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If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you might have noticed the small graphic illustrations people use on their tik tok posts or snaps.

Technology is rapidly evolving and continuously changing the way we communicate. Today there are not only printable stickers like we are often used to seeing,there are also digital stickers. Digital stickers are particularly appreciated because they help us to express our emotions clearly and allow us to save time synthesizing sentences with a simple click. Think about emoji stickers 😉

As for printable stickers, they are a great way to add a little something extra to your deliveries.

There are several kinds of stickers and different ways to use them. You can even easily make your own stickers using any picture you wish, which means the sticker possibilities are endless.

Whether you are a Doordash merchant or a Dasher, in this guide you will learn everything you need to know about DoorDash stickers.

Doordash Merchandise

Although Doordash is primarily known for its delivery service, its delivery drivers have their eyes set on the Dasher merchandise and often buy it to show loyalty to Doordash.

Doordash offers many different kinds of merchandise. The top ten of the food app merchandise include the DoorDash shirt, the Doordash car magnet and the stickers.

Just like when you buy your favorite sports team’s shirt or gear, you can buy Doordash merchandise to support the company.

1. What Are DoorDash Stickers, Decals…

Have you ever heard about sticker advertising? Many successful companies use adhesives as an advertising tool to promote their brands.

Wrapping advertising companies are growing fast across the US. You can even make money by advertising on your car.

Stickers are not only used to decorate your laptop, they are also used by "serious" companies! They are part of the communication strategy used by many brands wishing to create proximity with their community of customers.

The first important point to clarify is that you are not at all required to purchase any kind of marketing materials in order to work with DoorDash. You are encouraged to purchase them, but are not in any way required to.

The only tool that DoorDash and partner restaurants require Dashers to bring is only an insulated delivery bag when picking up an order. The rest is up to the driver and they are free to choose what they wear, their gear, etc.

At Bestreferraldriver we like sharing with you the best tips to make more money delivering.

This post has only informational purposes. Dashers and merchants who want to get noticed will find all the answers in this article.

Secondly, we want to remind you that Doordash drivers are independent contractors. As a business owner you can deduct expenses that help you bring in new customers and keep existing clientele.

According to the IRS, yes, marketing expenses are tax deductible.

2. Types Of DoorDash Stickers

Now that you have figured out how Doordash advertises, it is important that you have a clear review of all the Doordash products for Dashers and merchants. Indeed, there are different kinds of stickers on DoorDash that you can use while delivering, all with different shapes and messages. With these great options you can choose your sticker according to its purpose, whether it is to keep it for you or to give it away to someone.

Thank you Stickers

DoorDash u Stickers DoorDash “thank you” stickers are an ideal way to thank the customers and take interest in your business.

Remember, Dashers are small business owners. You should focus on the actions required to reach your goals: earn money.

Thanking others is a great sign of respect. People feel more appreciated and loved. Customers can be influenced by your gratitude attitude.

From a delivery driver point of view, making others feel good brings good back to you in different ways, including customer's tips and good reviews.

💡 PRO TIP: Another free way to make customers happy is using memes .

DoorDash Sticker For Car

Doordash allows drivers to get paid to deliver food, groceries and even ice cream from their own vehicles.

One of the great things about Doordash is that you are free to choose the kind vehicle you want to use to perform deliveries.

You can deliver by bike, by motorcycle, by car and in some cities even by foot. If you do not own a car, you can even think about renting one from a gig rental platform.

However, everyone who uses their car knows it well. Performing deliveries in a downtown area can be a nightmare.

Last month, I was racing to make deliveries in downtown Berkeley before I got a parking ticket.

Now I have a Doordash magnet in my car!

Do you need a Doordash sticker on your car? If you provide car delivery, you should know that unlike Uber and Lyft signs, the Doordash window sticker is not at all mandatory.

Additionally, you do not have to consider the Doordash window sign as a parking permit. However, it can help you avoid parking violation tickets when out doing delivery gigs. Nevertheless, you are still expected to follow road signs and safety measures.

Finally, the Doordash car sign can help customers recognize your car when you are approaching their place.

One of the most appreciated features of the DoorDash app is the GPS tracking.

Today's customers want precise information on their delivery orders. They want to know that their breakfast will be delivered at exactly 7:13 am by Jessica, driving a black Toyota Prius.

They want to know if there will be any delays due to traffic, road works or any other inconvenience.

