What Is Uber Assist In 2024? How Does It Work? + Cities

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Uber is one of the most well-known ride-sharing companies . Uber's passenger app makes it easier for people to get from point A to point B. However, Uber expanded its services during the year.

People with disabilities, diseases, sickness, or accidents may take advantage of the Uber Assist service to get support before and after their Uber journey.

So, what is Uber Assist? How does it work? And what cities is it available in? In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions for you! If you are interested in riding or driving for this service, or if you would just like to know more about it, read on!

What Is Uber Assist In 2022?

Uber Assist is a service provided by the ride-sharing company Uber that is specifically designed to assist passengers who have mobility impairments.

You can ride alone or with up to four other people in each car.

Folding wheelchairs, walkers, foldable scooters, or crutches may all fit inside of an Uber Assist vehicle, and drivers are trained on how to securely assist passengers in transitioning from their wheelchair to the vehicle.

In addition, Uber Assist vehicles are equipped with features such as grab bars and adjustable seats to provide a more comfortable and accessible ride for passengers with disabilities.

While the Uber Assist service is not available in all areas, it is an important option for riders with disabilities who want to take advantage of the convenience and affordability of Uber.

What Does “Assist” Mean On The Uber Platform

What does “assist” mean on the Uber platform? When you see this word on the app, it means that the driver is willing and able to provide additional support to those who need it. This can include things like opening doors, helping with luggage, or providing information about the area. Basically, if you need a little extra help, an Uber Assist driver is there for you!

Uber is committed to accessibility, safety and anti-discrimination. These new Uber offers have the power of changing the life of people with disabilities.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics about 3.6 million of Americans with travel-limiting disabilities do not leave their homes because they are disabled or housebound. Uber will reverse the trend.

How To Use Uber Assist

You do not need to download an Uber assist app. You can use your passenger Uber app.If you are a healthcare provider we suggest you consult our guide on Uber health.

If you need a little extra assistance when you enter and exit the vehicle simply follow our step by step tutorial:

  • If you are new to Uber, the first step would be to download the Uber app
  • Open the app and go to the home screen
  • Enter your starting point along with your final destination
  • After you have selected your final location, you will be prompted to choose the ride option that fits your needs.
  • Select the “assist” option when requesting a ride. This will let your driver know that you may need some help and they will be happy to provide it!
  • The UberAssist option is often at the bottom of all the Uber ride options
  • Choose it and then confirm your ride

💡 PRO TIP: At this point you will be matched with a nearby driver. On the app you will get all the information regarding your driver and the vehicle. Make sure that the car you're getting into matches the make, model, and license plate number that are displayed on the Uber app.

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Advantages And Disadvantage Of Using Uber Assist

Let’s take a look at all the benefits and downsides of using the Uber assistance program.


One advantage of using this service is that you can be sure that your driver is fully trained and certified and capable of providing the additional assistance you need. Additionally, Uber Assist rides are typically cheaper than regular UberX rides.


Despite all the benefits of using this service, one downside is that there may not be as many drivers available in your area, so it may take a little longer to get a ride.

The other downside is that the service is currently available in 40 cities around the world.

If you are a US resident you can take a look at HopskipDrive and Zum. They both provide rides for seniors. Additionally, we recommend you to read our guide on GoGoGranparent.

How Does It Work Compared To The Current Uberx Service?

The biggest difference between Uber Assist and UberX is that Uber Assist drivers are specifically trained to provide assistance to those who need it.

UberX drivers may be courteous enough to assist someone who needs special assistance entering and exiting the car, but they are not compelled to do so. As a result, there is no guarantee that you will get support.

Other than that, the two services work pretty much the same!

How Does Uber Assist Differ From UberWAV?

Uber offers two main options for riders with disabilities - Uber Assist and Uber Wav. Both services provide drivers who have been trained to assist riders with getting into and out of the vehicle, but there are some key differences between the two.

Uber Wav are wheelchair accessible vehicles that are specifically designed for riders who use a wheelchair or other mobility device.

As a result, all Uber Wav vehicles must be equipped with a ramp or lift to accommodate motorized wheelchairs. In contrast, Uber Assist is a more general service that is open to any rider who needs extra assistance. You should choose the Assist option if you have any assistive devices that can be folded down or dismantled to fit in the trunk of a typical car and may be transported with the aid of a driver.

