How Instacart Pickup Works: Fees, Available Stores & Tipping Etiquette

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instacart pickup

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get your groceries without having to leave your house, Instacart might be the solution for you. With Instacart, you can order groceries from local stores and have them delivered right to your door. But how does the pickup process work? In this blog post, we'll break it down for you. We'll also discuss the fee associated with using the Instacart pickup service and list all of the stores that are currently available through it.

Is There A Pickup Option With Instacart?

Yes, there is a pickup option with Instacart. You can order your groceries online or through the Instacart app and then you can choose to have your order delivered or picked up at checkout.

If you choose pickup, your order will be brought to your car at the store. Pickup is usually cheaper and faster than delivery. Note that not all stores offer pickup, so you may need to select a different store if you want to use this option. You can also enter your ZIP code on the Instacart website to see which stores in your area offer pickup.

What Is The Instacart Curbside Pickup?

From a retailer's point of view, the click and collect orders are a simple way to:

  • Better serve their customers
  • Increase customers loyalty
  • Increase sales

It is also a great opportunity to run more promotions or deeper discounts.

While some grocery chains like Trader Joe’s remain focused on the in-store shopping experience, others take advantage of the digitalization to increase their offers.

From a customer's point of view the pickup is a valid option to the delivery.

The curbside pickup allows customers to place an order online – via web or mobile interfaces and then drive to the store to pick it up, often in a designated area near the store or in-store.

Some grocery stores on the Instacart platform offer same-day grocery pickup. Grocery pickup services are especially convenient for people who have trouble spending hours shopping at the grocery store, such as the elderly or disabled. They can also be helpful for busy families who don't have time to go grocery shopping.

Benefits Of Shopping From Instacart Stores With Curbside Pickup

Instacart users shared with us some of the reasons why they prefer the curbside pickup to the delivery option.


Between commuting, work, school, and family, we all live busy lives. Convenience is the backbone of e-commerce. The mobile ordering head allows you the convenience of purchasing online your favorite products when and where it suits you and of choosing the payment method that suits you.

Additionally, orders can be scheduled several days in advance.

Avoid Delivery Fees

Instacart is one of the best online grocery stores . However, when you choose the delivery option, delivery and service fees may apply.

So, is Instacart pickup free?

Whether you have an Instacart subscription or not, there are no service fees charged on pickup orders.

However, the majority of stores apply to your order a pick up fee (equivalent to a delivery fee for pickup orders). The Instacart pickup fee is a fixed amount and it is set by the retailer partner often depending on the size of your order.

The pickup fee typically starts at $1.99.

If you have an Plus membership, the subscription waives the pickup fee like it would a delivery fee.

Using the pickup option you will save money. First of all you are not required to tip for your pickup order. Secondly, many retailers offer a copious amount of discounts to be used online; you may also receive an Instacart free pickup code.

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We live in the era of digital payments and with the Covid-19 a growing number of shops and restaurants no longer accept cash. You probably already appreciate paying your groceries with Paypal.

Using a digital ordering app like Instacart helps you eliminate many of the headaches of cash transactions including counterfeit bills and health concerns of Covid-19.

Instacart already offers contactless delivery, you can now try the contactless pickup.

To maintain a social distance, it is a good practice that you open your trunk and stay in the car the time the shopper will place your order on it.


You probably appreciate the ease of online shopping. However we received many complaints about Instacart customers unhappy with their delivery’s journey. Today the demand for curbside pickup is just as high as it is for contactless home delivery.

You will be able to verify your order avoiding missing and damaged items.

Definitely, if you live in apartments where deliveries can be a major hassle the curbside pickup can improve your entire buyer’s journey.

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Instacart Partner Stores Offering Curbside Pickup

Instacart Pickup services are available across 25 markets such as Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and more.

There are currently over 200 stores available through Instacart Pickup, including major retailers like Aldi, Costco, Safeway, and Kroger, Food Lion, Price Chopper, Publix, Schnucks, Smart & Final, Sprouts, Tops Friendly Markets and Wegmans.

how does instacart pickup work

How Does Instacart Pickup Work?

Using the Instacart click and collect service is relatively easy. The online store is user-friendly. To use Instacart pickup all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Download the App

If you are new to the grocery delivery service, the first step is to create an Instacart account. You may create a free account if you don't already have one. Simply provide your name, email address, phone number.

If you've enabled location services, the app will suggest the stores offering Pickup close to you. The location is shown at the top of the app, and you may change your favorite location at any moment by clicking on it.

At this tap on "Pickup" and select your preferred pickup store.

Fill Your Shopping Cart

After selecting “Pickup” and verifying your location, you may shop. Simply add items to your cart. Before purchasing, check for coupons, discounts, and promos.

