Top 7 Dog Walking Apps (and Jobs) to Become a Dog Walker

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As the gig economy rises and mobile apps expand, people now have unprecedented opportunities to take charge of their own career paths. Entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever before; with a wide range of available app-based jobs, anyone can become their own boss in an increasingly digital world!

Dog walking is one profession that has definitely seen growth in terms of technology - with several dog walking apps available, allowing individuals to make extra money while providing an essential service that benefits both humans and our canine friends alike!In this blog post we will be discussing the top 7 dog walking apps (and jobs) so you can learn how easy it is to become a professional dog walker!

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Dog Walker

In order to become a successful dog walker, there are certain skills that are necessary and beneficial.

Have Empathy Towards Animals

The first and most important skill set is the ability to relate to dogs in an empathetic way. This means that someone must be able to understand their individual needs, wants and behaviors as well as being able to properly communicate with them. It also means being comfortable around larger breeds and knowing how to handle each individual animal’s temperament.

Be Fit

The second skill needed is physical fitness. Dog walking requires physical stamina in order to be successful with this job. This means that the person should have a good level of overall fitness, be able to walk for long periods of time carrying equipment (including leashes, treats and water), run with the dogs if needed at times, and lift any waste bags or items as needed.

If you want to make money quickly and easily, we recommend delivering food with Uber Eats or becoming a Doordash driver.

Be Professional

The third skill is administrative skills in order to manage business such as bookings, scheduling, advertising, and payment processing. Good customer service skills are also essential for this job because dog owners expect their walkers to be professional in all aspects of dealing with them including communication about services offered, payment options, etc., as well as understanding their pets’ needs and concerns.

Have Experience

Fourthly, a strong knowledge of canine behavior and training may also be beneficial because it helps establish trust between the owner and walker while ensuring safe handling of the dog during walks or other activities such as playtime or travel. Having a solid understanding of canine anatomy can help when addressing potential health issues before they become serious problems during walks or other activities/services provided by the walker. Additionally, having CPR certification could prove useful in case of any emergency situation since accidents can happen when dealing with animals.

Basic First Aid Knowledge

Finally, basic first aid knowledge can come in handy during walks if the dog experiences any kind of problem while outside whether it’s an injury or just feeling ill; basic first aid knowledge allows people to assess a situation quickly and take appropriate action until more help arrives if needed.

As we mentioned above, having a strong background in canine behavior will also help address any issues that may arise on a walk due to different triggers such as loud noises or strange people that might terrify your pet companion which can lead them into panic mode so being prepared for those situations is important too not just for their safety but yours too! Also having basic grooming skills like nail trimming, brushing teeth etc will prove helpful if you decide to provide “dog sitting” services on top of just walking for extra income opportunities!

To sum up: becoming a certified trusted professional dog walker requires not only physical fitness but also additional skills such as empathy towards animals, administrative tasks , canine behavior/training , basic first aid knowledge , CPR certification , grooming abilities etc . The more knowledgeable you are on these topics equates to a higher success rate on getting hired by clients wanting quality pet care !

Pros and Cons of Dog Walker Jobs

A dog walker is someone who provides dog walking services. It’s an increasingly popular job for animal lovers as well as people who want to make some extra money. Dog walking jobs offer many benefits, such as flexibility, getting outdoors, and the satisfaction of spending time with our canine friends. However, like any job, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered before taking on this type of work.

Pros of Being a Dog Walker

One of the main benefits of being a dog walker is the flexible schedule. Most dog walkers work part-time or freelance, which means they can create their own hours and choose when they want to work. This makes it possible for many people to take on these jobs while still attending school or having another full-time job. Additionally, the pay for these jobs can range from $15-$50 per hour depending on the area and experience level of the dog walker.

Another great benefit is that it can be a very rewarding job. Being able to spend time with animals while providing great care and exercise gives walkers a sense of fulfillment that's hard to find in other lines of work. It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy nature while getting paid - something not many other jobs can offer! Finally, dog walking provides plenty of chances for socializing with both dogs and their owners; after all, the relationship between owner and pet is certainly one worth fostering!

Cons of Being a Dog Walker

The biggest disadvantage associated with being a dog walker is the amount of responsibility involved in taking care of multiple animals at once. While most clients will only need one or two walks per week, others may require daily walks or additional needs like pet sitting or playing/socializing with their pets. This means that you must be willing to commit yourself fully to whatever tasks you take on – if this isn't possible then it might not be suitable for your lifestyle or desired work/life balance.

Additionally, since most walks involve working outside in all kinds of weather conditions (hot days in summer; cold winters), you must also be prepared to brave whatever Mother Nature throws your way! From inclement weather to dealing with aggressive dogs or unfriendly owners, there are potential risks involved with being a professional dog walker that need careful consideration before taking up this type of job.

