How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make in 2024? Real Earnings

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how much do Uber black drivers make

The gig economy can be beneficial for all parties involved by making work more flexible and accommodating to different needs, even when it comes to luxury SUVs.

If you’re considering becoming an Uber black driver, one of the biggest questions on your mind is probably “How much money do Uber black drivers make?”

The short answer to that question is, “It depends.”

As you probably already know, Uber drivers are not employees but independent contractors. There is no Uber black car salary.

While driving a luxury car with Uber does provide a great opportunity to earn money working on your own schedule, there are many factors that will influence how much you will make as an Uber black driver.

At BestReferralDriver, we are a team of gig workers across the world. This post is based on our experience driving luxury vehicles with the Uber driver app.

We compared our earnings across the US, so you can have a better idea of what to expect.

Having insight from real drivers who are actually driving with Uber is exactly the type of information you need to learn more about your next gig.

I will share with you what factors impact how much money you can make and some tips to become successful on your next gig.

What Is Uber Black?

Uber is a ride-hailing service created to provide an easy way for people to get from point A to point B.

Through the Uber app, users have the option to choose between a variety of ride-type options such as: Uber Green, Uber Pool, Uber X, Uber Pet, and more.

Uber Black is one of Uber's ride options. Basically, it is a premium service offered by Uber. By choosing the Uber Black option, you will have a spectacular experience, fit for a king, with qualified drivers and very elegant black cars, to create a unique, luxurious and exclusive atmosphere.


If you are an Uber rider choosing Uberblack, you will have a recent and comfortable black car model and a professional driver dressed very elegantly, among other things.

From a gig worker point of view, driving with Uber Black is an opportunity to earn more by providing a rideshare service which riders pay a little extra for.

Uber Black Requirements

The first important point to understand is that you cannot sign up for Uber Black. You need to meet some eligible criteria. In addition, your city should accept new luxury drivers.

Find below the list of the main qualifications:


Is Uber Black available in your area? Uber doesn’t offer this ride option in all cities where it operates. The first step is to verify if the option is available in your city.

Rating Requirements

If you are new to the Uber platform you should know that passengers are prompted to rate every driver on every trip. Uber drivers are required to maintain an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

If you fall under this minimum, your account may be permanently deactivated .

The minimum rating requirement for Uber Black is 4.85.

Basically, to drive with Black you should have and maintain a rating of 4.85 or above.

If your rating falls below 4.85, it will be reassessed after your next 50 trips for requalification.

Vehicle Requirements

You do not need to own a car to make money with Uber. You can also rent a car through a rideshare platform.

The great advantage of using a gig worker rental platform is that the car has already had a 19 point inspection done, then you are ready to get on the road!

However, if you choose to drive your own car, in order to qualify for the premium and higher paying services like Uber BLACK or Uber BLACK SUV, the first step is to verify if your vehicle qualifies the standards applied by Uber.

In short, the vehicle requirements for Uber Black or Uber Black SUV include:

  • Be 6-years-old or newer
  • Have a black exterior
  • Have black leather interior or vegan leather interior


We will never stop sharing with our readers how important your insurance coverage is if you make money through driving jobs.

As an Uber Black driver, it is essential that you are covered with commercial insurance.

Airport Permits

For example if you are a Uber Black driver in Los Angeles, you need to have a special permit to ensure Black rides at LAX. According to the various places and locations you will drive in, these measures may be slightly adapted.

Uber requires you to be a TCP driver. You can check out this tutorial on how to get a TCP permit.

Keep in mind that it costs $1000 for the TCP and $300 for the airport permit.

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Job Outlook for Uber Black Drivers

Uber Black drivers pick up and transport passengers and provide a comfortable, safe, and efficient driving experience.

While there are no standard educational requirements, the main demand is that you should be a good driver.

Pros And Cons Of Driving Uber Black

Some of the pros may be the very reasons someone chooses to drive with Uber Black. You can be your own boss, and often set your own working hours. The potential to earn more is also tempting, and for those who enjoy driving and meeting people, driving with Uber can be the right way to spend your workday.

However, making a living from ridesharing is only possible with hard work. In order to make the most out of it, you have to work during the peak times to optimize your earnings, and you also have to be an organized person in order to keep track of miles and other documents that will be helpful during tax times.

If you don’t drive, you don’t earn anything.

Uber Black Driver Duties

The following is a sampling of some of the duties a Black Driver might expect to take on during an average day:

  • Before starting to accept ride requests, drivers should complete a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of their car.
  • You should be able to make any minor repairs.
  • You should assist customers with getting into your car and help them with luggage.
  • You should drive the customer safely to their drop-off location.

In addition to your driving job and the other tasks requiring skills that make you a great driver, you are an independent worker and you should be able to hold a variety of duties outside of your role as a driver, some having to do with paperwork.

uber black pay

How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make?

The answer to “How much do Luxury Uber drivers make?” isn’t as simple as giving one dollar figure.

Indeed, very similar to regular Uber drivers, there is no minimum wage. The Uber Black pay structure factors in several variables: base fares, tips and other incentives.

