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Denver International Airport (DEN, also called DIA) is the third-busiest airport in the world. The airport is located 25 miles northeast of Downtown Denver. According to statistics, 16,232,150 passengers used Denver Airport in 2020. Dia serves as a hub for Frontier Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines and United Airlines, and as a base for Southwest Airlines

Today more than 15 airlines operate at the airport, flying between DEN and more than 170 destinations, including Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Japan and Iceland.

There are numerous transportation options available to get to and from DIA, including: public transportation, airport shuttle, rideshare services, train, taxicabs, rental cars and the famous light rail that operate 365 days a year.

Is Uber running in Denver?

The good news is that Denver airport has Uber. So, if you want to find out how to get from Denver airport to downtown and vice versa, you are at the right place.

In this guide we focus on Uber services and other rideshare and taxi cab options available at DIA.

No matter if you’re traveling for business, to visit family or friends, or if you are trying to make extra money driving with Uber, passengers and drivers using car services at DIA must comply with the rules in force at the airport.

Whether you are a rideshare driver or a passenger who needs a ride, in this article you will find all the information you need about Uber and rideshare in Denver, including pickup and drop off locations and costs.

1. How Does Uber In Denver Airport Work?

Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand how Uber services work in the airport of Denver for passengers and drivers.

How Does Dia Uber Drop Off Work?

If you already use the Uber app, riding to Denver airport works very similarly.

You can use the Uber app to request your next airport ride, just open the app, tell Uber your pickup location and enter Denver International Airport (DEN) as a destination.

In Denver you can choose from a variety of ride-type options including:

  • Uber X
  • Uber Green
  • Uber Confort
  • Uber Pet
  • Uber XL

If you travel with a lot of luggage, you should use the option XL. If you are traveling for business and are looking for a professional driver, you can use the Uber Black option that in Dever is also available to book by hour.

Once you book your ride to DIA, Uber will locate drivers in your area and send them your ride request. Once you get matched, you can see how many minutes away your driver is.

Dia consists on 6 levels:

  • Level 6 – Flight Ticketing
  • Level 5 – Passenger Drop-Off for Departures
  • Level 5 – Baggage Claim
  • Level 5 – Ground Transportation
  • Level 5 – International Arrivals (North End)
  • Level 4 – Passenger Pick-Up for Arrivals
  • Terminal Floor – Security Screening (North, South, A Bridge)
  • Underground – Automated “people mover” train serving the Terminal and Concourses A, B, C

To contribute to smooth the traffic around the airport area all the passengers of ride apps and taxi services are dropped off at their specified airline location on Level 5, east and west.

This includes:

  • Do not park at the red curb. You can get a citation
  • Pull up your car as far as you can alongside the white curb
  • Do not park diagonally

How Does Denver Airport Uber Pickup Work?

A number of car, van and shared ride services are available at Denver International Airport. DIA has implemented a new procedure for airport curbside pickup. These new rules help to make it easy & convenient!

According to airport security rules and regulations chauffeurs and rideshare drivers are not allowed to wait at the curb for passenger(s).

Today to pick up your ride you have to go to a designated staging area. Denver airport pickup is called Island 5 and it is located on Level 5. So the passenger pickup level at DIA is Level 5.

Keep in mind that baggage claim at Denver International Airport is located in Jeppesen Terminal, on Level 5, on both east and west sides (Terminal East and Terminal West), depending on the airline. So, you do not have to take a shuttle to reach the passenger pickup at DIA

It is really important that you request the ride only When you have obtained your luggage after the baggage claim and are ready to be picked up.

Indeed, passenger(s) must be at the instructed pick-up location when the driver pulls up. If you let your driver wait, you can be charged with additional fees. You also risk having your ride canceled.

Follow our step by step tutorial:

  1. To meet your driver, follow signs for ground transportation. The easiest way to exit the terminal is through doors 506-510 (west side) and 507-511 (east side) on Level 5.
  2. The algorithm will then send your ride request to the first driver parked in a staging area a few minutes away.
  3. The driver will then proceed to meet the passenger(s) at the specified pickup location.
  4. The chauffeur will also display an iPad personalized with the passenger’s name.

💡 PRO TIP: If you cannot locate your chauffeur, you can always use your rider app to contact your driver. Additionally, as you know, Uber and Lyft cars are not branded. We also suggest you verify that the license plate number displayed in your app matches the actual vehicle.

Practical Information For Lyft Drivers and Ubers At Dia

Find below some practical and useful information.

  • You’ll need your trade dress, which is the Lyft or Uber decal that goes on your front passenger windshield facing outward.
  • When you are in the airport you should always be i driver mode.
  • The only place where you can wait to receive a request for pickup is the TNC Holding Lot area.
  • You are not allowed to wait for requests anywhere else on airport property or use any other parking lots while in driver mode.
  • If you're outside the staging area, you won't be added to the queue.
  • You can wait within the staging area whatever you want. Your physical location does not affect your spot in the queue.
  • Uber and Lyft use the first in-first out algorithm. This means that the driver who has been waiting within the staging area the longest gets the next request.

