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doordash for business fees explained

For many restaurants and fast food chains, Doordash has been a life-changer. The Doordash marketplace connects eaters, restaurant-partners, and delivery-partners.

Especially during the pandemic outbreak, the food delivery service has enabled local restaurants to stay open by eliminating many of the difficulties involved with the cloture of the dining rooms.

Doordash is an easy way to sell your products, and it has gained incredible popularity.

If you want to find out what companies use Doordash, you will find restaurants but also Flower shops, alchohol stores and even the famous Dashmart stores .

That said, Doordash also has a few downsides. Perhaps the biggest complaint among restaurants regards Doordash’s fees.

In this article, we’ll break down Doordash’s pricing and fees. We’ll explain how you can know if DoorDash costs are worth it, and then we’ll give a few strategies for succeeding in the delivery marketplace. Let’s get into it!

How Much Does DoorDash Take? Here Are DoorDash’s Pricing Plans & Fees Explained

Since the pandemic, much of restaurant survival relies on online orders. In 2018 DoorDash also added a pickup option. The order ahead feature is really appreciated by consumers that can collect the meal at the restaurant avoiding delivery fees.

The delivery services are available 24/7 . Doordash provides lunch, dinner and even breakfast deliveries .

If you want to enter your business in the e-commerce world, with Doordash you do not need coding skills, design knowledge to create your own website or to hire a freelancer in Upwork.

But do restaurants pay Doordash? The Doordash business structure has a Y structure business model. The concept is simple: you don’t own DoorDash, but instead pay a monthly fee to use it. Third-party companies including DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub can charge commission on each delivery.

If you want to find out how much DoorDash charges restaurants, you are at the right place. First of all, there is no starting fee to join the DoorDash App.

The San Francisco headquartered company offers four subscription options for DoorDash partner accounts. Let's see what each plan offers, including the pricing, in more detail.


Delivery Commission: 15%

Pickup Commission: 6%


Delivery Commission: 25%

Pickup Commission: 6%


Delivery commission: 30%

Pickup Commission: 6%

Self Delivery

This is the cheapest solution when you have your own delivery fleet and your goal is to reach more customers.

Commission for customers orders: 12%

Pickup Commission: 6%

doordash for business plan pricing table

What Are The Key Differences Between Doordash Plans

There are a few key features to watch out for, and not miss by selecting the wrong Doordash plan.

Delivery Area

Plus and Premier account have access to a bigger delivery area

The “Plus” plan has an approximately 10% larger delivery area than “Basic.”

The “Premier” plan has an approximately 15% larger delivery area than “Basic.”

DoorDash Premier Growth Guarantee

The growth guarantee promotion is available only for Premier accounts. Basically if you accept less than 20 orders per month, DoorDash will refund your commission costs for that month.

Membership Accounts

According to DoorDash,DashPass subscribers grew more than twice as fast as non-DashPass monthly active users.

Additionally subscribers increased average order frequency to record levels since they get free delivery. Plus and Premier plan give you access to DashPass members

💡 PRO TIP: Keep in mind that you can always change your monthly subscription type. An upgrade or downgrade will initiate a new billing cycle and close the current one.

What Is Included In Doordash For Restaurants Fees

The merchant agreement outlines the relationship between the technology company and every merchant on the Doordash platform.

You should not face any added costs and Doordash covers these services with their commission fees.

All the Doordash plans provide the core e-commerce functionality you’d expect and there are no hidden fees for the restaurants on the Doordash platform.

The following fees are included in your monthly plan:

Listing Fees

Unlike other online platforms, DoorDash will not charge you a listing fee.

You can create an online menu and catalogues of unlimited products.

Partners can use the new Menu Editor tool to upload and make changes to their menu directly through the Merchant Portal.

The order manager tool is available anytime anywhere via any browser or the DoorDash merchant app. The app is currently available only for Android devices.

DoorDash Business Support

The platform offers 24/7 support for business, customers and Dashers.

You can easily contact the support team at 855-973-1040

Payment Processing Fees

As you probably know, DoorDash is a cashless app . Customers pay orders directly from the app.

In order to accept online payments, DoorDash must pay payment processing fees. Payment processors networks (such as Visa, American Express) typically offer their services at around 2.5% per transaction.

This allows DoorDash to accept payments by credit card, debit card, Gift Card and Google Pay.

Processing fees are included in your monthly plan.

Drivers Screenings

Doordash is committed to ensuring that the Doordash app remains safe for driver-partners, merchants and customers.

Applicants who want to start delivering in the DoorDash platform have to pass a background screening.


Doordash provides third-party insurance to help protect Dashers in case of an accident while making a delivery on the DoorDash app.

Dasher Pay

Choosing Doordash, you do not have to create your own fleet of delivery drivers. Doordash takes care of everything.

