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Best HopSkipDrive Coupon Code and Free Ride Credit

hopskipdrive coupon promo code

If read our definitive guide on HopSkipDrive , you already know that HopSkipDrive is one of the safest solution helping families get kids where they need to go. Here is a list of the principal features of HopskipDrive App:

Request a CareDriver Ride for Children/Seniors

As soon as you download the app and you create your family account, your information has been entered into the system, you can schedule a ride. The HopSkipDrive app pairs you with a driver who’s available to accept fares, notifying him or her of the pick up and drop off location. You’re notified by email when a careDriver is assigned to your ride. You will be able to see the careDriver profile, a picture of the driver and their car, the car model with the licence plate.

Track Your CareDriver

HopSkipDrive lets you track your driver during all the ride. You will be able to see a real-time map of the route.

Secure Payment, Fares & Fees

HopSkipDrive drivers cannot accept cash payments or tips. When your children ride ends, HopskipDrive immediately bills your stored debit or credit card.

HopskipDrive Promo Code and Promotions

Using a HopSkipDrive gift promo code is the best way for new users to try the rideshare platform saving money. HopSkipDrive promo code gives $20 in free ride credit to new HopSkipDrive users. To claim your credit, just enter a FREE HopSkipDrive credit code from the list below during signup.

Our HopSkipDrive promo code ELEONORA4 is 100% working and it will give you the best credit available at any given time.

Where can I Book a Ride with HopSkipDrive and use a HopSkipDrive Promo Code?

When you sign with our HopskipDrive referral promo code: ELEOP1 you become elegible for a $20 bonus in all the cities where HopSkipDrive is available. Currently HopskipDrive Coverage Areas where you can use all the services include:

  • Arlington -VA
  • Bulder -CO
  • Colorado Spring -CO
  • Denver -CO
  • Houston -TX
  • Los Angeles -CA
  • Peninsula -CA
  • Phoenix -AZ
  • Riverside -CA
  • San Jose -CA
  • San Francisco Bay Area -CA
  • Santa Clarita -CA
  • San Bernardino-CA
  • Sonoma
  • Washington DC

Advantages and Disadvantages of the HopskipDrive App

Advantages of HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive and its competitors have several distinct advantages.

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: All the cars are well maintained and chauffeured by professional CareDrivers who have experience with children and proper insurance coverage.
  • SAFETY: It is the most important advantage of booking a ride with HopSkipDrive. HopSkipRide is the right solution for schools and families. All the CareDrivers are fingerprinted and have to go through multiple background data checks. In addition, Parents are able to track a driver's position and route, and communicate with the driver if necessary.

Disadvantages of HopSkipDrive

Here is a list of the cons of HopSkipDrive

  • BOOKING RIDES IN ADVANCE: All the kids ride-haling Apps work in the same way. You cannot book a last-minute carpool ride. You need to schedude the ride at least 8 hours in advance. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use HopSkipDrive services if you have an emergency.
  • COST AND PRICES: We cannot really call it a 'Convenient ride'. HopSkipDrive ride pricing is based on estimated mileage, actual time, the number of families participating, a small booking fee, and local operating costs fees in states that require them. HopSkipDrive apply a minimum fare. For examlpe HopSkipDrive minumum fare is $18 for a single ride in Southern California and $20 for a single ride in Northern California.

Best HopSkipDrive Promo Coupon Code and Free Ride Credits

Using a HopSkipDrive promo code (ELEONORA4) to claim free ride credit is a great way for new users to save money. How to Apply the HopskipDrive Promo Codes...

How to Download HopSkipDrive and Claim $20 Free Credit

  1. Download the HopskipDrive App. New users can download the App from:
  2. Sign up and create your HopSkipDrive Account. Follow the instruction in the App and complete your profile information
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. Phone Number
    5. Home Address
    6. Choose a Password
  3. You can now add rider to your profile
  4. Enter Your Payment information
  5. Now you are ready to schedule your first ride and enjoy $20 FREE credit.
    • Click on the buttom 'schedule a ride'
    • Enter the pick up and drop off information
    • DO NO FORGET to enter our promo code ELEONORA4 to receive your bonus

How to Create an HopSkipDrive Account: Tutorial With Images

how to create hopskipdrive account
how to add a rider hopskipdrive App
how to add a rider hopskipdrive App

How to Apply HopskipDrive Promo Code

how to apply hopskipdrive promo code

Important things to know before to get your discount:

  • You must enter the promo code before taking your first ride
  • Only new users in the HopSkipDrive platform are eligible for the new user promotion
  • You can apply the promo code only once

HopskipDrive Promotion Code FAQ

How Much Is the HopSkipDrive Promo Code Worth?

The current HopSkipDrive Promotion offers to new user a FREE Credit of $20

How To Contact HopskipDrive by Phone or Email

Do you have a question? Do you need help or support. You can check out our guide to contacting customer support for HopSkipDrive. No matter what the reasons are here are two ways to contact HopSkipDrive Support and get help:

HopSkipDrive Email

[email protected]

HopSkipDrive Phone Number

1-844-HOP-SKIP (467-7547)

Check out our complete guide to contacting HopSkipDrive Support

Does HopSkipDrive Offer Gift Cards?

Are you looking for a last-minute gift? Do you know that you can send a HopSkipDrive Gift Card? Her eis how to do:

Does HopskipDrive Take Cash?

Current options for the default payment method include a linked credit card or debit card. You cannot pay cash for your HopSkipDrive ride. HopskipDrive like Zum or other popular ridesharing apps (Lyft, Uber) will charge your card at the end of the ride, once your children have arrived safely.

Schedule Your First Family Ride With HopSkipDrive and Save

Don't miss the opportunity to try HopSkipDrive services for FREE. Use our HopSkipDrive promo code and schedule your first family ride today! Uber and Lyft do not offer rides for our children. So, do not hesitate use the HopSkipDrive promo code ELEONORA4 and schedule your first ride with them for $20 off!

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