Is Driving for Uber Worth it? 7 Things to Know Before Start Driving (Pay,Salary…)

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In a survey of rideshare drivers, two reasons for driving with Uber dominate all others: supplement your current income or be your own boss full-time or part-time. But as the hidden costs to professional driving rise, gig workers may wonder whether Uber is worth it.

At Bestreferraldriver we are workers of the sharing economy. Being an Uber driver is one of our gigs. Keep reading and we will provide you our honest review. In this article we will explore the income potential for an Uber driver and we will share everything you have to know about this driving job including the pay, salary and hidden costs.

1. Working For Uber

Uber is a good job for some side money. It is one of the great weekend only part time jobs you can find out there. So, how does Uber work for drivers? Once a user requests a ride and pays for it with a digital wallet, the ride request will pop up in your driver app. At this point you can choose to accept it or pass on it.

Driving for Uber you can provide shared rides, health rides and even long distance trips.

The pick up is fast and easy. The great advantage for drivers and couriers is that you get to see and drive to different parts of the town.

Making money driving is a convenient way for the 5 million drivers out there to make money with one of the jobs you can attain without degrees. Uber welcomes interested individuals from an array of industries and backgrounds such as a courier, driver, truck driver, professional driver, taxi driver, food delivery driver.

You only need a driver’s licence! If you want to learn more, we suggest you consult our guide to driver requirements.

As for the vehicle, you do not need one to start making money driving with Uber.

Finally, we suggest you read carefully all of the terms and conditions in your agreement. Uber changes the rules frequently, so you must be up to date to avoid a violation of the terms of service and losing your ability to operate as a driver through the app.

2. List of the Pros and Cons of Uber Driving Jobs

Is the grass greener in the world of the side hustles? It’s a question that many of us may be asking ourselves, particularly with the growth of the gig-economy.

While the company is still running during the pandemic, something changed after the Uber IPO.

What are the main attractions for driving with Uber?

  • Set your own: Your working hours can fit around other commitments.
  • Earn more with delivery: You can switch and start earning money delivering food. The Uber driver app can send you ride and delivery requests. You only have to accept what is most convenient for you. Keep in mind that you have to pay charges on your earnings .
  • Get paid instantly: It is one of the apps that let you get paid the same day. Thanks to Uber Money drivers and couriers will have real-time access to their earnings after every trip with instant payments.

What are the disadvantages of working with Uber?

  • Drivers must upgrade their personal auto insurance to commercial rideshare insurance. Learn how to find cheap insurance.
  • A lot of wear-and-tear on your vehicle
  • The lack of support. You can feel a sense of frustration and loneliness while trying to talk with a member of the driver support team

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3. Is It Safe To Be An Uber Driver?

Is driving Uber dangerous? The San Francisco latest news recently reported the attack on an Uber driver made by two women following a mask dispute.

In these strange and uncertain times, you may be wondering how safe that actually is to drive a stranger in your car.

While we have to undergo continuous background checks to ensure the safety of riders, life as an Uber driver is more dangerous than most.

This is the downside of the Uber driver job. Not only do you have to pay attention to the others on the road, you’re picking up customers off the street and trusting them in your vehicle.

Operating rideshare driving, you will not deal with cash. Users pay for their ride directly from the app by using their credit or debit card or their digital Uber wallet. The risk of being robbed is minimized.

In addition, the Uber app uses vehicle tracking devices, such as global positioning systems (GPS), so you can be located if you need help. Other safety features include:

  • The 2-way ratings
  • The phone anonymization
  • The emergency assistance button

However, if you are looking for safety tips, we suggest you equip your vehicle with safety measures. For example, install and maintain a security dash camera . Dashcam are not only useful for recording potential accidents. People are much more likely to be on their best behavior when they know you have a dashcam in your car. Take a look at our guide with the best dash cams for rideshare drivers.

In addition, when you prepare yourself with car safety knowledge you should be aware of things to keep in your car. That includes a car flashlight.

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4. How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

how is the uber driver salary calculate

Rideshare drivers are 1099 independent contractors. That means that they earn all of their income when they drive. You will not receive benefits such as health Insurance, vacation and time off or retirement benefits after working for the company.

Generally speaking, when a person makes and pays for a ride with the Uber app, Uber pays a commission on the ride’s price to the driver.

There are no official statistics about the drivers earnings. And Uber doesn’t list the payout information by market on their website. So, it is difficult to find out payout rates for your city.

Despite this lack of transparency, BestReferralDriver is a long trusted Uber Blog, so we will give you all the information you need to choose the best side hustle for you.

Basically, how much money you are going to make on Uber depends on your location, and how much time you are going to invest in it.

More precisely, according to the Uber app, what you are paid for a given ride depends on

  • The driving distance
  • The time
  • The eventual bonus

There is no fixed salary. Uber’s rates may vary by city, region, and time.

