Is Uber Running During The Coronavirus Pandemic? A Guide To Uber Business in 2022

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is uber running during the coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all aspects of our lives and upset the economy of all the world. The effects of COVID-19 are being felt across the transportation sector. Planes are grounded, according to Airlines for America (A4A) the U.S. airlines have been forced to park more than 3,000 planes nationwide. The airports are empty and the public transport deserted. With the homeschooling and home office, we have learned a new way to live.

Even if we do not do exotic vacations, we still need a ride for a medical appointment or other reasons. So, is Uber still running? Keep reading and learn more about it and the impact of Coronavirus on the giant technology company.

Is Uber Still Operating?

Uber is an american company. Uber technologies was founded in March 2009. In 2019 the CNBC rated Uber as the #2 “Disruptor” company. With the Disruptor 50 list, CNBC identifies private companies whose breakthroughs are influencing business and market.

Today the company is available in many cities and 69 countries around the world including Italy and France and it is not only a ride-hailing app. Its services include food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation , grcery delivery and e-bike rental through a partnership with Lime.

While the world seems to have stopped, the lockdown due to the coronavirus does not prevent people from having fun without leaving their homes since they were prohibited from going to restaurants.

During the lockdown, Uber's revenue related to food deliveries - better known as UberEats- exceeded that of passenger transport.

As for Uber Freight, the on demand service which matches truckers and shippers saw revenue rise 43 percent to $313 million in the final quarter of 2020.

In February 2021 Uber announced the results for the fourth quarter and the full year 2020. All other indicators have turned red. However, the company said that while the ride sharing services were down 52 percent from a year earlier, its delivery operations saw a revenue jump of 224 percent.

Today, the company is still suffering from the pandemic. However the Gross Bookings grew 16% quarter-over-quarter (“QoQ”) to $17.2 billion. Today, Uber is working and rides are available to be booked. Even if a lot of rideshare drivers are starting to ask themself if it is worth driving with Uber.

Drivers providing you the car service are working toward making a living. We suggest you support them by tipping.

Uber Hours

With their ride hailing business Uber provides safety rides 24 7. Drivers are independent contractors and choose their own hours.

So, how late will Uber pick you up? Uber and Lyft run all night. You can open your Uber app and start planning your trip by requesting a ride, choosing your pick up location and your destination. If there is a driver available you will be matched.

Safety is a priority for the rideshare company, drivers are screened through continuous background checks . Always for safety reasons, partners are limited to around 12 hours per day. Take a look at our ultimate Uber and Lyft safety guide.

UberEats Hours

Uber Eats like other food delivery services, is not really a 24/7 delivery service. It operates by the hours that the affiliated restaurants are open, and offering food.

How Many Uber Drivers Are There?

According to official Uber Statistics there are 5 million Uber drivers. As for the employees after the lay off of 3,700 of its customer support and recruiting teams, there are over 22,000 employees at Uber.

Other Uber Statistics

  • Number of daily rides: 18.7 million trips per day on average Q1 2020
  • Uber US Market Share: 68% (Statista)
  • Most Popular Uber Cities: Washington DC, San Jose, San Diego

What To Do If You Order An Uber And It Says No Cars Available?

The San Francisco-based firm is committed to provide a 24 hours service and offers incentives to 1099 drivers for going online at night.

So, is there always an Uber available? The answer is NO.

It can happen that there are no drivers available to pick you up.

This can happen for different reasons:

1. Uber is not working

You can have a doubt and start thinking that Uber is close. However, if you are experiencing issues, the app is not working or keeps crashing, we suggest you consult our guide to downdetector.

2. Your Rating Is Low

As you probably know, at the end of every ride, drivers and riders rate each other. I had an interesting conversation with an Uber partner once. He told me that my rating was great and that drivers on the platform are used to refuse riders with a bad rating.

You should always take a look at your user rating and follow all the rules including the smoking rules.

