A Shopper’s Guide to Shipt Membership: Benefits, Cost & More

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If you love online shopping but hate the hassle of dealing with shipping, then a Shipt Membership is perfect for you! With Shipt, you can shop from your favorite stores and have your purchases delivered right to your door. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this grocery subscription, including the benefits, cost, and more. So whether you’re a seasoned online shopper or just getting started, read on to learn all about Shipt Membership!

Shipt Overview: What It Offers?

Shipt is an excellent way to save time and money while grocery shopping. It is a grocery delivery service that makes it easy to order groceries from local stores and have them conveniently delivered by a Shipt Shopper straight to your door.

With over 10,000 different items available from the store of your choice, you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. Not only does Shipt offer an amazing selection of products, but it also ensures that your groceries arrive fresh with customer satisfaction guaranteed each and every time. Additionally, with membership pricing plans available, you can save even more when using this unbeatable grocery delivery service.

What Are The Benefits of Shipt Membership?

The perks of joining this membership program are numerous and can provide you with an array of benefits.

Unlimited Free Delivery

With a Shipt Membership you get unlimited free deliveries with orders over $35 at no extra cost! This means that you will not have to pay expensive delivery fees. If you're looking for a way to get free same-day delivery, this membership is for you.

Get Delivery In As Soon As 1 Hour

You can get all the items you need delivered to your door in as soon as one hour. Plus,

Using the Shipt app, you can shop from multiple stores of your choice like Target, CVS and more without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. With features like express checkout and saved payment methods, it's easier than ever to order what you need quickly. In addition to convenience, members also get access to exclusive discounts on select products as well as early access to promotions.

Choose Your Favorite Shopper

But that's not all! Members also have the ability to add favorite shoppers who they trust with their groceries. This means that if you’re comfortable with someone coming into your home to help out with errands or shopping trips, then you can add them to your list. This way whenever they’re available for orders in your area, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when it comes to who will be showing up at your door.

Deals and Discounts

Members have access to exclusive deals and discounts not available anywhere else.

Customer Service

Shipt also provides a customer service support team that is available 7 days a week via phone or email if an issue arises during delivery or an item is unsatisfactory upon arrival - making customer satisfaction their top priority.

What makes Shipt even better is that it lets customers save time by removing traditional obstacles such as long lines and waiting times while still giving them the products they need promptly - allowing them more time for other activities and errands instead of spending hours going through store aisles looking for items.

What Are The Drawbacks of Shipt Membership?

When you become a Shipt Member, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Markup Prices

One of the major downsides of Shipt membership is the markup prices associated with orders. Although it's convenient to have groceries delivered right to your door, it's important to be aware that the cost of these items might be slightly higher than what you would pay in-store.

This is because Shipt adds a markup to all items ordered in order to cover its own costs and provide an additional fee for their delivery service.

You Have to Pay other Fees

Additionally, customers must pay a service fee for each order placed, which can quickly add up if you are using the service frequently.

Furthermore, there are other fees associated with the delivery app such as alcohol fee, tips and surcharges. All of these fees come out-of-pocket and must be paid by the customer before any items can be delivered.

It's important for customers to understand these costs before signing up for the membership so that they're not surprised by unexpected fees later on.


Beyond price markups and fees, there are some other potential cons when it comes to using Shipt as a delivery option. For example, availability may be limited depending on where you live or if there are no shoppers available in your area at the time of your order; orders may take longer than expected due to road conditions or traffic; and some items may not be eligible for delivery depending on local regulations or store policies.

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How Much Is Shipt Membership

Generally speaking, the cost of a Shipt Membership varies depending on the plan you choose.

Shipt Annual Membership

Shipt's annual membership option is $99 for the year and gives members unlimited same-day delivery for orders of $35 or more. With an annual membership, you get exclusive member benefits including discounts on select items, free delivery windows, and access to hundreds of stores. You'll also save money during peak times when the costs of delivery are higher. Plus, by signing up for a yearly membership, you are making an investment in convenience with no long-term commitments.

Indeed, this option requires an upfront payment of $99 but offers significant savings over monthly payments

Once you sign up for an annual Shipt membership, you can start shopping right away. You can select from a variety of stores like Target, Aldi, Kroger and more, then choose your items and add them to your cart. You'll be able to see the estimated time it will take for your groceries to arrive at your door before you check out. Then all that’s left is for a trained professional shopper to pick up your order and deliver it straight to you.

The same day delivery service also offers exclusive perks like special savings on popular items and monthly deals that make shopping even easier—all year long!

Shipt Monthly Membership

Shipt's monthly membership option is $14 per month and gives members unlimited same-day store delivery on orders of $35 or more each month. As with the annual option, members have access to exclusive member benefits including discounts on select items as well as free delivery windows and access to hundreds of stores across the country. With a monthly subscription, members can make their life easier by saving money during peak times when delivery costs are higher than usual. Plus there are no long-term commitments or penalties if you decide to cancel your subscription at any point in time.