You may discover discounts and unique deals under the Instacart app. In the deals tab at the bottom of the page, you may apply stored offers.

Place Your Pickup Order

When you click on your shopping basket to complete your purchase, you will be provided with an itemized list of your goods along with the prices for those items. In this section, you'll also be able to see the estimated completion time for your order and select a pickup window.

When you’re ready, tap “Place your order.”

Pick Up Your Order

When your order is available for pickup you will get a message “”. When you get to the store, follow the instructions to let them know you've arrived. Depending on the store, sometimes you have to park your car and go inside the store and wait in a “mobile order” or “online order” queue.

You can then load your groceries into your car. Some stores offer contactless pickup.

After placing an order with Instacart Pick Up, all that is left for you to do is wait until you get an email saying"instacart order ready for pickup." You could also receive a notice from the app itself, depending on how your push notification settings are configured. You may start getting ready to leave as soon as you get a notification that your order is completed and available for collection.

Orders are held in a temperature-controlled staging area in the store.

You may let the members of the Pickup Instacart team know that you will be arriving soon before you leave the building. When you get inside the vehicle, all you need to do is open the app and hit the "I'm on my way" button. At this moment, the team will begin preparing your purchase for fulfillment.

You may check the app for further information on how to collect your belongings at the designated location. Some stores have designated parking spots, which are labeled "Curbside Pick up." You should usually park there. The places reserved for customers are conveniently situated close to the entrance of the business.

💡 PRO TIP: If you buy alcohol you'll need to bring a valid form of ID when you pick up your order.

How Does Instacart Pickup Work at Shop Publix

Order Publix groceries right from your home when you use delivery or curbside pickup. Powered by Instacart. Learn how to create an account, add items to your cart, and more with this video tutorial.

How Much Does Instacart Pickup Cost?

So, is there a fee for instacart pickup? Instacart Pickup is a free service that allows you to shop for groceries from your local store and pick them up at a time that is convenient for you. There is no delivery fee, and you can even save money by taking advantage of Instacart's coupons and deals.

Instacart Pickup vs Delivery

Instacart offers two ways to shop for groceries - pickup and delivery. Each option has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to weigh your options carefully before choosing one.

Pickup is typically the more affordable option, as there is no delivery fee charged. However, you will need to make a trip to the store to retrieve your groceries, which can take up valuable time. Delivery is more convenient, as you can have your groceries delivered right to your door by an Instacart personal shopper. However, there is a delivery fee charged for this service, which can add up if you're not careful.

When it comes to cost, pickup is typically the more affordable option. However, delivery is more convenient. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Tip Instacart Pickup

It's become second nature to most of us - when we order groceries with Instacart, we leave a tip for the Instacart shopper. But what about when we pick up our Instacart order? Do you tip when you pick up groceries? And if so, how much?

The answer, it turns out, is a bit complicated. First of all, you will not have an in-app tipping option for pickup orders. Secondly, there's no real consensus on whether or not you should tip for takeout, and opinions seem to vary depending on the type of food you're ordering. For example, pizza delivery drivers expect to be tipped, but those who simply hand you your order through a window may not.

When in doubt, it's always best to err on the side of caution and leave a small tip - after all, the staff members who prepared and packaged your order deserve recognition for their efforts.

So next time you're picking up takeout, don't forget to show your appreciation with a little extra cash. It's the least you can do for a delicious meal.

What Should I Do If There's A Problem With My Order Or I Have A Question About My Pickup?

If you have a problem with your order or a question about pickup, the best thing to do is to contact Instacart Customer Care directly.

You can find the company's contact information on their website. Instacart is happy to help resolve any issues you may have. In most cases, they will be able to refund you or send someone out to pick up your order. If you are still not satisfied, you can always file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Can Someone Else Pick up My Instacart Order?

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that allows users to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorsteps or pick up their Instacart order at the store.

One of the great things about Instacart is that you can have someone else pick up your order for you, which is especially convenient if you're unable to go to the store yourself.

All you need to do is designate a trusted friend or family member as your pickup person in the app, and they'll be able to collect your order on your behalf. Just be sure to communicate with your pickup person ahead of time so that they know what to expect. With Instacart, there's no need to miss out on your favorite groceries just because you can't make it to the store.

Schedule Your Same Day Grocery Pickup

Today you can buy online pickup in store clothing, food, groceries. With this guide you got familiar with the Instacart pickup. This new feature offers you a new way to get products from many stores that do click and collect including Aldi, Publix, Sprouts, Albertsons...without going in store, and for significantly less money than grocery delivery.

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