Doordash Deactivation: 11 Reasons Drivers Get Deactivated (and How to Easily Avoid Them)

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Top 11 Reasons for Getting Deactivated from DoorDash

doordash deactivation

Your account may be restricted or deleted if your Doordash login fails with an error, or there may be an AWS outage .

Your Doordash account might be terminated for a variety of reasons. Your account may be canceled at any moment and without cause.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at some of the most frequent reasons Dashers get fired.

The best Doordash driver advice I can give you is to review these common errors that result in deactivation so that you can avoid them and be alerted when you receive notices of contract violations.

In addition, I will offer you with all of the information you need to file a Doordash deactivation appeal and reinstate your account in this article. Keep on reading.

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1. Not Respect The Driver Agreement

You signed up for Doordash and downloaded the Dasher app. The next step before starting to make money is to agree to the independent contractor agreement. The agreement governs the relationship between delivery drivers and Doordash. As an independent contractor you should always respect to provide the performance of Services under this Agreement.

It's a good idea to review the company's policies when you start a new job carefully.

Very similar to Instacart drivers or Amazon Flex drivers, Dashers can be deactivated if they do not follow the doordash terms and conditions of service.

A Doordash driver fired can often login on the app but cannot schedule any dashes. You can easily understand you have been deactivated from a message on the app: you do not have permission to perform this action.

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2. Not Doing Your Work

Every position has its own set of activities and criteria, therefore the first step is to grasp the role's expectations.

Doordash is a meal delivery platform that makes it easy to obtain amazing food from your favorite local restaurants. DoorDash drivers are responsible for picking up orders (food or commodities) from nearby restaurants or stores and delivering them to consumers in accordance with the screen instructions.

Drivers just enter the restaurant, pay with the red prepaid card

when necessary, pick up the order, and then drive to the customer's location.

According to the new COVID-19 pandemic regulations, the driver may bring the order to the curbside or to the door if the consumer choose no contact delivery.

If you deliver alcohol, you must follow DoorDash's alcohol policy. The customer's ID must be scanned by Doordash.

Being a DoorDash delivery driver is not difficult. It is a flexible employment; there are no hard limits if you wish to drive with a passenger. However, keep in mind that both drivers and clients are users of the delivery platform. Your focus should be on delivering exceptional customer service in order to create long-term consumers.

Keeping your consumer satisfied is the surest method to prevent being deactivated from DoorDash. Know what your consumer expects from you from the start by inquiring on a frequent basis, and then go above and above wherever possible.

Simply being on time with each delivery and using the insulated bag can help you make an impression and earn tips.

Furthermore, Doordash tracks the driver's tardiness. Arriving late to consumers and merchants is clearly listed as a reason for deactivation in the lateness policy.

By utilizing the proper GPS , you may prevent being late. Finally, providing exceptional customer service makes consumers happy, which may help you earn more money.

3. Fraud

The on demand delivery app may provide you with a prepaid red card that can be used to pay for certain deliveries. Any unauthorized use of this prepaid debit card will be considered theft or fraud. If you lose the prepaid debit card, you should report the loss immediately.

4. Do Not Respect The Community Guidelines

To safeguard the Doordash community and meet the expectations of the merchants and customers Doordash built clear community guidelines that detail the standards of behavior expected from both users and drivers.

Doordash requires criminal background checks for their applicants to help create a safe and secure platform. We suggest you take a look at our complete guide to DoorDash background check. Basically, you will not be allowed to join the platform if you do not meet the driver requirements and the background check requirements.

In addition, the Door dash deactivation policy prohibit the following:

  • Harassment and causing harm to others
  • Discrimination
  • Using inappropriate behavior is never tolerated on the Doordash platform including abusive language
  • Extortion or fraud
  • Theft and destructive acts
  • Misrepresentation

There are a lot of things that fall into this category of Misconduct. Failure to abide by DoorDash standards of service or other policies can result in temporary or permanent deactivation from the Postmates platform.

5. Drugs or Drinking While Online

Would you like to drink alcohol while Door Dashing? Wait, that's illegal.

Drinking or taking drugs while driving for DoorDash will interfere with your on-the-job performance. These are actions leading to deactivation, most of the time irreversible. Though drinking on the job hardly qualifies as having bad manners, the effects of drinking can cause someone to misbehave. This is one of the top reasons Doordash can deactivate a Dasher for bad manners.

6. Low Rating

Doordash deactivation rating deserves more attention. If you are new to the platform, we suggest you take a look at our complete guide to DoorDash rating .

Basically, while online, the San Francisco headquartered company will notify you of the opportunity to complete a delivery from a restaurant to a Customer. For each delivery you have the option to accept or decline it.

One of the most important aspects of the rating is the Completion Rate. Achieving a completion rate of 95 percent or higher is also one of the criteria for becoming Top Dasher.

Doordash treats cancellation rates very differently than acceptance rates. They can and will deactivate you if your cancellation rate drops under 70%.

However, the deactivation policy in place which details disciplinary action which may be taken prior to being deactivated provides they will send you at least one warning. You will get this message: Your account is at risk of deactivation.

Keep in mind that a delivery counts as canceled if you cancel it at any time after you've accepted it.

