Uber Paris: How to Get Around the City Using Uber

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is there uber in paris

Whether it is a tourist trip to discover the city or a quick stopover for a personal or professional event, I offer you all the great tips for getting around Paris. The city has a very important public transport network. Whether it's rail or road transport, you will always find a solution. There are more than 257 RER stations in Paris. Thanks to the metro, bus, tram and Transilien, it is possible to do without a car in the capital. To make your journeys easier you can consult the official Paris metro map.

Indeed, with the difficulty of driving and finding parking in such a crowded and big city, you might as well take public transport in Paris. I therefore offer you a complete guide so that you can find your way around easily and ensure that you pick the right option for getting around in the city.

Also remember that the main means of transportation that you will certainly use during your stay in Paris is your feet! So it all starts with providing good shoes. However, the weather in Paris is not always guaranteed to be nice year-round, like in the South of France, especially during Christmas holidays, so be ready to walk in rain and cold conditions if you choose this transportation method.

Between huge distances and intense traffic, those who live in the capital would often prefer not to have to take their own car. In addition, as in all big cities, taking a bus in Paris is a little bit more complicated than taking the metros. A valid and economic alternative is the car sharing and ridesharing apps, especially if you want to explore Paris by night.

There is no mention of taking taxi rides in Paris, except for very strict necessity. Fares are too high and exorbitant amounts are spent to get around by taxi from one part of the city to the other. Getting a taxi in Paris is easy. Taxi ranks are available almost everywhere. However, most of the time, the only available paying method is cash because not all taxi drivers accept credit cards in their cab.

Abroad, the most popular alternative to regular taxis Parisiens is the Uber app. Is the service available in Paris? If so, how much does it cost and what must be done to use it?

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Is There Uber in Paris? Getting Around Paris with Uber

Is there Uber in Paris? Yes! You can use Uber in Paris and it is the best alternative to Taxi Parisians. Learn how Uber work in Paris #uberParis #isThereUberInParis #uberInParis

About Uber in France

The entrance to Uber had a tidal wave on Paris taxis. The American company offered new services at a bargain price that forced them to either adopt them or find new alternatives.

Taxi drivers in Paris say Uber's prices are not transparent. Uber users pay dynamic rates and the surge pricing pushes prices up according to supply and demands. Thus, the prices of the races are very likely to change on the same day, depending on the hour of the day. Uber in France is growing fast and currently operates in more than 20 cities and regions in France, including Essonne, Cannes, and Lyon.

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Using Uber in Paris and in France

A common question is what uber app should i get? If it is your first time using Uber, do not forget to use our promo code to receive free credit. For more savings, download Ibotta app and get $1 cash back on every ride.

You can use your Uber app that you downloaded in your country of origin and you do not need to download it again! If you use another phone number, Uber will send you a new text code. You can request a ride with a few taps on your phone.The Scheduled Rides feature is also available and you can use it to book and Uber to CDG early morning. Learn more about pre booked rides.

Many people, including locals, use it and many cars are available at any time during the day and night. You will not encounter trouble in finding ride availability.

There are a lot of things to visit in Paris. The most common destinations are:

In the United States all partners must display Uber trade decal on their vehicle while online. In France all the vehicles driving with Uber have a decal VTC.

The good practices to recognize your driver and the car are the same all over the world:

  • Check that the car color and model matches the one on your app.
  • Identify the registration plate.
  • Confirm your driver’s name and photo upon entering the vehicle.
vehicle offered by uber in Paris

Vehicles Offered By Uber In Paris

Uber offers a wide range of vehicles adapted to your needs. In Paris you can easily request an Uber Green. However, due to covid pandemic all the shared rides such as Uber Pool are suspended. For more details you can check our guide to Uber vehicles. In addition if you are taking Uber with luggage or large suitcases, we suggest you take a look at our detailed guide. It is important that you choose the right ride, or else you may encounter difficulties and might end up having to schedule a new one.

Here are the vehicles you can find in Paris:

Cab Sedan

Uber X

The UberX range consists of comfortable and economical sedan type vehicles (some examples include the Citroën C5 and the Peugeot 508)

  • 4 passengers max
  • 3 hold baggages max
  • Price: 1.05 € / km + 0.30 € / min (excluding surge price)


Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is made up of top-of-the-range Mercedes class E vehicles.

