A Full Guide to 7 Lyft's Different Ride Types (Lux, XL…) for Drivers and Passengers

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Lyft Rides Everything You Need To Know

complete guide to Lyft rides types

Lyft is a ridesharing service, not a taxicab or for-hire driver service operating in the United States and Canada.

Whether you are a new Lyft driver or a new Lyft rider, the many driving and riding options can be quite confusing.

It is important to understand the difference because ridesharing services are different from taxicabs and for-hire drivers. There are different Lyft options depending on the need of the situation. These options have an impact on the cost of your ride and on your driver pay .

Lyft Pink subscribers get discounted rates.

Using the Lyft app, you can book a ride on-demand or schedule a ride in advance.

For example, Lyft Line is Lyft's service that is known for its low cost.

So, what's the difference between Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Line, Lyft Premier...

Here is a complete review of Lyft car types that will help you understand what they are and which ones are right for you.

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lyft economy rides


Lyft is the original ride, the company's most common ride option. It is available in most of the cities and fits up to four passengers. Lyft is one of the most affordable ride options however prices are subject to surge pricing.

You can add multiple stops to your Lyft ride.

Lyft Shared/Line

Lyft shared/line is more popular than ever. Very similar to Uber POOL . Lyft rideshare offers riders the opportunity to save money on their ride request by sharing the ride with other passengers.

You'll pick up separate passengers who don't know each other, drive them in the same general direction and choose to share their ride. Line is similar to a carpool. Passengers share a ride and save the money and the Lyft driver will increase earnings because the routes are 15-20% longer on average.


Lyft XL

If you have a car with at least seven total seat belts, you are eligible for Lyft XL rides. If you need a car for a total of six passengers, Lyft XL is the ride type for you. The rates for a Lyft XL ride are higher than standard Lyft or Shared rides and vary by the city.

Lyft Lux Black XL

If you choose the option Lyft Lux Black XL, you’ll be picked up in a black luxury car with 6 seats or more by a professional driver.

lyft extra seats rides


lyft luxury rides

Lyft Lux

It is the most luxurious option. You can compare it to the Uber Lux option. Lux rides are also high-earning with higher potential for tips.

To qualify for Lux or Lux SUV:

  • Drive in a Lyft city where Lux or Lux SUV is available
  • Drive an approved Lux or Lux SUV vehicle list of eligible vehicles. Check out our complete guide on Lyft Lux Requirements
  • You’ll qualify to receive both Lux and Lux SUV requests if you have a Lux-eligible vehicle that comfortably seats 6 or more passengers

Lyft Lux Black

It's a luxury four-seat ride for passengers.

To qualify for Lyft Lux Black:


We will never tire of saying that Lyft is an environmentally friendly company. Scooters should be considered as a valid mode of urban transport. Lyft has made a real revolution in the world of transport and it also offers the possibility to Lyft users to easily find scooters and to be able to use and unlock them directly through Lyft App.

The environment is just one of the reasons that should push us to use scooters rather than cars. Using scooters it helps preserve the environment and reduce pollution.

Did you know that with a scooter you move on average 2-3 times faster than on foot and in rush hours they are faster than the cars? Using a personal car or rideshare does not avoid traffic jams. We suggest you consult our guide on Lime Scooters.

Download Lyft App with our Lyft promo code and you will receive a Lyft credit up to $ 50!

lyft scooter

Where are Lyft Scooters Available?

Lyft scooters are available in few select cities of United States of America listed below:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Nashville, TE
  • Washington, DC


lyft bike

Lyft recently acquired Motivate and became the largest bike share company. Motivate is a bike share leader in North America. John Zimmer , Lyft co-founder and president said: “Lyft and Motivate have both been committed for years to the same goal of reducing the need for personal car ownership by providing reliable and affordable ways to move around our cities”.

The new technologies have allowed the development of the Bike-Sharing, which is now very developed all over the world. Bike Sharing is a natural extension of ride sharing and a new opportunity for Lyft to offer Shared Rides to Lyft users.

Where are Lyft Bikes Available?

