Understanding DoorDash Rating 2024: Acceptance Rate And More

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doordash rating acceptance rate completion rate and more

In this online world, ratings are used in an attempt to get indications of consumer opinions.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for all the companies including food delivery apps. Some of them use surveys to determine how users are happy with their products or services.

To increase the customer satisfaction level, apps users can report and review their experience with the service they received, in this case with the delivery. The intent is to help the growth by rewarding good actions and penalizing the not so good ones.

If you are a delivery driver, it is really important to know how your Dasher rating is calculated.

In this guide we will answer a common question: Do Doordash ratings matter? You will learn everything you have to know about the DoorDash rating system and all its components.

How Do Doordash Driver Ratings Work?

Doordash is a 5 star food rating app. This means that users rate their driver and can provide feedback after every delivery.

The San Francisco headquartered company, keep statistics on you and note you with a score from 1-5. An extremely low rating may be an indicator of fraud. This can lead to deactivation.

Basically, Door dash calculates your driver score as the average rating you’ve received for your last 100 rated deliveries. The algorithm of the Doordash app is based on 5 star and it is a combination of the following elements:

Here is a breakdown of all the components of your dasher reviews.

DoorDash Customer Rating

Customer rating on DoorDash is probably one of the most important. Customers are able to leave feedback on their delivery driver and the restaurant order. The Doordash customer rating scale is measured on a five-point score (with 1 being “very dissatisfied” and 5 representing “very satisfied'').

Reviews on Doordash provide valuable information about your delivery driver job.

If your Doordash customer rating is very low, you are probably working unprofessionally and we suggest you read attentively our tips below.

Summirizing: Doordash has the ability to deactivate accounts based on customers rating if it drop off under 4.2.

Doordash Acceptance Rate

You are probably used to hearing about the college acceptance rates for college admission. But what does acceptance rate mean on the DoorDash platform?

The acceptance rate for Doordash is a percentage and it is calculated by dividing the number of accepted deliveries by the number of received delivery opportunities.

It is based on your 100 most recent delivery opportunities. The food delivery company uses it to determine driver eligibility for certain features.

So, is a low acceptance rate good? You do not need to have a 100 percent acceptance rate, you only need to know what happens if you have a low acceptance rate.

The good news is that DoorDash cannot deactivate your account for a low acceptance rate. When your acceptance rate goes below 50% you will get an alert message suggesting you to accept more deliveries and improve it.

Does Doordash Acceptance Rate Matter?

Legally it doesn’t matter and you can decline as many delivery requests as you want. However, like most apps, the delivery service will closely monitor your driver ratings. Doordash will offer the best gigs to higher rated delivery drivers first.

With an acceptance rate under 70% you are not eligible for the ‘top dasher’ status. Additionnally, Doordash recently launched a new Priority Access dispatchit system. Dashers with at least a 4.5 customer rating and a 50% acceptance rate gain priority access, increasing their chances of viewing a high-paying order.

I've been receiving quite a few questions from you all on the worth of the Top Dasher status.

There is no generic answer valid for everyone. Like for every job experience is what matters the most.

Some dashers just earn more working during the busiest times and they do not care about the top dasher status. Other dashers get better rewards and earn more with the Top Dasher status.

What Happens If Your Acceptance Rate Is Low On Doordash?

Since there is no minimum requirement for acceptance rate, you are not a risk of deactivation.

However, consistently declining delivery opportunities negatively impacts the experience for customers and Doordash doesn't really appreciate it.

If you constantly decline orders, DoorDash will pause your account for 10 minutes to give other Dashers the opportunity to see the orders you are declining first.

Your paused Dasher account will resume automatically after 10 minutes.

What Is Considered a Low Acceptance Rate?

The standard set by DoorDash marks any acceptance rate between 25% and 49% a low acceptance rate.

You will get a red warning on the app.

If the previous week you got a low acceptance rate on Doordash, you can try to follow these tips to improve it:

  • Turn up the volume on your phone so you can always hear the new request sounds
  • Press the accept button as soon as you see the request come through

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5 Things to Know about Doordash Acceptance Rate

What is the Doordash acceptance rate and does it matter? Stop being worried and learn everything you need to know about the acceptance rate + tips for Dashers. #doordashAcceptanceRate #acceptanceRate...

Doordash Completion Rate

So what does completion rate mean? Once you sign up for Doordash you agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the Dasher agreement. Additional terms may apply but basically you CONTRACTOR agrees to maintain both a customer rating and a completion rate.

A completion rate on Doordash refers to the number of completed deliveries divided by the number of deliveries accepted. The Dasher app gives drivers the option to cancel an accepted order.

This practice is not much appreciated neither by Doordash because it causes poor experience for both customers and the company.

