8 Things To Know About Waze Carpool: The Carpool By Google

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You probably know Waze as one of the best navigation apps , however, Waze is much more than a simple application for collaborative navigation. The app is useful for example to obtain real-time traffic information through the reporting of accidents, works in progress, and even dangerous holes.

A lot of rideshare drivers use the waze mileage log to track mileage and save money during the tax times.

Waze is a subsidiary of GooGle. Alphabet Inc acquired the company in 2013.

Google is expanding its business in the transportation industry and is entering in direct competition with other transportation companies including Lyft and Uber.

In this guide you will learn everything you have to know about Waze Carpool and how drivers and riders can use the free carpool app to save time, money and help to reduce our carbon footprint.

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1. What Is Carpool?

Before starting our article we want to provide you with a definition of Carpool. With the development of new technologies, today we can introduce new solutions that facilitate the movement of people through connectivity.

Carpooling is the experience of sharing a trip together. Whether it is a home to work or a home to school work or another kind of trip. Basically, carpool services connect drivers who have free seats with people who are traveling to the same destination.

2. Google Is Expanding The Carpool Service

First launched in the Bay Area in 2016, Waze Carpool has since expanded across all the states in the US. The carpool option is currently available in the following county:

  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • U.S.

There are more advanced experimental projects, which use the amount of data accumulated by users to improve mobility around the world. The Connected Citizens Program, launched in October 2014, is a "smart city" project that today brings together more than 600 global partners including cities, government agencies, non-profit associations and emergency services, which thanks to the knowledge of traffic provided by Waze have been able to solve numerous problems related to urban mobility.

Recently Google increased its focus on self-driving cars with the Waymo rideshare app.

Ride sharing could become an important element of its strategy and Waze Carpool could bring valuable learning to Google.

3. Why Carpooling With Waze?

While considering the main benefits of carpooling we must say that it helps to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. On the other hand members have the possibility of sharing the costs of the trip.

One of the founding objectives of Waze is to reduce traffic congestion.

Since 2008 the Google subsidiary has created a real community.

Today there are 140+ million drivers and riders on the platform. All these people contribute, with their reports or simply with the use of the app, to make urban travel easier.

The Waze community also includes 360,000 Map Editors, who update Waze maps in real time on a daily basis based on user feedback. Finally, there are 700 Translators, from over 50 countries, who voluntarily write and translate the road signs into their mother tongue.

Let's take a look at the key benefits of joining the Waze carpool for drivers and passengers.

Faster Trip

Who loves to spend hours stuck in a traffic jam? There is no denying that using express lanes can improve our lives.

In many cities, there are "HOV" lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle). During rush hour these carpool lanes are only for use by cars with multiple people. The minimum number of required people varies but it is in general a minimum of 2 or 3. These lanes also exist on bridges and often offer reduced tolls.

With Waze finding carpool partners is really easy and car pooling is one of the ways to solve the problem of the minimum number of required passengers.

Shared Commute Costs

Owning a car is really expensive. Car insurance, fuel, car maintenance and tools, all these expenses can drain your wallet.

At Bestreferraldriver we know it very well and we like to share with our readers all the tips to save fuel money using cash back apps, finding cheap gas and even driving using fuel saving techniques.

Additionally as we said, full cars can be rewarded. Indeed often you get half-price tolls.

The Comfort Of A Car

Every time one wants to travel, choosing the mode of transportation can be a dilemma.

People with environmental concerns, generally opt out for public transportation while people using their car prefer the comfort of a car ride.

If you are as concerned about our planet as all the team at Bestreferraldriver, you should know that car sharing is an easy way to reduce our carbon footprint.


Driving alone is not fun. Carpooling can help you get over this anxiety.

4. How Does Waze Carpool Work

There are two types of carpoolers: the driver and the passenger. The Waze Carpool app works in a similar way to BlaBlaCar.

Each user has a profile with the obligation to enter the profile photo and to verify the account.

After each completed trip, passengers and drivers leave a review and a rating out of 5 stars. Your average rating is visible to Waze users.

The driver who travels and offers seats to share the cost of the trip. The passenger needs to get a ride. Of course, you can be a driver and a passenger just switching your status in the app.

The app gives priority to travelers who make the same journey as the driver, or who share their workplace with him. Waze is developing programs and promotions with companies such as Amazon.

The Waze Carpool app is equipped with voice commands that help you to keep your hands on the wheel. It is possible to plan trips up to 7 days in advance, as well as communicate in advance directly with the driver or the passenger via a phone number (hidden) or send in-app messages.

Other features of the app include the assistance help center, as well as the possibility of setting an alert that informs you when the car exceeds the speed limit.

