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DoorDash is one of the leading online delivery apps operating in the US. Last year, it was responsible for 45 percent of all food delivery orders in the country, generating a revenue of around $2.9 billion.

Its huge success clearly shows its immense popularity among customers who want to access fresh meals at any time of the day. However, its impeccable services with a wide range of restaurants and cuisines come at a price.

Although most customers know that they are paying for the services they enjoy, it is difficult to figure out exactly how much food delivery costs and how much DoorDash costs. This guide will take you through a detailed breakdown of the DoorDash delivery cost so you can make an informed decision the next time you place an order.

How Much is DoorDash Delivery Fees?

If you're wondering how much is DoorDash delivery fee is, then you probably know about the popular app already. However, we'll start with a brief introduction for newbies contemplating whether online food delivery services are worth it.

Initially launched as, DoorDash delivery busininess was founded by four graduates from Stanford to help restaurant owners increase their reach.

Making its first delivery in January 2013, the app has become one of the most popular food delivery apps in the US since then.

Just like other food delivery companies, DoorDash lets you access a wide range of restaurants on a single portal. You can DoorDash alcohol, groceries and get any cuisine you like at your doorstep without having to budge from your seat.

However, apart from paying the food cost, there are service fees, delivery fees, and additional charges you will have to pay when using the delivery app.

Check out the sections below for complete information about every service provided by the food delivery service, so you can figure out its total cost apart from the food cost.

How Much Does DoorDash Charge?

If you're thinking about making DoorDash your default delivery app, then you're probably wondering how much does DoorDash cost. While most people believe that they only pay for the food they order, that's not the case.

You only pay for your food when you order it at a restaurant while dining in. But, even then, you are also paying for their ambiance and services. In the same way, when ordering food from DoorDash, you are buying more than food.

Along with your Doordash order, you'll be paying for the delivery, app service, and other expenses as well. So, how much is DoorDash exactly?

Here's an exact breakdown of what DoorDash charges at a glance. Basically, Doordash fee structure includes:

  • Delivery fees
  • Service fees
  • Sales tax
  • Dasher tips
  • Regulatory response fee
  • DashPass service charge (upon subscription)

After the minimum subtotal, these charges are mentioned on the checkout page specifying the extra fees. All this adds up to the order subtotal, the total cost of your order.

Although the total cost might seem overwhelming, you shouldn't let it discourage you from ordering food from DoorDash. But, if you're considering making DoorDash your primary delivery service, then you should know DoorDash prices for delivering food in detail.

Before elaborating on each aspect of the entire Doordash fee, let's find out how the platform works for further insight.

Is DoorDash Free?

We know what you're thinking. If ordering food is all you're doing on the app, why should you pay for anything other than that?

The answer to that is simple. DoorDash is not free. Door dash is a food delivery service that does more than pick your order from the restaurant and deliver it to your door the food you order.

The company partners with delivery drivers, called Dashers, to make sure the food reaches your doorstep. Similarly, it provides impeccable online services for hassle-free ordering.

Your final bill summing up the DoorDash cost will consider all these aspects. However, for those asking how much does DoorDash cost, you can download the app without charge.

Just follow these steps to create a DoorDash account.

Download the App

Whether you use an iOS or an Android device, you can easily download the DoorDash food delivery app for free. Once the application is installed on your device, you have to create a DoorDash account using your basic credentials. The basic information includes;

The app will use the location details from your device to display a list of restaurants near you. You can also send food to someone else.

Scrounge Through the List

As a DoorDash customer, you will get access to an entire list of affiliated restaurants near you. Meaning you won't have to keep ordering pizza every time anymore. Whether you're craving juicy burgers, slurpy noodles, a Subway sandwich, Chick-fil-A nuggets, chicken wings or delicate sushi, all you have to do is browse through the comprehensive list.

Order Your Food

If you find some items interesting on the list, you can add them to your cart. After completing the items you want to order, double-check your cart for any discrepancies or delivery issues and confirm your order.

Track Your Order

Once you have selected a payment mode, your Doordash driver and the restaurant will get to work. You can monitor every aspect of your delivery, from the restaurant preparing your food to the Dasher picking it up on the app itself.

This way, if there are any delays or other issues with your order, you'll be notified on the portal.

Collect Your Food

Finally, your delivery driver will arrive at your doorstep with the food you ordered. At this point, you will have to pay the bill displayed on your app screen if you choose cash on delivery if you haven't completed an online transaction beforehand.

While paying all the charges on your invoice is mandatory, it is not necessary to tip your Dasher for food delivery. However, you can list them as much as you want as a gesture of goodwill.

Now that you have gone through all the functions that the app takes up to deliver your food, you should know that the service fees for these aspects add up to the entire cost for DoorDash food delivery.

So, what is the delivery fee for DoorDash at the end of the day? Here's a complete breakdown of the various charges mentioned on your DoorDash invoice to give you some insight.

DoorDash Fees - How Expensive is DoorDash?

As mentioned, the cost of using DoorDash itself is an additional charge to the restaurant bill (menu items) and DoorDash delivery charge. Here's a list of entities you'll have to pay for on top of the food delivered if you're wondering how much does DoorDash charge for delivery.

DoorDash Delivery Fee

For those asking what is DoorDash delivery fee is, here's the answer. With every order you place on the app, you will have to pay a delivery charge for the food delivered to facilitate your dedicated Dasher.

