Are You On Standby On Amazon Flex Waiting List? What To Know

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amazon flex waiting list

If you applied to become an Amazon Flex driver, but all available positions have already been filled, you will be placed on the waitlist.

People often have a lot of questions about these lists. In this article we will answer all your questions so you do not have to worry if you do not get your job right away.

What Is The Amazon Flex Waiting List?

The rideshare driver shortage has been a trending topic for the current year. Major rideshare companies are struggling with a shortage of drivers.

Despite the increasing driver pay and incentives for new applicants, a lot of gig workers turned into food delivery and package delivery jobs.

The result is a long waitlist.

Basically being on standby on an Amazon waitlist means that the numbers of package delivery drivers reached the capacity limit set by the Seattle headquartered company.

Amazon Flex is not adding new delivery partners.

You can understand what exactly does it mean if you've been waitlisted by a college.

You do not have to find out how to join the Amazon Flex waitlist.

Once you apply and before passing the background check, if there are too many drivers in your market, you will get a message: Join the Amazon Waitlist.

At this point your name is put on a waiting list of sorts to snag a delivery gig.

The goal of Amazon is to keep the balance and match the supply and the demand.

This comes in handy if for example there is an increased demand for package deliveries.

The catch, however, is that your job isn't always guaranteed, so you could end up waiting in a standby position forever. Especially in cities where the demand is low.

Other caveats: Amazon Flex waitlist is limited to the city where you applied as Amazon Flex delivery driver.

Summarizing: Being waitlisted by Amazon Flex means that you will be considered for delivery job opportunities in the event that Amazon needs additional delivery drivers.

How Does The Amazon Waitlist Work?

You can add yourself to the waitlist through the Amazon Flex Application. As we said if the demand increases in your area or the number of active drivers decreases, Amazon will offer you the position.

Keep in mind that this may occur on short notice.

What Is The Advantage Of The Waitlist?

Is the waitlist really a bad thing? The waitlist process is a way to promote Amazon Flex drivers.

Before the pandemic starts I often get complaints from Uber drivers and gig workers for other apps concerned by the high numbers of contractors and their reduced earnings.

Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors. You get paid per gig.

If there are too many people scheduled in delivery blocks, experienced drivers will make money while others will just sit without being able to make any money.

How Long Is Amazon Flex Waiting List?

How long does Amazon take to respond to job applications depends on different factors. According to our experience, the waitlist period for Amazon Flex is 2-15 weeks long on average but will vary depending on your location.

In the Amazon Flex Reddit, we read comments of applicants sharing their concerns about the interminable waiting list.

It seems that getting a job with Amazon Flex in some cities is really a chance. Even once you are approved it is hard to find block shifts available.

Some reddit users shared their experience with their Amazon application. We report below some of the comments found:

  • Sweatpantsjoe (Los Angeles): I was on the waitlist for about 18 months.
  • Goodadviceneeded: I signed up in mid to late June and just started driving 2 weeks ago.
  • Reddit user from UK: I was accepted accepted to Amazon flex roughly 3 months ago but when I completed everything it gave me the red message saying “sorry there aren’t any delivery opening in your area try again in the next few days”
  • Reddit user from Manchester UK: I signed up as an applicant in the North West of England (Manchester). I signed up in November last year and immediately received the 'thanks for your interest' message in the app.

Currently, too many unknowns remain about the effects of the pandemic at the present moment to answer this question with any certainty.

The number of Americans voluntarily quitting their jobs recently surged to high records.

However, we can predict that if you sign up close to the Holiday season, your chances for a favorable outcome increase.

Once you get out from the waiting list avoid account suspension.

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Can You Get Off The Amazon Flex Waiting List?

You can’t skip the waiting list and there is nothing you can do to improve your odds for Amazon Flex.

This is because you get placed on the waiting list when there’s no demand for new drivers in your area, so there isn’t a way to expedite or bypass the waiting period.

Your chances of getting off the Amazon waitlist primarily depend on the following factors:

How Many Spots The Logistics Company Needs To Fill

The fewer the spots there are, the less likely it is you'll get off the waitlist. The more spots available, the more likely it is you'll be offered a placement.

Your Position On The List

Your qualifications do not matter. Applicants are placed on the waitlist according to the date and time of the application.

Your Amazon waitlist position is one of the most important factors.

Your Locations

How does your location exactly affect the waitlist? Amazon is actively recruting in the following cities:

In some cities there is always a high demand for gig workers. Basically there are simply never enough resources to meet all the needs. You can check below full list of cities where Amazon Flex is recruting.

Nevertheless we want to share with you encouraging words: Nobody we know stayed in a waitlist for ever.

Even if the situation can be frustrating, you were neither accepted nor rejected.

If you have been discouraged from applying we want to encourage you to do so. Your application will never expire.

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What Are The Cities With Longer Waiting Lists?