💡 PRO TIP: While passenger cancellations will never affect your place in the line, you should never cancel a ride after you accepted the ride request. If you cancel a request, or if you miss a request, you will be placed at the back of the queue.

2. How Much Does An Uber To Denver Airport Cost?

At this point it is important you learn more about Uber rates in Denver. Uber uses a system of upfront prices. You can always get an estimation of the piece of the ride using the Uber Fare estimator.

Prices may vary depending upon pickup or drop off locations.

Keep in mind that during the rush hours (Monday-Friday 7am-10am and 3:30pm-7pm) prices are subject to change. These rush hours are also the best times to drive in Denver for drivers who earn more thanks to surge pricing.

Ride rates may also be higher during holidays and special events.

Rates do not include additional stops, waiting time, tolls, gratuity and Airport fees.

Trips to or from DIA are subject to a $2.86 surcharge.

If you are looking for a cheaper and cost-effective way to go to the airport on your next trip, you can take a look at our guide and learn how to find cheap Denver airport parking.

3. What About Lyft At Denver Airport?

If you need an airport transfer, you can use Lyft.

Lyft operates in almost all the airport of Colorado including:

  • Aspen Pitkin County Airport | ASE
  • Colorado Springs Airport | COS
  • Denver International Airport | DEN
  • Durango-La Plata County Airport | DRO
  • Eagle County Regional Airport | EGE
  • Grand Junction Regional Airport | GJT
  • Pueblo Memorial Airport | PUB
  • Steamboat Springs Airport | SBS
  • Telluride Regional Airport | TEX
  • Yampa Valley Regional Airport | HDN

Whether you are a passenger or a Lyft driver, you should know that Lyft follows the same rules and regulations of other passenger transportation services.

Lyft Pink members have access to priority airport pickups.

4. Are There Other Car Services And Rideshare Options?

Find below a list of other rideshare apps and transportation services that operates in Denver:


Wingz is one of the Denver airport rideshare options. The car service company that offers pre-scheduled rides with flat rates. If you are a first time user, use our promo code to get free credit.


Turo is a peer to peer company. It works like an Airbnb for cars. You can use the Turo app to book vehicles directly from their owners.

Turo rates are somehow higher than Uber rates. However, since the platform allows short-term rentals, you can take advantage of a car ready to go and you will not have to deal with driver shortage.


Zipcar is one of the best car sharing apps that allows you to rent and drive hybrids, trucks, luxury vehicles and more by the hour or day.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Schedule An Uber In Denver?

You can reserve an Uber using the schedule head option up to 30 days in advance. The option is available even if you need to take an Uber from DIA to Denver. Your driver will be ready when your flight lands, even if delayed. To give you time to pick up your luggage, Uber offers 60 minutes of complimentary wait time after you land.

If you want to learn more, we suggest you consult our guide to Uber scheduled rides.

How Much Does Uber Pay In Denver?

At BestReferralDriver we are a team of gig workers and apps users across the world. Our main goal is to share with you our experience and help other people succeed and save money. If you are thinking of working with Uber in Dever, it is important you know how much you can make from your driving job.

According to our experience, in Denver you can make on average $20 per hour. As you probably already know, the Uber driver salary depends on many important factors, including your ability to make more money driving during the peak times.

During the rush hours you can also make 30-35 per hour. Generally rush hours are 7am-10am and 3:30pm-7pm. Saturday is busy from about 11am-9pm. Of course take a look at the weather and all the events in town.

Is There an Uber Office In Denver?

Uber has offices in the main cities of Colorado including Colorado springs, Grand Junction, Fort Collins and of course Denver. If you are an Uber driver it is important that you know where they are because you can get live support and pass your yearly vehicle inspection.

The Uber Hub in Denver is located at 4665A Paris St, Denver, CO 80239.

How Much Is An Uber From Denver Airport To Breckenridge?

The distance by road between Dia and Brecknridge is 105 miles. Depending on the traffic, it will take you more than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This is what we can call a long distance ride. As of today, it costs $105-130 for Uber plus tip (depending on the car you’ll choose). This example of fare is without surge pricing.

How Much Is An Uber From Denver To Boulder?

Traveling from Denver to Boulder is not that complicated. As of today, it costs $45-80 for Uber plus tip (depending on the car you’ll choose). This example of fare is without surge pricing.

If you want to know more you might also be interested in reading up our guide to Uber at Lax, Uber at SFO and Uber at Las Vegas airport.

Spend Good Time In Denver Colorado

My soul is in Colorado with all the beautiful mountains and peaks. Now you know everything you have to know about Uber, Lyft and other Taxis at DIA Including the Uber rates from Denver airport to downtown and more. If you are a driver, pay attention to the regulations and never cancel a ride after you have accepted the fare.

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