  • 4 passengers max
  • 3 hold baggages max
  • Price: 1.55 € / km + 0.50 € / min (excluding surge pricing)


Uber Van offers allow you to travel with up to 7 passengers in the best conditions of comfort.

  • 6 passengers max
  • 7 hold baggages max
  • Price: 1.55 € / km + 0.50 € / min (excluding surcharge).

So, if you are looking to book a 6 seater car in the Uber app , the Uber Van is the right car for you.

Uber Copter

In the French Riviera, Uber is not only cars and vans. Especially during biggest events such as the Festival the Cannes, you can choose the Uber Helicopter option directly from the app.

What is Uber Cityscoot

In October 2019 Uber started a partnership with Cityscoot, an electric scooter sharing service. After the hybrid bikes, regular bikes and electric scooters by Jump, with the Uber application you can now find and rent more than 4,000 self-service electric scooters from Cityscoot.

It is possible to locate the white and blue scooters of the French start-up on the Uber app, to reserve them and even to pay for the use of Cityscoot, at the usual rate of 0.29 € euro per minute. No need for the Cityscoot app to make this trip.

If you were looking for a cityscoot promo code, you can take a look at our guide to Uber codes.

💡 Pro Tip: It is impossible to walk 10 meters in Paris without being overtaken by the new fashionable device: an electric scooter or ‘trottinette électrique’. They are now found all around the city and are gaining in popularity. Take a look at our guide to Lime Scooters.

Is Uber Safe in Paris?

Uber is a safe company. However, determining whether an Uber ride is safe depends, to some extent, the screening requirements , the specific profile of the driver, and the condition of the car.

Becoming an Uber driver in Paris is not an easy process. First of all, to become an Uber taxi driver, you must be recognized as a VTC (Voiture de Tourisme avec chauffeur = private chauffeur services that are not affiliated with taxi companies) professional driver before obtaining a second authorization from Uber to use the platform.

The Uber driver application process in France requires 4 major steps:

  • Obtain the professional VTC card and a registration in the VTC register
  • Create a company and register it with the Chamber of Trades
  • Have your vehicle approved by Uber - if you do not have an Uber vehicle, it is possible to rent one.
  • Take a Pro insurance

RER Train vs Taxi vs Uber

Here is a complete faq cdg to Paris and vice versa.

For a trip to or from Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports, you will not have any unpleasant surprises since prices are fixed flat rate all year round. In addition, airports are now equipped with terminals specifically designated to individuals who wish to call for a taxi. For other Paris taxi rates, you can consult the taxi fare calculator.

Find below the rate for a taxi ride
from Paris airports Charles De Gaulle to Paris:
Airport Paris rive gauche (left bank) Paris rive droite(right bank)
Roissy CDG Airport 58€ 53€
Orly Airport 32€ 37€

You can take a look at our taxi fare calculator. However, if you are looking for a cheap ride to the airport, the cheapest way, but not the quickest, to go from the airport to Paris is to take the Réseau Express Régional (RER).

In Paris there are three major train stations:

  1. Gare de l'Est, (East Station)
  2. Gare du Nord (or Paris Nord)
  3. Paris Gare de Lyon ( It is one of the busiest stations in France and Europe)

The RER B train from Roissy airport to Paris runs north-south through the center of Paris, with many going from CDG to Gare du Nord. This can be a good option, especially if you are not crowded with luggage.

How to get an Uber Estimate in Paris?

How expensive is Uber? Whether you are using Uber from CDG to Paris or for late night trips, you have the opportunity to choose the vehicles that you prefer and get an Uber estimate.

To have an idea of what Uber costs per km, you can take a look at our Uber fare guide to get an idea of how much it will cost you to get to your final destination in Paris. .

Finally, tipping isn't required, but you can do it directly from the app.

other transportation apps in paris

Other Transportation Apps and Taxi France

Here is a list of other car services or ride hailing apps in Paris.


It is a local ride-sharing platform. The app is available in ios and android. Heetch operates in 9 cities in France which are:

  • Paris
  • Lille
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
  • Strasbourg
  • Nantes
  • Bordeaux
  • Nice

They also operate in Belgium (Brussels), Morocco, (Casablanca and Marrakech) and since April in Côte d'Ivoire. Hitch is growing fast and expanding to other African countries.


