Uber Background Check - What to Expect and How to Pass it

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The Ultimate Guide to Uber Background Check

uber background check

Are you dreaming of becoming an Uber driver ? If so, the first step is to pass a background check. While this might seem intimidating and tedious, it doesn’t have to be! Learning more about the Uber background check process, what requirements there are, and what information Uber looks for can help you pass quickly and confidently. Read on to find out everything you need to know about becoming an Uber driver by successfully completing their screening process.

What is an Uber Driver Background Check

An Uber driver background check is a step of the Uber onboarding process and a detailed investigation that the ridesharing company undertakes to ensure that its drivers are safe and trustworthy for their customers.

When someone applies to become a driver for Uber, they must pass a comprehensive background check before they can legally operate on the platform. This involves checking criminal records, driving history, credit history and other public records in order to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the role.

Allowing Uber to check your background report is an important step in ensuring that your personal information is kept secure and protected. Before granting permission, it’s important to understand the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and any additional regulations that may exist in the state where one lives.

The FCRA serves as a means for creditors, insurers, employers, and landlords to access consumer data like credit scores, criminal records, bankruptcies, and past employment performance. As such, Uber is only permitted to collect information relevant to the services being rendered; any other details are strictly forbidden per the FCRA. Additionally, applicants must explicitly provide their consent for a background check when signing up for services or be provided with the option to opt-in during onboarding.

In addition to federal regulations enforced by the FCRA, many states have implemented their own set of laws when it comes to screenings conducted by companies like Uber. In California—for example—there are specific restrictions regarding what types of information may be collected and how this data can be used in order to protect consumer privacy rights. Any company conducting background checks must abide by these laws or face potential legal repercussions including fines or loss of business license.

Uber relies on a third party called Checkr. This is why Checkr background checks are frequently mentioned.

Identity Verification

The process starts with an initial review of an applicant's identity documents. The applicant must submit a valid form of identification such as a driver’s license, which is then checked against government databases to verify that it is genuine and up-to-date. All applicants must also provide their address, which is used to cross-check with local law enforcement databases. This ensures that any criminal activity detected in a certain area can be connected back to the applicant if necessary.

Criminal Background Check

Once these identity documents have been verified, Uber goes on to conduct more extensive checks into each applicant’s past. It searches national and county crime databases for any recorded offenses or convictions that may be relevant to operating as an Uber driver. Examples include DUI offenses and drug-related crimes, both of which are likely disqualifying factors for becoming an Uber driver. If an applicant has committed any serious crimes within the previous seven years (or three years in some states), they will not be considered eligible for hire by Uber.

DMV Background Check

Uber also reviews each applicant’s driving history before making a hiring decision. In most cases, this involves pulling information from DMV databases in order to assess how many moving violations (such as speeding tickets) have been issued over the years and whether their license has been suspended at any point in time. Any major infractions on an applicant’s record may prevent them from driving with Uber as well; depending on state laws, some minor violations such as parking tickets may still be accepted by the company provided all other criteria have been met satisfactorily.

Uber takes pride in ensuring that its drivers are reliable and trustworthy individuals who meet all legal requirements before taking passengers out on trips. To this end, it conducts detailed checks using multiple sources of data in order to guarantee only those applicants who meet its high standards are able to become drivers on its platform – thus providing customers peace of mind when booking travels with them.

Ultimately, it is through this rigorous screening process that Uber can remain confident that its drivers are qualified professionals who consistently adhere to safety regulations while doing so - thereby providing customers with a safe and secure ride experience at all times

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What Are Uber Background Check Requirements?

The Uber third party background check requirements vary from state to state, but generally speaking, they include thorough criminal history screenings, with a focus on convictions for violent and sexual offenses as well as certain driving-related infractions, such as DUIs.

Drivers must also submit personal information like their Social Security Number and valid driver’s license number to undergo a credit check. Uber also runs periodic checks throughout the year to verify that all of its drivers are still fit to operate on the platform.

It's important that all drivers are aware of these requirements before submitting an application so they can be sure they will be able to meet them.

MVR Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have held a valid driver’s license for at least one year.
  • Must hold a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  • Must have had no major convictions in the past seven years, such as DUI or Driving While Under Suspension.
  • Must have had no more than three moving violations in the past three years.
  • Must not be currently suspended or revoked license.

Criminal Record Requirements:

  • All crimes related to drugs or alcohol use, sexual offenses, violent crimes, weapons possession or trafficking are considered ineligible offenses and will disqualify an individual from participating in the program.
  • No felony convictions within the past 7 years from the date of application.
  • No drug related offenses in the past 7 years from the date of application.
  • The company will also look into any pending criminal cases which may be handled through deferred adjudication systems in certain jurisdictions – these too can lead to disqualification if they are related to any of the aforementioned categories of offenses.

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How Long Does Uber Background Check Take?

If there's one question that everyone wants to know, it's how long does Uber background check take and how long it takes to get approved for Uber. According to Uber, it usually takes 3-10 days. We use our experience to answer this question, and we say that the time frame may vary, and the length of the background check depends on a variety of factors.

Indeed, the answer largely depends on the country that you’re in, as different countries and regions have different laws governing background checks. Generally speaking, Uber requires all drivers to pass a criminal record check, motor vehicle record check and driving history verification before they are allowed to join the platform. In some places this process can take as little as 48 hours or 2 business days to complete while in others it might take up to 10 days or longer depending on where you live.

Checkr typically runs all of its driver applications through Checkr’s database which covers more than 200 million records from local law enforcement agencies across America. This process can usually be completed within 48 hours or two business days. In certain areas though, it may take slightly longer depending on how quickly Checkr can access records from local law enforcement agencies.

