13 Postmates Fleet Tips and Tricks To Maximize Your Postmates Earnings Driving for Postmates.

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How to Increase your Income Quickly as Postmates Driver

ways to maximize postmates earnings

Postmates drivers, it's the time to make more money! Being a Postmates is the right side hustle job that you can do in your free time and allows you to increase your earnings, but there is always a way to earn extra money and get the best out of your driver job. Just follow our Postmates tips and tricks and advice on how to set up your Postmates Fleet App and you will see that you will optimize your work and boost your earnings.

1. New Driver Guarantee Earnings

Becoming a Postmates driver is really easy. The requirements are minimal and there are no complex vehicle requirements , you can also make deliveries by bike, or even walk. If you are new to the delivery App, signing with a driver referral code gives you the opportunity to earn the new courier bonus. This is the first step to maximize your earnings when you start your new job and you sign up for Postmates.

2. Peak Hours

Postmates is available to order from anytime, 24/7. But the restaurants and shops on it keep to their normal hours.

Postmates couriers can work with a flexible schedule, you can choose the hours that work for you. Take time off, or work extra when it suits you. However, there is no secret, how much money you can make depends strictly on how long you decide to devote to Postmates and in what time of the day you decide to do it. The first important tip for Postmates and easy way to maximize your earnings is to 'go online' and work when there are a lot of people ordering with Postmates.

There is a best time to do Postmates, a best time to deliver and go online. Following these tips for Postmates fleet you will see your potential earnings grow.

If you read our review on Postmates, you already know that with Postmates you can deliver food, drinks and retailers from more than 500K merchants. However, the best time to work for Postmates, like for other food delivery services, are probably:

Every Day:

  • Lunch Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Dinner Time: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

3. Postmates HotSpots

So, how to get more order while you are online? Postmates drivers are paid per delivery. If you are interested in maximizing your payouts, it's helpful to understand how the hotspots work.

In the Postmates platform the hotspots (red spots on the Postmates map) are the busiest areas and the best places to deliver. Being near a hotspot while you're online may increase the number of dispatches you receive. So, if hotspots are suggested places where you are more likely to get delivery requests, will you earn more driving close to the hotspots?

Postmates hotspots are not a guarantee that you will receive an order and you will not receive a bonus for driving to or within a hotspot. At this point it is important to understand how Postmates drivers are paid.

Postmates drivers are paid with free weekly deposits in their bank account, they can cash out daily and have a per delivery pay. The most deliveries you do the more you will be paid. To maximize your potential income it is important to know where and when to drive.

Heat maps are now featured in the Postmates Fleet app for both iOS and Android drivers in major cities nationwide. On average, you can see a 10% bump in earnings by heading toward those areas.

Open the Fleet app and look for the areas of the map highlighted in dark red. Check the page of your city on our website or take a look at Google and Yelp to find the trendy restaurants in your city. We work for the community and we try to make your life easier writing the hotspots for each city. You can also email us if you know other hot spots in your city and like us you love to share with the community.

postmates hotspots

4. Postmates Incentives

The Gig Economy is changing the way we work.The San Francisco based delivery app, like Uber and Lyft offer bonuses and incentives to their drivers to encourage them to drive more especially when the number of orders exceeds the number of drivers. You need to take advantage of these opportunities. For this you can change some Postmates Driver App settings to be sure that you will be notified of all the incentives like the Blitz Notifications.

Blitz Pricing

Blitz incentives are very similar to Uber Boost promotion. Postmates blitz bonus, will help you to earn 3X more for delivery. Here for you a tutorial on how to turn on the Blitz Notification.

  1. Open your Postmates App
  2. Tap on your picture
  3. Click on Preferences
  4. Set 'Push Notifications'

The blitz hours are generally during the busy times.

Postmates can also inform you in advance of incentives and offers by email. Do not forget to check your email related to your Postmates Driver Account.

Guarantee Promotions

In addition to in app promotions, Postmates offers to their drivers guaranteed promotions. Postmates guaranteed earnings are not in app promotions. Postmates will send you an email informing you of the offer.

With guaranteed earnings, you'll earn an amount for completing the required number of deliveries. If you complete the required amount of deliveries and earn less than the guarantee amount, Postmates will give you the difference.

Postmates PerkSpot

This is another benefit of being a courier for Postmates. If you complete 10 deliveries in a month you will be eligible for PerkSpot the following month.

PerkSpot is a discount program that will offer you discounts on hundreds of your favorite brands.

Once you become eligible, you will get an email from Perkspot and just have to sign up.

5. Auto Accept Orders

So, how to get more Postmates orders? Just tap “Automatic Accept” to turn on the feature in the driver app. The auto accept feature will allow you to have no downtime and earn more through batching orders.

While you've accepted your first delivery offer, Postmates App will be continuously looking for your next stop and will update your route in the background adding new customer requests to your delivery list. Of course if you need a pause you can take it whenever you need, just turn off "New Orders" in your stops list in your Postmates App.

How to Set up Your Postmates App to Earn More

Maximize Postmates Earnings
Maximize Postmates Earnings

6. Use the Right GPS

You do not need special driver gears. Rememer, you deliver for cash . However, knowing your delivery area is very important and can help you save precious minutes. You can complete a delivery faster. Postmates Fleet app has an in-app navigation system made with Google Maps. The in app navigation will help you in all the steps of the delivery:

  1. Find the pick up location
  2. Find the drop off location

Postmates drivers do not have to switch to a separate navigation system to find the directions. Take a look at our ultimate comparison Waze vs Google maps.

