Can You Buy Groceries With Paypal? 6 Payment Options You Must Know

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how to use paypal in stores

1. Paypal With Google Pay

You probably already heard about the NFC. NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication. It is a technology for exchanging data between a reader and any compatible mobile terminal or between the terminals themselves.

This is the technology that your bank card uses for contactless payment, or your transit card. The advantage of this technology is that in principle no application is required. It is only necessary to bring the two supports together. Be careful, they must not be too far apart from each other.

Apple phones, for example, have been equipped with NFC technology since iPhone 6, but uses are very limited. In fact, the NFC chip is only used for mobile payments using Apple Pay.

From a retailer point of view, accepting Apple Pay or Google Pay is more secure than accepting traditional credit, debit and prepaid cards.

The Paypal app doesn’t provide this feature. However, Google Pay and PayPal are strengthening their integration to allow users to buy online very easily by combining the two payment solutions. They can thus pay for purchases with Google Pay using their Paypal balance on merchant sites that allow it.

2. Link to Samsung Pay Your Paypal Account

Samsung Pay is an app that allows you to make payments with your Samsung smartphone in a simple and secure way. The service is available on some models of Samsung smartphones and smartwatches.

To link your PayPal account to Samsung Pay on your mobile device follow:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app and select the wallet tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Click “+” followed by Add PayPal icon
  • Sign into your PayPal account and authorize Samsung Pay to access your PayPal account
6 ways to use paypal on stores

3. Paypal QR Code

The PayPal Mobile App is available on iPhone or Android. Using the app you can easily access your account. PayPal has grown into an online payment system and recently allows consumers to make payments by scanning a QR code using their mobile app.

This online payment option has several advantages. First of all, for payments as for everything, physical distancing became the norm. The virtual payment makes it possible to limit interactions between a seller and a buyer and allows a social distancing of 6 feet.

Furthermore it allows the “touch free” payment option. Better than a contactless terminal, by using this option helps slow the spread of the disease. Indeed, you do not have to manipulate the payment terminal to enter your secret code. Indeed, as you know, the COVID-19 virus may survive on surfaces for several hours.

Secondly, the electronic payment solution is safer than using a card. Contactless payment is convenient, but like any technology, it comes with both mobile security and data privacy risks.

By using the payment app, any data is transferred via QR codes and is encrypted thus making the payment foolproof secure.

Unless someone stole your smartphone with the code to unlock it, nobody can use it!

How Does It Work?

Making contactless payments with PayPal is pretty easy. The solution from the US electronic payments giant is based on QR Code technology, a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphone cameras.

With Paypal's QR code system, you will no longer need to handle cash or card readers that have already been touched by other uses. Everything happens on your smartphone using the PayPal app.

  • The merchant contacts PayPal, which creates a unique QR Code free of charge, which can be used for all purchases
  • The merchant displays this code at the point of sale, printed or on screen
  • The customer open the PayPal application
  • Click on the scan button
  • Place the lens of your phone on your merchant's QR code
  • Then enter the amount for the purchases
  • Then show the cashier the payment confirmation displayed on your smartphone screen
  • The retailer will receive a notification indicating that the transaction has been completed

Keep note that payments by QR code via PayPal are not subject to any transaction fees for the customer.

In the United States PayPal partners with CVS. CVS customers can now use either PayPal or Venmo QR codes when checking out at more than 8,200 CVS retail stores.

💡 Pro Tips: When you checkout, you can choose your preferred payment method. You can use any combination of available payment methods, such as:

  • Your PayPal balance
  • Bank account
  • Credit card or debit card

4. Paypal Gift Card

There is a wide choice of e-gift cards you can buy with PayPal. The good news is that you can buy and send gift cards to friends and family from a wide selection of online retailers and top brands including:

  • Lowes
  • Giant Eagle
  • Instacart
  • Safeway
  • Target

Do not forget to check our review of the best survey sites & apps to get cashback rewards. You can claim free PayPal Gift Cards!

5. PayPal Credit Card and Prepaid MasterCard®

As you probably know there are different types of credit card to suit your needs. Below, we break down the various types of cards you can get with PayPal.

The online payment service offers its users a prepaid card that belongs to the MasterCard network. This easy-to-access and secure payment tool can be used in-store, for online purchases and withdrawals at all ATMs affiliated with MasterCard.

The great advantage of this payment option is that it is available without a bank account. You can use your Paypal credit for purchases and payments in stores, online or even making payments on smartphones by connecting your card to an e-wallet.

Are you looking for stores that sell the Paypal cards? You can get your Cash Card directly through your account or you can buy it in pharmacies and discount stores, including:

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Fred’s
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar

6. Paypal Debit Card

The easiest way to pay in store with PayPal is to use the PayPal Cash Mastercard. It is a simple debit card linked to your PayPal account.

The card will give you instantly access to your available balance to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. There are no monthly fees.

List of Online Stores That Accept Paypal

You won't be surprised discovering that you can use Paypal to pay your online purchases. If you like the convenience of buying groceries online, here is a complete list of online stores that accept Paypal payments.

Online Groceries Stores That Accept Paypal
Checklist 2021
Store Accept PayPal Accept PayPal via Google Pay Accept Paypal via PayPal Cards
Amazon Fresh NO NO Yes
Fresh Direct Yes NO Yes
HelloFresh Yes NO Yes
Instacart NO Yes Yes
Peapod NO NO Yes
Shipt NO NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Whole Foods Market NO Yes Yes

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Where You Can Find Stores That Accept PayPal

I’m sure that at this point you are looking for the list of stores that accept Paypal. Unfortunately, there is no list of retailers and stores that are currently accepting Pay PayPal payments in-store.

Of course it is always possible to use a Paypal debit or credit card in all the retailers accepting Mastercard.

As for the NFC payments, we already see that it is not complicated for a buyer to make a purchase with their electronic device. The process is no more complex for the seller.

To accept mobile wallet payment, merchants need a payment terminal and reader that are NFC-enabled, that’s it!

Other Online Stores That Accept Paypal

Here is a list of the major sites that accept Paypal:

  • AirBnb
  • Ikea
  • Best Buy
  • Facebook
  • Ebay
  • Office Depot

Choose PayPal as Payment Options

Choosing Paypal for online payments or in-store purchases is the best way to ensure payments security. Right now you know all the options that will allow you to use PayPal on stores and grocery stores.

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