When signing up for Uber in Canada and other parts of Europe such as France, Germany and Spain applicants may need to submit additional documents such as proof of address or identity card for their background check. These additional documents may also affect how long it takes for the application to be processed since these countries have different laws regarding background checks and what type of information needs to be provided by applicants.

In some cases applicants may also need to provide additional information if the results from their initial background screening comes back with false positives or matches with another person's criminal history who has a similar name or birthdate as them. In this situation it may take even longer for their application to be processed and approved since they would need to provide additional evidence such as fingerprints in order to prove their identity before going through with their background check.

Overall, how long a background check for Uber drivers takes is largely dependent on where you are located but typically applicants should expect at least 48 hours or two business days before they find out whether they passed or not.

While there are some cases where it might take slightly longer due to additional documents being requested or false positives appearing during the process it is still possible to sign up and start driving right away within two business days after completing your application successfully if everything goes smoothly during your background check.

Finally what you need to know is that if there’s any way to speed up the background check process, there's something you can do to prevent your background screening from taking longer:

  • When you sign up for Uber, fill out the forms properly.
  • Do not give a nickname or a shortened version of your name on the Uber application.

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Uber Background Check Status

It is important for potential drivers to understand what each of these background check statuses mean before submitting an application.

The following are all the Checkr background check status:


An Uber background check pending status means the process has been started but has not yet been completed. This could be due to a number of factors, such as if the necessary information has not yet been received or verified, or if there is a delay with processing. It may also mean that the individual being checked has failed to provide all of the required personal and/or professional information for the check.


A clear background check status means that the individual being checked has no disqualifying criminal records or other issues that would make them ineligible to drive with Uber. If a driver’s background check report reveals any issues, they may be referred to Uber's review process. The review process involves an in-depth look at individual cases to determine whether someone should be allowed to continue as an Uber driver.


A consider background check status means that there are some potential issues that need further examination before someone can be approved to drive with Uber. This includes items such as outstanding warrants, past convictions, and suspicious activity in certain areas related to driving. When an individual is flagged for further consideration, Uber will contact them directly to discuss their case and determine whether they are eligible for driving privileges with the company.


A dispute status indicates that there is an ongoing disagreement between the driver and Uber regarding eligibility for driving privileges. Disputes typically arise when drivers believe they have provided honest and accurate answers on their applications but were still denied access to driving privileges by Uber due to discrepancies found in their checks. Drivers are able to contest their denials through a review process involving interviews and additional documentation proving their eligibility for driving privileges with Uber.

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Uber Background Check :: 6 Questions and Answers + Prep tips

Here is the most up to date guide to Uber Background Check. Find the answers to the common questions: 1-What Do I Need to Supply for a Background Check? 2-What does the background check look for?...

How To Contact Uber Background Check Support?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Uber’s check process, contacting Checkr is easy and convenient.

Checkr has its own portal for applicants to view the status of their background check as well as contact customer service if needed. Each applicant will receive an email from Checkr providing them access to the Checkr candidate portal. From the candidate Checkr portal, applicants can review the progress of their background check and get updates on any delays or issues that may arise during the process. Additionally, applicants can use this portal to contact the ​​Checkr support team.

Checkr also offers support via telephone and email as well as a live chat option on their website. To contact Checkr via telephone, you should call (844) 824-3257 between 8am - 5pm PT Monday through Thursday and 8am - 4 pm PT Friday. If you would prefer to contact them by email, send your message by submitting a ticket or use the live chat feature available on their website home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uber Hire Felons?

Is Uber a job for felons? It is not clear if ex-felons can drive with Uber. Potential Uber drivers are screened for criminal offenses including felony. This is a typical reason for being disqualified.

A DUI can prevent you from getting a job. Indeed, Uber rejects people with felony convictions for violent crimes, as well as those with DUIs or misdemeanors related to intoxication. If you got a dui 10 years ago, Uber will probably decline your application.

How Often Does Uber Do Background Checks?

Uber performs checks on all the applicants and at minimum a yearly background check on all the drivers. In some cities they run continuous checks for criminal convictions.

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

You can check your personal driving records by going to the DMV website for each state that you ever held a driver's license. Each state has its own rules and regulations about driving records — some allow employers, schools... to check records as far back as 10 years, others only allow 3 years. This background check could cost.

Order Your Driving Record

Uber Background Check Denied

What happens if Uber rejected you? If your background check failed and if you think there was an error, contact Uber as soon as possible. You can also choose to dispute the results.

If you know why you have been disqualified, you can try to clean up your records and apply again. You can also take a look at our list of jobs that don't do background checks including:

What Does Uber Background Check Needs Attention Message Means?

The Uber background check needs attention message can be confusing to drivers, as they may not know what prompted the flag or how long it will take to complete. This message generally means that the application's background check request has been flagged for review due to inconsistencies in self-reported information, an incomplete form, or missing documentation.

In any case, Uber requires that applicants provide any requested documents or forms before the background check process can move forward. Depending on the nature of the inconsistency, this can prolong the background check by several days or weeks. As such, it is always advisable for candidates to double-check their application for accuracy before submitting and respond quickly if Uber requests additional information

As such, applicants should expect their application process to involve extra steps in order to ensure safety and security of both passengers and drivers.

How To Get Around Uber Background Check

Unfortunately, there is no way to get around Uber's background check. The ridesharing company requires all of its drivers to pass a criminal background check or risk being deactivated. This means that any criminal records or other disqualifying offenses must be disclosed before the driver can start providing rides.

Start The Free Checkr Background Today

Knowing what to expect ahead of time and being prepared can help ease any anxiety you might have about the process. And once you know what elements are involved in an Uber background check, you can be sure that you're giving yourself the best chance possible to pass with flying colors. So go out there and make some extra cash – your future passengers will thank you for it! Once you are approved you can start to earn money in your own terms driving for Uber.

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