Uber Luggage: Capacity Guide + Uber Luggage Policy & Restrictions

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Getting An Uber With The Right Luggage Space

uber luggage

It is rare to travel without luggage! Handbag, backpack, suitcase with wheels in fabric or with a rigid shell, sports bag, laptop bag ... Our luggage can take on different appearances and various formats. Are they all accepted in Uber rides? How many of your hard shell suitcases can you store in the trunk of Uber cars?

I’m sure you do not want to be picked up by a driver and find out that you won't be able to store your luggage in the trunk of the car and need to go request a bigger Uber SUV. Whether you need to take an Uber with luggage in New York, in Singapore or San Francisco, or you want to request a long distance Uber ride, in this article you will discover everything you need to know!

Uber Luggage Policy

Let's start with the basics! Rideshare services are right now more popular than taxis services, but what is the luggage policy? Uber, very similarly to Lyft luggage rules, allows each of their passengers to travel with luggage. The transport of this luggage must be done free of charge by your Uber driver: Traveling with luggage is quite normal, so there is no question that you pay anything extra!

If you need more cargo carrying capacity for your car, there are a lot of practical options out there for you. What can you do while you are traveling? Uber cars are not equipped with car luggage carriers, but the size of the trunk should be taken into consideration before making your choice.

Carrying lots of luggage during a trip can be a problem for your ride and flight. Every airplane company has different carry on bag dimensions and regulations regarding the number of bags you can have. Luggage too big for an airline can require an additional fee. Sometimes I think we must be ”Guru Luggage” while travelling.

We must not forget that cars have a space constraint... Their trunk space is not extendable! So, if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you will probably have to think about the type of car you should book before requesting a ride with the Uber app, according to the number of bags you have and their size as well as the number of people you are traveling with.

And if you really have too many large suitcases with you, not all Uber cars will be able to take you. You will therefore have to target those who have a trunk with a greater capacity. To avoid hanging around for too long while waiting for a vehicle of the right size to tip its nose to pick you up on board, remember you can make a reservation! This will allow some ridesharing companies specialized in airport transfers to send you a suitable vehicle, depending on the number of suitcases you have.

Finally, when you have to choose between Uber or taxi, this is an important factor to keep in consideration. Indeed, often traveling by taxi you are charged with a per baggage fee. Baggage charges are on top of your fare.

So, is the trunk big enough to carry the whole family’s luggage?

Here is a detail for all the types of Uber rides you can choose from on the app and how many passengers (not including the driver) the car can hold and how many suitcases/pieces of luggage will fit in the trunk of the car.

Uber X Luggage Capacity

Does UberX take luggage? UberX cars are the low-cost Uber service for up to 4 riders. A trunk of an UbeX car can accommodate 2 or 3 small carryon rolling suitcase. Depending on the number of passengers traveling, you can also fit inside the car:

  • a standard size luggage (a small suitcase or a "classic" bag)
  • and hand baggage (handbag or backpack, for example)

Take a look at our complete guide to UberX.

Uber XL Luggage Capacity

Uber XL is the inexpensive Uber ride for up to 6 passengers. With these large cars you travel in comfort, whether you are 5, 6 or 7 people. So, what size of Uber should I take with 2 luggages?

If you are taking Uber with luggage, our first suggestion will be: search for a larger vehicle, in particular an Uber XL or a Lyft XL, if you are a Lyft user.

As we said, the Uber XL capacity is for up to 6 people. Now, I wonder what your question probably is: how much luggage I can fit in the "Uber XL rides".

It depends on the number of people. Trunk space is also very important; many sedans and mid-size sedans are equipped with folding seats that allow you to fold the seats down and expand the space for the bagages. If you are traveling with a large amount of luggage, the number of seats available in the car will be lowered since the driver will have to fold the back seats to fit all bags.

Uber Black, Uber Lux, Uber Premier, UberSelect Luggage Capacity

These are also the premium options available in the Uber App with trunk space for 2-3 large suitcases or 3-4 medium/small suitcases. If you have fewer passengers you could also fit extra luggage in the cab.

However, we do not suggest you take an Uber black , especially if you are traveling from or to the airport. These kinds of luxury SUVs have professional drivers and are a great fit for business or date night, not as much for going to the airport.

For more details on the different Uber rides types, we suggest you consult our guide to Uber vehicles.

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Bulky items

Are you traveling with bulky items? Note that they are not considered baggage if they cannot be carried by hand. They will therefore not necessarily be accepted in Uber.

As master on board, it is up to the driver to decide whether or not to accept your bulky items in his vehicle. And they will systematically refuse objects that can:

  • leave a bad smell to the vehicle
  • dirty or mess up the car
  • damage the benches or floor mats

No need to insist: it is generally an instruction given to him by the rideshare company for which he works. The driver therefore has little room to satisfy you in these cases.

Also, be aware that the driver is not required to load and unload bulky items. It's up to you to organize your departure and arrival, to hold your bulky items in the vehicle and make sure you can hold and transport all your bags and items, without bothering anything or anyone.

Our suggestion is to consult our guide to Uber for moving and take a look at other services like roadie, dispatchit or Uber Freight ….

are uber drivers supposed to help with luggage

Are Uber Drivers Supposed to Help with Luggage

An Uber driver must be courteous but does not have to put your luggage (or help you put it) in the trunk of his vehicle.

In many occasions, they load and unload all (or almost all) of our customers' luggage for 3 reasons:

  1. Out of courtesy
  2. To maximize their earnings driving with Uber (The the most generous customers leave a tip)
  3. The third reason is given by fear of damaging the car. We are often afraid that by taking out the suitcase or their belongings from the trunk, the rider will scratch the threshold of the trunk or the bumper by pulling the suitcase rather than by lifting it.

Keep in mind that if you dammage the car of the Uber driver, you may also pay a dammage fee up to $250 based on the extent and nature of the damage.

If you are traveling with your family and with kids, we gathered some important questions and gave you answers...

Does Uber Have Car Seats?

Uber offers car seat rides with UberX vehicles, however the Uber family / car seat option is available only in New York city. In the United States, car seat safety laws for ride sharing services vary by state which can be confusing, especially when traveling to different states. Make sure to get informed about them before calling an Uber.

Uber partners with IMMI Go car seats. The facing car seats are used for children who are at least 1 year old and are between 22 and 48 pounds and 31 and 52 inches. However, the child seat is not approved for use in Canada and other countries including Europe, which have ECE requirements for child seats.

The best car seat is the one that fits your child's weight, size, and age. If your child is younger than this, bringing your own car seat will be the only solution. A surcharge of $10 will be included in the upfront pricing when the option for a car seat is selected in the apps. We suggest you take a look at our guide to Uber rates.

Child safety should be your priority. You can buy travel booster seats for toddlers that are inflatable and small, and always ensure to install your car seat with a proper installation. The law is less relevant than protecting those fragile little travelers. Safety should always come first.

👀 Learn more about safety. Keep your account secure and change your password and avoid other scams.

Carry The Lessons Not The Luggage

Now you have a clearer view on what you can store in all the Uber rides and you can pick the right size of car for your next Uber ride. If you are a Lyft rider, you must know that the luggage policy is the same. Uber is a kid-friendly company that offers the car seat option only in NYC, in other states or locations we recommend you bring your own car seat to ensure the safety of your child. Finally, we suggest you consult our guide to the different types of rides with Lyft. You can also check other rental a car options if you do not want to ride with Uber.

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