3. There is No Uber Available Around You

Sometimes it’s possible that there are no partner drivers available. Keep in mind that most of them work part-time, logging in occasionally, others are waiting for a hypothetical client from their home. Above all, a third of drivers are no longer driving and switched to similar driving jobs.

If cars are unavailable, and you need a ride we suggest you one of these tips:

  • Wait a couple of minutes and try again
  • Change the vehicle type
  • Set up a scheduled pickup
  • Try to find a Lyft ride

Will Uber Survive?

On November 3, Californians voted on Proposition 22. Proposition 22, a ballot measure that allows gig economy companies to continue treating drivers as independent contractors was adopted with 58% of the vote.

In the turmoil of the American elections, this compromise reached by Uber, Lyft and other gig-economy companies allows them to find calm, after the legal storm that had been slaughtered on them in May 2020. A new law, AB5 or Assembly Bill 5, then brought about the status of independent drivers and delivery people, a whole panoply of rights and benefits available to them under labor law: minimum wage, sick pay, unemployment insurance and healthcare, paid leave …

Clearly, Proposition 22 now exempts the two companies from complying with one of the laws of the state of California, AB5, requiring them to classify their workers operating in California as employees.

The lockdown has nevertheless benefited home deliveries, mainly meals. This segment of the Uber business doubled its revenue in the second half of the year to $ 1.2 billion.

The Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi assured during a conference call to analysts. He said: As for the car service, we are still far from the pre-pandemic level. But "When travel restrictions lift we know the mobility trips rebound. If restrictions continue or need to be re-imposed our delivery business will compensate”.

In addition to Uber Eats, the platform bought the Postmates delivery app in early July for $ 2.65 billion. It thus offers itself a greater choice of restaurants and merchants and is strengthened a little more. It is also embarking on grocery deliveries, a booming market, with its new subsidiary Cornershop. “Consumers quickly got used to the magic of seeing any product arrive at their doorstep within half an hour, like the magic of the car arriving in front of their house in minutes,” noted Dara Khosrowshahi.

Uber's continued expansion into alcohol and grocery delivery. The San Francisco based company has agreed to buy alcohol delivery service Drizly for $1.1 billion.

Uber is therefore trying to renew itself and find new sources of income. But that hasn't stopped it from laying off about a quarter of its employees in the spring and shutting down operations in many countries to save money.

Uber Coronavirus Safety Guidance

The company is working to provide drivers with disinfectants to keep their cars clean. They prioritize distribution to drivers in the cities that need it most. Of course, everyone who uses Uber must follow the advice of public health authorities.

In addition, the company outlines the rules and guidelines to help to prevent the spread of the covid in their website. These safety rules must be followed by riders and drivers. Your account can also be deactivated permanently if you do not follow them.

  • Face mask is required
  • Cover your mouth and nose
  • Wash your hands before and after the ride
  • If you are unwell, stay home and keep your distance from others.

On a sad note, the face covering is mandatory for riders and drivers, however we recently saw a ‘Cancellation Scam’. This unfortunately happened to me.

Some untrustworthy and unprofessional drivers are accepting rides and after cancelling them pretending the rider doesn’t wear a face mask in order to avoid cancellation fees.

At Bestreferraldriver we are committed to help our readers beware of any kind of scams and improve their security in our digital word.

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General FAQ

Why is Uber so expensive right now?

One of the biggest advantages of using Uber instead of Taxi cab services is the upfront pricing. You can easily get a fare estimate of your ride.

However, Uber prices are dynamic, this means that for the same ride you can pay a different tarif.

When there are a lot of people requesting rides and not so many drivers, your ride will be more expensive and partners earn more.

Recently, rideshare drivers have become accidental delivery workers.

Is Uber still working?

Uber is still in business today. The company is committed to provide safety for riders and drivers during COVID-19. To be sure to find a driver available, we suggest you schedule your ride in advance.

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