This includes seniors, pregnant women, and riders with limited mobility. While Uber Assist vehicles are not required to have special equipment, many drivers do have ramps or lifts available upon request. When choosing between Uber Assist and Uber Wav, riders should consider their specific needs and requirements.

Which Cities Will Have Uber Assist Available In 2022 And What Is The Cost For Riders

Uber Assist is currently available in select cities, and the list of cities is constantly expanding.

Major cities where you can use the service include:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • London

So, is Uber assist available in your area?

To see if it is available in your city, simply open the Uber app and check the “Assist” option. If it is available, you will be able to request a ride!

You can also find your city and check all the vehicle options available.

When it comes to pricing, the rates are the same as uberX, but uber pledges to provide extra assistance.

You can get an estimate of your next Uber ride using the Uber fare calculator.

How Does This New Service Compare To Other Ride-Hailing Services Such As Lyft, Didi, And Ola That Are Currently Available In Certain Regions Around The World?

Uber Assist is very similar to other ride-hailing services, with a few key differences. First of all, Uber Assist drivers are specifically trained to provide assistance to those who need it. Additionally, Uber Assist rides are typically cheaper than regular UberX rides.

How To Become An Uber Assist Driver

If you’re interested in becoming an Uber Assist driver, the requirements are simple and are really similar to the requirements to become a normal driver partner.

All you need is a valid driver’s license and insurance, and you must be at least 21 years old.

In addition to the basic Uber driver requirements and Uber vehicles requirements you can provide assistance ride if you have the following:

  • You must have to complete a required number of trip requests. The number of required ride requests varies from city to city and ranges between 100 and 500. For example in the U.K. drivers must have completed 150+ trips but 500+ for London
  • Drivers must have and maintain a rating of 4.7 or above

If you satisfy the requirements outlined above, the only thing left for you to do is finish the online course on disability equality. Following the successful completion of this step, you should begin receiving trip requests from Uber Assist customers within forty-eight hours.

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Partner Resources: How To Assist Riders With Disabilities | Uber Support | Uber

Learn more here about serving Uber riders with disabilities. Here are a few tips from one of our accessibility partners for picking up and assisting riders with disabilities.

Uber Assist Reviews

Since Uber Assist was introduced in 2016, it has become a popular service for those who need a little extra assistance when using Uber. Whether you're elderly, have a disability, or simply need a helping hand, Uber Accessibility option is there to make your ride more comfortable and convenient. But what do users think of the service?

While the program is still relatively new, it has received positive feedback from both riders and drivers.

Overall, reviewers say that Uber Assist is reliable and helpful, with many drivers going above and beyond to help their passengers. However, some users have complained about long wait times for an Uber Assist driver. Overall, though, users say that Uber Assist is a valuable service that makes getting around town a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uber Assist Pay More?

If you're thinking about becoming an Uber driver, you might be wondering does uber assist pay more. The answer is that it depends. While Uber does offer an enhanced rate for drivers who choose to provide assisted pickups and drop-offs for riders with disabilities, this option is not available in all markets. In addition, the amount you can earn may vary depending on the time of day and demand for rides.

However, if you're interested in providing this service and are eligible to do so, it's definitely worth considering as it could result in higher earnings especially from customer’s tips .

Can Anyone Use Uber Assist?

This option is reserved just for everyone who needs a little bit extra time or help in order to enter or depart the car. This is not restricted to those who have a physical disability or who are of advanced age.

However, if you do not need the help, it is recommended that you do not choose this option since it reduces the total number of vehicles on the road. Anyone may use Uber XL, and there are several car types available for them to choose from, including Uberpool, UberSELECT, UberSUV, and plenty more.

Finally, keep in mind that service animals are allowed on all the Uber ride options.


We hope this blog post has answered all of your questions about Uber Assist! UberASSIST is just one more way that uber is making it easy and convenient for everyone to get around town. If you’re interested in becoming a driver, we encourage you to sign up today. And if you’re just curious about the service, be sure to check it out the next time you need a ride. Thanks for reading!

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