What Is UberX And How Is It Different From Uber, Uber XL, Uber Black and More

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In 2021, Uber's profits totaled $17.4 billion. Between its ridesharing service and food delivery service, Uber is a leader in the gig work industry.

Through its integrated app, you can easily request a ride to or from nearly any destination in over 900 cities across the globe.

Uber uses different terms to label its various service level options for its rideshare services. If you are not familiar with Uber's service level options it can be confusing trying to figure out what each of the different Uber cars has to offer.

Specifically, the difference between UberX and Uber, Uber XL and Uber Black. In this guide, we'll explain the key features and service level options offered by Uber.

If you are interested in finding out all about UberX vs the other Uber offerings, then keep reading for

What Is UberX?

When you open your Uber app to hail a ride, you will see on the screen of Uber cars available an option labeled UberX. But what does UberX mean?

UberX is Uber's most basic transportation offering on the Uber Economy category. It is their standard and most affordable option for transporting up to 4 people.

Indeed, this option provides rides with more affordable prices especially if compared to taxi rides.

If you want to find out what uberx 3 means, you should know that because of COVID-19 riders are not permitted to sit in the front seat. Currently UberX can only accommodate up to 3 passengers.

An Uber X vehicle is more widely available than some of the more premium service level options. When you select an UberX, you will not have to wait as long for a ride. This makes UberX ideal for everyday use such as running errands or getting a ride to a medical appointment.

UberX may also offer a wait and save option if it is during a busy time. The Uberx saver option allows you to get a small discount on your ride if you don't need to be picked up right away. This is usually less than 15 minutes, so if you need extra time, this is a good option and you can save some money.

UberX cars are all four-door mid-sized sedans that have the capability to transport one to four passengers in a trip. Common Uber cars to expect with Uber X are a Toyota Prius or Camry, Ford Escape, or a Honda Accord.

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UberX Accessibility Options

For those who require extra assistance, UberX vehicles are not readily accessible for those with handicaps or impairments. Service dogs for the visually impaired must be accommodated in UberX by law.

However, in some areas, there are specific Uber-accessible options available through the app called Uber Assist and Uber WAV.

Uber Assist

Uber Assist is a service for those with medical needs or impaired mobility that require assistance getting into and out of the vehicle. The drivers for Uber Assist are specially trained to help passengers who are disabled. They can also assist senior citizens and pregnant women.

For seniors or disabled individuals, Uber Assist drivers can even help them into the building's entrance or make sure they are safely at the door of their home when dropping them off. This service is ideal for those who need additional help getting to and from medical appointments.

Uber Assist vehicles are also equipped for transporting medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters, and more. Their drivers are trained to be able to safely stow or fold up medical equipment for the ride and to set it up when they have reached the destination.

Uber Assist drivers have been third-party certified in how to transfer a disabled person from the vehicle to their wheelchair or other assistive devices. Uber Assist costs the same as a standard UberX ride, the only issue may be the lack of trained Uber Assist drivers in a certain area.

If Uber Assist is offered in your area, it is a good idea to book an Uber Assist ahead of time to ensure that you will have the help you need for an upcoming appointment.

Uber WAV

Uber WAV is another Uber service level option for individuals seeking assistance with their rideshare trip. WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

Uber WAV vehicles are equipped for the transport of those in wheelchairs who cannot transfer in and out of their wheelchair for a car ride. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles allow the passenger to stay in their wheelchair for transport.

They are safely secured into the vehicle for the trip and enter and exit the vehicle through a built-in ramp or lift system installed on the vehicle. This helps handicapped persons feel as though they have more freedom in where they are able to go.

Uber WAV also does not cost any more than a regular UberX rideshare trip would, but again its availability may be limited in some locations. You should always plan in advance if you are able to, to guarantee you will have adequate accommodation for your wheelchair transportation needs.

Other UberX Options

Other special UberX options include Uber Green and Uber Pet.

Uber Green is a service that specializes in only offering rides in hybrid or green electric vehicles with low emissions. There is a $1 surcharge for this service, but for the environmentally conscious, it is $1 well spent to ensure that they are doing their part to help with a greener future. Uber Green may not be available in every location.

Uber Pet is a special ride option that allows you to bring your pet on a Uber trip.

What is UberX? Guide for Riders

Everything you need to know about UberX ride option: number of passengers it can fit, luggage and how to save money using the UberX saver. #whatIsUberx #doesUberxTakeLuggage

UberX Vs. Uber

Commonly you may hear people talk about "getting an Uber" and think that it is another form of one of the Uber cars offered. But the truth is, there is no difference between Uber and UberX.