Finally, although most people love dogs (and cats!), there's no guarantee that you'll actually have fun working as a professional dog walker - especially if you don’t keep regular clients who know your preferences and accommodate them accordingly! And since customer service skills are important in this profession (in order to maintain good relationships with both pets and owners) it's essential that you're comfortable interacting with people on a daily basis - something not everyone enjoys doing!

How To Become A Dog Walker

Becoming a dog walker is a great career choice for animal lovers who want to make a living while spending time with pups. To become a successful pet-sitter, it’s important to meet certain requirements, create an appealing profile, pass a background check, and accept gigs.

Meet The Requirements

First and foremost, you’ll need to meet the requirements of the dog walking app or service you plan on joining. These may include having your own form of transportation like a car or bike; being able to provide valid identification; passing a background check; and having experience working with animals. You may also be required to have certifications such as First-Aid/CPR certification for pets or certification from an accredited animal care program.

Create an Attractive Profile

Next, you’ll need to create an attractive profile that highlights your skills and experience. Most dog walking apps will allow you to upload photos of yourself as well as any credentials or licenses that you have related to pet sitting. Make sure your profile is complete by describing what services you offer (such as walks, home visits, overnight care, etc.), including pricing details if applicable. Providing references is also important in order to demonstrate that other people have had positive experiences with you in the past.

Pass a Background Check

Once your profile is complete, you will typically be asked to pass a background check which helps ensure both the safety of the animals and their owners who are entrusting their pet's care with you. The specifics of the background checks vary depending on the service but they usually include things like name checks, address verification and criminal history searches.

Accept Gigs

The final step before getting started is accepting gigs near you. Once all of the requirements are met and your profile has been created, most services will give you access to potential jobs that match up with your availability and skill level. Before accepting any gigs make sure that you understand all of the details – including arrival times/locations, payment methods and any other special considerations related to caring for each pet (medicines administered etc.).

By following these steps closely it’s possible for anyone who loves animals can turn their passion into a profitable business by becoming a professional dog walker!

Our Pick Of The Best Dog Walking Apps To Work For

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business. Now, instead of traditional advertising and creating a website to find clients, you can just download an app! From food delivery to car rides with a few taps in your smartphone - technology makes life easier than ever before. Even better is when it comes to dog walking jobs near you- there's no need for guesswork! With geolocation tracking apps like Uber but specifically designed for dogs, making money walking dogs couldn't be simpler. Here’s a look at seven of the top best dog walker apps.


Rover is a dog walking app to make money and it is also the best paying dog walking app.

Availability: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands

Rover Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years
  • Social security number (if you're a U.S. sitter)
  • Two government-issued IDs (if you're a Canadian sitter)
  • You must be able to pass a background check provided by Sterling
    • Your social security number, name, and address match.
    • You aren't on any sex offender registry.
    • You aren't on any terrorist watchlist.
  • Have a checking account or a Paypal account

Application Fees: You have to pay $25 for the background check.

Commissions: Rover service fees vary depending on when your Rover profile was approved and can be from 15% to 25% of your salary.

Sign up for Rovver

rover service fee

2. WAG

Wag is one of the apps like Rover and one of the most trustworthy platforms that allows you to walk dogs for money. Apps like wag and Uber changed our lives. Wag is also one of the apps that allow you to work and get paid the same day.

Availability: Nationwide

WAG Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years
  • Have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) for the walker app
  • You must be legally authorized to work in the US
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • You must be able to pass a background check provided by a third party background check company called Vetty.
    • Your social security number, name, and address match.
    • You aren't on any sex offender registry.
    • You aren't on any terrorist watchlist
  • You must pass Wag’s collar and harness and situational assessment tests
  • You must provide at least three endorsements or recommendations
  • Have a checking account or a Paypal account

Application Fees: You have to pay a $29.95 fee which covers the administrative costs of an in-depth review and background check process.

Commission: WAG charges pet caregivers 40% fee on all fares.

Sign up to work with WAG

3. Petbacker

Rover and Wag are not the only apps for dog walking business. Petbacker is another dog walking service app that pays you for taking care of pets.

Availability: Petbacker is available in 50 Countries.

Petbacker Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years
  • Have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) for the walker app
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • You must be able to pass a background check provided by a third party background check company.
    • Your social security number, name, and address match.
    • You aren't on any sex offender registry.
    • You aren't on any terrorist watchlist
  • Have a checking account or a Paypal account

Application Fees: The application process is FREE

Commissions: Petbacker charges a service fee for booking transactions completed through the platform from 15% to 25%.

Sign up to work with PetBacker

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Barkley Pets is a membership based app. Unlike other dog walking companies, it has a commission-free approach. If you earn more than $100 you will pay a membership fee of $8.50.

Availability: Nationwide


  • You must be at least 18 years
  • Social security number (if you're a U.S. sitter)
  • You must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • You must pass an animal behavior assessment

Application Fees: $10 for the administrative costs of conducting a thorough vetting and background check of walkers using Barkly.

