Does DoorDash Pay for Gas in 2023? [Doordash News]

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does doordash pay for gas

Meet Dani Bartle.

She's a delivery warrior, having been playing the roadside trade with six different apps, and it had been enough to pull in $1,000 a month, in a mere 40-45 hours on the road.

But that lifestyle is getting harder, and she is starting to feel the pinch.

With a 50% increase in gas prices, she's finding it harder to justify the delivery lifestyle:

"Now, with the cost of gas, it's not worth it," she said in a WPR interview.

And with a raging war in Ukraine hiking up prices, you might find yourself staring forlornly at your pump as the dollar amount soars faster and faster.

You might have your first dozen DoorDash deliveries today, but in the dark recesses of your mind lies the nagging thought, "does DoorDash pay for gas?" Also...

"Is it worth it?"

Doordash drivers are paid for the number of deliveries and complete orders. They cannot use the red card for gas!

Well, delivery companies are making a push to ease that worry. Is it enough, and how can you do more to ease money flowing from your wallet, and bank account?

It starts with a little card from DoorDash.

The DoorDash Gas Relief Program

February 25, 2022. Ukrainian citizens started to hear a low rumble in the distance. As Russian tanks steamrolled the quaint Kievan countryside, US citizens started to hear the rumble of oncoming gas prices.

Wallets were steamrolled into oblivion, so DoorDash put their heads together, and in March some juicy DoorDash news hit the news waves: They rolled out their gas rewards program, aimed to battle against the oncoming surge in prices.

How does it work?

Well, whereas Uber started to implement a policy where customers pay a small percentage to help offset gas costs for their delivery fleet, DoorDash doesn’t increase prices and gives you and other drivers the benefit of gas rewards at the pump, if they use their DoorDash card.

You might've been thinking that that's the only benefit that the card bestows upon your stress-addled mind.

Well, not only does it dish money back into your wallet after gas purchases, but it also makes it a breeze to get paid, so that you can watch your daily intake climb without having to wait for pesky monthly withdrawals that seem to take eons to arrive.

But, is the percentage worth it?

If you're a DoorDash driver, jump on this bandwagon before it's too late. Unless you want to be getting only 2% back, then pick up a card as soon as you can, as the 10% back offer will expire in the middle of April.

After that, you will only have 2% back to look forward to. Is that enough?

With the rise in gas prices surging past $4, 2% seems like a small respite from the pain felt in your wallet. The best thing to do is to factor that 2% into your average mileage.

Is it enough to balance it out?

If you ask Dani Bartle, it would be hard to make a dent in her expenses. On a typical Saturday, the gas pump drained $40 from her wallet. Now, how much would she be saving if she had the DoorDash card?

That's right: 80 cents.

But before you turn down driving with this company, let's talk about some of the promotional deals that you can capitalize on, especially if you're one of their top-flight delivery drivers.

Promotional Deals

Are you a delivery maven, who knows all of the roads and can fast and furious your way in and out of traffic? Well, if you clock in a certain amount of mileage in your sleek car, then DoorDash will toss some extra cash your way.

But how much do you need to ply the roads, as you toss back your favorite Starbucks brew?

In addition to peak pay incentives, Dashers who accept and complete orders totaling 100 miles in a motor vehicle will earn an extra $5.

Dashers who drive 225 miles will earn an extra $15.

At the end of the day, you have to gauge the distance you travel versus the amount of the order. With tips thrown in, there are ways to offset the rising wave of prices, before they can crush you under their slimy weight.

Dani Bartle had a golden rule, and it might be even more important than ever:

"I don't do anything that I don't make at least one dollar a mile."

If you're feeling a little crestfallen, don't be. There are ways that you can earn back some of that gas money, and even weaponize it for DoorDash and taxes! Let's top off your tank with some tips and strategies you can use to get that "compensation" for your gas.

Does Doordash Pay For Gas?

While delivering for Doordash you will use your own car unless you choose to do Doordash on bike. So, does Doordash pay for your gas? Keep Reading 😉

Ways To Offset Gas Costs

"I made like $6 an hour," lamented a TikToker in a video rant. The gas bug took a chunk out of her hourly rate, and she had finally snapped.

Maybe she should've listened to some of these tips. How can you avoid a similar rant, and keep your social media feeds glowing and positive?

Nearside Free Business Checking

If you don't jump in on the 10% craze for the DoorDash credit card offer, then this is an amazing alternative that can toss as much as 5% back into your struggling bank account.

When DoorDash's offer dips back down to 2% in April, then you can still get what you deserve in cash back at the pump, with the amount that Nearside gives you:


That may still seem like pennies on the dollar, but it does add up. And better yet, those rewards apply outside of the pump. Are you looking to use the same card to help out with everyday purchases for you and your family?

Well, stop the delivery routes for a little, and use the card at any of these vendors for an extra boost in your cashback percentage:

  • Amazon (+1%)
  • Walmart (+1%)

If online shopping is your name, then you'll want to make Shopify your game, because you get an amazing boost from the Nearside Card.

