20+ Tips and Tricks on How To Make More Money on Doordash in 2023

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how to make money driving with doordash

Are you a Doordash driver who is looking to maximize your earnings? Do you feel like something is preventing you from earning more than what you're currently making? If yes, then look no further. We have compiled 20 golden tips that can help all current and aspiring Doordash drivers increase their income while working on the app. In this blog post, we will provide detailed advice on how to make money on delivery orders with increased efficiency, how to take advantage of promotions offered by the company, and which strategies can be used for long-term success. Read ahead if you want to become one of the top earners in your city!

Choose The Right Time To Work

Try to work during peak hours when demand is high. DoorDash is a 24 hours delivery service, however, peak hours for demand are typically during lunch and dinner times, so it's best to work during these hours to get more orders and increase your earnings. During busy times, DoorDash offers peak pay incentives to encourage drivers to take on more orders, typically ranging from an extra $1-$5 per delivery, and sometimes even more in certain high-demand areas. These peak pay bonuses can be a significant boost to a driver's earnings and can help ensure that customers receive their orders promptly during times of high demand. The best times to Doordash are:

  • Lunch (generally 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
  • Dinner (generally 5 p.m. - 9: 30 p.m.)
  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

By monitoring the changing patterns in demand, drivers can plan their shifts around peak hours and avoid wasting valuable time circling lesser-visited areas. Not only does this lead to a healthier bottom line, but it also streamlines the delivery process by reducing wait times and increasing overall efficiency.

Use A Reliable Car Or Bike For Delivery

Having a reliable mode of transportation ensures that you can complete more deliveries without worrying about breakdowns or delays, which can decrease your earnings. If you don't have a bike, consider renting an electric bike for delivery to boost your earnings.

Keep Track Of Your Business Expenses

Keeping track of your expenses, including gas, mileage, and maintenance, helps you plan your finances and maximize your earnings. Indeed, Independent contractors can increase their earnings by taking advantage of tax deductions for expenses.

Use The Dasher App To Find Busy Areas Near You

One of the ways to make more money door dashing is to find the busy areas near you. As a DoorDash driver, there are lucrative opportunities to maximize your earnings by strategically selecting busy areas to operate in. By utilizing the DoorDash app, drivers can easily identify these high-traffic zones, making it an indispensable tool in their earnings arsenal. Simply put, leveraging the power of the DoorDash app can spell the difference between working smart or working hard, and sets drivers on the path to greater financial security.

Be Polite And Professional With Customers

Providing exceptional customer service and being courteous can lead to better tips and repeat business.

Use A Hot Bag

Using a hot bag, also known as a food warmer, to keep food warm and fresh is a key factor for ensuring customer satisfaction when it comes to restaurant service. Not only does it prevent the food from getting cold, which can significantly affect the taste and texture of the dish, but it also maintains its quality and safety during delivery to the customer's doorstep.

Moreover, in some cases, hot bags are necessary to ensure that orders are accepted because certain foods need to be kept at specific temperatures to comply with health and safety regulations. Therefore, investing in reliable and efficient hot bags not only boosts customer satisfaction but also guarantees compliance with food regulations, which can result in better reviews and more tips.

Dress Professionally

Presenting yourself professionally and appropriately can make a good impression on customers and increase your chances of receiving better tips.

Accept Orders That Are Nearby

Doordash doesn’t pay for gas. When you choose to accept Doordash orders that are in close proximity, you not only save valuable time, but also reduce your fuel expenses significantly. This can have a considerable impact on your overall earnings, especially when you consider the fact that over time, these small costs can add up quickly. By being strategic about the orders you take and opting for those that are near your current location, you can ensure that you're maximizing your income potential and creating a more efficient and sustainable work process. In addition, by choosing to focus on nearby orders, you can also improve the overall customer experience by delivering meals quickly and reliably, which can lead to higher ratings and repeat business in the long run.

how to boost your dasher earnings

7. Take Advantage Of Doordash Incentives And Promotions

In the dynamic and competitive nature of the gig economy, it is crucial to keep a keen eye on incentives and perks to boost one's income and profitability. To this end, checking the Doordash app for enticing promotions and bonuses can effectively bolster your earnings and augment your profits. Whether it's DoorDash Challenges , where you can earn extra cash for completing a set number of deliveries within a designated time frame, or attractive new driver sign up bonuses, there are many avenues to explore.

By consistently utilizing these incentives and staying alert to new opportunities, you can secure a steady stream of additional income, upskill your driving abilities, and ultimately take your Doordash career to the next level.

Stay Updated On The Latest Restaurant Deals

Are you looking for Doordash tips and tricks to increase your earnings? It's essential to stay informed about the latest deals offered by restaurants to locate busy locations and spots where there is more demand for delivery. By keeping track of special offers and discounts, you can identify the hotspots where customers are more likely to order food through Doordash. As you probably know, people are always searching for ways to save their hard-earned cash, so staying up-to-date with Doordash deals will help you succeed. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay one step ahead of the competition and make more money as a Doordash driver.

Keep Snacks And Water In Your Vehicle

Having snacks and water on hand during long shifts can help you stay energized and avoid unnecessary stops, increasing your delivery rate.

