees

The law requires some jurisdictions to charge bag fees. If you live in one of these regions and get Amazon food same day delivery or pick-ups, you will be charged bag fees. The fee is included in the Order Summary section.

You can see it under tax charges.

Amazon estimates the number of bags that will be required based on the size of your order. The company claims they never charge you more than what they have estimated. If your order requires fewer bags than estimated, Amazon will refund the amount automatically to the payment method you used to place the order.

Amazon Prime Food Delivery from Whole Foods New Fees

Previously Amazon Whole Foods shopper benefits included free delivery if you were a Prime subscriber. But Amazon is now adding a $9.95 fee to Prime orders placed on Whole Foods Market.

According to the Faq page in the Whole Foods website this extra charge will be placed on all orders from October 25th, 2021.

This additional expense will be used to avoid price raises on Whole Foods products. It will also be used to offset the operating costs, such as technology and equipment. These fees will not be implemented on Amazon Fresh or grocery pick-up orders from the company.

Previously, Amazon piloted this fee in six cities in August. These included Chicago, Boston, and Detroit, among others. Earlier in January this year, Amazon closed the Prime Pantry service and focused more on grocery deliveries. Amazon Whole Foods has quickly levelled up with other delivery options offered by the company, such as Amazon Fresh.

How to Order from Amazon Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh?

If you want to become a Whole Foods shopper, you may be wondering; what does an Amazon shopper do to get instant delivery and access to thousands of products? Well, it’s quite simple. You just need to go on to the website and place your order.

First off, you need to go to Amazon Whole Foods. If you are already signed in, you will see the food items on the web page. Otherwise, you will have to sign in first with your Amazon account.

Then, choose from the 170,000 items available on the website. Once you have added everything to the cart, go to the checkout page, choose your preferred delivery method, and then select the payment method to complete your purchase.

Amazon offers one-hour and two-hour deliveries depending on where you live. If you have Whole Foods nearby, you can benefit from both these services. As for the selection of food products, you will find everything from pantry stables and seafood to meat and fresh produce.

Likewise, for Amazon Fresh, you just have to sign in to your account, go to Amazon’s website, and place your order by adding things to the cart.

If you opt for one-hour delivery, the fee will be based on the total amount of your order. If you have a Prime membership and like shopping on Amazon Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, you’re in luck because you will get many deals.

As compared to other stores, like Target and Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods prices were always comparably high. However, they seem to have fallen ever since Amazon bought the company back in 2017.

Wholefoods Amazon delivery services are available in nearly 2,000 cities in the United States at the moment.

Does Whole Foods Deliver to My Zip Code?

If you’re not sure about Amazon Whole Foods delivering to your zip code, you can find out by going to the company’s website. Go to Whole Food Market’s website. Type in your zip code. You will see if delivery is available in your region.

If you have Amazon Alexa, you can also use that to find out if Whole Foods Market is available in your region. Simply say ‘’Alexa, Shop Whole Foods’’, and Alexa will tell you if you can do that from your zip code or not.

Benefits of Shopping at Amazon Fresh Stores

Now that we have explained the perks of Whole Foods, let’s talk about how Amazon Fresh stacks up against it.

Alexa Kiosk

As compared to human cashiers at Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh Store has Alexa kiosks throughout the store. Customers can ask where to find the grocery items they want to buy.

Alexa can also tell you about which foods to pair together and guide you about nutrition facts. It also helps you with dinner ideas and recipes. Customers can use their at-home Alexa to create a shopping list and interact with it when they are in stores.

Amazon Dash Cart

Hate standing in line at the grocery store? Well, with the Amazon Fresh storefront, you no longer have to go through long lines. Amazon Dash Cart is the smart shopping cart that checks out the items for you at the Amazon Fresh store.

Dash Cart uses vision algorithms and sensors to identify which items are in your cart. The screen on the top of the cart lets you access the shopping list you made using Alexa at home.

You can also check off items and apply coupons. Dash Cart has an in-build coupon scanner.

Once you’re done shopping, you just go through the Dash Cart lane and Amazon charges the credit card on your account. You then get the receipt through email.

Low Prices

Another benefit of shopping from Amazon Fresh is the low prices you get on grocery items. On top of that, you get 5% cashback using Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card at checkout.

Warehouse for Returns and Pickups

Amazon Fresh stores are more than just grocery stores. Amazon customers can return their packages or pick up orders from there too.

You just have to go to the service area in the store and return or pick up your item. To make the process even simpler, you do not have to put the product in a label, tape, or box. You just take it to the service counter and the customer service puts it in a box for you.

Do You Tip Amazon Whole Foods Delivery Driver or Amazon Fresh Delivery?

Tipping is voluntary, but Amazon allows it, and you should tip drivers since it makes a huge part of their income. You should top at 10% to 20% of your order’s total. As a rule of thumb, it is not considered decent to tip less than $5 or $3, depending on the value of your order.

Amazon lets you change the tip amount for 24 hours after the delivery.

Which Grocery Chain Should You Choose?

So then, Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods: Which should you choose? Both platforms have pros and cons, and your choice will depend on what you value most.

However, choose Amazon Fresh if you want to buy cheap!

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