3 Ways To Find Cheap Airport Parking Denver - Rates From $2.99/day

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cheap airport parking denver

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we park our car at the airport. Due to the low traffic, passengers volume, some options are currently closed.

If you need inexpensive parking near Denver Airport, you are at the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to save up to 70% by reserving a place in one of the low-cost car parks located in close proximity to the DIA airport.

Denver Airport Parking: Rates, Drop-off

Denver International Airport, commonly referred to as DIA (Denver International Airport), is the largest airport in the United States in terms of area and space. It opened to the public on February 28, 1995 after being a year behind schedule, and after an additional $2 billion had to be disbursed to complete its construction.

DIA was put in place to replace Denver's old airport, Stapleton International Airport, which had several shortcomings such as runways too close to each other and a lack of space preventing expansion.

Official Parking Rates

So, how much does parking at Denver Airport cost? With more than 44,000 parking spaces, Denver airport has several prices depending on the location.

For example, the most expensive car parking is the “Short Term” East and West.

The parking lot is adjacent to the Jeppesen Terminal. Its prices are $144 for one day and $6 an hour. Overnight parking is not allowed. The cheapest parking at DIA is located near 61st and Peña.

It costs only $6 for 24 hours and $3 for 12 hours. It is located on RTD’s University of Colorado A Line.

However, you should know that there are no shuttles or bus services from this location. The only way to get to the airport is by using the A Line commuter rail, available for $10.50.


There is a drop-off area at Denver airport. For departing passengers that have to do baggage check-in and airline ticketing, the drop-off is at Jeppesen Terminal Level 6.

It allows passengers to be unloaded directly in front of the airport entrance. However, it is forbidden to park for more than a few moments in that designated area.

What Are Today's Denver Airport Parking Rates?

This table offers a complete overview of the parking rates at DIA:
Parking Day Rate Hourly Rate
Garage (East, West) $28 $5
Economy (East, West) $17 $5
Shuttle $8 $2
Short Term $144 $6
61st and Peña $6 $3/12 hours

Denver International Airport Parking Map

Dia Parking options include:

  • Garage
  • Economy
  • Shuttle
  • Short Term
  • 61st and Peña
denver internationa parking airport map

Garage 👟 5-10 minutes

The Economy garage is adjacent to the Jeppesen Terminal on the east side. The Economy lot contains both covered and uncovered parking.

EV charging spaces are conveniently located on Level 1, Rows E and F.

Economy - 👟 5-10 minutes or 🚍 5-7 minutes

What does economy parking mean? DIA Economy parking is the economical option that allows you to walk to the Jeppesen Terminal. This means that it is cheaper, but still remains within a respectable distance from the airport.

Shuttle Pikes Peak Parking And Mt Elbert - 🚍 7-10 minutes

If you are looking for a long term parking in DIA, this will be the best option. Pikes Peak and Mt Elbert Lot are connected to the airport with a 24 hours shuttle service. However, they are currently closed.

Short term 👟 5 minutes

The DIA short term parking is currently closed.

61st and Peña

Park & ride are the easiest way to leave your car and get on a bus or train that will take you the rest of the way to where you are going, in this case the DIA airport.

Are you looking for a park and ride in Denver? 61 st and Peña boulevard is the park and ride to Denver airport.

Using the park and ride is one of the most inexpensive options, however it is really worth it if you are traveling for several weeks. Indeed you have to pay for the train in order to reach the airport.

For real time availability, we suggest you check the Dia parking lot status before going to the airport.

How to Find Cheap DIA Parking?

Do you need to travel from Denver airport and you don't know where to park your car? The official airport parking lot is already full? Sometimes with algorithms changing fares rates may be too high for you.

That's why I started looking for ways to find cheap parking near airports. Everyone knows that one of the main goals at Bestreferraldriver.com is to help others explore the world for less.

We published this guide to help you find inexpensive car parks near DIA so you never have to overpay again.

