How Much Does A Dog Walker Make (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

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how much does a dog walker make

What job could be better than spending each day with man's best friend while earning a paycheck? Dog walking is one of the most rewarding, yet surprisingly lucrative gigs around. Although you may think it’s just a side hustle or way to earn some extra cash - dog walkers often make far more money than expected. So, the question remains: How much can a dog walker actually expect to make daily, weekly and monthly? In this blog post we break down the answer to that important question - so read on to learn more!

How Much Do Dog Walkers Make Per Day?

On average, most professional dog walkers earn between $15 and $30 per hour for their services. This means that for 30-minute walk walks, most dog walkers typically charge around $10-20 per session depending on the specifics of the service they offer. For example, if someone is providing additional services such as brushing or petting in addition to walking the dogs, they may charge more for their services.

For dog walkers who are just starting out, their income can range from around $10-$15 an hour depending on how often they are asked to take out one or more dogs at a time during the week. Experienced and in-demand dog walkers can make up to $35 an hour if they have established regular pet owner clients with whom they work closely in order to ensure the best possible care for their pets.

Additionally, more experienced dog walkers may also be asked to provide additional pet care services such as drop-in visits or overnight pet sitting which can increase their earnings significantly versus regular daily walks alone.

In terms of what a typical day’s pay looks like for a professional dog walker, it largely depends on the number of walks scheduled that day as well as any additional services requested by clients. On average, though, most professional dog walkers taking multiple 30 minute walks throughout the day can expect to make anywhere from $50-$100 per day depending on how busy they are and what other services they offer alongside regular walks.

How Much Does A Dog Walker Make A Week?

Generally speaking, an experienced dog walker can expect to make anywhere between $200 and $1,000 a week. Of course, those who live in highly populated pet-friendly areas might be able to command higher wages due to the increased competition. Additionally, if you're able to take on larger numbers of dogs at once you may also be able to increase your earnings.

Those who are just starting out as a dog walker will usually have lower weekly earnings since they don't yet have a large client base or the necessary skills and expertise that comes with years of experience. Also, there are additional considerations when it comes to how much money you make such as whether you offer additional services like pet sitting and how much you charge for each individual service. Furthermore, some more established dog walking businesses may offer package deals which allow them to charge less per hour but still make more money than those who charge for their services individually.

Ultimately, how much a dog walker will make in a given week is dependent upon many different factors beyond just their experience level; however, with dedication and hard work it is possible for someone to earn an attractive income by providing this important service for four-legged friends everywhere!

How Much Can You Make Walking Dogs In NYC?

It was a pleasure speaking to John, a passionate dog walker in New York City, about his work and earning potential. He has been walking dogs for the past five years and is always eager to share his experiences with others.

John began by telling us why he chose dog walking. He said that he had always loved animals and wanted to work with them in some capacity. When he left college and moved to the city, he decided dog walking would be a great way to combine his love of animals with making money. Plus, it gives him the flexibility to work when it suits him best.

John shared that his earnings depend on how many clients he takes on each day or week as well as how long each walk takes. Generally, if a client likes him, they are willing to pay more for longer walks or regular bookings. One of John's clients pays him an extra ten dollars per walk simply because their pup loves going out with him so much!

In terms of rates per hour, John usually charges between fifteen and twenty-five dollars per hour but this depends on several factors such as the difficulty of the terrain or if there are multiple dogs that need walking together. He also pointed out that some clients will offer an additional bonus at the end of the year which further boosts his income!

When asked about expenses associated with running his business, John said that these are minimal but important nonetheless; he needs basic equipment such as waste bags, leads and treats as well as insurance cover for any eventualities during a walk or travel time between clients' homes. Fortunately for John, many of his regular clients provide all these items so this helps keep costs low!

Finally, when asked what advice he had for anyone considering dog walking as a profession, John stressed how important it is to truly enjoy spending time with animals - after all that’s what makes people good at their job. Also it’s helpful to have an understanding of animal behavior and canine body language which can help you better manage different types of dogs during walks in public places like parks or busy streets. Furthermore, having knowledge of first aid techniques can be very useful if something unexpected happens while out walking!

What Factors Affect How Much Can You Make As A Dog Walker

As a dog walker, the amount you can earn depends on several factors. In order to maximize your earnings, it is important to understand how each factor affects your dog walker salary.


Where you live and work as a dog walker will have a significant impact on how much you can make. If you are in an area with high demand for dog walking services then you are likely to be able to charge higher rates and make more money. On the other hand, if there is less demand in your area then you may have to accept lower rates or take on additional clients in order to reach your desired income level.

Number of Dogs Walked Per Day/Week

The number of dogs that you walk per day or week will also affect your earnings. The more dogs that you are able to walk in one day, the more money you will make since each additional dog adds up over time. It is important to find the right balance between taking on too many clients and not enough so that you don't become overwhelmed while still being able to maintain an acceptable level of income.

Services Provided

The type of service provided by your dog walking business will also determine how much you can charge per day or hour. Generally speaking, people who offer additional services such as obedience training can charge premium prices due to added value that comes with it; whereas basic walks may not fetch as much money but still remain profitable when done over longer periods of time or in bulk quantities at once such as weekly packages).

Rates Charged

The rates charged for services also play a large role in determining how much a dog walker can make. Depending on where they live and the level of services offered, some dog walkers may be able to charge higher rates than others.

If possible, research average rates charged by other local businesses offering similar services as this will give you an idea of what people are willing (and able) to pay for these types of services in your area. This can help inform your decision when setting rates for yourself as well as ensure that prices stay competitive with other businesses offering similar services.


