What is Uber XL in 2024? Size, Car List & Requirements

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Ride-hailing services have become a huge necessity in today's time as they provide a quicker and smoother alternative for people who might not have the time or patience for public transport. Speaking of ride-hailing services, Uber is one of the most popular ones. It is a multinational company that operates in hundreds of cities worldwide. And it keeps expanding its services to cater to the needs of its customers.

One of their services is Uber XL. It was launched in 2014, and it is a service that allows people to request an Uber for up to six passengers. In this guide, we go into detail about Uber XL. You will learn more about Uber XL size and capacity. Whether you are a gig worker or a rider, I will explain everything you need to know about it.

What is Uber XL?

Uber XL, also called Uber Van in Paris, is an Uber ride type in the Uber economy category that provides minivans and SUVs to customers, essentially accommodating up to six passengers. You cannot ride in the front seat of Uber and these vehicles are ideal for people who might want to travel in groups or have to take their luggage along.

Why Use Uber XL?

Like other Uber rides, you can use Uber XL from the Uber app. But why ride with it in the first place? Uber gives three reasons to use this service:

  • Fits More People: Suppose you're traveling with friends and want to take an Uber. You could either order two separate Ubers or go with Uber XL and pile in together. It is the right Uber for large groups. Additionally, if you're splitting the fare with friends, it makes sense to take an Uber XL as it would be cheaper than getting two separate Ubers.
  • Comfortable Vehicles: You will get the best car for six passengers. When you order an XL vehicle, you'll probably get an Uber SUV or minivan. Thus, you'll be comfortable, whether you're on your way to a special occasion all dressed up or are going to the airport with heavy luggage.
  • Everyday Prices: Since Uber XL offers larger and more spacious cars, the prices are nearly 30% higher than Uber X or Uber Select. However, keep in mind that you're getting extra value for this money. Like other fares, the prices depend on the distance you need to travel and the demand for Uber vehicles at the moment and not on the number of passengers.

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What is Uber XL and How Many Passengers Can Fit?

What is Uber XL and how many passengers can fit in a Uber XL? Learn more about this ride option available on the Uber app. #whatIsUberXl #howManyPassengersCanFitInUberXl

How to Book an Uber XL Vehicle?

You must have the Uber app on your phone to request an Uber XL ride. Here's how to book an Uber XL ride.

Step 1: Request a Ride

Open the Uber app and look for the ''Where to?'' box. Type your pickup location in this box. After that, choose your drop-off location.

When you go to the next screen, select Uber XL from the available ride options. Finally, confirm the vehicle. The app will start searching for Uber XL drivers in your area.

As soon as the app matches you with an Uber driver, you will see the car's details and the driver's picture on your phone. You can also call the Uber driver.

Step 2: Ride

Once the Uber driver XL reaches your location, check if the vehicle's details match the information in the app. As you get in the car, the driver will start the ride.

The app automatically shows the driver the fastest route. Naturally, the driver will follow this route. But if you want them to use a certain route, you can always request it.

Step 3: Reach Your Destination

Whether it's an Uber SUV or a minivan, you can use the same payment methods as you'd use for other Uber rides. As soon as the ride ends, you will be charged on the payment method you have selected. It's advised to rate your driver to keep the service enjoyable and safe for others.

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How Much Does Uber XL Cost?

Does UberXL cost more? Definitely yes. If you compare Uber XL to Uber X, you can expect to pay 40% higher fares for the former. For example, if an Uber ride on Uber X costs you $20, it will cost you $28 on Uber XL.

The main reason for the higher fares is that XL vehicles are larger and more spacious. They also seat more people. Since Uber XL has larger vehicles - for instance, a luxury SUV or a minivan - the drivers have to spend more money on gas.

However, the prices of Uber XL rides can still vary depending on the demand for the service, your location, and other factors.

Let's explain it with the example given above. Suppose you're a group of six friends. Since Uber X only seats four passengers, you'd have to book two Uber Xs. That would cost you $40.

On the other hand, a single Uber XL could seat all of you, costing only $28. Therefore, people who use the Uber pool will find this service helpful.

However, when you're booking an UberXL vehicle, you need to consider the surge pricing too. It means that you'll have to pay more than what's displayed on the app. The good news is that surge pricing doesn't last forever. It changes according to demand and other conditions.

Who Should Use Uber XL?

Of all Uber services, Uber XL is the most suitable for people who need more space. It has the biggest cars, so it can accommodate more people and luggage.

For example if you are looking for cars that fit 6 passengers, this would be the right choice. Keep in mind that the uber seating capacity during covid 19 changed. Even if you are no longer required to wear a mask, for safety reasons, passengers are no longer allowed to sit in the front seat.

Moreover, if you're going on a long trip, XL is the best option as it's more comfortable than other Uber services. All in all, we recommend using Uber XL when:

  • Carrying Luggage: Whether you're going for a shopping spree or need to head over to the airport and you have large suitcases, you can book an UberXL vehicle to ensure there's enough space for all your belongings. If you want to fit a ski bag in Uber, be sure to choose the XL option.
  • Traveling Long Distances: UberXL vehicles are ideal for people traveling long distances since they're extremely comfortable and spacious.
  • Attending Special Occasions: If you're going to a special occasion, such as your prom or someone's wedding, you might be dressed up in larger dresses. A smaller car could be uncomfortable. Therefore, larger UberXL vehicles are better for such occasions.