Here are some important thing you should know:

  • You make money based on the number of rides you provide.
  • The San Francisco headquartered company provides the estimated amount of earnings for every ride before you accept it.
  • Uber will not pay you for the distance from you to the pick up location. A smart driver avoid to accept pickups when they are often farther away
  • Uber doesn’t withhold taxes from earnings. You have to make estimated quarterly tax payments. Take a look at our complete guide to Lyft and Uber Taxes.

So, how much does Uber pay? We compared the average hourly earnings of our team that include drivers from California, Texas, Illinois and Washington.

The average of our hourly pay was $16.33.

Being our San Francisco member the highest paid Uber driver with an average hourly earnings of $24.16.

If you’re considering becoming an Uber Black driver, take a look at our article to find out how much money Uber Black drivers make (we piblished real earnings).

Does Uber Pay for Gas?

Drivers need to pay for their own expenses including gas and car maintenance. You have to take care of your vehicle because every year it must pass the 19-points vehicle inspection.

If your idea is not to find a hobby because you get bored at home, but you want to really make a lucrative side hustle, keep reading what I have to say to you.

To make your side hustle profitable, you must be able to identify how you can spend less.

Fuel economy cars are always the best choice. This is one of the things you should consider when choosing your next side hustle.

If your car gets bad gas mileage, you can probably find a most profitable side hustle. Take a look at our guide of the online jobs and find apps that pay you to walk.

If finally you want to cut your gas expenses, you can get cash back on gas by using Getupside or find alternative ways to get cheap gas.

📌 Uber is offering rewards and incentives to new drivers. Sign up using the link in this page.

5. The Best Car To Drive For Uber

In addition to what we said about the Uber pay, you should know that Uber driver salary depends on the type of car driven. Working as an Uber driver with a luxury car will be paid differently than a normal car you see swarming the city streets on any given day.

The minimum fare you make for a XL goes up quicker compared to UberX. In addition with Uber XL you generally get a better quality of clients that tip better than UberX riders.

According to the U.S. News and World Report the list of the best cars for Uber and Lyft Drivers in 2020 includes:

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid version
  2. Toyota Camry
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Honda Accord Hybrid version
  5. Honda Accord
  6. Mazda6
  7. Ford Fusion
  8. Honda Insight
  9. Ford Fusion Hybrid version
  10. Volkswagen Jetta
  11. Subaru Legacy
  12. Subaru Impreza

So, is Uber profitable for drivers? Even if you do not have the right car, by using our money gas saving tips and keeping a diligent track of your miles, you can boost your driving income.

Indeed as a rideshare driver, your biggest tax deductions will be the costs related to your car.

6. Time is Money

Benjamin Franklin said: Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both. Now that you know how the Uber driver pay works, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying to you.

Uber drivers are also airport drivers since the ground transportation service provides transferts from and to the airports.

So, is the long line at the pick up area of the airports worth it? Generally on airport trips, drivers can have higher fares. However the advantage of the higher earnings may become less attractive depending on the time it takes to wait for a rider pickup.

Deadhead time and the whole experience at the airports may be frustrating for drivers when the number of vehicles waiting exceeds the waiting lot’s optimal capacity.

Many airports have specific requirements about where riders can be picked up by vehicles on the Uber platform. Uber suggests their customers to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area and be ready to step outside before requesting pickup.

Our suggestion is to make sure that you are coming in at a time where passenger demand is high and driver supply is moderate.

So, do you need to pay for an app to check the right time to come to the airport? NO, there are so many free apps to check airport delay status, flight arrivals and flight departures.

Furthermore, keep in mind that professional drivers combine different gigs to maximize their earnings. Most experienced rideshare drivers work for Uber and Lyft at the same time.

Roadie and Dispatchit are the best side hustles that will help you avoid deadhead miles even at the airport.

The rideshare company will not pay you for the time you are stuck on the traffic and one of the main factors to consider if you want to know how much do Uber drivers make per ride is the time of day you will be driving and whether there is surge pricing.

Indeed, while Uber runs 24/7 an effective way to increase your earnings is to work during the peak hours.

7. Good Drivers Get Rewarded

Good drivers get rewarded from Uber and from customers.

Uber Pro

Each month, drivers will have the opportunity to earn cash rewards by completing a certain number of rides. These rewards are on top of what you already earn with each ride and delivery.


Excellence in customer service is always rewarded with success. Riders may leave tips. Ah example: You can earn more money by helping riders with their luggage.

Start Driving With Uber Ride Share

For most side hustlers, Uber is worth it. But alternatives to driving with Uber are on the rise. Finally how much is Uber worth depends from your ability to be a successful driver.

Your earnings are a result of smart work and strategies to save money.

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