The hourly rates are different depending on your city. An Uber Black in Las Vegas do not earn the same than an Uber Black in Nashville.

Uber’s pay structure is dynamic and flexible. It is calculated according to location, time during the day, and frequency of work. Earning may vary on a day-to-day basis depending on surge pricing.

Finally, Uber Black SUV earnings depend on the time spent on the road driving!

Of course, the more you drive, the higher your pay.

Uber provides “earnings estimates” instead of a set wage to help drivers identify their likely profits. These should be viewed strictly as projections. They are based on what other drivers working the same hours in the same location earned over the previous month.

Uber recently faced a driver shortage and increased rewards and incentives for existing and new drivers.

Uber Black drivers in Los Angeles CA earn approximately $33.70 per trip. (Keep in mind that personal driver salaries in Los Angeles begin at $30.00/hour + gratuity).

Uber Black drivers in Manhattan earn approximately $35.10 per trip.

Uber Black drivers in Dallas earn approximately $32.10 per trip.

Now that you know the average Uber black income for some major cities of the US, it is important to keep in mind that the wage will differ according to the location you are driving in and the time you are working, whether it is during peak hours or not.

How many rides can a black driver complete each hour? On average, Uber black drivers complete 2 rides each hour.

If you want to find out how much Uber black pays, you have to know that Uber Black driver rates vary by city.

It is important to note that some drivers only work on a part-time basis, but most work 30 hours per week.

Assuming that a typical Uber Black driver in Dallas works 30 hours per week, their weekly income will be $ 1,926 – amounting to a yearly total of $100, 152

Finally, if you want to find out how much do Uber premium drivers make in major cities of the US, You can take a look at our salary report with Uber Black hourly earnings.

How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make In Boston

Uber Black drivers in Boston make Uber Black drivers make an average of $22.55 per hour.

How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make In Chicago

Uber Black drivers in Boston make Uber Black drivers make an average of $28.65 per hour.

What Does It Take to Be Successful as an Uber Black Driver?

So, is Uber black profitable ? It can be one of the most profitable driving gigs. You can absolutely make money driving a Cadillac with Uber black. However, if you want to earn income as an Uber black driver, then you’re going to need more than just a luxury car to earn a great income.

Uber black drivers are more specifically professional chauffeurs. You are required to have a wide range of skills and qualities as they play a vital role in the day-to-day services.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

To be a successful Uber Black driver, another important consideration is customer service.

You should treat each customer with good manners and respect.

During the past year, new rideshare companies, such as Alto, were born. They are anti-Uber companies and offer clients all that they wouldn’t usually find with Uber: clean and scented space, and extra customer service. If you want to drive with Uber Black, this should be an example for you as it is the same type of service that is expected of you from your clients.

Dressed Well

Very similar to limousine drivers, dressing professionally is a very important aspect of your driving job.

Wearing a suit & tie and having a nice haircut indicate your dedication and commitment to provide a 5 star client experience.

If you like to wear jeans and a t-shirt and are looking for a job with less pressure on expectations, driving for UberX is probably the right choice for you.

Think as a Business Owner

It is important to always start with the right business mindset. You do not drive for Uber. You drive with Uber. Uber provides you with a platform and the tools for a successful driving job and you are your own boss.

The ultimate goal of every business is to make profit. Luxury drivers need to be very careful in watching their expenses, especially car expenses which can eat up a huge chunk of profits.

Take a look at our guide to find cheap gas and create a small business checking account.

UberX vs Uber Black Pay

It's clear that salary data shows that Uber Black pays more than UberX.

We took the example of the city of Los Angeles where UberX drivers earn approximately $12 per trip.

To have a clear idea you can also compare UberX and Uber Black rates in your city. Uber black rates are often almost 50% higher than UberX rates.

As we already said, Uber drivers earn from a combination of factors, including customer tips.

People booking Uber Black are not looking for a relaxing ride, but an extraordinary service.

You are more likely to get higher tips while driving for Uber Black.

How Much Do Uber Black Drivers Make

While driving a luxury car with Uber does provide a great opportunity to earn money working on your own schedule, there are many factors that will influence how much you will make as an Uber black dri...

Is Uber Black Worth It?

Driving with Uber Black can be financially rewarding.

Taking a look at the average salary data that we shared with you is an easy and quick way to find out your potential earnings.

However, the job is not easy. You should have excellent customer skills and be committed to it.

The overall customer satisfaction offered by a driver largely depends on how you behave with clients and how you present yourself with them. This will play a large role in their determination of your tips.

Finally, it is certainly worth it in large cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando or Dallas where you can make a fair wage due to the high demand of luxury rides and availability of rides.

Make Money Providing Luxury Rides

It's important to understand how much Uber black drivers make when considering to apply. Driving for Uber Black will make you more money especially if compared to UberX.

Finally, we can conclude that you can absolutely make money driving Uber Black and that driving Uber Black is worth it; especially if you follow our tips. If you meet all the requirements and are interested in signing up for Uber Black or Uber Black SUV, the final step is to schedule an appointment with the Greenlight Hub.


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