Motivate operates many of the largest bike share systems in North America, including:

  • Citi Bike (New York)
  • Ford GoBike (San Francisco Bay area)
  • Divvy (Chicago)
  • Blue Bikes (Boston metro area)
  • Capital Bikeshare (Washington, D.C. metro area)
  • BIKETOWN (Portland metro area)
  • CoGo (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Nice Ride (Minneapolis)

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Lyft vs Uber Ride Options: Case Study

Lyft vs Uber Ride Options

This article is not the usual checklist of the different Lyft's ride options. We did a case study and compared the 2 most popular Ride-Sharing companies: Lyft and Uber. Lyft and Uber each offer on-demand rideshare rides, but how do they differ?

On their own, each is an affordable alternative to taxi services and if you use our Lyft Promo Code and Uber Promo Code you can save up to $25 in your first Lyft or Uber ride. Both Lyft, with Lyft Shared, and Uber, with carpool rides, offer carpooling rides that really help the riders to save money, if you're not in a hurry!

Both give the possibility to choose more beautiful cars or extra seats rides. So, what is the best service for you? As such, what you need will largely dictate which service is best for you.

While both companies improve our lives with best transportation, Lyft seems to have a still limited offer compared to Uber. Uber actually offers two types of rides that are not available in the Lyft platform:

  • Uber Assist
  • Uber ESPAÑOL

Uber Assist

Uber Assist is a version of uberX for people who need additional assistance. All the Uber Assist drivers are specifically trained by a third-party organization.


Uber, recently launched Uber ESPAÑOL, a version of uberX that allows Spanish-speaking riders to request Spanish-speaking drivers.

Lyft Rides Types FAQ

How Does Lyft Split Fare Work?

Unfortunately, Lyft removed the option to split ride fares with other friends. So, this feature is not anymore available in the Lyft app.

Does Lyft have Car Seats?

Lyft has car seats rides only in the city of New York. Keep in mind that you'll be charged a fee of $10 on top of your ride fare.

Does Lyft Have Limos?

You cannot book a limo using the Lyft app. However, if you want to rent a limo in NY Lyft partners with http://www.ny-limo.net.

If you like the idea to rent an exotic car, we suggest you check Turo.

How do you use Lyft?

Lyft App is available for IOS and Android

Ordering a Lyft is really easy. You just need to open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to hail a ride. They enter a destination and request a ride. Lyft offers different types of cars and services, and depending on how many people you have with you and what kind of vehicle you prefer, you can select what ride to request via the Lyft app.

How to Check The Price Of My Lyft Rides?

This is one of the great advantages of using Lyft and Uber instead of traditional Taxi services. The rate of your ride is calculated up front, before you confirm your ride. There are no bad surprises with Uber or Lyft, you will see the price of your ride before ordering it. You can also use the Lyft Fare Estimator to get an estimate of your fare with all Lyft rides types. You should also know the Lyft cancellation and refund policy before booking your next ride.

Does Lyft have accessible vehicles?

Yes, riders can have access to the accessible vehicle dispatch directly from the Lyft app:

To enable Access Mode:

  1. Open the app Menu
  2. Scroll down and tap 'Settings'
  3. Find 'Wheelchair access' in the menu
  4. Slide the toggle to the right so it's green

The service is not available in all the cities where Lyft operates.

Does Lyft Povide Rides for Riders with Disabilities?

Lyft partners with Aira, an organization that enables hundreds of millions of low vision people to lead better futures. The principal mission of Aria is to provide instant access to visual information for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Similarly, the principal mission of Lyft is to improve people’s lives by introducing better transportation solutions to those with vision loss.

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Can I bring a Service Dog in a Lyft Ride?

State and federal law are pretty clear. Lyft and Uber drivers cannot deny service to riders with service animals because of the service animals.

Does Lyft Provide Wheelchair Accessible Rides?

While wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) is an option for Uber rides in the markets, if you are a Lyft passenger with accessibility needs, you need to set up your Lyft App for WAV rides. It's easy:

  1. Open The Lyft App
  2. Tap on the Settings Menu
  3. Activate the wheelchair access option

If you are a passenger who needs a little extra care, have a look at our complete guide on HopskipDrive. HopSkipDrive offers safe rides for kids and senior citizens. All HopSkipDrive drivers are fingerprinted.

The Right Rides is Waiting For You

I hope this guide will help you find the right ride. With Lyft you can personalized it. If you are interested in becoming a Lyft driver , we suggest you consult our complete guide to vehicle requirements and vehicle inspection .

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