How much Does Uber Cost? 5 Things to Know about Uber Fare and Prices

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Everything you need to know about Uber Prices

how much does uber cost

One of the biggest advantages of taking Uber rides instead of taxi rides or car sharing apps is the upfront pricing. An upfront price is a trip price shown to passengers before they request a ride. Getting a rideshare estimate is easy! So, how much does Uber charge , how much is an Uber ride? Keep reading and we will answer all your questions and you will learn how to get an Uber estimate.

1. How much would an Uber cost? A breakdown of Uber prices

Uber drivers do not set their own price. Uber calculates your fare using this criteria:

  • Types Of Vehicle – You can choose between different vehicle options
  • Base Fare – A flat fee charged when you begin the ride
  • Booking Fee – These fees may be added to each ride to cover operating, regulatory and safety costs including the insurance and the background checks . The average booking fee is $2.20. All of this goes to Ubert, not the driver
  • Cost per mile – This is the Uber rate per mile. How much you’re charged each mile of the ride.
  • Cost per minute – How much you’re charged for each minute you’re on the road with Uber
  • Long pick up fee
  • Other Surcharges and Fees – These charges are automatically added to your trip fare and can make the price of your ride higher than expected:
    • Airport fees (if you get picked up at an airport)
    • Toll charges if you use a toll road during your ride
  • Tip Amount – You can choose to add a tip for your driver at the end of your ride

Some charges are notified after the trip begins. We suggest you consult our complete guide to Uber fees.

The Uber trip cost can significantly be higher for the same distance during the Surge Pricing. Indeed, in a time of high demand, when the number of passengers is greater than the number of drivers available, prices temporarily increase until the balance between supply and demand is restored.

In this case, you’ll be paying surge pricing, which can be anything from 20% extra to 100% extra... In my experience the cheapest uber times are between 12 pm and 4 pm while the most expensive times are between 9 am and 12 pm.

The Uber Cost per mile, like the base fare and the booking fee vary from state to state.

This means that if you live in New York, you will not pay the same price for the same distance you will pay if you live in Las Vegas. This is why we made a guide of taxi and rideshare apps in NYC

In the past Uber imposed a safe rides fee, a $1-per-ride surcharge called a “Safe Rides Fee”, that was just a play for profit.

Comparing Uber vs taxi cabs, we're giving this one to Uber for offering more bang for your buck with cheaper fares.

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2. How to Calculate Uber Cost?

Whether you are in the United States, in India in Canada or New York City, you can easily find out the cost of an Uber ride with the Uber upfront pricing. The cost of a ride with Uber depends on the type of Uber services you choose for a ride you request.

Uber offers several different types of ride types that each have different costs. For more detail you can take a look at our guide to Uber vehicles. Basically, you should expect to pay more if you need a larger car or a more luxurious car and less if you carpool and share the ride with someone else.

Here is a detailed list of the the Uber services from less expensive to most expensive

  • UberPool – Share your ride with strangers, like a carpool. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to Uber Pool
  • Uber Express Pool – similar to UberPool but you have to walk to specified pick-up point
  • Uber X – A car to yourself, seats 4 passengers
  • Uber Green Eco friendly rides
  • Uber XL– UberXL vehicles are larger vehicles, seating for more passengers
  • Uber Black – Premium ride with a professional driver the fare is premium too.
  • Uber Pet – If you ride with a furry friend. Take a look at our guide to Uber Pet
  • Uber Connect

Uber XL Rates

Requesting an XL ride will pair you up with a larger vehicle that can fit up to six passengers.

The Uber XL are vehicles for a large number of people…However, any passenger can request an Uber XL ride, regardless of the size of their group. How we said, the Uber pricing model and strategy are based on the Uber cars and services offered.

Uber XL prices are higher than UberX Cars since the level of services offered is higher.

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3. How to get an Uber Ride Estimate?

uber fare estimator

As we said, the price of an Uber depends on several factors. These are the route to be traveled, the time and the Uber price per mile valid for your city.

From these components the Uber price can be calculated. So that you do not have to do this by hand. The San Francisco based ridesharing company offers you the possibility to do it for you free of charge. So, how do you see Uber rates in your city?

You can get an approximate Uber fare estimate simply by enter the pickup location and destination address of the desired ride by using the official Uber fare calculator.

The system calculates the best possible distance and duration for the ride. They use the latest map material from Google Maps. Uber will take care of the rest and calculate a guide price for the desired ride all over the world in just a few seconds.

Uber lists the base rates in their websites, however in the estimate you can have the detail of the fare including:

  • Booking fee
  • Minimum fare
  • Per-minute
  • Per-mile
  • Cancellation fees

In-app Uber Cost Calculator

If you have downloaded the Uber App on your phone, you can check in real time the cost of a ride with the Uber rate calculator available directly from the app before confirming your ride request. Here is an example of how you can check the Uber fare with the app:

Keep in mind that the ride prices are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to:

  • Discounts
  • Traffic delays or other factors.