It is a local ride-hailing app and the main competitor of Uber in Paris. The app is available in ios and android

Taxis G7

It is the leading taxi platform in Europe and one of the taxi apps in France with nearly 9,000 taxis in Paris alone. In 2017, it acquired the famous company “Les Taxis Bleus” to fight against Uber.

With its various cars, taxi g7 targets a wide clientele ranging from families to businessmen, casual as well as regulars. It is the best deal cab car service in Paris.

Thanks to the mobile app, you can follow your driver in real time until his arrival, and even pay for your journey directly through the app.

The rides offered by the company are diverse and varied:

  • G7: simple and inexpensive, recommended for an occasional trip.
  • G7 Green: implemented since 2007, it is a range reserved for hybrid and 100% electric taxis to make a more environmentally friendly journey.
  • G7 Van: a van accommodating up to 7 people, perfect for families and for transporting large luggage.
  • G7 VIP: Mercedes or Audi sedans for a luxury and discreet journey.
  • G7 Shared: share a taxi with other passengers at stations and airports to share the cost of the ride. Please note, this service is only accessible by reservation in advance.

With the exception of the "G7" and "G7 Shared" range, all taxis have an on-board wifi network.

You can book your G7 by calling the phone number + 33 891 70 10 10 (0.45€/mn, service in French only) or you can download the G7 app available for download on iOS or Android.


For inter-city commutes or if you want to travel cheap around Europe, take a look at BlaBlaCar the carpool app.

Driving In Paris

If the idea of driving in Paris does not intimidate you, you can also take a look at cheap car rentals like Turo or Gateround.

Basic French Words and Phrases for Your Trip to France

  • Bonjour – “Hello”
  • Où sont les toilettes? – “Where are the toilets?”
  • C'est combien? – “How much is it?”
  • S'il vous plaît / s'il te plaît – “Please”
  • Je ne comprends pas – “I don’t understand”
  • Excusez-moi – “Excuse me”
  • Pardon – “Sorry”
  • Où se trouve la station de métro la plus proche? – “Where is the closest metro station?”

Uber in Paris FAQ

Is There Lyft in Paris?

No, Lyft has not entered the french market yet, for the same reasons Uber is struggling to be as pervasive as in other countries.

Do Uber Drivers in Paris Speak English

You can find some Uber drivers speaking English in Paris. However you will not be able to choose your driver, so their language capability is not guaranteed.

Can I order food online with UberEats in Paris?

Yes, UberEats is one of the most appreciated online food delivery services in France offering a wide range of options. You can even order alcohol and groceries with the app. Bike messangers are everywhere! Save money with our coupon, get $0 delivery fees with the Uber Eats Pass and using the pickup option .For more savings, download the Ibotta app.

How Can I Recognize an Official Taxi in Paris?

If you want to hail a cab, you should know that Parisien taxis are not identifiable by their color but by a taxi sign, a light sign marked "taxi", placed on the roof. A plate indicating the license number fixed on the front right wing, a professional driver's card to the left of the windshield, underlines the CSAT. Inside, they have an odometer and a sticker reminiscent of the price list.

Is There A Shuttle From CDG To ORY?

Getting from CDG to ORY is not complicated. You can use the shuttle service or take an Uber in Charles de Gaulle to get to your next destination.

Do Taxis In Paris Take Credit Cards

A taxi cab in Paris does not have the right to refuse the credit card, however some taxis still do not accept it. Some do not have the option, so you must pay in cash. Make sure to ask in advance before booking a taxi, in order to avoid complications.

How Much Is An Uber From Paris Airport To The Eiffel Tower

From CDG, Uber will likely cost around €35-€70, depending on traffic.

From Orly, Uber will likely cost around €20-€50, depending on traffic.

How Does Charles de Gaulle Uber Pickup Work?

For the moment, at Charles de Gaulle there isn’t any designated area or pick-up zone for Uber. After baggage claim, request your ride and follow the instructions on the Uber app.

It Is The Best Time To Visit Paris!

The good news is that you can use Uber in Paris. I Hope we have answered all your questions about Uber in Paris and that you can now easily travel with Uber (or not) in one of our favorite countries! We write a lot of guides, so make sure you do not forget to check our guide to Uber in Italy and Uber in Cancun. If you have further questions just get in touch with us on our facebook page!

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