Maintain Good Ratings

Maintaining a consistently top-notch Dasher rating and offering exceptional customer service are two key elements that can pave the way towards increased order volume and higher earnings. In fact, studies have shown that Dasher completion rates, which measure the percentage of orders fulfilled by Dashers, are closely linked to their ratings and earnings. By consistently delivering orders on time, accurately, and with a friendly demeanor, Dashers can enhance their completion rates and establish a reputation for reliability among customers and merchants alike.

Take Multiple Orders At Once

Taking multiple orders for delivery at the same time helps maximize your earnings and efficiency. Batched orders allow Dashers to quickly complete two or more orders in less time than usual and boost their earnings.

Avoid Slow Restaurants

Avoiding restaurants with a reputation for slow service helps you complete more orders and increase your earnings.

Be Prompt

Delivering orders quickly is essential to ensure customer satisfaction, increase your ratings, and receive more orders.

Be Flexible

Being willing to accept orders outside your preferred delivery zone can increase your earnings and lead to more orders closer to your preferred area.

Don't Waste Time In Traffic

Using GPX apps like Waze or Google maps to find alternative routes to avoid traffic helps you save time, complete more deliveries, and increase your earnings.

Early Scheduling

Scheduling your shifts in advance increases your chances of getting more orders and maximizing your earnings.

Refer Your Family and Friends

Invite your family and friends to join the doordash delivery team and earn massive bonuses! Refer new drivers to doordash and receive substantial rewards. We value our drivers' loyalty and that's why we incentivize referrals. When you refer a driver to join our team, not only do you give them an opportunity to earn a flexible income, but you also significantly boost your earnings by earning generous bonuses.

Doordash referral program is open to all drivers, and we encourage you to spread the word to those you know. What's more, the more drivers you refer, the more bonuses you earn! Trust us when we say that there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. So don't wait any longer - take the first step and introduce your loved ones to the extremely lucrative doordash delivery driver community today!

Stay Safe

Prioritizing safety and following traffic laws is essential to ensure you are driving safely during deliveries, which can help you save money on potential accidents and increase your earnings by avoiding fines.

By following these tips, you can maximize your earnings as a Doordash driver and provide exceptional customer service to boost your ratings and increase your income potential.

How to Become a Top Dasher | Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks to become a top Dasher? You are at the right place. Learn how to make more driving with DoorDash

Other Tricks For Doordash Drivers

Seek Out Additional Income

Consider signing up for other delivery services to increase earnings. With our comprehensive list and your newfound knowledge of the various delivery services available to you, you can rest assured that you are making informed decisions that will lead to greater financial stability. So start exploring your options today and take advantage of the lucrative income opportunities that are available in the delivery industry!

Car Advertising

Car Advertising has become an increasingly popular method for individuals to earn additional income while delivering with Doordash. This tactic involves placing advertisements on one's personal vehicle, turning it into a rolling billboard.

With the rise of the gig economy and the demand for delivery services, incorporating car advertising onto a delivery driver's vehicle has proven to be a lucrative way to earn extra cash. DoorDash, one of the leading food delivery services, has even partnered with Wrapify to offer this opportunity to its drivers.

The benefits of car advertising with Doordash are manifold. Not only does it provide an additional stream of income, but it also allows drivers to reach a broader audience without any extra effort. As the car travels around town, it acts as a mobile advertisement that can be seen by countless individuals. This increased visibility can help drivers build their personal brand and attract more customers, boosting their earnings even further.

Moreover, car advertising is a straightforward and hassle-free process. Drivers simply need to apply for the program, have their vehicle wrapped with an advertisement, and start earning money. The ads can be easily removed once the contract has ended, leaving no permanent damage to the vehicle.

Find the Ways to Save Gas Money

As a Doordash delivery driver, one of the biggest expenses you incur is fuel costs. Finding ways to save on gas money not only helps you keep more money in your pocket, but it can also increase your overall earnings. With careful planning and smart driving practices, you can reduce your gas consumption and make the most out of every delivery trip.

One way to save on gas money is to use gas apps, and cashback apps like Upside app or a credit or debit cash back app. You can also get cash back money if you sign up for Doordash Dasher Direct card .

Another effective way to save on gas is to maintain your vehicle properly. Regular tune-ups and oil changes can ensure that your engine is running at peak efficiency, while properly inflated tires reduce the amount of rolling resistance and improve fuel economy. Additionally, avoid overloading your car with unnecessary cargo, as this puts extra weight on your vehicle and increases your fuel consumption.

Furthermore, practicing smart driving techniques can also help lower your gas expenses. Avoid sudden braking or acceleration, as this wastes fuel and puts extra strain on your vehicle's engine. Maintaining a consistent speed can help you conserve fuel and improve your overall fuel efficiency. Additionally, consider using cruise control while driving, especially on long trips, as it can help you maintain a consistent speed and reduce your fuel consumption.

Start Using our Tips and Tricks for Doordash

Making money on Doordash isn’t easy but with a little bit of knowledge and the right techniques, it can be done. Now you have the tools to boost your earnings and unlock your earning potential with these 20+ tips. From mastering peak earnings to focusing on high-margin orders, there are so many ways to optimize your Doordash gig. Taking some time to assess customer base and delivery times is also key when it comes to maximizing income from the platform - this way you can set yourself up for success. Finally, don't hesitate to take full advantage of referrals and incentive opportunities as they offer an extra motivation for drivers! Now that you have a complete list of Doordash tips, start putting them into action and get ready to make more money!

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