Uber is the name of the company, while UberX refers to the most basic car service available out of all of Uber's service level options. Uber has become its own verbiage to denote taking a rideshare service in general.

As for the types of Uber, if you are taking a standard Uber, then UberX is the way to go. However, Uber does have many other options if you are looking for a more premium ride, of which we will discuss the differences and features here.

What Are UberX Rates and How To Get an Estimate?

UberX's base rate is $1.15 vs Comfort, the next service level Uber car, which has a base rate of $1.73. UberX's minimum fare is only $6.85 when compared to Comfort's minimum fare of $13.88.

Learn how to get an UberX estimate .

What is Uber X Priority

Another option UberX may have in some regions is its UberX Priority service. Uber recently faced a driver shortage with less cars available.

If time is a factor and you need a prompt pickup, choosing UberX Priority (where available) gives you the ability to jump the standard waiting time for a fee. By paying the Uber priority pickup surcharge, on top of your trip's standard charge, you can jump the queue of other passengers waiting for a ride to get picked up faster.

Uber X vs XL

So, what is the difference between Uber X and Uber XL?

Our Uber X vs Uber XL comparison should come in handy if you're choosing between the different rides that Uber offers.

The first main difference between UberX and UberXL is the size of the car and the number of passengers that they can fit.

UberXL vehicles are bigger vehicles that have the capacity to transport up to 5 people in a single trip. It is also a good option if you are going to or from the airport and have a lot of luggage. Or if you are trying to transport a large item home that won't fit in a standard UberX vehicle.

UberXL utilizes full-sized SUVs and vans for optimal quality and comfort for its riders.

UberXL's base rate is $3.00 with a minimum fare of $9.05. Based on the location and the destination of the trip, UberXL will cost more due to the vehicle's increased size.

You may have less availability for finding an UberXL in some locations or have to wait longer for a pick-up during peak times.

Uber X vs Comfort

So, how to compare UberX vs Comfort? Uber Comfort is the second-tier Uber option available when selecting an Uber. The Comfort option is a bit pricier compared to UberX. More specifically, you pay around 20-40 percent more than UberX because you are paying for the amenity of extra legroom in your Uber vehicle.

Uber Comfort vehicles must provide minimum legroom requirements of at least three feet. Uber Comfort cars are also newer cars. Whereas UberX cars can be as old as 15 years to qualify, Uber Comfort cars must be no older than about five years old.

With Uber Comfort, you have the ability to dictate the temperature inside of the vehicle. Passengers selecting Uber Comfort also have the ability to specify the level of conversation between the driver and the rider. So for those who don't like a lot of small talk, this is the option for more discerning passengers.

Uber Comfort drivers must maintain a 4.85 rating to qualify and have a larger sedan or SUV.

Drivers must also have at least 100 completed rides. Vehicle types may include Toyota RAV4, Chevy Tahoe, Honda Odyssey, and BMW.

Uber Comfort is thought of as the business class of Uber cars, whereas UberX might be equated more as a coach class. Comfort cars may not be as available in some areas as Uber X.

UberX vs Uber Black

What exactly is the difference between the two Uber ride options? UberX is the cheaper and basic ride option, while Uber Black is up higher on the Uber service level options. Uber Black is considered a premium ride and has a price to match this fact.

Uber Black's base fare is $8.75 with a minimum fare of $15.75. Uber Black offers high-end luxury cars with professional drivers.

Differently from Uber Black drivers , UberX drivers are not professional drovers and must meet the minimum requirements to drive with the Uber app.

The interior must be black only, hence the name, and made of leather or vegan leather with no stains or defects visible. Uber drivers wishing to drive for Uber Black must also maintain a minimum 4.85-star rating.

Cars must be no older than six years of age. Uber Black vehicles must also have a capacity for at least four passengers, not including the driver. The air conditioner and windows must be functional.

Uber Black also gives passengers more flexibility with their rides. If there are any delays, passengers with Uber Black have extra time before their ride is canceled or starts to charge a waiting fee.

The differences with Uber X don't stop there. Uber Black provides premium phone support services for its passengers. If anything doesn't go right, a call to the Uber Black phone support service will connect you with someone who can make it right.

With Uber Black, you can control the optimal temperature of the vehicle ahead of time. Using Quiet Mode through the Uber app will tell your driver that you need to focus on important business or take a nap with just a tap of a button. And if you have any luggage you may need help with, your Uber Black driver will assist you.

The best way to use Uber Black is for special occasions like a honeymoon or anniversary, important business meetings, or a night out with the girls. Uber Black lets you do it in style.

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