Despite the driver shortage that hit major rideshare companies, people love to deliver with DoorDash.

Doordash is still offering incentives to new applicants and new drivers to help them earn more, especially when working during the busiest times.

Of course your DoorDash commission rates include the pay for Dashers.

Are There Additional Fees?


You are able to use your tablet or you can lease a tablet provided by DoorDash for a weekly fee of $6.

Is Doordash Worth The Cost For Your Business?

So, are Doordash costs worth the expense for your business?

There is a significant chance you would have been asking this question to yourself after going through the whirlwind of poles apart opinions on Doordash being published every day.

Basically, if Doordash is worth it for your business it depends on a few factors: your profit margins, and the value you derive from the marketplace.

What value does Doordash provide to your business?

The first and important value is the ease of being found by new customers.

Doordash is the fastest growing food delivery platform in the United States. The company has an established audience. They went from 4 million users to 20 million users in 2020.

The second and important feature of the DoorDash platform for partners is the ability to sell products online without having to maintain a website or create your own app.

These two values are a huge factor in your decision to use the marketplace despite the Doordash merchant fees.

If you are still uncertain that ‘Is joining DoorDash worth it or not, keep in mind that you can test the platform with a 30-day free trial.

After the trial period ends the monthly fee will show up on your payment account.

User Review About DoorDash For Business

DoorDash partners have different opinions regarding partnership plans. Some merchants say that DoorDash is the most affordable e-commerce option for their business, while others say that DoorDash’s fees are forcing them to leave the platform.

We interviewed Rufo Emiliano Verga, the owner of Gran Milan, an Italian restaurant located in the Bay Area of San Francisco. He said:

I like DoorDash, it was for me the easiest way to quickly launch an online store without the fuss over servers and development costs.

Since the start of the pandemic I had to rethink the way I run my business.

Listing my menus on the DoorDash app increases my profits. My business is growing despite the pandemic.

How To Offset What Doordash Takes In Restaurant Fees

Now that you know exactly how much you will pay, read on for tips that will help you grow your business and in the man time stay on top of DoorDash for business fees:

Increase Prices

The most obvious way to protect your profits is to increase item pricing. Restaurant owners are often worried that increasing the cost of their goods will make them less competitive.

You can always keep track of your competitors.

Adapt Your Business Organization

The share of delivery orders versus dining in orders impact the tasks you have to perform and your organization. Here are some question you should ask yourself:

  • What staff do I need?
  • What skills should my staff have?

Using DoorDash, your floor staff can focus on other tasks such serving in-house diners.

Run Local Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns will help you drive more customers to your business. Take a look at our guide to DoorDash marketing materials.

Doordash Impact

Previously in March 2020 Doordash launched a package of commission relief and marketing support for new and existing DoorDash partner restaurants to help them generate up to $200 million in additional sales.

In february 2021 DoorDash announced its Main Street Strong Accelerator and the Doordash Storefront , a support package for local, independent restaurants in affected regions.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative To DoorDash?

The truth is that all the top delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates charge restaurants commissions in different ways, often depending on the individual restaurant and what services they decide to use.

So, do cheaper alternatives really exist?

A web developer in Toronto has created a site that allows restaurant owners to bypass these fees.

The non-profit project, dubbed Not UberEats, is inspired by the Not Amazon service, a platform that lists small local businesses in Toronto. Randy Singh, the creator of, says he came up with the idea after learning about his favorite restaurants closing.

Restaurant owners can register on the site for free, and customers can search by distance and types of kitchens offered.

Since its launch in early January, the site has attracted nearly 7,000 visitors. According to Mr. Singh, the number of visitors continues to climb.

Additionally, recently we saw new online ordering platforms expanding across the U.S. and Canada.

ChowNow, for example, is a platform that connects customers with local restaurants via:

  • Restaurants’ own websites
  • Facebook and Google pages
  • ChowNow-created apps
  • ChowNow’s website and app

However, the number of DoorDash users matters!

The platform currently powers around 4 million online stores and the company has over 5 million DashPass membership subscribers.

These numbers matter because, indeed when you choose an e-commerce marketplace for your store, you should always choose one that users trust.

How to Register Your Business On The DoorDash Platform

If you want to know how to get on the Doordash platform, these are the steps you’ll have to follow:

  • Head to and click “Get Started”
  • Fill out the form with your business info: name, address, email address, phone number.
  • Wait until someone of the Doordash team contacts you to confirm your partnership.
  • Personalize your storefront uploading items, prices, pictures

Bring Your Online Sales Up With DoorDash

DoorDash for business owners is a great way to reach new audiences and markets, without having to invest in marketing yourself.

Doordash offers resources that your store may just not have including a network of safe delivery drivers riders and real-time order tracking. Despite the commission fees, being listed on the DoorDash platform will help you improve the visibility for your business.

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