A common customer frustration is the difficulty to recognize their delivery driver’s car, especially when it is dark at night or when it is crowded outside. Having the Doordash sticker allows them to recognize you more quickly.

Your car can also have a professional look with a DoorDash led sign.

💡 PRO TIP: Carry a flashlight to illuminate the house numbers and dark areas.

3. Where to Buy Door Dash Stickers?

First of all we want to remind you that the San Francisco headquartered company has a trademark on the name, the logo, common symbols, words, phrases, and any combinations of those they use for their delivery business.

The trademark solidifies the Doordash intellectual property. The terms of use are clear: DoorDash names, DoorDash logos, and the product names associated with the Software and Services are trademarks of DoorDash or third parties, and no right or license is granted to use them.

This means that when somebody else uses Doordash intellectual property without consent, it’s known as infringement.

Official DoorDash Store

Doordash has an online store dedicated to providing delivery equipment and merchandise to delivery people and restaurants. This is the place where you should direct if you are thinking of buying a Doordash sticker or any other merchandise by Doordash.

The good news is that on the online store, you will also find marketing materials for Caviar.

The delivery platform partners with Overture to provide Dashers and restaurants with amazing, essential gears and with branded materials, including:

  • Logo stickers
  • Safety kit
  • Parking sign

4. How To Use Stickers On DoorDash

There are different ways to use stickers on the Doordash platform, but the main main use of marketing stickers is to maximize your profit.

If you are a delivery driver, you know how important getting 5 star ratings is. On the food delivery platforms, very similar to rideshare platforms, customer satisfaction matters.

A bad customer review can even lead to a permanent deactivation of your account.

In difficult customer service scenarios, it is important to be able to deal with angry customers to improve your service and make customers happy.

Even if it is not your fault, as a delivery driver, you are responsible for improving the situation. One of the ways to show kindness and apologize to the customer is by giving them a sticker, which can brighten up their day and make them forget about the bad instance.

5. Alternatives To Official DoorDash Delivery Stickers

You can create your custom marketing materials without having to use the DoorDash logo.

In the following stores, you can find funny stickers to provide a more memorable experience to your customer and add value to your delivery.


Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform. On Amazon you will find a wide choice of supplies of different quality and brands that can be useful for every Dash.


Etsy is a global online sales platform created in 2005 that currently has 40 million members, including over one million sellers! On this platform, you will again find a wide range of supplies that are handmade, vintage, and repurposed.


Redbubble is gaining popularity. It is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products dependent on user-submitted images of their artwork or designs. This is the perfect place to design your own sticker.

6. Can Restaurants Order Marketing Materials?

If you are a restaurant using on-demand delivery apps, you are probably looking for ways to grow your sales. Find below some example of advertising stickers for your business:

Bag Stickers

Restaurant take out bags have become an essential element for restaurant business, especially in the midst of the pandemic where take-out has grown exponentially.

Today, restaurant to go bags are one of the powerful restaurant marketing tools. Customers will often keep the bag to repurpose it later and use it for different purposes, such as when going grocery shopping or just for arrangement purposes.

On the online store of the San Francisco headquartered company, you can find different types of Doordash bagging stickers.

The roll of 600 checklist stickers can help the restaurant team avoid common delivery issues.

since restaurants are responsible for missing items. By putting stickers on bags and by making them visible to customers, you will attract more of them, some of whom might not have been aware of your delivery partnership.

Print Coupons

Using the Doordash online store, you can print coupons.

Print coupons are a good way of testing marketing strategies and bringing in new diners to try the on-demand delivery apps and increase sales.

Other Marketing Materials

Doordash marketing materials can be ordered by every partner using the merchant portal. Follow our step by step tutorial:

  1. Go to the DoorDash Merchant Portal login page
  2. Sign up with your account
  3. Select the Grow Your Sales tab on the left-hand menu
  4. Select "Order Marketing Materials" to be rerouted to the DoorDash store

Using Food Stickers

Door dash stickers are part of its branded merchandise, and they come in many different styles and designs.

As a driver, using Doordash stickers is a great way to add some personality to your delivery. Especially with the ability to create your own stickers, if you are creative, there’s plenty of opportunity that will wow every DoorDash customer. Print materials can also help marketing of restaurants. Make profits faster and more easily from now on with stickers. You deserve it!

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