Sign up for Barkly Pets


Hire a Student is a community jobs app where students can build profiles around the work they want to do, share their profiles, get connected with hirers, and invoice for the work they do.

The platform strives to empower every student to be entrepreneurs in their own communities by connecting community members with local students. Students can:

  • Build profiles for multiple jobs (dog walking, pet sitting, babysitting, tutoring, yard work, etc)
  • Add details and special offerings to differentiate themselves
  • Choose their own wages and work on their own schedule
  • Self-promote by sharing their profiles

Availability: Nationwide

Hire a Student Requirements: There are no special requirements-- any student (over 14+, with parental permission if under 18) can sign up for free and get started today.

Sign up process: It's super easy and completely free to sign up. All you need to do is create an account and add the jobs that you are interested in doing. Most students can sign up and get their profiles started within 5 minutes.

The app is a student-first platform. Students keep 100% of their earnings. Finally, you get paid through the app and earnings are directly deposited into your bank accounts.

Sign up for Hire a Student

6. CARE.COM is one of the largest on-demand online platforms that provides a meeting place for those in need and local caregivers. It helps families find child care, senior care, special needs care, tutoring, pet care, housekeeping,

Caregivers on the site set their own pay rates.

If you are looking for dog walkers jobs near you, you can sign up for

Availability: 20 countries Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have a debit card to receive payments

You need to be able to create a profile that stands out and Care gives you the opportunity to purchase and post to your profile, checks such as a Criminal Records check and Motor Vehicle Records check.

You can also buy a premium membership that will give you benefits including:

  • Rank higher and be featured in search results
  • Proactively reach out to local families, including families who have not yet posted a job
  • Get priority job alerts

Screening Fees: The screening fee for the CareCheck is $14.99

The price of membership is subject to change.

Apply for


If you have your own dog walking business Walkies is the right dog sitter app for you. Walkies will help you manage your business.

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Walkies will help you provide a 5 star services and include a lot of features such as:

  • Tracking features
  • Send the report card to your clients
  • Customizable invoice

Availability: Worldwide

Pricing: The app is free up to 4 customers or $4.99 per month for unlimited customers.

Download Walkies

Other Dog Walking Jobs App

If you are looking for pet care jobs, here are other apps hiring now:

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Dog Walker Do?

A dog walker is a professional who offers dog-walking services to pet owners. They are responsible for providing safe and nurturing care for their four-legged clients, including walking them on a regular basis. Dog walkers ensure that dogs get the exercise, socialization, and stimulation they need to stay healthy and happy.

Do You Need Dog Walker Insurance?

Yes, if you're considering becoming a professional dog walker, it's essential to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. This is because dog walking involves a variety of risks, including liability for property damage or bodily injury that may occur during your walks. While many pet owners rely on their homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any injuries that may occur while their pets are in your care, this isn’t always enough. Depending on the extent of the injury or damage caused, a pet owner could sue for more than your homeowners policy covers – and that means you need additional coverage.

Dog walkers should consider purchasing two types of insurance – general liability and business property insurance. General liability insurance protects you from claims alleging negligence or other wrongful acts and provides protection from claims involving bodily injury or property damage that may arise while you are out taking care of clients’ pets. Business property insurance can provide coverage for any equipment or supplies used in the course of your business, including leashes, collars, and other items damaged in an accident or theft.

To provide a comprehensive financial protection plan tailored to your specific needs as a dog walker, an experienced independent agent can help you review all available options. Your agent will also help you determine the amount and type of coverage best suited to your situation and budget. They will also be able to explain all relevant exclusions in order to ensure that you understand exactly what is covered by each policy before signing up for it.

When evaluating potential dog walker insurance policies, make sure to pay attention to limits on losses per incident as well as aggregate limits for all losses that could occur during the policy period. You should also look into deductibles – since some plans may offer lower premiums but require larger deductibles if an incident occurs requiring a claim payout – as well as what type of medical treatment can be covered under different plans. Additionally, some policies are designed specifically with professional dog walkers in mind so they address all potential risks associated with this line of work directly related such as personal injury sustained by either yourself or your client’s pet and even third-party liabilities such as public disturbances caused by domesticated animals under your supervision during walks outdoors.

Ultimately, having the right kind of dog walking insurance can help protect both yourself and your clients financially against unexpected incidents related to providing services as a professional dog walker. Working with an independent agent knowledgeable about these types of policies can ensure that you get exactly what you need at an affordable price without sacrificing important coverage aspects along the way!

Find Dog Walking Jobs Near You

There are plenty of great apps out there that can help make life easier for both pet owners and professional dog walkers alike – it just takes a bit of research to find the one that works best for you! Whether you want to make money working with pet care services or just want someone to take your pup out for regular exercise, these seven top best dog walking apps should provide all the resources you need!

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