The door dash delivery fee is anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99, depending on the restaurant you order from.

Moreover, you will get higher delivery rates when you place orders during peak hours. Usually, the peak hours are during lunchtime from 11 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm.

However, customers can avail of many offers to avoid the delivery fee on DoorDash. For example, the app provides free delivery to new customers for a trial period of 30 days, just for signing up.

Another way you can avoid food delivery fees on DoorDash is by placing a pick-up order. Just order food as you would on the DoorDash app for doorstep delivery and collect your food within the time limit specified by the restaurant.

This way, you can enjoy the exclusive offers without having to pay the DoorDash fee.

But who gets the delivery fee on Doordash? Doordash uses delivery app fees you pay to help cover delivery costs.

Taxes and DoorDash Service Fee

So, your Doordash app says free delivery but charges you fees!

This is perhaps the most confusing part of the DoorDash invoice for those wondering about the delivery fee for DoorDash. When you reach the DoorDash checkout page after confirming your order, you will see an additional charge titled 'tax and fees.'

The tax is mainly the sales tax determined by your state and city. Additionally, the fee you're paying is the service fee charged by DoorDash. This is typically around 10% or 11% of your order bill.

But why does DoorDash charge a service fee? What is the DoorDash service fee? Well, even if you are already paying a delivery fee to receive your food on your doorstep, the service fee is for providing easy access to a dedicated Dasher.

A typical service fee is a percentage of your order. For example a Chipotle service fee is usually 15% of your total order with a minimum of $3.

Nevertheless, you can get reduced service fees if you place a pick-up order. But, you'll still have to pay the sales tax mandated by your state. Another way to get reduced service fees is by getting a DashPass subscription.

DoorDash Small Order Fee

There is no Doordash minimum order. However, it might seem unfair, but just like other delivery apps, DoorDash charges an additional fee if your order is too small. So maybe you should consider walking down the curb to get that milkshake after all.

You see, your order bill should be substantial enough to be worth your Dasher's time. That's why the minimum order limit is around $8-$10. Anything less than that and a $2 small order fee DoorDash will be added to your final bill.

To avoid this fee, the best way is to order food to reach the minimum threshold, such as a sideline or an extra drink. This way, you won't be spending your bucks for nothing.

Dasher Tips

Besides the delivery fee on DoorDash, another expenditure for ordering through the DoorDash app is your Dasher's tip. Tipping your Dasher is entirely optional, but it is standard etiquette to extend at least 15% of your delivery fee to your Dasher.

The DoorDash app offers an easy way to tip Dashers on the final checkout bill for your convenience. You can choose from small amounts of $2, $3, and $4 while conducting your transaction as a tip for your Dasher.

Besides that, if you have some spare cash at home, you can always tip the Dasher when he arrives on your doorstep. Even though the gesture is not mandatory, you should make it a point to tip your Dasher, unless you were provided highly incompetent customer service.

You see, not all of the delivery fees you pay as customers go to Dashers. Instead, they mainly have a fixed base pay of around $2-$10 per delivery.

Meaning, if a dasher works for two or three hours a day, they'll hardly earn around $20 with tips. The amount might vary according to the order payout they receive. So, tips are the only way Dashers actually earn a substantial amount to make up for the time they put in.

Another reason for tipping your Dasher is that it ensures fast delivery and flawless customer service. You can specify your Dasher's tip on the DoorDash app while placing the order, so they'll know what's in store for them.

Besides that, Dashers are free to decline or accept any order according to their preference. So, if a Dasher sees there's no tip, he might decline the order. Consequently, this will mean longer waiting times for you.

How Much Does Doordash Cost? Fees Explained

By ordering through DoorDash, you're not only paying for your food but a variety of other aspects as well. So, how much does Doordash cost? Take a look at our guide to Doordash fees. #howMuchDoesDoo...

Saving On DoorDash Fees

After knowing the answer to what does DoorDash charge to deliver your food, you are probably thinking of steering away from the app. However, before you delete the app because of the extra expense it's causing you, here are some ways to avoid the additional DoorDash fees and pay only for your food.

DoorDash Fee Discounts

As a new user on DoorDash, you can get free delivery on every order during your first month. Even if you are an existing user, you can earn loyalty credits on the app to get free delivery.

You can earn these credits by frequently ordering, availing local promotions, and referring the app to your friends.

DoorDash DashPass

The DoorDash DashPass is a subscription program and a great way to save money on the app if you're a frequent user. But, how much does the DashPass cost?

You can purchase a DashPass on a subscription and pay $9.99 every month. As a subscriber, you will get free delivery and special discounts on service free on all orders above $12.

However, a DashPass is only worth it if you place an order around twice or thrice every week through the app.

Restaurant Discounts

Apart from the in-app promotions, restaurants extend many offers on DoorDash. So keep an eye out for promotional offers regularly to save up on additional charges on DoorDash.

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You Pay a Fee for a Service But You Can Save!

In a nutshell, if you're asking how much does DoorDash charge to deliver food to your doorstep, the answer is complicated. By ordering through DoorDash, you're not only paying for your food but a variety of other aspects as well.

Mainly, a DoorDash invoice includes the delivery fee, service fee, and tax. In some cases, it can consist of an additional small order fee or extra restaurant charges. Keep that in mind the next time you order food on DoorDash.

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