Uber XL for Drivers: All You Need to Know

Now that we've discussed everything riders need to know about Uber vehicles in the XL category let's talk about Uber XL for drivers. If you want to find out how to get uber xl rides as a rideshare driver, you should know which vehicles are eligible for XL and how you can enroll your vehicle.

Which Vehicles Qualify for Uber XL?

UberXL vehicles must have certain characteristics for them to be eligible. Here are some things that an UberXL car must have:

2008 or More Recent Model

Firstly, the car you're driving for UberXL must meet the vehicle model year requirements. Usually your car should be a 2008 model or newer to be eligible for Uber service. All cars that meet this requirement will have advanced safety features. That's the main reason why Uber has set this criterion.

Depending on your cities, Uber may require you to have a 2013 or newer make.

Passenger Capacity of Six or More

Secondly, the car you're driving must have enough space to accommodate at least six passengers and a driver.

Uber doesn't have any restrictions on the kind of model your vehicle should be. It only requires the vehicle to be spacious enough for six people besides the driver.

Four-Door Vehicle

Your car must have four doors for it to be eligible for UberXL. The car should also have functional seatbelts in all rows.

No Pickup Trucks or Vans

Although vans are spacious, they're not eligible for Uber XL. The only exception is if you're driving a minivan that has enough space for six people and can also house luggage.

No Commercial Branding

Your Uber vehicle can't have any commercial branding. If it does, you'll have to get the branding removed before you can start driving for UberXL.

How to Apply for Uber XL?

If your vehicle meets all the requirements that we've discussed above, you can enroll it in the UberXL program. Use our referral link available in this page and take advantage of being referred by BestReferralDriver. The process is simple and straightforward. Uber requires the following from the drivers:

  • 21 Years of Age: You must be 21 years or older to join the Uber platform.
  • Driving License: You must have a valid US driving license that's not expired.
  • Vehicle Registration: Your vehicle must be registered in the state where you'll be driving.
  • Proof of Insurance: You should have insurance for your vehicle. If you're driving in the US, your insurance must meet the requirements of your state.

Besides these requirements, your vehicle should also be able to pass through an inspection. In this vehicle inspection, you can expect the company to look for signs of cosmetic or damage to your car.

Can Drivers Get UberXL and UberX Trips?

Yes. When drivers enroll for UberXL, they will also get UberX requests if there are no UberXL requests around them. For instance, if you're driving in an UberXL car and there are no requests for XL at the moment, you'll get UberX requests.

However, you will only get Uber XL pricing when you accept an Uber XL request. If you accept an Uber X request, you will get the Uber X rates even if you're driving an Uber XL vehicle.

If your vehicle fulfills the requirements for Uber XL, Uber will automatically add Uber XL service to your driver account, allowing you to get and accept Uber XL requests. However, if you have another car that fulfills Uber XL requirements but hasn't been registered on Uber yet, you can add it to your account through the following steps:

  • Go to your driver profile on partners.uber.com.
  • Go to the ''Vehicles'' section in the top panel.
  • Add your vehicle's information.
  • Uber will ask you to upload certain documents.
  • Once you have uploaded these documents, Uber will take a few business days to approve them and add your car to the Uber XL category.

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Common UberXL Vehicles

Find below an Uber XL car list with some models you'll usually find in this category:

  • Kia Sorento
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Audi Q7
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Dodge Caravan, Journey, or Durango
  • Ford Explorer
  • GMC Acadia
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Chevrolet Traverse
  • Dodge Durango
  • Buick Enclave
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Mercedes Benz: GLS-Class
  • Land Rover: Discovery

As you can see, these are cars that can fit 6 passengers.

FAQs About Uber XL

Here are some commonly asked questions about Uber and taxi cabs for 6 people.

Does Uber XL Allow Bikes?

The Uber XL capacity allows you to fit a bike. However, there are no rules or policies for the transportation of bikes on Uber.

Uber Black Suv Vs Xl

Uber Black Suv drivers are professional drivers. You will have a really different experience and you will ride in a luxury car. On the other hand, UberXL drivers are normal Uber drivers.

Can You Reserve an Uber XL?

Yes, Uber introduced Uber Reserve for all its vehicles in 2020. You can book a ride in advance for up to 30 days. Go to the Uber app, set the location and time, and choose your vehicle. You'll be able to see the fare for the ride and confirm your booking.

How Much Does an Uber XL Cost?

The cost of an Uber XL varies depending on the city you're in the distance of your trip, and other factors. However, you can expect to pay up to 40% more than Uber X. You can use an Uber Fare Estimator to get an estimate of the fare.

How Does Uber XL Differ From Uber Green?

While there exists some hybrid Uber XL cars, you are not guaranteed that one electric car will pick you up when choosing the XL option. Uber Green includes hybrid electric vehicles that emit less carbon dioxide than regular cars. On the other hand, Uber XL is the largest Uber size that can accommodate up to six people. Both services are more expensive than regular Uber rides.

Is There an Uber XL in Every City?

No, Uber XL is not available in every city. However, it is available in most major cities in the US and other countries.

What is the Difference Between UberX and UberXL?

The main difference between UberX and UberXL is the size of the vehicle. UberXL can accommodate up to six passengers, while Uber X only seats four people.

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Would You Like To Ride in a Big Car

Summing up, Uber XL is an excellent choice if you're looking for a reliable and affordable way to get around town. It's also a great option if you have a large group or need a bit more space than what Uber X offers.

It also offers drivers a way to earn more, provided their vehicle qualifies for the category. Thus, it's a win-win for both parties.

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