By following our tips, you will save money on the price of airport parking so you can spend your hard-earned cash on a good restaurant.

You will find different kind of parking facilities including:

  • Covered
  • Parking garage
  • Uncovered

All the places you will find using the platforms below are completely secure and always connected by a 24 hours shuttle with the airport. So you will not have to worry if your flight arrives late at night.

A lot of DIA hotels started renting out their parking spaces to increase their income.

Whether you need a long-stay parking in DIA or an overnight parking in Denver, here are 3 easy ways to find a cheap solution.

Additionally, the platform on which you book often provides live chat and 24/7 customer service, if you need support.

Regarding the cost, the duration will have an impact on the price. The longer you stay, the less you will pay per day.

1. Way.com

One of the reasons we love Way.com so much is because it makes it really easy to see tons of options.

With Way you can find convenient and affordable daily, weekly or monthly parking all over the United States and Canada.

The services are available via the Way website or the Way app, available for both iPhone and Android users.

  1. Pick the parking location
  2. Pick the dates
  3. See what prices are available
  4. Select the cheap fares available

💡 PRO TIP: You can use the map feature. The map is a quick way to review the listings in relation to areas of interest. You can zoom in or move around the map to find additional listings and to check the distance from the airport.

Find the nearest Denver Airport long term parking.

2. AirportLax

Don't be fooled by the name. Since 2014, AirportLax helps travelers find inexpensive parking spots and cut costs in more than 100 airports across the United States of America.

3. Check Your Credit Cards Rewards

Credit cards also offer airport flexible rewards that can be used to reserve your parking. You can even redeem your points and get parking discounts. So, before your next reservation, take a look at your credit card rewards.

4. Check a Parking Spot App

Spot Hero is one of the most popular parking spot app. In 2017 the Chicago-based company consolidated the parking booking industry acquiring Parking Panda. Take a look at our comprehensive review of SpotHero.

How To Find Cheap Airport Parking Denver

Are you looking for a cheap airport parking in Denver? Find our best tips to find cheap dia parking. Save parking money. #cheapAirportParkingDenver #cheapDiaParking

Free Parking at Denver Airport

Have you ever dreamed about getting free parking in the airport? We found a solution to avoid paying for your parking space at DIA airport and we will guide you to the answer.

You can rent out your vehicle while you are away and make extra money.

Your car is then leased and will be insured against all risks.

Take a look at our guide to make money renting out your car.

Other Ways to Cuts on Airport Costs

If you are looking for other tips to cut on airport expenses you can take a look at our best tips.

You can take an Uber or Lyft to avoid having to look for parking. We wrote a complete guide on how car services work at DIA. Unfortunately, you should beware of surge pricing . Due to the current driver shortage, airport fares can be really high.

However, before booking your ride you should choose the right one. Uber pool rides are not suitable for airport rides. If you have a lot of luggages you should choose a big Uber vehicle that can accomodate all passengers and all luggages.

Beware of the Uber cancellation policy before you book your airport ride and take advantages of new users discounts that some ridesharing companies offers:

Related Article: Lyft Types of Rides

Finally, do not forget to check if you can get a discount with your affiliation. Members of the military and AAA members may qualify for discounted rates.

How To Get To Denver Airport By Train?

If alternatively you prefer to leave your car at home, you can use the train. Line A connects the airport to Union Station in the city center. It is also the easiest way to go from Denver airport to downtown.

The train from Denver airport to downtown has six stops between the airport and Denver Union Station.

Departures are every 15 - 30 minutes. It takes approximately 37 minutes to reach the airport from Union Square.

The cost of the RTD Rail A Line to and from the airport is $20.

Plan Ahead Your Airport Parking In Denver And Save Money

For most trips, airport parking rates may be the most expensive part of the trip. Parking fares are dynamic and keep rising the closer you get to the date and begin to either lower or increase based on demand. Use our tips to find the cheapest parking and… bon voyage!

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