Remember that to avoid a bad experience or a bad rate in the case of Doordash, you have to use this feature only if you absolutely need to. Doordash drivers are contractors very similar to other delivery drivers (Favor, Waitr and GoPuff). You can go offline whenever you want.

doordash completion rate

DoorDash On Time Rating (Or Early)

Doordash has an 'on time requirements' based on Google Maps' estimate. A lot of drivers stress about this for justified reasons:

  • The merchant can make you late
  • You can be stuck in traffic

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DoorDash Scheduled Deliveries

One of the benefits of being a good dasher is the early access to the dash schedule.

DoorDash Driver App allows drivers to sign up for deliveries. So, DoorDash drivers have access to strategic scheduling. Scheduling yourself for a DoorDash shift is a great opportunity to receive more orders and potentially higher earnings. We suggest you take a look at our guide to maximize DoorDash earnings.

Things to know:

  • The schedule is available on a first come, first served basis
  • This is the worst part, Dashers with a star rating below 4.6 loose the early access to scheduling

Doordash Rating Scale Chart

If you want to find out what is a normal dash score, you are at the right place. Here is the dash score scheme that everyone should know with the minimum requirements.
My Rating Minimum
Acceptance Rate No minimum
Customer Rating 4.2
On-time/Early Rate If you are often late you may be deactivated
Completion Rate 80%

How To Find Out My Doordash Rating And Improve My Dash Score?

To check your dasher score, follow our step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Dasher App
  2. Open the menu
  3. Tap on ratings

Please give me a 5 ⭐️. Driving for Doordash and having doordash customer reviews score below 4.2 or a Completion Rate below 80% is a problem. You’re at serious risk of deactivation. The good news is it’s not hard to improve it if you’re doing everything right.

If you give good service and make a lot of deliveries, you can ignore the occasional bad feedback in 1-2 weeks because it will cycle out.

Doordash drivers: do not stress, do your best, safety comes first! If you want to find out how to improve your DoorDash rating, follow our tips.

First of all, providing excellent customer service is really important also because happy customers can leave tips at the end of the delivery. Tips are always on top of your base pay. Take a look at our guide to DoorDash tipping.

Here are some tips and tricks that can earn you a 4.5 doordash rating and some cash tips:

  • Come prepared: keep the phone charged. Inform customers of any delays. Users who ordered food are usually hungry.
  • Double check your food order at the pick up.
  • Check the special instructions on the App because a lot of the time customers add notes.
  • Do not forget your red card to pay orders
  • When it comes to ready to eat foods you must assure the food safety by using the correct accessories and gears, and food storage system including the insulated bag to keep the food temperatures.

Tips To Get Amazing DoorDash Driver Reviews

In order to be a successful Doordash driver, your goal should be to create a memorable and very positive experience for the customer. Keep in mind that Doordash has an in-app tipping system, the customer can give you tips at the end of the delivery. Additionally customers and merchant partners can report bad behaviors.

To give customers the best experience we recommend that you:

Doordash Ratings FAQ

Can You See Who Rated You On Doordash?

You won't be able to see how individual customers or Doordash merchants have rated you. Only Doordash can see that feedback.

Are Doordash Ratings Anonymous

Any feedback and comment you leave for your Dasher is always anonymous.

On the Doordash platform, ratings are confidential. Doordash will not share any information and the rating given for a specific delivery driver. So you can feel confident providing honest feedback.

However, if you leave a review for a restaurant, your first name and the first letter of your last name will appear in the review. Your review will appear publicly on the Doordash app.

How To Rate A Doordash Driver?

You will be prompted directly from the app at the end of every delivery. If you didn't do it immediately, follow our step by step tutorial:

  1. Open the Doordash app
  2. Tap on the 'Orders' tab. You will be able to see a list of your past orders
  3. Tap on “rate your order”.You will see the name of the delivery people who delivered the orders and you will be able to leave your feedback.

It’s easy to know if a service is good or bad, but how exactly do you determine if it’s 2 star, 3 star, or 4 star-worthy?

When Postmates was not one of the Uber subsidiaries , the app was the only delivery app that officially ditched the 5-star rating for the two vote option (thumbs up/thumbs down).

If you are a Doordash customer, you should know that drivers are independent contractors, the success of their job depends on a good rating. If their dash score falls below a certain number they get kicked out.

Do Doordash Drivers Rate Customers?

If you are a Lyft driver or an Uber driver, you already know that at the end of each ride driver and passenger are prompted to rate each other. Dashers cannot rate the customers. However, if you have a problem during a delivery and you're worried about it affecting your rating, you can also contact the Dasher support proactively.

Why is My DoorDash Rating So Low?

If your score dropped drastically, it can be explained by different factors:

  • Bad customer feedback that affected your delivery rate
  • You missed requests due to technical issues like poor network connectivity. Take a look at our guide to Downdetector.

Can You See All The Scores Clearly Now?

Now you know everything about the Doordash rating system and what really matters or not. Be on time, provide excellent service and inform your customer about lateness. As for the acceptance rate, choose wisely what order you want to accept or decline and you will be fine.

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