Are you guessing which cities are the most saturated? Amazon does not make statistics or numbers publicly available. However, we made the job for you and gathered the cities where members of our community were stuck in waitlist for longer time:

  • Colorado Springs
  • Detroit - MI
  • Fort Myers - FL
  • Fresno - CA
  • Gainesville - FL
  • Kalamazoo - MI
  • Lansing - MI
  • Little Rock - AR
  • Miami
  • Port St Lucie - FL
  • San Diego
  • Spartanburg - SC
  • Springfield - MO

Amazon Flex Recruiting Cities USA

Amazon is currently recruiting in the following cities of the USA. At Bestreferraldriver we want to provide users with the right information. We try to keep this list up to date. You can always check the list of the recruiting cities on the Flex website:

  • Arkansas: Fayetteville, Springdale
  • Arizona: Prescott Valley
  • California: Glenn County, Grass Valley
  • Delaware: Seaford
  • Indiana: Indianapolis
  • Iowa: Dubuque
  • Kansas: McPherson
  • Maryland: Salisbury
  • Michigan: Bad Axe, Croswell,Midland, Mount Pleasant
  • Missouri: Joplin
  • New Mexico: Espanola, Santa Fe
  • Texas: Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Midland, Odessa, San Antonio

Amazon Flex Onboarding Cities UK

For our UK readers, find below the list of the cities where Amazon Flex is currently reruiting across the United Kingdom. Here is the list of the cities where you can sign up to deliver with Amazon Flex without having to stay on a waiting list:

  • East Midlands
  • East of England
  • Greater London – ULEZ
  • North East England
  • North West England and North Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • South East England
  • South Wales
  • South West England
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire and the Humber

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What Is The Amazon Flex Waiting List & How Long It Lasts

If there are too many delivery drivers in your market, Amazon will ask you to join the wait list. Learn everything you have to know about the Amazon waiting list, what is it and how long it lasts.

How To Check The Waitlist On Amazon?

Generally, If you are placed on the waitlist, you’ll get a notification by email when you are selected to actually work the job.

At Bestreferraldriver we are a community of gig workers. Some applicants shared with us that they didn’t get an email from Amazon. Instead, they were able to accept gigs on the Amazon Flex app.

💡 PRO TIP: We suggest you check on the app your application status.

What to Do If You’re Waitlisted by Amazon?

Only you can evaluate how much you want to wait in this situation and contacting the amazon flex support is not the right solution. They will not be able to provide you with much more information.

However, being waitlisted doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and eventually wait for your fate to unfold.

Being a business owner should not be a passive activity. Get started on evaluating your personal finance situation.

One of the great advantages of the Gig Economy is the flexibility and the freedom.

It is important to realize that you can work with multiple companies at the same time. Delivery companies allow workers to set their own schedules and work as much or as little as they like. Accepting only gigs that are profitable and make sense for them.

You can also be on multiple waitlists at the same time.

Today, waiting lists are a reality for many gig apps. So you can pretty much start different applications until you’re confirmed for one.

Here is a suggestion of the action you should take.

Apply For A Food Delivery Jobs

Around the world there is a rise in the demand for instant deliveries.

In the last few years numerous on-demand app based services have emerged. Digital marketplaces like DoorDash or Instacart changed the logistics services. Consumers buying online expect to get delivery within less than one or two hours.

DoorDash recently launched branded convenience stores that allow customers to get food, grocery and even ice cream delivery in less than 30 minutes.

In the past, food delivery services were limited to pizza or Asian restaurants. Today users have a larger range of choices and can even get breakfast delivered.

So, digital marketplaces are defining new services as a fast delivery at a low price or even for free with the membership subscriptions. In the meantime they have a positive impact for all the gig workers.

Courier services have always existed, however we suggest you consult our complete guide with the best delivery jobs.

Other food delivery services hiring include:

If you get confused about all the offers we suggest you consult our comparaison GrubHub vs DoorDash and DoorDash vs UberEats.

Apply For Other Package Delivery Jobs

Do you love the idea of delivering packages? We love it too.

It is a great way to avoid dead miles. Browsing our website you will not be disappointed by the number of package delivery jobs available.

If you are looking for a part time small package courier job you can take a look at the following gig apps:

If you have a pickup truck you can take a look at the following job opportunities:

Apply For A Driver Job

On demand transportation services based apps like Uber and carpool apps like Blablacar and Waze apps, are reliable and cheap alternatives to traditional taxi services.

According to our expert team it is probably one of the best moments to become a Lyft driver.

Lyft increased new driver incentives and the hourly minimum wage.

If you’re looking for additional support we offer free email support to help gig workers find the next side hustle. Contact us today.

Motivational Quotes 💪🏻

Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

Wait But Take Action

The pandemic has led to a surge in applications for Amazon jobs. Being waitlisted for a job is never a pleasant situation, however you should never wait passively. When it comes to making money the Gig Economy offers a wide range of opportunities.

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