7. Do not Forget to Track your Mileage

Postmates delivery drivers are independent contractors. The miles driven for your work can be deducted from taxes. In terms of mileage self-employed people have access to the highest deduction rate and fewest restrictions. There exist different mileage apps.

At Bestreferralfriver we like the free Stride app. We suggest you consult our guide with the best mileage tracking apps for 2020.

8. Reduce your Gas Expenses

First of all you can consider becoming a Postmates walker. In a big city like NYC this is one of the best tricks to earn money. Using your feet as transportation is a good way to make exercise and get paid for walking. You will deliver in shorter distances so the Postmates walker pay can be $2 lower than car or bike couriers.

Keep in mind that with Postmates you can change your vehicle at any time. The sun is shining, you would like to take the opportunity to do some exercise. You can change the type of vehicle and make deliveries by bike. The minimal vehicle requirements are the big advantage to work for Postmates and a way to earn more by saving money.

Let's be clear, you drive for money and you signed up for Postmates to increase earnings. For all those who drive the car and have to pay for gasoline we found an interesting article that shows the best 6 apps to find cheap gas.

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9. Extend the Life of your Car [Checklist]

If you use your car to make the deliveries we make for you a useful guide on how to extend the life or your car.

  • Monitor the thickness of the brake pads and do not let them consume up to the metal: This would cause damage to the brake discs if not to the jaws. Replacing the discs and the jaws is much more expensive than replacing the pads. Nothing is better than cleaning the pad while it is still in the car.
  • Change the tires on rotation: Changing the position of the tires is very important and reduces the irregularities and lacerations on the tread, extending the life of the tire. The recommended rotation cycle is a change twice a year or every 6,000 miles.
  • Keep tire pressure: Monitor the tread with a coin. Insert the coin under the tread. If you can see the whole character's head on the coin, then it will be necessary to change the tires.
  • Wash your car: salt on roads, sewage debris and pollution can cause structural problems that require expensive work. Without regular cleaning, you can start to notice the rust on the bottom of the doors after four years.

10. Claim deductions on your federal income tax return

Here is for you another easy money trick revealed. As drivers of rideshare companies like Lyft or Uber, even the Postmates drivers are considered self-employed and they can claim deductions for work-related expenses saving money on their taxes.

We are not providing tax advice. Postmates is a driver friendly company. They’ve partnered with Stride for all of your health insurance and tax season needs. If you need assistance, Stride will be able to help you with your tax return and give you accurate explanations on the different methods of deduction (the standard mileage rate or the actual expenses).

Read up on the basic concepts of delivery driver taxes .

Provide a 5 Star Experience

This is the best Postmates Fleet hack we can suggest to you. Indeed, offering excellent customer service is a great opportunity for you to make good money because at the end of the delivery the customers have the opportunity to tip the driver. They can tip you cash or through the app. Delivering with Postmates, there are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. Postmates has an In-App Tipping Option. Postmates app calculates a recommended 20% tip based on the total price which includes your order subtotal, an operational service fee, and a delivery fee. If you want to supplement your income and turn your delivery job in one of the best tipping job, follow our advices:

  • Never forget the free delivery bag and prepaid card
  • Be Friendly. Everything starts with a smile
  • Be efficient, not fast. Double check your order at pick up.
  • Communicate with the customer, do not just leave items off.

We suggest you consult our guide to Postmates customer tipping .

12. Schedule Yourself For Deliveries

If you want to know how to schedule on Postmates driver app, the good news about becoming a Postmates driver is that you do not need to schedule yourself for deliveries like Caviar and DoorDash delivery drivers need to do. There are no priority pings in the Postmates platform. All the Postmates drivers receive the same delivery requests. For an in-deep comparison, we suggest you consult our articles Postmates vs. Caviar and Postmates vs. DoorDash

13. Driving For Similar Delivery Jobs

People often ask us: 'should I drive for Uber Eats or Postmates? Can I do postmates and doordash at the same time'. The answer is yes.

The application to become an Uber Eats, Postmates or DoorDash driver is FREE. Signing for Uber Eats, Postmates and DoorDash means that you can claim Postmates Sign up bonus + UberEats Sign up bonus. It means that you can see which of the two companies offers the best bonus and evaluate for whom to work. Finally have access to the different driver promotions for both companies and take advantage of all of them.

You can take a look at our articles Postmates vs DoorDash and Postmates vs UberEats to learn more about the differences between the similar delivery companies.

You can also make extra money advertising on your car.

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12 Tips to Help Postmates Drivers Maximize Earnings

It's the time to make more! Here for you 13 Best tips to help you increase your income quickly as a Postmates Driver.

Make Money Delivering with Postmates

Postmates is growing fast and it is one of the best delivery services to make money. Delivering for Postmates is a great way to make extra income, it is free to sign up and fast to get started. Rideshare drivers, for example, can earn more making deliveries when ridesharing is slow and enjoy working without the pressure of a rating system for a driver friendly company. Finally, If you follow our tips and tricks for Postmates drivers you will be able to improve your performance, earn additional income and you will maximize your tip revenue.

We have lots of guides available for you to look at whether you are a Postmates driver, Caviar Courier, Lyft driver... There are easy ways to make money with: online surveys and get rewarded just by walking into stores. Keep reading!

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