You should never accept a delivery request and never complete it!

doordash account deactivated

7. Doordash User Complaints

You can check the Doordash Help support on twitter and read some of the most common customers complaints about delivery issues that include:

  • I got the wrong order
  • My Doordash order was not delivered
  • My order was missing items
  • My driver never showed up

An unhappy customer can always spread their negative experience or do a bad review and share their feedback with DoorDash directly through the DoorDash app. Customer ratings are extremely important for Doordash.

The food delivery app could respond to a complaint that they have received deactivating your driver account.

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8. Stealing Customer Food

What world would it be without apps? A million apps are present in the Android and Apple stores. Food delivery apps allow customers to order their dinner or lunch with a few taps in the smartphone.

In the same way, the gig economy is growing fast and provides flexible delivery jobs opportunities for gig workers and makes the life of customers easier.

The food order smells good in your car and you can be tempted to take a bite. However, you should never open food containers or tamper with the customer’s order.

The DoorDash deactivation policy that you signed up gives as example of deactivation:
Tampering with deliveries or failing to maintain standards of food safety - Opening, using, consuming, or tampering with a delivery or customer order; failing to use an insulated hot bag to safely transport deliveries, and do nor respect the mask policy

9. Do Not Respect DoorDash Referral Terms

Doordash has restrictions on their driver referral program and customer referral program. Violating the referral terms can and often does lead to people being deactivated.

A common question is will DoorDash deactivate me if I post my referral phone number on jobs boards, blogs, websites, search engines, or other platforms accessible to the general public? The answer is yes.

You can only post and share an affiliate link.

10. Updated Background Check

DoorDash conducts ongoing background checks on all current Dashers. If you fail this check and do not fulfill the eligibility requirements, the meal delivery app must deactivate you.

The only thing you can do to save your work is to drive cautiously and stay out of the criminal records of the police.

Did you know you may get rewarded for driving safely? Furthermore, having a clean driving record is essential for obtaining reduced vehicle insurance premiums.

11. Using The Transparency App Para

The Para app helps gig workers find orders that pay more via trip transparency. However, using the Para app will lead to immediate deactivation.

How to Get Your DoorDash Driver Account Reactivated

It's difficult to deal with getting fired from Doordash. Despite these warnings, many continue to make poor decisions on the platform, resulting in the loss of their delivery employment.

So, how to reactivate Doordash account? If your Dasher account was canceled by accident, it is critical that you understand how to revive your doordash account. You may always try contacting the driver support team to revive it.

This can be done by phone at (415) 123-4567 or or at the following email address: [email protected].

They may be able to reinstate your account in certain cases. DoorDash wants to know that whatever transgression you were disabled for does not reoccur or create a new issue on the site.

However, keep in mind that the final decision is in the hands of DoorDash.

⚠️ Beware of scammers that propose you to reactivate your account. Only Doordash can legitimately reactivate your account.

DoorDash Alternatives

If your Dasher account is deactivated, you will be unable to receive unemployment benefits. Similarly, you cannot apply to Doordash after being deactivated. So, if you're seeking jobs like Doordash and want to be an independent contractor courier, it's not that difficult to find a gig. There are numerous chances to earn money through side hustles. Check out our delivery driver job guide or simply browse to locate your dream job. Alternatives to Doordash include:

Check out these amazing online job opportunities.

Doordash Deactivation: 8 Reasons Drivers Get Deactivated ( How to Avoid Them)

Getting deactivated as a Doordash driver is not fun. It usually happens without warning, and many times you have no idea why it happened. Doordash rarely gives you an explanation of why you were deactivated

DoorDash Deactivation FAQ

Doordash Customer Account Deactivated

If your Doordash customer account is disabled, you'll be automatically logged out of the app. When you log in and try to pass a food order, you'll see an error message. If your account has been deactivated the best thing to do is to contact the DoorDash customer support.

Can I Use Someone Else's Doordash Account?

Someone else may drive for you or assist you in dropping off deliveries, but they must also have a valid Dasher account.

Can Doordash Drivers Carry Guns?

The Doordash policy does not define rules for carrying guns. Of course you should follow your state laws, have all the permits and be a safe dasher.

How To Unsubscribe From Doordash Emails?

If you no longer wish to receive text messages from Doordash, reply "STOP" to any text message you've received from the food delivery app. You can re-subscribe by replying "START" to the same number. To unsubscribe from email updates, click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Doordash email.

How to Cancel a Doordash Pass?

A Dashpass is a monthly subscription that provides price protection on all eligible restaurants for an upfront price. A DashPass purchase provides peace of mind keeping fees consistently lower across the on demand platform and special promotions. The subscription service offers unlimited deliveries from thousands of eligible restaurants with no delivery fee on orders over $12.

To cancel the dashpass subscription:

  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to the account tab
  • Select Manage DashPass
  • Tap on End Subscription

If you cancel your pass subscription, you will still have access to the pass benefits until the end of the current billing period.

Avoid Being Fired

A driver who breaks the DoorDash code of conduct may be barred from using DoorDash on a temporary or permanent basis. This decision is based in part on the severity of the breach. The best tip I can give you is to avoid your Dasher account being suspended. Your job—aside from doing your job!—is to refuse to give them a reason to show you the door. Policies and rules are in place for a reason, so do the right thing.

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