When shopping with Shipt’s monthly subscription service, you'll be able to pick from a wide selection of stores like Target, Aldi and Kroger then simply add what you need into your cart with just a few clicks of the mouse - all from the comfort of home (or wherever else you may be). Before checking out online, customers will be able to see how quickly their groceries will arrive so they know exactly when they should expect their order delivered straight to their doorstep by one of Shipt’s friendly personal shoppers.

Plus, with a monthly membership you can cancel at any time without penalty or cancellation fees.

Additionally, those who sign up for a monthly subscription get access to exclusive savings on popular items as well as monthly deals - all designed to make shopping easy and convenient every month!

What About The Shipt Membership Free Trial?

Shipt does offer a membership free trial. The free trial lasts 14 days and gives members access to same-day grocery delivery. During the 14 day period, members can place unlimited orders for groceries and other household items from participating stores. When the free trial ends, members are automatically enrolled in the annual Shipt membership plan.

The annual plan can be canceled within the first 7 days of enrollment without incurring any fees or charges.

Rocket Money is a great service that can be used to manage Shipt's membership fee payments and cancellations. With Rocket Money, users can set up automatic recurring payments for their Shipt membership fees as well as schedule future payments and cancel them if necessary.

Additionally, Rocket Money offers features such as budgeting tools, account monitoring and reminder notifications to help users stay on top of their finances. This makes it easier to stay organized and manage Shipt's subscription fees without having to worry about accidentally missing a payment or forgetting to cancel your subscription before it renews each year.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Sign Up For Shipt

1. Go to the Shipt website (shipt.com) and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button which is located at the top right corner of the page.

2. From there, you will be taken to a registration page where you can create your account. You will need to provide your first and last name, email address, and create a secure password. Make sure to enter valid information because it will be used when you place orders with us.

3. Once that information is entered and you have clicked the ‘Create Account’ button, you will be directed to a page where you can select your preferred payment method. You can choose from debit/credit card or PayPal as your payment option. Enter in your payment details accordingly and click ‘Continue’ when finished.

4. After submitting your payment information, you will then be asked to confirm your shipping address including street address, city, state and zip code so that we may accurately deliver items to you in a timely manner. Click ‘Confirm Address’ when complete and move onto the next step in signing up for Shipt!

5. Before completing sign up, you must verify that all information provided is accurate by agreeing to our terms of service and privacy policy outlined on this page before clicking ‘Submit’ and officially creating your account!

Tips On Using Shipt To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership

For those looking to get the most out of their Shipt membership, there are plenty of tips and tricks for you to try.

  • First, setting up a grocery list ahead of time ensures that you’ll have all the items you need at the tap of a button.
  • Take advantage of the service’s 24-hour order cancellation window — it’s great for when an item isn’t available or a price unexpectedly changes.
  • Set price limits on any organic or specialty items where available as this can be one way to save big while still getting all that you need. Shopping with Shipt is convenient, reliable and easy – follow our simple tips and you’ll be happy with your next grocery haul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Order From Shipt Without A Membership?

Yes, you can order from Shipt without a membership! Shipt recently introduced the Shipt Pass, which is a one-time payment that gives customers access to all of its benefits while they're shopping. With this pass, customers don't need to sign up for monthly or annual memberships. The Shipt Pass also gives customers exclusive discounts on their orders. All they need to do is pay a one-time fee and then they can start ordering right away. The cost of the pass varies based on your market and location, so be sure to check with your local store for more information. With the Shipt Pass, you get all the convenience and quality of shopping with a membership—but without the commitment and costs associated with it.

Can You Gift A Shipt Membership?

Yes, you can gift a Shipt membership to someone. Customers can purchase memberships for themselves or for their friends and family. It's easy to do - just go to the Shipt website, select the option to "Give the Gift of Groceries", and choose whether you'd like a monthly or yearly subscription. After inputting your payment details, you'll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to share your gift with someone else. With Shipt memberships, gifting groceries has never been easier!

Can You Start a Target Shipt Free Trial?

For several years, Target had a great promotional offer that allowed target circle members and non-members to sign up for Shipt and receive a free 4-week trial. It was an appealing prospect for shoppers, as it enabled them to get their groceries delivered without spending money upfront.

Unfortunately, this deal has expired effective October 2021. Target has decided to discontinue the free Shipt trial promotion, both for members and non-members of the Target Circle loyalty program.

Is Shipt Membership Worth it?

That really depends on your needs as a shopper. If you value convenience and time-savings, then definitely give Shipt a try. With same-day delivery, flexible scheduling, and access to hard-to-find items, Shipt can make your life easier. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest option available, Shipt might not be right for you. When compared to other grocery delivery services like Instacart Plus and Walmart Plus, Shipt is on the higher end of the price spectrum. But remember – you get what you pay for! With Shipt, you can expect quality service and peace of mind knowing that an expert Personal Shopper will hand-select your groceries with care. So now that you know everything there is to know about Shipt Membership, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

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