Another factor that can affect how much a dog walker can make is their experience and expertise when working with animals. Those who have been working with animals for longer periods of time or have taken courses or obtained certifications related specifically to dog walking may be able to command higher rates from their clients due to their increased qualifications and knowledge base when working with animals.

Additionally, those who have developed good relationships with their clients and consistently provide quality service are likely to receive higher ratings which could result in more referrals and ultimately more business which could lead to greater earnings potential over time.

Time Dedicated To Dog Walking

The amount of time dedicated solely towards dog walking plays an important role when considering how much money one can make doing this type of work. Those who dedicate full-time hours (or even close) will naturally be able to earn more than someone who only works part-time since they are able to take on more clients at once and potentially increase their rate per hour without having any competing commitments occupying their schedule during certain times of day or weekdays/weekends etc..

Furthermore, dedicating full-time hours allows one had the opportunity to build up a consistent clientele which increases loyalty among customers (which could result in repeat business) as well as better manage scheduling conflicts among multiple appointments throughout the day or week thus resulting in greater efficiency overall which can translate directly into increased earnings potential over time .

Type of Dogs

Certain breeds attract higher pay rates than others due to their size or temperament requirements. For example, large dogs tend to require more attention or training compared to smaller ones so consequently owners may be willing to pay more money for their pet’s care. Similarly, dogs with special needs such as those who require daily medication might require extra care adding up to additional pay in return.

Overall Physical Fitness Level & Health Status

Being physically fit is essential for those looking into becoming a professional pet sitter or pet care provider such as a dog walker due oftentimes the job requires them being outdoors for extended periods of time while carrying out tasks such as taking multiple dogs out on walks simultaneously etc..

Traditionally those who demonstrate great physical endurance tend to attract higher paying jobs due employers recognizing they require less down times due health limitations thus saving employers both money and frustrations associated with managing employees who frequently take breaks due health complications such as sore muscles etc.. As such, having solid physical fitness levels coupled with overall good health status goes a long way when it comes earning potential associated pet sitting type jobs – including those involving dog walking activities!

Tips For Increasing Your Income As A Dog Walker

The dog walking profession is a rewarding one, as it involves providing specialized care and companionship to canine friends. However, if you want to make the most out of your job and increase your income, there are certain tips you can follow. Here are some tips for increasing your income as a dog walker.

1. Offer Variety

One of the best ways to stand out from other dog walkers in your area is by offering different types of services. This could include pet sitting, obedience training classes, short-term or long-term house sitting services, and more. You can also offer pet transportation services such as taking pets to the vet for check-ups or trips to the groomer. Expanding your service offerings will help attract more clients who may be looking for additional pet care services that you can provide in addition to walking their dogs.

2. Build Your Reputation

Another way to increase your income as a dog walker is by building up your reputation within the community. Consider joining local animal rescue organizations or attending events like adoption days where you can meet potential clients and show off your skills with animals.

Additionally, reach out to nearby veterinary clinics and ask if they would be willing to give you referrals and recommend you to their clients who need dog walking services. Word-of-mouth referrals can go a long way in helping grow your business so be sure to make a good impression on every client that comes through your door!

3. Invest in Proper Gear

Having the right equipment when walking dogs is vital for both safety and efficiency reasons. Investing in high-quality leashes, harnesses, strollers (if needed) and other accessories like waste bags will not only help keep the dogs safe during their walks but will also make them feel more comfortable with you as their handler since they’ll know that you’re prepared for anything that might come up during their walks together!

4. Utilize Technology

Technology has made it easier than ever before for dog owners to find reliable pet care providers within their area so make sure that you’re listed on all of the popular dog walking apps such as Wag!, Rover, PetBacker, etc., so that potential customers are able to easily find out about your services when searching online!

Additionally, setting up an online booking system helps streamline the process of scheduling appointments which makes it easier for both parties involved – make sure that clients have access 24/7 so they can easily book whenever they need help with their pup!

5. Offer Discounts & Pricing Structures

Offering discounts on various services such as multiple-dog discounts or package deals (i.e., 10 walks at once) is a great way of enticing for potential customers who may be on the fence about signing up for regular dog walks with you – this will also encourage them to commit long term which means more money in your pocket each month!

Additionally, consider offering different pricing structures based on distance traveled from home (for example - $15 per visit within 5 miles vs $20 per visit beyond 5 miles) so that those who live farther away aren’t discouraged from hiring you due to higher prices associated with travel time/distance.

By following these tips and being attentive towards customer needs and having strong communication skills will result in increased income for aspiring dog walkers! With plenty of dedication over time combined with consistent quality customer service and professionalism – anyone should be able to take advantage of these tips successfully in order to maximize their earning potential while doing something they love (working with animals!).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Rover Pay?

The Rover app is one of the most popular dog walking apps. Generally, Rover Walkers can set their own rates for dog walking services. For example, in some areas, Rover pays as much as $30 per hour for a basic walk while in other regions they may pay more depending on the demand.

Keep in mind that contractors have to pay a 20% service fee to the company.

Finally, Rover offers bonuses to top-rated pet sitters and walkers which can drive their earnings up significantly. On average, experienced Rover dog walkers can expect to make anywhere from around $15 - $2\35 per hour with some able to bring in even higher wages. It's important to note that these rates are taxable income. Indeed, Walkers have to pass a background check and are independent contractors.

Make Money Walking Dogs

Dog walking is a great way to make money, especially if you're passionate about dogs. You can make anywhere from $10-$20 an hour, and sometimes even more depending on where you live and how many dogs you walk. If you're looking for a way to make quick money, dog walking is definitely a viable option. Be sure to check out our guide on how to make quick money for more ideas.

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