💡 Pro tip: To get the average Uber cost you can also use a third party website like However, for a reliable price estimate, We suggest you use only the official price estimator to get the right Uber fare estimate.

We suggest you consult our article on promotions and tips for Uber riders.

Examples Of Uber Estimate By City

To give you an idea you can find below some examples of rideshare prices for the main cities of the US.

Example of Uber Fare Chicago

Here is an example of Uber rates in Chicago using the Uber price calculator
Base Fare Booking fee Per-minute Per-mile
$2.19 $2.00 $0.36 $0.89

4. Uber vs Lyft Price

Although Uber is arguably the giant of the tech transportation service, it is by no means alone in the industry. There are many rideshare companies out there all vying for providing you rides. One of those services is Lyft, which begs the question: which service should you use?

Despite the covid pandemic, Uber and Lyft are working. Both car services offer safety rides.

However, affordability is one of the main criteria when comparing the two ridesharing apps. So, which offers more convenient rides? While we cannot know the Uber and Lyft prices algorithme, we can compare the average Uber price and the average Lyft price for the same ride and confirm the cheapest one.

We made a case study. Below we analyzed the Uber and Lyft pricing. Since the prices are dynamiques and changes during the day, we generated an uber ride estimate cost and a Lyft ride estimated cost at the same time of the day and of course with the same parameters including pickup and dropoff location. Here is the result:

lyft price estimate
uber price estimate

So, what's cheaper Uber or Lyft? In our case, UberX is considerably cheaper than Lyft Economy, however Lyft has advantageous prices in other cities...The answer varies from city to city.

5. Uber Prices FAQ

What is an Uber cleaning fee?

Your Uber cost estimate will not incudes addditional fees. Given that Uber also applies guidelines for passengers, one of your duties is to be a good passenger. Vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption or damaging a vehicle requested through the Uber apps can result in a deactivation of your account.

Uber cleaning and damage fees range between $25 and $150 and there are 3 levels of severity that you can be charged with. $250: This is the maximum amount a driver can request. Typically this amount is charged if you are responsible for any major bodily fluid messes inside your driver's car. This includes vomit, urine, and blood...

What is the Uber Minimum fare?

The Uber minimum fare is the minimum price of a ride. Uber minimum cost helps get drivers to accept your request, short journeys included. This means that if the total amount you paid, (including any fees) is below the minimum price, Uber will charge a fee to cover the difference.

For example: the Uber minimum fare for Miami is $6.05 while for San Francisco is $8.00

How to split an Uber Fare?

You can easily share the cost of an Uber. This feature is only available with the Uber app. Indeed in 2018 Lyft removed the feature from the Lyft app.

Here's how to split the cost of your Uber step by step:

  1. Open the app and request your ride as you normally would.
  2. Once a driver accepts the request, you can make the split.
  3. Tap split fare.
  4. Select your friends. Enter the names or phone numbers of other riders.

Is tip included in Uber fare?

Tipping is always optional. If you want to reward your Uber driver, you can leave a tip. Uber makes it easy! If you would like to tip your driver, feel free to do so once the ride has been completed using the digital tipping feature in the app or on the website.

How far can Uber take you?

While there is not a limit on the number of the miles, Uber rides are limited to four hours.

If you are planning a long ride, the good practice is to contact your driver as soon as you connect and be sure they are okay with the long trip.

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How to schedule an Uber in advance?

You can reserve and book your ride in advance.

  1. Open Uber and type in your scheduled destination
  2. Tap the Schedule icon near the bottom of the screen
  3. Confirm your pick-up location before moving on
  4. Select a date and time to schedule your Uber ride

How do tolls work with Uber?

Toll costs are automatically added to the rider's fare. This means drivers pay tolls up front and then get reimbursed for tolls after the rider pays for the ride.

Does Uber Charge Per Person?

No, the cost of your ride is never determined by the number of the persons. So, you will pay per car independently from the number of persons that take the ride.

How to pay for Uber?

You cannot pay for an Uber ride with cash. So how to pay for Uber? To be able to use Uber services, you have to set up your preferred payment method in the Uber app. We suggest you take a look at our complete guide to cash payment for delivery and ride-hailing apps.

Does an Uber driver calculator exist?

Nope! There is no official driver calculator. Driving for Uber your pay varies depending on the car you drive, the cities you drive... Earnings will vary also depending on your ability to apply tax deductions, save money on gas and other factors like Uber incentives. You can take a look at our guide to vehicle requirements .

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Get Your Fare Estimate Now!

Now you Know how to figure out Uber cost and get an estimate of your next ride and even compare with other rideshare companies to choose the less expensive.

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