Does an extra 5% sound good for you?

So, not only will you get more cashback with Nearside than you would with the Doordash alternative (after April 2022), you can also use it to indulge a little.

But, you plan to make DoorDash your new way of life, and your car is itching to make the roads your plaything. Then, before you start spinning those wheels, you might want to start spinning that download icon on this amazing app.

GasBuddy - Your Map To Gas Relief

Outside of getting as much as 25 cents back from each gallon, the true magic at play here -- especially if you already have the Nearside card -- is in the "station map".

If the price at your favorite local station has been soaring higher than Elon Musk's contraptions, then you might want to jump ship and head towards another option.

This is where the value of the app kicks in, in the form of a marvelous station map, that queues you in on the location of hundreds of stations. You can also filter them out based on what type of fuel you're looking for, from regular and mid grade, to diesel and premium.

If you're extremely picky about the type of amenities that each station packs, then you can also search for stations based on if it has convenience stores or restaurants, allowing you to fill up between your DoorDash escapades.

If that wasn't enough, it can also make you a wiser driver, logging aspects of your drive that can allow you to be more fuel-efficient. Presented as a score, it gives you a little intrinsic motivation to keep boosting your score until you're a fuel-saving maven.

But, this is just one drop in the bucket of how you can help save gas at the pump. Check out this other arsenal at your disposal.

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Google Maps

That's right. The app that has made its name for steering us in the right direction, also has a neat little feature tucked into it.

Under "gas stations", you can zero on gas stations around your local area, as well as the prices that they are saddled with. Unfortunately, it doesn't come packed with the search features of GasBuddy.

But it's a fantastic way to squeeze more gas relief out of a tried and true app.

Safeway Gas Rewards

Are you a member of Safeway? If you're aiming to undercut the massive rise in gas prices, then the company's gas rewards program is a stellar way to do it.

If you're a grocery addict who loves quality food from trusted sellers -- who doesn't -- then this is a program that rewards you as you shop.

Here's how it works.

How The Program Works

Whenever you shop, you earn points. You can then redeem those points at the pump, which returns money into your wallet. You get fed, and your wallet does too. Pretty good deal, isn't it?

Here's the laymen's breakdown:

  • 100 points = 10 cents per gallon
  • 200 points = 20 cents per gallon
  • 500 points = 50 cents per gallon
  • 1000 points = $1 per gallon

We are all shopping at the grocery store unless you're Bear Grylls tramping around in the wilderness with some squirrels on a spit. So, why not get some sweet gas rewards in the process?

Safeway has even dished out a handy little app that tracks how many points you've made, as well as when they expire. This means that you have a great idea of how much gas you are on track to save.

When paired with the DoorDash card, remember those instant deposits, it makes for an amazing combination of convenience, and fuel reward bliss!

The map also points you to a real-time map of nearby Safeway fuel centers, so that you never have to go gas hunting while there are orders to be made.

Promotional Deals

If you're a firm believer in gift cards, then this program is your ticket to paradise. You see, during certain times of the year, you can earn 2x bonus points towards your gas rewards. How do 2 dollars back on gallons at the pump sound?

It's like when Mario eats the mushroom, but instead turns radiant from peak fuel efficiency.

In the Safeway Gas Rewards program, you finally have a perfect strategy to leverage your ice cream addiction, filling up your wallet while you fill up your belly.

With these aforementioned tools, you have a host of different weapons in your arsenal to help win the war against rising gas prices. But, like Danaerys in Game of Thrones, it can't hurt to have another dragon or two to bring into the fight…

Just don't forget about the Iron Fleet.

Tax Deductions

Oh, yes -- taxes. It's the one thing that every American fears, and yet can never escape from. But, did you know that your Forest Gump-worthy mileage on your car can help to knock down the taxes you owe at the end of the year?

Since those miles are business expenses that you incurred as a self-employed worker, you can calculate what you paid at the pump throughout the year, and use that as tax deductions.

The standard calculation goes as follows. In 2021, the IRS stated that for every mile you travel during your delivery "shift", you can deduct 56 cents from the taxes that you owe.

It's a simple strategy that perhaps isn't as well known to many -- since we all aren't the greatest fans of taxes, nor learning about them. But by using this deduction, you have a powerful tool in alleviating the strain that surging gas prices are squeezing you with. Do not forget to track your miles!

Does DoorDash Pay For Gas?

Are you wondering -- does door dash pay for gas? Well, no because Dashers are independent contractors.

But, you can start moving with confidence again by using these tips and tricks, so that you can laugh in the face of rising gas prices, and make the money that you desire.

Whether with DoorDash's Credit card, Nearside, or any of the apps and deductions, you can turn your car into a money machine, without the specter of the pump hanging over you.

Check us out today for all of the best ways to make your car your key to financial freedom.

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