The Best Rideshare Companies in 2020

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The comprehensive list of ride sharing companies

rideshare companies

Ridesharing industry as well as the online food delivery services has become popular over the past several years. The market is more competitive and with the growing of the gig economy new rideshare apps were born. All with a common purpose: making transportation safe, reliable and enjoyable. So, What are the best sites for ride sharing and carpooling in the United States and worldwide?

What is Ridesharing?

What is ride sharing? It is a question that arises more and more often in the era of shared mobility. In fact, it is easy to get confused in the myriad of words that are becoming popular in our country and around the world: car sharing, ride sharing, car pooling, etc.

Well, then let's make it clear. Ride sharing is the activity of transporting other riders by a private individual who provides a ride with a car owned (or rented) by him.

Very similar to taxi cab, ride sharing services use innovative technologies like GPS and smartphones. They allow users to book a car in a few taps on their smartphone. Here is how ride services work:

  • Users log into an app
  • Enter the pick up and drop off location
  • See all the available rideshare drivers in the area

All rideshare companies allow you to meet your mobility needs practically in real time and to save money.

Peer-to-peer rideshare services alleviate some of the current problems such as excessive vehicular emissions, traffic jams. Driving apps like Uber and Lyft are expanding the list of services it offers and allow users to share the expenses.

Services like Lyft Line or Uber pool are becoming popular. They allow you to save money sharing rides with strangers.

Just think that the costs are objectively 25-50% lower than those of a traditional taxi.

From a driver point of view driving for a rideshare app is a great way to put extra money in your pocket. Whether you treat it like a side gig, a part-time job or your full-time job, it is important to understand how tax deductions work and avoid common errors that could spell problems at tax time.

What is Carpooling?

It is important to understand the difference between rideshare and carpool. Car-pooling, is a service for sharing travel expenses. The passenger pays a fee to the driver who would have had to make that journey anyway, regardless of whether there are passengers or not. The fee paid, in fact, is not a payment for the service, but a price for the division of gasl, the toll booth, etc.

List of Best Ride Sharing Companies

  • Uber
  • Lyft Rideshare
  • Via
  • Wingz
  • Juno Rideshare
  • Ziro
  • Flywheel
uber rideshare app

1. Uber

No list of top international companies would be complete without Uber, the American company that dominates the ridesharing market.

Uber one of the top ride sharing companies in the world and offers a variety of services and vehicle types , including economy private cars (UberX), peer-to-peer rides (UberPool), luxury vehicles (Uber Black). You can also order your food and an UberEats delivery driver will pick up and drop off your order from your favorite restaurant.

Uber’s feature list are the footprints for all future ridesharing apps.

What we like:

What we don't like:

  • Uber is not a driver friendly company
  • Variable rates. Uber uses surge pricing and increases price on different occasions.

Availability: Uber operates in over 65 countries and over 600 cities. It’s very popular in major cities in the United States like Seattle, Denver, Boston, and Washington DC. We suggest you to comparte rideshare rates. Take a look at our article on how to get a rideshare cost estimator.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

Lyft rideshare app

2. Lyft Rideshare

From all the Uber similar companies, if you need a way to get around, but don't want to rely on a taxicab or your own car, Lyft is the app for you. Lyft connects riders with drivers, and is easy and affordable. If you like the idea of driving around strangers in your car, sign up for Lyft can be done in a few minutes. Lyft is the best ride sharing company to work for.

What we like:

  • Lyft drivers are treated better than Uber drivers
  • Smaller surge pricing areas and lower minimum charge
  • Lyft is also a luxury rideshare app and has a broader range of services (vehicle & rides types)

What we don't like:

  • The Lyft coverage area is not that wide like Uber

Availability: Lyft operates in 644 cities in the United States and 12 cities in Canada.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

juno rideshare app

3. Juno

You have probably heard about Juno rideshare. Juno, for long considered a labor-friendly alternative to Uber, was a New York City based rideshare app.

Gett - a Israel-based ride-hailing app developer - acquired Juno for $200 million in 2017. Unfortunately Gett shouted down Juno and announced a collaboration with Lyft instead. All Juno riders were invited to join Lyft, its new partner.

What we like:

  • Lower commissions and 24/7 phone support for Juno drivers

Availability: Not anymore available.

via rideshare app

4. Via

If you are looking for an alternative to Uber and Lyft, the list of rideshare options include Via the “corner-to-corner service” platform. Via lets users hail a ride with other people headed in the same direction.

It is also one of the best rideshare apps allowing any independent contractor to drive with flexibility (the amount and timing of the hours you drive are completely up to you) and earn more. Services like Uber are creating employment and job opportunities in the USA and around the world. Take a look at our guide to become a Via driver.

What we like:

  • Pricing
  • Referral Program. You can get huge credit to try the platform for FREE if you sign up with our Via promo code.
  • Better pay for drivers

What we don't like:

  • Corner to Corner
  • Availability

Availability:: Via delivers advanced software solutions in more than 20 countries globally, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Finlandand Germany. However, they only offer rideshare service in the following cities of the United States of America: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Arlington, Texas, West Sacramento, California.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

Wingz rideshare app

5. Wingz

Companies like Uber have dramatically changed the personal transportation industry in recent years and they have to deal with new competitors. If you are looking for an airport rideshare ride you are at the right place.

Wingz is a car service that offers pre-scheduled, flat-rate rides to the airport, or any other location with a trusted personal driver who you can add to your own list of favorites.

What we like:

  • Flat-rate, surge-free rides.
  • Referral program. If you are looking for an incentive to try Wingz, you can use our promo code.

What we don't like:

  • It’s more expensive than several other ride-hailing apps on most rides
  • You have to book your ride in advance
  • If you want to become a Wingz driver, is not easy like becoming a Uber driver.

Availability::Wingz is available in 30 major cities across the United States including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

Ziro rideshare app

6. Ziro

Ziro is a new rideshare company headquartered in San Francisco. The main purpose of Ziro is to provide a better experience for drivers and riders.

What we like:

  • It is one of the cheapest ride sharing apps with lowest booking fee, per mile and per minute rates
  • You have the ability to save and choose your favorite drivers
  • Ziro Drivers keep all the earnings. From all the uber and lyft competitors, Ziro is one of the most drivers friendly. Indeed, they don’t charge a per trip commission
  • Ziro promotions for new drivers and riders

What we don't like:

  • No wide coverage
  • Lack of drivers available

Availability:: Ziro operates in San Francisco Bay Area.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

7. Flywheel


Even if the Lyft main competitor is Uber, our list of ride hailing companies, has to include Flywheel. It is one of the best apps like lyft offering safe rides. They currently operate in the U.S. and allow users to hail professionally-licensed and insured taxi drivers.

There is never any surge pricing or any hidden fees and you can even request your ride online.

Indeed, unlike Lyft and Uber, Flywell uses standard taxi rates, so your fares never increase during periods of excessive demand.

Flywheel top responsibility is to create an alternative rideshare app that is as safe as possible. The app has the following added features:

  • All Flywheel drivers are trained
  • All taxi cab drivers know their way around cities
  • It easy to contact the Flywheel support by phone or email

Availability:: San Francisco CA, Houston TX, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Washington, DC

Mobile apps: Android | iOS


At Bestreferraldriver we are a complete resource for popular rideshare app services, Lyft, Uber and local rideshare companies. Do not forget to claim your promo codes, and take a look at our information, and helpful guides of rideshare companies in the USA and all over the world.

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