Finally, a passenger can directly send a message to the driver, or pay for their seat online in a few clicks.

how does waze carpool work

5. Find Carpool Near You: Become A Waze Rider

Becoming a carpool passenger with Waze has never been so easy.

Step 1: Create Your Profile

The first step is to join the waze carpool creating a passenger profile. You can use your Waze app or download the carpool app. To complete your profile, you have to upload a profile picture and verify your phone number and account with a verification code.

Step 2: Set Your Daily Route & Schedule

Now that you created your profile, you have to say where you’re heading, where you’re leaving from and when by choosing your carpool hours.

Step 3: Search For A Ride

To find a ride, just then pick a ride that works for you! You can even create custom filters like driver by gender...

In any case, before booking your ride you will be able to check:

  • The driver profile
  • View their ratings
  • The price of the ride. Driver and passengers must always agree on the ride price amount before the ride is confirmed.

Keep in mind that you may get invites from drivers on your route too.

Step 4: Request A Ride And Get The Confirmation

Once the driver accepts your booking, you’ll get a booking confirmation and Waze Carpool may put a hold on your credit or debit card for a small sum of money.

Step 5: Enjoy The Ride and Pay For It

Go to the pickup point to meet your co-traveller, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave a rating.

6. How To Become a Waze Carpool Driver

The basic requirements for becoming a Waze driver are having a valid driver’s license, and being a safe and responsible driver.

Of course you must be covered by auto insurance.

Carpool rides are not made for commercial purposes, drivers are limited to offering just two trips a day. The good news is that you do not have to upgrade your vehicle insurance.

When it comes to vehicle requirements, you should know that you cannot provide rides on motorcycles.

You need to have a car. However, you do not have to pass a vehicle inspection. As long as your vehicle is able to drive and make it from A to B, you can become a driver on the carpool platform.

Finally, you have to own an iPhone or an Android with data plan to use the Waze carpool driver app.

To summarize, here are all of the Waze carpool vehicle and driver requirements:

  • Have a valid driving licence for the area in which you are driving;
  • Drive safely and in accordance with all applicable driving rules and laws;
  • Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, and has all certifications required by law;
  • Have appropriate insurance coverage for all rides and any accidents that may occur during a ride, including without limitation personal injury protection insurance coverage for your vehicle with no less than the minimum limits required by applicable law;

Sign Up As A Waze Driver

If you have the requirements you can apply to become a driver on the platform. Signing up to drive with waze is a fairly straightforward task.

Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • You can use your Waze app or if you prefer, you can download the Waze Carpool app which is available to download for iOS and download for Android.
  • Accept the Waze Agreement
  • Add your profile picture (this is a mandatory step)
  • Select “I Drive”
  • Set your carpool route. Most people travel from home to work
  • Type in your phone number and tap “Next”
  • Enter the verification code once you receive it via text, then tap “Next”

7. How Much Does Waze Carpool Cost?

The final fares depend on a number of factors. Basically, car pool prices depend on:

  • The number of passengers that share a car ride.
  • The price of the gas
  • The distance

For every trip, the app suggests a price but the driver is free to set its own price between some legal limits.

You will never have hidden fees and you will never get the variable of the surge pricing. The rider can be charged a maximum rate of 56 cents per mile that is the IRS mileage rate for 2021.

Finally, since the driver will not really make a profit, carpool rides are cheaper than Uber Pool rides.

8. Waze Carpool vs Uber Rides

Pitting rideshare vs Carpool we take a look at the respective strengths of each platform, so you can pick the right one for you the next time you need a ride.

First of all, unlike rideshare companies, Waze Carpool is not intended to be a way for drivers to earn money, but a way to share a cost.

Additionally, while the Uber app works with a complex algorithm that matches drivers and riders, with the carpool app drivers and passengers are not matched blindly.

As we said before, riders pick drivers based on things like star ratings, mutual friends, whether they share the same workplace, and more.

If you are concerned about the safety on the platform, unlike Uber or Lyft drivers, Waze drivers do not have to undergo background checks.

💡 Pro Tip: For urban rides, you can also take a look at other shared mobility apps including Bird and Lime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Carpool Pay?

If you are looking for a way to make money while driving you are at the wrong place. Indeed, you cannot use the waze car sharing platform for making profit.

Indeed we prefer to talk about reimbursement and not pay. Keep in mind that drivers can even choose to share rides for free.

What is The Waze Carpool Payment Method?

In order to pay (if you are a Rider) or receive the Reimbursement (if you are a Driver), you will need to sign up for a Google Pay Account

Start Your Carpool Today

Whether you are a driver looking to share your car expenses or a passenger looking for a cheap or free ride, now you know everything you have to know about Waze Carpool. Download the carpool app now!

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