A Guide to Deliver with Uber Eats in 2024 (Car Requirements)
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uber eats car and vehicle requirements

Are you looking for a way to boost your income? Uber is one of the most popular rideshare apps worldwide, but the Uber Eats app includes options to order food delivery, grocery delivery and alcohol delivery (subject to location availability).

Delivering with Uber Eats is a great opportunity to make your own schedule and earn extra cash with a flexible side job. Here is a guide of all the car, vehicle and insurance requirements to deliver with Uber Eats.

Requirements to Deliver with Uber Eats

There are no complex driver requirements in order to deliver with Uber Eats. The sign-up process to become a delivery driver is FREE and 100% online. Very similar to the onboarding process to become a delivery driver with Postmates or a Dasher.

You do not have to schedule an orientation to become a delivery driver with Uber Eats.

Unlike regular independent drivers with Uber , 1 year of driving experience is not required for delivery drivers with Uber Eats. Finally, your main work tool will be the Uber driver app that you will use to:

  • Accept food delivery requests
  • Pick up and drop off the food order to the customer' s location
  • Cash out with Instant Pay (Terms apply)

Summary of Driver Requirements

  • Aged 19 years or older (18 years for bike delivery)
  • Own a smartphone (Apple or Android for the Uber Driver App)
  • Pass a background check. You will not be allowed to deliver food if the following are found on your records:
    • More than 3 moving violations in the past 3 years
    • Major violations in the past 3 years
    • DUIs or drug-related driving offenses in the last 7 years
    • Major infractions in the last 7 years
    • An insulated bag to promote food safety (Guide to courier gears )

Uber Eats is not a 'taxi service'. The Uber app connects hungry customers ordering food from their favorite restaurant with couriers. You can choose between different methods of transportation to make the deliveries (varies by location). Take a look at our complete guide to driver requirements with Uber Eats.

Are There Vehicle Requirements for Delivering with Uber Eats?

What you need is a 2-door or 4-door car 20 years old or newer.

You do not need to pass a vehicle inspection to deliver with Uber Eats. Finally if you do not have a vehicle and you are interested in leasing one, take a look at all the rental options, you may find how easy it is to deliver on the Uber app with a leased car.

Summary Car Requirements for Uber Eats [Update 2022]

Here is a list of all the vehicles authorized to make deliveries in the Uber Eats platform.

  • Bicycle
  • Scooter
  • Car (Uber Eats car requirements are simple – unlike driving with Uber or Lyft you don't need to schedule a vehicle inspection)
  • Truck (If you have a truck, take a look at our guides to Uber Freight and other truck driving opportunities )

Paperwork and Documents

In addition to the requirements, during the application process you have to provide some documents, including:

  • Valid driver’s license issued by the U.S. If you deliver on bike, you can provide a government-issued ID
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • In many markets, proof of residency is required

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Insurance Requirements

Uber Eats Insurance Requirements

After signing up for Uber Eats you will work as an independent contractor. The Uber Eats Terms Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you perform services on the Uber Platform. Very similar to Doordash insurance, providing and maintaining car insurance when delivering with Uber Eats is mandatory.

Does Uber Eats Have Insurance?

Delivery drivers shall maintain a personal auto insurance of the types and in the amounts required by law in the jurisdiction in which the contractor operates to perform the delivery services.

Uber maintains auto insurance on your behalf when you are making deliveries. If you think that insurance is expensive, learn more about the premium rate factors and how to find cheap insurance .

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Vehicle Requirements | List of Vehicle Types for Main Cities Where You Can Deliver with Uber Eats

The type of vehicle you can use changes from city to city. Requirements vary depending on whether you're driving a car or a scooter, or you're biking. When you become a delivery driver, you'll be prompted about which documents are required based on your mode of transportation.

Take a look at our guide and learn how to sign up to deliver with Uber Eats . Once you have signed up, you will work as an independent driver on the Uber Eats platform.

Uber Eats does not pay for gasoline or maintainance of your vehicle. Do not forget to use a mileage tracker app and save money on gas by using GetUpside, use fuel-efficient driving techniques and learn how to find free gas.

In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, you may make more money with all delivery driver promotions like Delivery Surge pricing, Boost and Quest (when available). Using a bike, your expenses are much lower compared to driving a car.

Where Can You Deliver with Uber Eats on Bike?

If you are interested in bike delivery, we suggest you consult our complete guide to delivering with Uber Eats on bike. Here is a list of some major cities where you can sign up to deliver with Uber Eats on a bike (this list may change over time):

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Columbus
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Hampton Roads
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • New Orleans
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Portland
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC

Car Requirements and Vehicles Review

Everything you need to know about car and vehicle requirements to deliver with Uber Eats. Do not forget to upgrade your insurance to delivery insurance if you drive your car.

Vehicle Requirements FAQ

Can You Deliver with Uber Eats with Someone Else's Car?

Yes, you can drive your friend's, family member's, someone else's car or even rent one for Uber Eats. The only condition is that you must be listed as an insured driver on the policy.

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How Old Can your Car Be for Uber Eats?

You car can be no older than 20 years old.

How to Change From Car to Bicycle?

If you want to switch your vehicle type, you should send a message to the Uber driver support. It's very important not to use a bike as long as you're set up as a scooter/car driver.

Will Uber Eats Pay a Ticket Violation? Like Parking Tickets or Regulatory ticket

Uber Eats do not pay ticket or other traffic violations received while picking up or dropping off deliveries. While delivering with the Uber Eats app, you are personally responsible for any violation of traffic laws.

To avoid tickets follow our tips:

  1. If you drive your car you can use the Uber Eats Lit Car Display. Use it whenever you leave your car unattended on a delivery. It can alert parking officials that you will be returning soon.
  2. Decline orders in areas where it is difficult to find a parking space. Let delivery bikers with Uber Eats accept the orders from these areas.
  3. Use a car phone mount.
  4. Drive safe and take your time.

Can you deliver Uber Eats on foot?

The Uber Eats platform does not allow walkers. Currently, Postmates by Uber Eats authorizes walking deliveries in a large number of cities. If you are interested in making deliveries on foot, take a look at our complete guide on vehicle requirements to deliver with Postmates.

Does My Vehicle Have to Pass a Car Inspection?

No, if you sign up just for delivery with Uber Eats, the vehicle inspection is not required. In general, there are no standards for vehicles on the Uber Eats platform besides the vehicle being a two-door-car or four-door-car. There is only an age requirement.

Uber does not have requirements on your car's age. In any case, to become a delivery driver with Uber Eats and start your food delivery gig, you are not even required to own a vehicle!

Does Uber Eats Pay for Gas?

Working for the food delivery app makes you an independent driver. You are responsible for your own vehicle, gas and maintenance. Uber Eats will not pay for the gas.

If you use your personal vehicle for business, you may be able to claim a deduction for the costs related to your business use of the car if you track your miles.

Basically, there are hidden costs to professional driving like:

  • gas
  • insurance
  • tolls
  • car payments and maintenance

Fortunately, you can reduce your taxable income by claiming certain tax deductions.

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Get Started with Uber Eats

Join Uber Eats’ passionate community of delivery drivers. They are currently delivering in over 6000 cities across 45 coutries. The requirements to become a delivery driver are not complex, especially the vehicle requirements. Finally, driving with Uber Eats is a good opportunity to make extra money and can even be more lucrative if you ride a bike or a scooter.

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